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Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

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iOS 12 actually has some A+ new features - here they're all in one place! Dat iOS 12 wallpaper: https://9to5mac.com/2018/06/04/ios-12-wallpaper-download/ iPhone X Review: https://youtu.be/9Ca8zWJOlFQ MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro Track: Delta by C2C ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3829)
Mike Parmar (52 minutes ago)
F*ck memoji, where the hell is usb screen mirroring? Airplay is laggy af They should provide basic things first and then these kid's things.
Faiz Khan (3 hours ago)
Plz give one iPhone x pls
Sujit Ravva (7 hours ago)
The 'Accidental Screenshot' is killing me. Thank you, Marques, for the info and Apple for the change.
OfficialNRV (8 hours ago)
i’m a beta user on apple how do i get ios 12
Jack Fulda (18 hours ago)
I love your vids
Jack Fulda (18 hours ago)
Dude you are amazing and share my love for tech
Search (19 hours ago)
That Intro Song was WHACK!!!!!!!
Davi Randel (1 day ago)
Apple hater ...
shifttradition (1 day ago)
still no dark mode :(
300 blackhorses (1 day ago)
Red iPhone 8 plus or iPhone x???????
yan phyo (1 day ago)
love that
Ahmed Halmat (1 day ago)
why hasn't it come out yet....
Phenom69ll (1 day ago)
Satan, nigga
Phenom69ll (1 day ago)
Only phone....
PokkénMasterKiKi (1 day ago)
whats else is wrong with siri? i don't use it enough to know lmao
BrandonS (1 day ago)
As a long time Apple owner I can only say one thing. If the next generation of iPhones and iOS system is better than the last few I’m making the switch. Tired of unstable updates, design/engineering resources used on useless features and waiting and waiting for apple to start being innovated again.
cmdaltctr (1 day ago)
Why the heck apple won't just make an update where you can actually use an sd card reader and access it via ur phone/iPad? Transfer pictures videos / files etc. This is more useful update for me. Make transferring music easier too with iTunes please! The rest is pretty useless. I'm seriously thinking of going back to android. Just that I don't like the lagging on Android even if I don't use it, I can't figure out why it lags. Otherwise I think ios 12 does nothing significant really.
ghostface (2 days ago)
what watch/wrist band is he wearing?
Ali Dhejow (2 days ago)
My iPhone 7plus home button is making a click noise when I press or when someone call me or text. Can anyone help me?
Cameron Allan (2 days ago)
When’s the public beta?
Zaydan (2 days ago)
The close apps by sliding up (not using the red x) has been in iOS 11 since the iPhone X was released.
Ansh Verma (2 days ago)
i phone is best 👍👍👍
Ronit Sethi (2 days ago)
Hey can u do a video about iOS 12 on iPhone 6?
Angry Pepper shaker (2 days ago)
“mainly making it...not bad”. very true.
axcel v (2 days ago)
I love youre videos mkbhd! Can you give me some tips. Im currently doing my 1st video. Hope youll read this. Thanks Youre my inspiration.
Luk Worthy (2 days ago)
Just got the iPhone 8
Luk Worthy (2 days ago)
Do u realize your talking about animals Apple is shit even though I just the iPhone 8
Matt Savage (2 days ago)
Dark mode?
LOVE IS ALWAYS (2 days ago)
Hi sir i'm from india Nice your all videos love you Sir 😜
Razvan Dragos (2 days ago)
Sub to me you wont regret it. I do tech and jewelry vids (:
luke sheehan (2 days ago)
Anyone know a free music besides Spotify and iTunes music, I want a music app that lets you download the song and cache and listen offline. Please leave a comment if you know one✌️
lovesbunnys (3 days ago)
wow thanks for this video, you got yourself a new sub!
Sumit Bali (3 days ago)
Hey Marques! Whats that amazing intro music
sdu988 (3 days ago)
What iphone is that at the left on the table?
saravanan mrmb (3 days ago)
How is the battery performance in ios 12?
