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Law School mooting competition finals - 2015

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Students from Brunel University London took part in finals of the Law School mooting competition at the UK Supreme Court, for a second time in the last three years. Gabrielle Laurin and Natalie Canning (appellants), and Laura Clausen and Amirah Choudhury (respondents) - all level I students at Brunel Law School - argued their cases exceptionally well before a demanding panel of judges comprising of HH Judge Jeremy Roberts (Master of the Bench, Inner Temple), who sat at the Old Bailey between 2000 and 2010, and is currently sitting on Hounslow Parole Board, Mr Stephen Barlet-Jones (Barrister, 1 Pump Court), Mr Michael Barnett (Litigation Division Managing Partner, Addleshaw Goddard), Sam Parham (Barrister, Garden Court Chambers) and Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos (Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer in Law, CBASS).
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Super Citizen (1 month ago)
They have really abused the use of those cards. The cards are supposed to be used in noting down important arguments and also to empathize on point of law. You can’t put your whole statement in them. But nice try!
Lalit Kasana (4 months ago)
importedmusic (5 months ago)
If they were male students I doubt very much that this video would have had the same ending.
Kris Low (3 months ago)
And what ending would that be?
Chelsea Moropa (8 months ago)
I love this. It's so interesting, exactly why I want to study medical law.
FloridaKitchen (11 months ago)
Why are they reading from the cards because in the USA they don't read from cards
Ri (4 months ago)
FloridaKitchen it is not expected of the students to completely memorise your mooting speech
Ed Ghent (1 year ago)
As a law student, I find the lack of eye contact with the judges a disappointment.
Super Citizen (1 month ago)
Ed Ghent my instructor greatly warned me about reading from a paper. It doesn’t help unless one is directing the judges to a certain reference in the submission
shane finch (1 year ago)
what a fairy tail ending :)
Hasan Al Banna (1 year ago)
who won? and what is pupilage?
Aaron Jean-Baptiste (1 year ago)
Also, it was the defendants that won (the team on the left of the screen).
Ollie Dayan (1 year ago)
Pupilage is what pre-dates your acceptance as a Barrister, it's often where you become educated in the workings of the occupation, and gain experience enough to merit being called to the bar.
Doglyvich (1 year ago)
The audio quality from the judges is terrible, I cant believe such a prestigious university could have such terrible audio systems and/or technicians.
terentino55 (14 days ago)
This was filmed at The Supreme Court in London and there was no technician on site to provide a clean audio feed from the Court's audio system. We had 20 minutes set up time, a crew of 2, no audio mixer and only 2 fixed rifle mics to cover 5 judges. Sorry if you couldn't hear everything.
Inherent Emperor (1 year ago)
I believe after the class was over these four girls had foursome. bitches, the defense had many point to take edge
Irfano (7 months ago)
god bless you
Mr. MSA (1 year ago)
Am i the only one who got excited when they were all offered mini pupiliges😂
TheCrazyKid9800 (1 year ago)
I don't even study law but I wish someone would tell these guys the difference between foresight and intent
Ashanna Atkinson (2 months ago)
I agree with you, foresight is basically oblique intention i.e. the 'prediction' of what will happen in the future, this correlates to oblique intention - appreciating that the outcome is virtually certain
Ted Day (6 months ago)
It is true you don't study law* otherwise you could have reasoned better.
TheCrazyKid9800 (1 year ago)
Jerlin Lintnaar Actually that isn't true. reasonable foresight only counts as EVIDENCE for intent. it is up to the court to then further find intent based on the evidence. I'm now doing a law degree
Jerlin Lintnaar (1 year ago)
TheCrazyKid9800 Foresight is an element of intent in the legal profession.
Nezil Samuel (2 years ago)
I love how all the energy goes into the hand movement.
starbury64 (2 years ago)
starbury64 (2 years ago)
Well done to the pupils in England. I hope that they succeed in their pupilage.

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