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How to Get More Followers on INSTAGRAM

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Top 5 Tips on How to grow and gain followers on Instagram. FOLLOW ME ►►► http://instagram.com/SuperSaf SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (497)
The RealStarks (14 hours ago)
Follow me on ig @runupacheckj
Darius (1 day ago)
If any website tells you to complete a survey before it gives you followers it's fake. Out of all the videos I have watched the only real way that worked for me was incentafan.
Mohammed Owda (1 day ago)
Great tips, thank you bro, they are interesting and on the spot !
ramesh kelkar (1 day ago)
Nice and helpful video Sir.
Vasjan Zisi (2 days ago)
Itsyeboi misz (2 days ago)
follow @haefey_
Danny Markose (2 days ago)
If you hate having to complete surveys, search for Incentafan, it's the only app that gets you free followers.
Tetaventures (2 days ago)
Very helpful! I just wanted to share how Hashatory helped me with my hashtags. It is a marketing tool that allows me to create a comprehensive list of related hashtags for my Instagram content. It is a very effective marketing tool which I use to a particular search volume in Instagram.
Darryl Francisco (3 days ago)
I love your eye glass
Jaspreet Singh (3 days ago)
idk if its my pc but i think you need a better mic bro. love your videos. keep it up brother
SplashSoccer (3 days ago)
G4SHI1 (4 days ago)
I have the biggest Samsung fan page in the world on IG. Go follow @samsungblog_
G4SHI1 (4 days ago)
Whoever follows send me your IG I’ll follow you to.
Indrajit Banerjee (4 days ago)
Best use Neutrino+ app best for followers I had 100 followers after 1 week I had 2k followers
Nicole Trinidad (4 days ago)
If you truly want to get Instagram followers without problems, then go to Incentafan. without any surveys, no human verification, no unnecessary clicking!
music bunny (4 days ago)
Follow me at k_rts_
Gut But (4 days ago)
I've tried a bunch of these sites from both the videos and the comments, and just one worked. Google Incentafan.
Michael Johnson (4 days ago)
Instagram has absolutely no use whatsoever. Why would you make a pointless video?
Ispyr Fitness (5 days ago)
Nice vid! What are your thoughts on promotions?
Dion Singh (5 days ago)
Instagram username is vaneshsingh
Grey Thinker (5 days ago)
If you don't want to get SCAMMED, incentafan is the site you should try.
Subhojit Singha (5 days ago)
Follow us on Instagram @the_viewfinder_diaries
If you were fooled by other sites, I feel really sorry for you. Try incentafan, it's the only website that worked for me
O. P. (6 days ago)
*Quality* *Content* 😂😂😂😂😂 thumbs up🖕🏼
ejiyana gohel (6 days ago)
With incentafan you get free followers without surveys. Everything else is not real 100%.
Captain Jack Sparrow (6 days ago)
Where are the humans in this comment section? Go here, go there... Anyways, thanks for the video, will test it out. I've also confirmed that Incentafan works fast and nice.and no human verification
ISebassOg (6 days ago)
Someone add me on dm group at @sebasssog I would appreciate it
Rajesh Achanta (7 days ago)
I find it embarassing to post photos on Instagram because i barely click good ones🙄
Heera Singh (7 days ago)
Vvvvvv Bssssssst video
Jan Kemble Medrocillo (7 days ago)
If you want completely free Instagram followers try Incentafan. It's the only method that actualy gets you followers. You may search for it on Google.
beboy uy (7 days ago)
influencer marketing and influencer collaboration can really help in IG growth. Been using this since 2017 and from 500 and at 9k. I think I'm doing fairly well. I use the platform phlanx to connect with influencers and it's been a great experience.
I appreciate your ideas,man
Your ideas are appreciated man.
DeepBeat (7 days ago)
I will prove your theory to my Instagram Profile. Let's see
amxoso (7 days ago)
May seem silly to say this, However maybe you should have mentioned you need at least 100 followers to gain access to full analytics. Info like that is important to mention. 👍
SA Siyad (8 days ago)
Bollywood movie clip ur used in ur video to explain desert (time)
AndroidZombie (8 days ago)
I have a pretty decent sized dm group on Instagram, reply your IG name to join
MertcanKarakaya (8 days ago)
Fantastic vid, definitely amazing :D In case some of you like similar tutorials, pay a visit to heydominik. He also has very entertaining tuts as well:)
Richik Nandy (8 days ago)
Outstanding video.Really awesome 👌👌👌. Thanks a lot for making this video.This will help me a lot.
