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Top 10 Best Portable Solar Power Generators For Your Outdoor Adventure

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Top 10 Best Portable Solar Power Generators For Your Outdoor Adventure ***Best Portable Solar Power Generators: https://goo.gl/zJJmiZ Best Portable Generators List: 1. Renogy Lycan Powerbox 00:14 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2I4cssX 2. GOAL ZERO YETI 1400 02:00 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2xkI74J 3. GRENGINE™ 1000 04:19 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2umxS2F 4. EnerPlex Generatr Y12000 7:05 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2wxaKOV 5. KaliPAK 07:40 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2xkSQMN 6. EcoFlow Tech RIVER 09:20 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2wx5Z7Z 7. Renogy Phoenix Generator 11:58 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2xl9g7S 8. Anker PowerHouse 13:19 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2gdLGWl 9. Jackery Power Pro 14:22 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2gdLMgF 10. ChargeTech PLUG 15:10 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2vxIpmH ***Portable Solar Power: https://youtu.be/RMjKJfJN7Ls ***Camping Gadgets on Amazon: https://youtu.be/k-0hvxRYWp0 ***Camping Air Tents: https://youtu.be/le_KG6KBF2c ***Camping Tents Innovations: https://youtu.be/j1KU7SPg4uU ***Portable Camping Chair: https://youtu.be/mQkj-LXvei0 ***Climbing Gears: https://youtu.be/GQOm9-T60kU ***Camping Tents: https://youtu.be/yFhODqvf9V4 ***Portable Camping Bed: https://youtu.be/VXwVnIEAbuY ***Camping Hammock: https://youtu.be/wtlZiLzF8KI ***Tents for Family Camping: https://youtu.be/dtlzfHuJCaQ ***Sleeping Bags For Camping: https://youtu.be/qY2VkzunEro ***Camping Stoves: https://youtu.be/cr9vA6iGWr8 ***Camping Lanterns: https://youtu.be/P2msPN27zN8 ------------------------------------------ We are also on: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/top10zone Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/top10zone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/T10zone Web: https://www.top10-zone.com ------------------------------------------ If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. ------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The footage in this video was created as promotional/educational material. If you are the creator or owner of the footage and have reservations please notify us via YouTube comments or email and we will accommodate you.
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Text Comments (126)
Stephan Cheng (11 days ago)
Ads collection only,no performance test.
Penny Alexander (11 days ago)
I’m trying to run my home heater which one will work best for this?
james bourret (26 days ago)
I'm still puzzled that all these companies refer to these as 'solar generators'. They don't generate power or anything else. These are batteries with an inverter and charge controller built in. That's it!
CarGenerator Inc. (1 month ago)
If you have your vehicle with you, here's a new option, a CarGenerator.  same price and same weight at 16 pounds, more then double the output and 50X the runtime. Yeti400 vs CarGenerator  https://youtu.be/js-UQwnsc3M
Green Energy Scandinavia (2 months ago)
Not on the list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BzwL1i3Qzc&t=55s
Fred .p Martin (2 months ago)
it would have been nice after wasting my time watching the adds if you could have said where they came from and how much they retailed for.
avader5 (3 months ago)
Isai Calderon (3 months ago)
How can the goal Zero be 6 plus hours on solar and 15 hours on AC charge?
Tom Reese (3 months ago)
what about price range.
Edward Villarreal (3 months ago)
No specs., very little useful information.
G Pierson (4 months ago)
inergy Kodiak.
Grengine Zone (4 months ago)
Thanks so much for posting this video, we were surprised when customers in Puerto Rico and Toronto called us based on watching this video, it really made an impact on our business.  The Grengine is coming out in 2018, please check us out on our you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoA9LpNq5grsYzvDQM6phuA?view_as=subscriber
abdul vahid (4 months ago)
Not solar generators, solar power packs. They store solar energy in battery, but the cases make them portable and good for camping trips. Here i see another great list at http://bestportablesolargenerators.com/best-portable-solar-generator-2017/
panic (4 months ago)
This is US-only Worthless video for Europeans :(
William dabill (4 months ago)
Africans need these
just 1 life (4 months ago)
The best starts at-1.. suck end at-10.. ok the generator that cutting yellow saw is good one... but weight is heavy...
Jasmine Carr (4 months ago)
I like number 6
genuine techie (4 months ago)
Top 10 Solar Energy Powered Gadgets 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG8_oCoEOmw
Country Boy Drones (4 months ago)
I don't understand how they can call these things generators. They DO NOT generate power ... they store power from a solar panel. You can do the same thing with a deep cell battery, an inverter and a solar panel. Thats it! Thats all these things are is a battery and an inverter in a fancy box. The solar panel is the generator. There is no way one any of these would power a furnace to heat an entire home, like they claim ... some of these things are going for around $2000 on amazon, when you can make the same thing, or even something that would put out twice the power, for longer, for around $500. The other 1500 is for that fancy box they pack it in. No Thanks!