Ranjit karande (3 days ago)
It's fake
Omar Alsubael (3 days ago)
RIP x 😢
Ws Tang (3 days ago)
Inovation already died in Apple
donvasea (3 days ago)
Abdullah U (3 days ago)
As an Android fan, i think Apple is finally stepping it up a bit. Not gon lie.
Kim Jung (3 days ago)
and ios 12 still has imessage so it wins by default regardless
Heru Imhotep-Ra (3 days ago)
Marques when Does iOS 12 Drop on all Devices
Heru Imhotep-Ra (3 days ago)
This Brother is the best Tech Guy on YouTube on Information.
Heru Imhotep-Ra (3 days ago)
Brother I love your videos keep dropping that Hot Fire.
Bhavesh Bhargava (3 days ago)
You can technically act on a notification by 3D Touch. Long press the notification and It gives you neat options to reply or trash a message/email/tweet
Bala Krishna (3 days ago)
@marques Is the update available for iphone 8 plus ?
Sebastian Melendez (4 days ago)
I don’t see the update?
Jay (4 days ago)
When’s it out
great video man! Can you share what kind of camera and mic you use for your vlog?
Brian Davis (4 days ago)
Who gives a shit about emojis...seriously.
Mose Schrute (4 days ago)
Is the iPhone s the only phone that has the animoji stuff? Also what phones are going to be able to update to iOS 12?
Rubina Khalifa (4 days ago)
Love that measure app thing😍....Its great
Gobblegab 3point0 (4 days ago)
If they add widgets, get more attractive hardware, and the ability to use Google assistant instead of Siri, then I would be more than happy to try it! Sadly I don't think that last one will come to be. (Also the ugly hardware is just my opinion) Edit:or just make Siri a lot better
TheDemonSlashGamer (4 days ago)
i dont even have an iphone 😂 still watching tho.
Mo Zhu (4 days ago)
Like they are really USEFUL🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
BEAT FM GINGOOG (4 days ago)
I wish i have a iphone x😢
Matt Von Drago (4 days ago)
Memoji vloggers will be a thing and everyone knows it
Antonio Martinjas (4 days ago)
Can you have ios 12 on iphone 7?
Kevin (4 days ago)
Robert Perez (4 days ago)
you're able to act upon the notifications on the lock screen by simply pressing down the notification enables the 3d touch to act upon the notifications.
bchooker (4 days ago)
I’ll be more impressed when Apple lets us choose non-Apple apps as default (Google Maps instead of Apple Maps). The grouped notifications is long overdue, congrats on finally figuring that one out, Apple😂
LittleEonze (4 days ago)
If your into that ...ya maybe if I was 8 years old ...come on Apple like who the hell to you have coming up with this crap ....Steve is rolling over in his grave
Medium Bugie (4 days ago)
“Show me the money.” Haha 😆
Kylah Danae (4 days ago)
I’m mad Animoji and MeMoji is just for iPhone X 🙄 if you’re gonna put cool new features on the phones DO IT ON ALL OF THEM 😭
Captain Howdy (4 days ago)
1)trash 2) trash 3) trash 4) trash 5) trash
Jerry O (4 days ago)
I hate how they focused so much on the iPhone X specifically on ios12. Not everyone wants to buy that ugly ass notch. Hence why I got the 8 plus
Daniel Lindqvist (4 days ago)
pursue hope man musician hook integration concrete wake try record wet.
Pipa Cacao (4 days ago)
So no way to TURN OFF BLUETOOTH & WI-FI via the control centre? We still just "disconnect"? Gocha!!! Fucking Apple...