Lukasz Witeczek (8 days ago)
Hi Saf what is your daily phone ☺✌love you vids
Ashish Kurulkar (8 days ago)
Hey saf are you a srk fan?😃
mrugank kolhatkar (8 days ago)
follow @eddytor._.what on Instagram
Олеся Диц (8 days ago)
Gerald Green (9 days ago)
Is it possible you could critique my page? @greensfood4thesoul
haha what on earth you have to make this video, no doubt why every other content creator hitting instagram topic once in a while for views follow etc but you are good with your niche mate !
nasran rider (9 days ago)
Add one other point....make a giveaway n way to join that is to follow ur instagram...😂😂
Said Amid Ibrahim (9 days ago)
nice shades
Dip Chandarana (9 days ago)
From Leicester too! I run a print shop, let me know if you ever need anything printing :D
Cesar Santangelo (9 days ago)
SuperSafTV. Great video you speak your mind and always give great info and tips. Keep it up!!!
Modit Bazracharya (9 days ago)
The thumbnail backwards is 666 Supersaf is illuminati confirmed!!!
Benson (9 days ago)
From where did u buy the glasses give me link
Sayyed Shakir (9 days ago)
football update (9 days ago)
what camera do you snap with?
Utkarsh (9 days ago)
How toget more followers on instagram[if you're a famous youtuber]:- make a video about it.
Shane Euston (9 days ago)
Instagram Analytics, What time zone are they referring too? I have followers from all around the world. Is Instagram using any Spesefic Time zone?
My Channel (9 days ago)
hi haw r u plz tell me haw to verify instagram account??
Sara Sykes (10 days ago)
Ig @twistedweirdo
Oliver Aroche (10 days ago)
Thanks you really helped me a lot!
Freddie Thompson (10 days ago)
Brother Korean technology complexity degree trust jump continent due total term representative evolve
Labib Hoque (10 days ago)
Shahrukh 😅😅😅😅😅
Alex OverKings (10 days ago)
lmao_alx follow me plz
Hert Niks (10 days ago)
What ever you do, DONT CONVERT TO BUSINESS PROFILE!!! Instagram will know then that you are a business and they will want you to pay money to show your content to your followers!
Nirav Agarwal (11 days ago)
Sir if possible then please check my page also. @brokenlikeneverbefore
Royal Boyle14 (11 days ago)
Your the best man !!
Nishal Bisht (11 days ago)
make an videos legal ways to verify your account 😃
Musab kilic (11 days ago)
How many money do you have ?
Kusumlata Sharma (11 days ago)
Thanks for the tip.I will follow these
Youngster joey (11 days ago)
So you’re saying your selfies are quality contents?
sai Naresh (11 days ago)
Doğan Kutbay (12 days ago)
Bro you said quality content and then you posted your selfie, seeing your face is quality content?
Ibrahim (12 days ago)
keep the good work
Tanvirul Anowar (12 days ago)
Like this....
FrostCarrot (12 days ago)
Really helpful! 😉👊🔥👍😁
H S (12 days ago)
one+ i really want a phone.
Rakesh sharma (12 days ago)
Giveaway result of Oneplus??
Taufiq Panjwani (12 days ago)
U r too gud..
Anjali Dodai (12 days ago)
Any plans fr india?
Hitesh vishal (12 days ago)
I may try it
Nitin Bansal (12 days ago)
Nice Video. very helpful.
JourneyofJon (12 days ago)
What desk are u using behind u in this video
Ashik Arya (13 days ago)
Hi 👋 😎
Trapskylez (13 days ago)
Hardcore tips but id have that of a treat phone for great shots but this would help at a time😁😁🔥💯
Bobby Jay (13 days ago)
Great tips. Well said about those who post minute by minute. It's quality not quantity.
MUBARIZ (13 days ago)
Always the best!
Akif Ansari (13 days ago)
Shahrukh khan ❤️❤️
sushant adhikari (13 days ago)
love your videos
Satpal Bansal (13 days ago)
Very interesting Video . Will help me a lot.
rahul ganesh (13 days ago)
I need only 1 1+5 not more than that
Shallu Rani (13 days ago)
Nice video to gain followers.
Shallu Rani (13 days ago)
Nice video to gain followers.
vansh 1416 (13 days ago)
Music X-press (13 days ago)
follow me i'll follow you 👉sumit__kc
Kamal Thakur (13 days ago)
Are you asian??
nur aqilah lokman (13 days ago)
Awesome 😘👍
Taufik Amri (13 days ago)
Mr.Safwan You make Nice Content Every Day :D I Love This Tech Channel :)
I bra Amu (13 days ago)
Quality Content is Key
Aurik Anjum (13 days ago)
in my country, people seems to be online every single second -..-
nat narasak (13 days ago)
Gulam Mohammad (13 days ago)
Bhut hi accha tha Sir video thanks you sir
Gulam Mohammad (13 days ago)
The best Chanel superSafTV thanks you sir

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