Lalnunzama Chawngthu (5 months ago)
*NEW TECHNOLOGY* We can produced 50KW using new technology with less material and cost. Material Requires. 1. Solar PV 51 No's. (250wp, 50v.) 2. 12v Battery 68 No's. 3. Our patented material. #Title of the invention: "A novel power saving economical multi layer heat insulator" (Check and see from the Internet: The patent office journal 07/06/2013. Number 12277) Contact: nunzama87@gmail.com
Sedat Inal (5 months ago)
Kodiak generator
richieboy09 (5 months ago)
If there's no price on any of them, then you lost my attention... & i know i can go on Amazon but i cant be arsed, you have to show the price otherwise im not interested..... its like if i see a car on the side of the road with a for sale sign in the window with just a phone number, then i just think "what an idiot" coz hes trying to sell his car but he ain't telling people what they want to know, which is the price.... who's gonna ring up just to find out the car is way overpriced.... & this is why i think they dont put the price coz they know people wont be interested when they see how much it is..... so my golden rule today children, is if they dont give a price, then fuck em ;)
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
Ok i will try and thanks for your suggestion. Have a good day !!
richieboy09 (5 months ago)
maybe you can say it like this, "as from today they $30 for this $80 for that" just some type of guild to show people if its even worth looking at.. thanks
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
+richieboy09 actually price may different in different country and in amazon price also increase and decrease every week so it's difficult for me to mention the price.
Be nice to have one that powers an Rv.
jnprfilms (5 months ago)
I want 3 👍
Sir We in India, mostly reside in rural areas and the we cook our food using firewood. The food items : A) Curry : Mainly Vegetable or Meet B) Boiled Rice We request you to suggest us a cooking tool using Sunday energy. We will be greatly obliged to you. Srinivasa Rao Van Visakhapatnam India 530045 9849121028 dolphincoverage@gmail.com
thinker (5 months ago)
Be perpared 😎Eh!. Blessings in Christ Yashuah.
Mark Headrick (5 months ago)
tberry7348 (5 months ago)
They're not generators there energy banks.
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
You can add solar panel with those power banks
Buddy Clem (5 months ago)
8:26 I have that fridge in black, and it has a window. It runs on either 120 vac or 12 vdc without an adapter.
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
Great ! and thanks for sharing your experience !
Kevin Miller 1 (5 months ago)
please contact me thru email kmconstruction2005@yahoo.com
Andrea Wisner (5 months ago)
All are pwm controllers, right?
Kevin Miller 1 (5 months ago)
I built my own solar generator see it on Youtube.  My 2000 watt solar generator.
Kevin Miller 1 (5 months ago)
I don't know how to translate your language to English. If can redo this comment in English I would appreciate it. Thank you
zaeen Benjaber (5 months ago)
Kevin Miller آه اخ مالك أعرب امه كلام جيد والا في شي خير خيرات
Kevin Miller 1 (5 months ago)
I would like too
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
Please share your solar generator with us.
DAS Rakesh Dhiman (5 months ago)
Pure solar sistm ki jan kari or kost or khridne ke liye uska sowrum ka mobail n. Shit btaye
blueknight (5 months ago)
These are not generators, they do not generate power. There nothing more than a battery back-up.
Solar Sporting Goods (30 days ago)
These items STORE ENERGY converted from solar panels, using charge controllers/inverters, when available. The sun is not a stable source of energy, therefore these batteries simply do not meet the definition of "electric generator"
Ed Victory (4 months ago)
They generate voltage from solar panels. I bought one for that feature.
blueknight (4 months ago)
Salvador Flores Then it's a converter.
Salvador Flores (4 months ago)
They convert the power, from the battery. An example: https://m.ebay.com/itm/DieHard-Electric-750W-Power-Inverter-with-USB/272775748085?epid=1000312985&hash=item3f82b399f5:g:w8YAAOSwvZZZdl68
Percy Brown (5 months ago)
Should I thank you for the extreme spike in volume through my ear buds that compromises my. Hearing. Even more with nonsense?
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
Sorry -_- Really sorry for my mistake :(
แจ๊วดีจังนะนะจ๊ะ ชอบๆๆ
Milton Pineda (5 months ago)
Check out this Portable solar generator includes the solar panel here: https://foamfantasymachines.com/#!/producto/7/
Darwin Balagtas (5 months ago)
Can u pls what is the name of the last item connect from the laptop thank u.
willie vargas (6 months ago)
Hi, everyone, can I connect small heat for 8 hours at night on the first one ? Thanks.
blueknight (5 months ago)
willie vargas Don't think you'll find one that'll last that long drawing that kind of amps. These types of power supplies are meant for a few hrs use at a time.
