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Inside the Versace mansion

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Gianni Versace's former estate in Miami, Fla., features ten bedrooms, eleven baths, a pool decorated with gold and an asking price of $75 million.
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Mark Colabella (14 days ago)
Im looking to move to West Palm Beach soon, lived there briefly in 2001, any hot single italian women out there i'm desparately seeking you so we can make babies and travel to Europe (primarily italy and France). I'm 46, good looking, speak close to fluent italian, a little french, never ever been married (would like to), no baggage, no children, and no previous heartbreaks as i never been in love or relationships, anyway this has been my dream all my life, still chasing after it. Finally my dream home will be patterned after Versace's house with maybe some spanish and french inspired architecture
Fried Ribs (4 months ago)
Beautiful absolutely beautiful.
Kharkovkid (4 months ago)
I was there ten years before he bought it. It used to have a Spanish medevil feel. He turned it into a gay Italiante villa. My heart weeps..
Lil Rambbo (4 months ago)
Kharkovkid my fault
Kharkovkid (4 months ago)
Let me do the math. Went there every other year from `78 to 96... So I`m thinking that was before Lil Rambbo was even born! LOL The era of Jackie Gleason and Arthur Godfrey, Not Fifty Cent and J-LO...I wonder if Lil Rambbo even was born before they took down the Coppertone sign on Biscayne Blvd....
Lil Rambbo (4 months ago)
Kharkovkid lies
luiscarlos encina (5 months ago)
I dont liked.......those personnel that show the Mancini
JD (1 year ago)
What is the house being used as now
Me H (5 months ago)
Well I do know that they are using the mansion to film the assassination of Gianni Versace on FX
Marithza Gaspard (8 months ago)
JD restaurant and hotel
sa!nts_n_s!nners ! (10 months ago)
JD hotel n the future
SuperNumberonehater (2 years ago)
I pay 5k for it.
alexdejesus522 (4 years ago)
I wouldnt pay 5 million yet alone 75 million that house is small for its asking price and the colors and design arent my thing
le archipel (4 months ago)
yes the design is way too tacky for me
Me H (5 months ago)
It’s not about the size of the house it’s that much because it was THE Gianni Versace’s house and he was a legend
ideal (2 years ago)
+alexdejesus522 24,000 square feet

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