John Redberg (4 days ago)
Since you've got a much more direct link to the guys at Apple than us mere mortals, how about: Easier network selection (long press / force touch Wifi icon to get you to settings); Same thing for bluetooth (I can't remember how many times I already went to the Bluetooth menu, turn several devices off/on to connect to the device I actually want to); Dictation/Siri "delete that", "delete word", "delete last sentence", "done", "close"... Is that soooo hard?! Calendar: Set unlimited, custom reminders. Do I really need to purchase a $50 replacement calendar for that? Calendar: Option to turn off auto suggestions. Notes (on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil): How about being able to change the thickness to anything other than hairline? How about more than 5 (FIVE!) colors? I could go on and on... If you actually read that, thanks man, love your videos! ;-)
TYR1. (5 days ago)
I wish Apple adds an option to be able to enable your FaceTime on devices bought in the Middle East in iOS 12
Laila Stinson (5 days ago)
When is your next giveaway?
Jada Baker (5 days ago)
For some strange reason I can't kick the want to have a message app makeover. But I don't think that will ever happen. I've been wanting it since my iPhone 5... 😒
Nikka M (5 days ago)
Do we really need a feature to tell us to stop using our phones? Is that the state of humanity now that we cannot think for ourselves and have no discipline whatsover? On a plus note, that measuring app looks very useful.
Seiji Iwaki (5 days ago)
The intro song on point
SuperPerfection28 (5 days ago)
Will ios12 be available on iPhone 7plus
Wyatt B (5 days ago)
Of course
Gibbet Hoskins (5 days ago)
Who cares ...because knotch.
Adam Richardson (5 days ago)
LOVE the new wake screen option. No more useless screenshots!!! now I'm hoping they let me choose the battery percentage over the battery icon!
m p (5 days ago)
I have soooo many screenshots of my lock screen 😭
Alexander Castillo (5 days ago)
Fuck apple, get Samsung! Note series!!!
Wyatt B (5 days ago)
Galaxy is expensive Note is too expensive
nihal patel (5 days ago)
Did anyone notice the time on the phone different all the time??
Simply Kicks (5 days ago)
anybody else’s sms messages not working on ios 12?
Nick Nelson (5 days ago)
Can't you reply from notification tray using force touch?
zeus gaming (5 days ago)
When is it coming out
Angel Hernandez (5 days ago)
Where can I download the wallpaper? /K
Kain Humphries (5 days ago)
holy fuck iOS 12 looks really good not gonna lie. Sailfish take note on the notification thing.
Sven Blomsterberg (5 days ago)
Another big one is Google Maps and Waze in CarPlay. That one is huge! :-)
MoUD (5 days ago)
Measuring thing w camera?? Oh Christ I’m sorry in advance ladies
Greatest Ever (5 days ago)
Hey siri, open incognito mode
3rdBornSon (6 days ago)
great video keep it up
Walker Young (6 days ago)
Shoutout to Dwayne Johnson in the iMessage feed
Daniella Lozano (6 days ago)
When is the iOS 12 release date?
Wyatt B (4 days ago)
September 4-7
Daniella Lozano (4 days ago)
Wyatt B thanks!
Wyatt B (5 days ago)
Fall 2018
TheBrokenMirror (6 days ago)
That grouped notification feature is a tweak I have for jailbreak, really clean and useful
P. Wingert (6 days ago)
IOS 12 beta is extremely unstable, buggy and can corrupt data. Not recommended for use by the general public under any circumstances. Use only on test platforms that do not contain and real data that could be put at risk. Apples development releases have been of C to D+ quality and require extreme caution.
Wyatt B (5 days ago)
I don’t care
Kush Patel (6 days ago)
apple is still trash tho
Wyatt B (5 days ago)
Apple has $200 Billion sitting around and they can use it on the iPhone.
Tech Tamizhachi (6 days ago)
Hy bro , am tamil chnl can i use ur vdos n ma chnl ?? About ios 12 ?? If u agree means
Logan Collins (6 days ago)
duuude, your videos look incredible in 4k.
S Ali (6 days ago)
Which iOS future version can convince Android lovers ?! 😅 iOS 9999?
Adhishwar Singh (6 days ago)
Those symmetric black and red colours on either side in the background were a treat to the eyes!
Sidharth Malhotra (6 days ago)
Which phone cover are you using on your iPhone X space grey?

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