Grengine Zone (6 months ago)
Thank you for including The Grengine 1000 in your Top 10 Zone list. The Grengine is the world's first and only stackable and interchangeable solar battery generator. It will be coming out in 2018 and more information can be found on www.grengine.ca Here is a new short version of our video https://youtu.be/s2eOLETD2L4
chuckykb kb (6 months ago)
they need to put were to get this if is so great
tberry7348 (6 months ago)
these are portable energy storage and energy conversion or power bank devices not solar generators. Do you not have a clue to volume leveling? The intro was so loud and obnoxious I had to turn the volume nearly off the the discription of the first device was so quiet I had to put the volume almost to max then the transition nearly blew out my speakers. .... and so on
Victor Gonzalez (6 months ago)
*Thеѕе аrе аwеѕоmе! I’vе bееn looking fоr something juѕt like thеѕе [ Check Details here ===**https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sl5Vv_tC_Vkk0WFxKhnGvFsaw0OZTOecCQphEFymxIo/edit?usp=sharing** ]. Lооkѕ like it wоuld be useful for my grаndѕоnѕ bоу ѕсоutѕ camping triрѕ and роwеr оutаgе. What a great idea.*
Larry Samford (6 months ago)
mace085 (6 months ago)
I would buy the kali pack right now but not being able to use normal plug ins on it it’s worthless for me
Bobby Cohen (4 months ago)
As a KaliPAK ower, I use Foval AC to DC inverter to power my AC devices. Works great!! I thnk they have a great deal on the KP401 now....
Ken J Boyd (6 months ago)
I cannot understand why so many insist on being anal jerks! This video was meant to be a brief evaluation of many systems. Use the brief reviews given here as good starting points to then do the research to determine what's best for you instead of just making clueless comments! Go somewhere else if you don't like it. There are plenty of dipwads like you on the net who seem to just want to engage in foolish arguments rather than work on productive solutions. So please go to the plentiful cockfighting forums if you're not interested in solutions that can solve the challenges that we are facing at this point in time!
Seattle Rain (5 months ago)
Why don't down votes work?
Edwin Rodriguez (5 months ago)
you tell em : ]
youjotr9876 (6 months ago)
Can someone please recommend the best one out of these? We got hit by hurricane Maria and wont have electricity for 4 to 6 months. with solar mount so i can charge it.
Grengine Zone (4 months ago)
I must admit that I am very impressed by this one but it might be too expensive for your needs. Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator , You need to determine what your minimal needs are and how long you need to operate without power from the traditional supplier and what type or size of solar you will need to charge the batteries. I can send you a spread sheet that has comparison info. I specialize in portable and off grid solar solutions. Barry
CSquared (6 months ago)
Love these comments. hahah.
Robert Powell (7 months ago)
this is not a review it's a collection of ads.
Bruce Forster (3 months ago)
I agree. A spec Sheet with side by side numbers would be a review.
Mardigus Madmardigan (5 months ago)
Pretty cool ads
Subgunman (7 months ago)
The Grengine has the best idea, stackable batteries. As long as there is a way to charge the packs without the main unit.
Grengine Zone (4 months ago)
The Grengine is coming out in 2018. Please check us out on our you tube account: Behind the Scenes with Growing Greener Innovations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoA9LpNq5grsYzvDQM6phuA?view_as=subscriber
Grengine Zone (6 months ago)
If you would like to connect with Growing Greener innovations on Face Book www.facebook.com/gginnovations we will let you know when the Grengine 1000 is out in 2018.
Liberals are Icky (7 months ago)
I lost interest when they started blubbering about the environment.
Ryan VanDenBerg (4 months ago)
Gary McDaniel (7 months ago)
How much and can I purchase one?
Li Stanley (6 months ago)
here is another outdoor camping portable power station https://www.amazon.com/100-Watt-Portable-Generator-Hurricane-Emergency/dp/B01M3S00H0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506073365&sr=8-1&keywords=paxcess
Top 10 Zone (7 months ago)
Follow the amazon link anyone can buy and use it.
laura j phillips (7 months ago)
Why don't you put in where to buy these and their prices?
Milton Pineda (5 months ago)
CHECK OUT THIS PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATOR ONLY $ 449.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/292301199647?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
Scott Curtis (6 months ago)
Or use the power of a keyboard and search; the same method you used to get to this point.
alvin chipmunk (6 months ago)
laura j phillips REALLY! $ HOW MUCH $ ??? I KNOW - ! $9999.99$
Li Stanley (6 months ago)
here is another outdoor camping portable power station https://www.amazon.com/100-Watt-Portable-Generator-Hurricane-Emergency/dp/B01M3S00H0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506073365&sr=8-1&keywords=paxcess
Top 10 Zone (6 months ago)
follow the amazon link in the video description.
