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Galaxy Note FE review: The Note7 gets a redo

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The Galaxy Note FE or "Fan Edition" is a reworked version of the Galaxy Note7. We got our hands on one, and here's our take. Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. Grab a Note FE here: Silver - http://amzn.to/2uGvphH Coral Blue - http://amzn.to/2v5aeXi Black - http://amzn.to/2uGtppr Gold - http://amzn.to/2haA86g ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background Tracks by: Kronicle - http://bit.ly/2eVlL5b
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Text Comments (270)
Brian Lim (3 days ago)
My FE has the Samsung logo in the front
EndingMage00 (12 days ago)
it's AU$690 now and DEFINITELY better than my s3 i currently have
lok purja (1 month ago)
Note 7 was one off the superb smart design in samsung history but unfortunately missed this note...
Saleh_ hma (1 month ago)
Like it 😍😍
fajar hanafiah (1 month ago)
What kind of launcher did u use in note fe ?
mikakami93 (1 month ago)
It's only available in Korea and a few countries but the west can get this by importing
steven throy flores (1 month ago)
Just bought my galaxy note fe last week from a samsung shop here in philippines for about $560.00. I guess it is the international version since it has a samsung logo in the front and it has no Korean bloatwares. It's very snappy and feels great in the hand compare to note 8.
steven throy flores (1 month ago)
Lemm Say sa SM city bacolod.
Lemm Say (1 month ago)
steven throy flores Saang samsung shop mo binili?
Steve Bergman (2 months ago)
2:52 - Did we really get out of this without an annoying DBrand pitch? Amazing!
Mark Benarao (3 months ago)
just bought my note FE.. would love to have one of your cases hahaha
استغفرالله Allah
I want the silver soo bad but my country doesn't have it 🤤🤤🤤
krull551 (3 months ago)
Instead of comparing it to the S8 why not compare it to the Note 8?
krisnadi imam (3 months ago)
Note Fe user... Nice phone. I'm happy with it
BrianYT (4 months ago)
Is it Note FE a Snapdragon?
Seng THAO (4 months ago)
bring Note FE to Laos please
Nerfed Bee -TNB (4 months ago)
Guys!! The malaysian version has a samsung logo on the front
llIII ZeN (4 months ago)
Ya true
Vikas Saklni (4 months ago)
I want to get this device badly but sadly not available in my country..
Toby mak (4 months ago)
It will not worth outside south Korea for the price. They will not launch it.
raz g (4 months ago)
Toby mak
Toby mak (4 months ago)
Price not far behind note8.After all the import tax.
Hangga Teguh (4 months ago)
Wait. My Samsung Galaxy Note FE does have Samsung brand at the front. And also, it's $500.
qin qin (4 months ago)
note fe finger print need press home button wakeup screen then unlock or sleep mode also can finger print ?
Steven Corbo (5 months ago)
I wish I could use it on Sprint but it seems that it only works on AT&T and T-Mobile as they are GSM carriers. I have not seen a CDMA variant. Although I wish there were. I still prefer the Note 7 over the note 8 the S8 and the S8 Plus. To me it's a pretty or phone it has a better build quality and a nicer look.
Afnan Husain (5 months ago)
Hey if you aren't using the Note FE will you just give it to me? I know I'm being too direct but I really want that. It isn't available here and even if it was I can't afford it and I really really want this phone.
JReid2K (5 months ago)
Its worth the price. The placement of the finger print scanner alone makes it better than the new 8 models. The exclusivity also since not to many people will have it. 😏
Nacho Nicholas (5 months ago)
I loved this phone..!!!! But i can't afford it.. Someone buy me 1!!😬. 😂
Waleed Khalid (5 months ago)
what launcher is that on FE?
Kazuto Kirigaya (5 months ago)
Can I have some of your cases??? I have that one too.
Isaac Adam (5 months ago)
I like this phone. I wish I could buy it, but I already spent my cash on a Huawei flagship, P10 Plus. Now I am not so eager to spend again to buy a new phone like this.