Antonio Abe (7 months ago)
Better put idea price as reference
Top 10 Zone (6 months ago)
follow the amazon link in the video description.
michael s (7 months ago)
This is an interesting video. However, providing a link to each manufacturer's website would have been very helpful. In lieu of a link to the manufacture's site, the name of the product would have been as helpful. Note to millennials; if you buy one of these, so you can carry a 32 inch flat screen, a blender or a music studio on a round trip to the hinter lands, well, you're just stupid. Never mind all of the crap you plan to carry, these "generators" are all pretty hefty. And, these "generators" are really some form of car battery, with some useful paraphernalia attached. I plan to get one, to deal with short to medium term power outages at home. During hurricane season. Or other events close to home. The link below takes you to another "Top 10 list of stuff" video. . You can put one of these in your car and travel, but, you won't be lugging one of these up a mountain, to video a sunset wedding and recording a sound track. . I find the "Grengine"(?) most interesting, because you can stack the batteries. That means, you should get more than one battery. Hint: which ever one you get, get an extra battery.
Grengine Zone (6 months ago)
The Grengine 1000 is coming out in 2018, please check out website: grengine.ca and connect with us on facebook: www.facebook.com/gginnovations for updates on our products.
Top 10 Zone (6 months ago)
follow the amazon link in the video description
Diana Martinez (7 months ago)
muy buenas ideas
Ken J Boyd (6 months ago)
Diana Martinez: Sí, estas ideas y productos pueden hacer para un mundo mucho mejor. Pero, lamentablemente, hay muchas personas que no quieren que eso suceda.
david smith (7 months ago)
Good Review and Video.
Top 10 Zone (7 months ago)
WatchLater (7 months ago)
to be str8 up..if you guys could build one of these "generators" to run an a/c unit then i would be interested..there are way smaller battery packs that do the same things as you claim these do..an they are a lot lighter an easy to pack..in my life a/c an heat are necessary..show me something id wanna back not this nonsense..
Rebel Lucy (7 months ago)
undergroundhiphopmus Goal Zero has a 3000 watt coming soon. Might power a small ac.
محمد فاضل (7 months ago)
Which is more storage of electricity
Grengine Zone (6 months ago)
The Micro Energy revolution is developing technology that will change the way we consume and use energy. What we are trying to achieve at Growing Greener Innovations, is to offer people all over the world, including where power is less accessible, an opportunity to draw solar energy, store it and use it continuously. Which is why Connie created the interchangeable battery system, so that you can continue power by exchanging the batteries, just as you would fill up a gas generator with more cans of gas. However once you buy the device and the solar panels, solar energy is free, and even when the gas runs out during an emergency, you still have power store in the exchangeable batteries. Its a great back up system for people with power and for millions without any power could be a solution to help them get power in their homes for the first time.
Sam Undercover (7 months ago)
You guys are leaving out the Inergy Kodiak! Bought one and love it... Check it out
dave whaley (6 months ago)
Sam Undercover i
AZBADBOYz (7 months ago)
Also the lightest and most powerful unit there is!! Love mine as well.
Austin Smith (7 months ago)
Too much nonsense I don't need to see people tailgating just show the products won't be watching anything else you produce
zaeen Benjaber (5 months ago)
Austin Smith really
Ken J Boyd (6 months ago)
David Hayes, are you a juvenile, are do you just have zero social skills?
L Malino (7 months ago)
Mr Smith has a point. Vid comes off as a series of sales promos. More useful would be technical specs and comparative analysis. Also, less needless, crappy 'music'.
David Hayes (7 months ago)
Austin Smith O too bad Austiniay. I think your a little cry baby bitch. You sick F UCK.
משה לוי (7 months ago)
Where to buy it? I live in Israel .
Grengine Zone (6 months ago)
The Grengine 1000 is coming out in 2018 check out www.grengine.ca and please connect with us on facebook www.facebook.com/gginnovations we are constantly posting updates. We have a smaller lithium Ion solar generator that only weights 13 pounds coming out late 2017.
Ken J Boyd (6 months ago)
הוא צודק כי אמזון מוכרת את רוב המוצרים הללו.
Top 10 Zone (7 months ago)
Please follow the amazon link
משה לוי (7 months ago)
איפה קונים את זה ?
Ken J Boyd (6 months ago)
אתה צריך למצוא את האתר עבור כל מוצר עבור כל הפרטים.
Top 10 Zone (7 months ago)
English please
Blueberry picker (7 months ago)
Top 10 Zone (7 months ago)

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