Steven Corbo (5 months ago)
I prefer the Fe over the Note 8 I don't like the fingerprint reader in the back and I'm not really a big oversized screen guy I prefer Samsung Galaxy note Fe and only wish that they carried it on the Sprint network
t0astYshiNya (5 months ago)
Steven Corbo What carries does the FE support in America since it is from Korea? I'm currently saving up for one right now :D
hanif hidayat (6 months ago)
may i buy it
SYED MANNAN (6 months ago)
Is note fe having iris scanner?
Pramod Potdar (6 months ago)
Can I get note FE
Joshuakmh Kong (6 months ago)
what wallpaper u use at note fe? with friday on top of the phone? what theme is that? it is nice!
alsanjuro (6 months ago)
I would take one over the Note 8. I like the size and a home button.
Rohan J (7 months ago)
How to get one? Please let me know
Drake Watson (7 months ago)
I have it 😀
JOSE (7 months ago)
Did you remove the carrier bloatware?
Bryan Ooi (7 months ago)
So beautiful
Keston Jones (7 months ago)
That phone setup is too clean. Awesome video.
Ellie Neko (8 months ago)
longlee Productions (8 months ago)
what launcher is that
Elias John Ackerley (8 months ago)
Im watching this vid with my note fe..its great guys..btw in Korea where i got it..it costs round about 600 dollars so its not 800 dollars if you get it from the actual stores in Korea...
Jamahal Law (8 months ago)
does samsung pay work?
Mohammed Alhodaithy (8 months ago)
Can you please make a comparison between the Note Fe and the note 8
Eliecer .M. (8 months ago)
Note 7 looks classy s8 looks modern
Ansh Dodiya (8 months ago)
Hit like if u love note 7!
Thunder Badger (8 months ago)
Ok Authority I need ya help! I'm an Aussie and I absolutely love the Note series of Samsung! My first note was the 4! Had that since 2014 and sadly it's dying. I've had to switch to the Xperia Z5 Premium. I love it, but I miss the Samsung Note smartphone. I was hoping for the Samsung Nore 8 release but now that this is coming out, which should I get? Note FE or 8? Which is a better note to upgrade to from having the note 4!!? Is the Note 8 coming out this year? What should I do? Please, if you could get back to me that would be really appreciated. I feel unheard of posting on Android Subreddits. Please get back to me with a response. Great video.
Abhishek Acharya (8 months ago)
Good review. Pathetic background music.
ASHISH JAKHARIYA (8 months ago)
dreaming for one😍
Jose Méndez (8 months ago)
Is it true that the VR functions are disabled in this phone?
ali humaya (8 months ago)
This is beautiful
Tahmeen khan (8 months ago)
CAN ANYONE CLEAR ME WITH THIS PLEASE phone have 2 sim slot and a sd memory card OR a hybrid sim slot? ????
Cristian V (8 months ago)
I see some people asking for the widgets. Would you mind share them? Thanks!
Darken Yuki (8 months ago)
Fe =fucking expensive
Vijay Hora (8 months ago)
Does it work LTE with US companies?
Melvin Ray Spence III (8 months ago)
nice but...Note 8 in a few weeks...
Kenneth Cox (8 months ago)
What is that phone setup!?!?? Too fuego
Kenneth Cox (8 months ago)
Your set up is fuego!!!!
FluffyFox (8 months ago)
If you have $800 to waste on a phone, buy an S8+
Chum Buzz (8 months ago)
Oh My Gosh, after all this time, I just realized there is no Samsung Logo at the front! That is why I felt something weird when it first come out
SharpElite1991 (7 months ago)
Chum Buzz meee toooooo
Bonito Wuerito (8 months ago)
I'm just waiting on Samsung and see what are they bringing to the table with the note 8 other than that I'll defenity get a note Fe
Arz sc (8 months ago)
Note 5 is way better than S8 plus
Arz sc yeah because your a dumbass
Laurynas Stonkus (8 months ago)
Widgets and icons?
Kami (8 months ago)
Question. Are they still releasing a Galaxy Note S8 this month?
Himanshu Sharma (8 months ago)
Yes please do a comparison video with the Galaxy s8 plus, 1+5 and the iPhone 7+
greenrobot5 (8 months ago)
I can't stand the curved edges.
Tech A Talk 101 (8 months ago)
What is that wallpaper you are using for your setup?!!
Treemindr (8 months ago)
Dang! That home screen looks good.
Fátima Macuácua (8 months ago)
It amazing.i need to get one
Facundo Alvarado (8 months ago)
I'm in love with this phone!
Jacob Mcdaniel (8 months ago)
800 for the "New" samsung note FLAME ENHANCED!!!
T0M (8 months ago)
pannan80 (8 months ago)
Too bad you can't get a Note FE
Janray Tongco (8 months ago)
Please do a comparison for those both devices, I want to see it🙏🙏
DE TECH (8 months ago)
Ooh its pricey.........instead of this I'll buy S7EDGE........😎😎😎
Romeo Diyong (8 months ago)
Could you name list of country available in east asia?
Vecopotryx (8 months ago)
1:32 what icon pack?
Sagar Bose (8 months ago)
is it ZACHARY ANDERSON from EZtech?
Tyko Brian (8 months ago)
Sagar Bose yes
yudhi permana (8 months ago)
Fools Edition
Haider Khalid (8 months ago)
I thought FE stood for Fire Extinguisher. Oh well.
Jason S (8 months ago)
What's the wallpaper
Isidro Garcia (8 months ago)
Make a setup video for the Galaxy Note FE because it looks so beautiful!
MultiLittlegamer (8 months ago)
Shoutout to my boy Deon Custom
Teja Karlapudi (8 months ago)
Note FE is a safe bet until Samsung figures out a proper location for fingerprint scanner. Price is still a concern though.
quais bohemia (8 months ago)
Yes i want to see comparison
Faiz Arsyad Wahab (8 months ago)
You always have good looking Nova setups please share them!
SPHiROS (8 months ago)
really nice editing - music choice is good as it isn't overbearing and is still pleasing, while the transitions are smooth and delicious.
Abhy Rocky (8 months ago)
Note FE will launch in India?
Evan Tius (8 months ago)
how about the tutorial about that homescreen
Aaron Reyes (8 months ago)
I would love to see a comparison between the Note FE and Galaxy S8!
joseph Berry (8 months ago)
This is a nice phone for $500 price tag.
Godwin Alleyne (8 months ago)
But my note 4 still doesn't have 7.0
Sander Logemann (8 months ago)
Godwin Alleyne it won't get it so that's why... It's stuck on marshmallow, unless you install a custom ROM
Brianna Lee (8 months ago)
What's the icon pack on the s8?
Global Adventurer (8 months ago)
Samsung should have made the FE edition available only through their website at a much lower price (like half the price) to ALL previous owners. On a first come basis. Once again they screwed up. Simple Greed. That's why so many people never sent theirs back.
Richie Godsil (8 months ago)
These FE jokes just write themselves lol
Hiluxtaco (8 months ago)
$779?!? Why does this one year old phone cost this much? It should be more in the $479-$579 range..
Ryan Barclay (8 months ago)
Definitely not worth it until note 8 arrives at stores Also price needs to be better and I probably won't trust the battery
Zachary Anderson (8 months ago)
Remember guys, this was initially released in South Korea for a price that's equivalent to about $600 US. I just happened to buy it from Amazon.
The Heroics (1 month ago)
its 350$ now in middle east!
Scrumptyous Kymmi (8 months ago)
Zachary Anderson got mine for $700 off of eBay from a US seller, the Korean sellers on eBay are charging customs import fees on top of the $800+. There is currently an Amazon seller with one for $650
T.O.P.S ENTERPRISE (8 months ago)
for 300us more
Mr. Ash (8 months ago)
Love the phone, but it's way to expensive
FFDP Fan (8 months ago)
It's great that they re-released it but I think they took too long and they should of released it sooner. And they should of released it in more markets especially in the US and Canada.

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