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The Property Imperative Weekly - 31 March 2018

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Our latest summary of finance and property news.
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Scott Murray (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tip on SEIFA data, Martin. Well worth a read. http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/by%20Subject/2033.0.55.001~2016~Media%20Release~Census%20shows%20our%20most%20advantaged%20&%20disadvantaged%20areas%20(Media%20Release)~25
Maaa_aaa_aaate (2 months ago)
The state bribes lead to price equal to or higher than the bribes in the first buyer markets. The winners are the sellers and agents. Losers, The tax payer paying for the higher house price. The people at the controls are supposed to be intelligent. Is the price inflation and stretching the individuals finances to extremes intentional ? This problem is not just in Oz. London is also taking strong drops in price. It seems to be world wide prices at extremes. The trigger will come from outside Oz. Great report. Thanks.
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks, yes my bet is the US will be the trigger. But first owner grants are bad policy (yet seems politically attractive as they can show some actions). They just lift prices more.
Charles Owen (2 months ago)
Thumbs up again mate. When is your verdict on cryptos coming?
Charles Owen (2 months ago)
Thanks Martin
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks received, but my acknowledgement bounced... good points which I will consider Thanks.
Charles Owen (2 months ago)
Just sent via DFA email form. Let me know if you didn't receive.
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks - always open to questions to add to the list. Part of the reason I am taking longer on Crypto is because I am forming the view that neither polar views (1. its all hype and scam or 2. Its the future of money) seem right. The truth is in between. So we need a graded view, plus events keep changing. But I will get there in due course, and hopefully people will find it stands up because I will use my normal data driven and critical analytic skills - rather than presenting an opinion based on not a lot!
Charles Owen (2 months ago)
Ok great stuff, I'll drop you an email of questions you may want to consider. Obviously it's your show, so pick to your desire. I lean to the crypto camp but understand it's not going to resolve all our problems overnight. There's a lot of pent up emotion on this subject to it'll be controversial either way but I trust your objective standards. Expect this one to have a high hit rate!
Thanks again Martin. Meeting our expectations nicely. Auction data leading into and over Easter is important but the number in coming weeks with business as usual will be keenly anticipated. No reply is necessary and hope you have a relaxing Easter. Cheers OD
Arthur Treibs (2 months ago)
there-is no-try (2 months ago)
Great job as always Martin. I must say one of my favourite things about your video’s are that they are detailed, backed by data and analysis and concise discussion.
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks. Yes I believe data and facts are important, there is too much bs when it comes to property and finance commentary on there!
Lost Soul (2 months ago)
Happy Easter Martin, was looking foreward to this review as it was obvious to me the Brisbane market is rolling over quicker then I believed it would, I think Qld is striking the match that will light the fuse to the bang....Have a wonderful Easter and I will forgive you if you do not release an update of something tomorrow...cheers LS
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks, yes, its all happening quicker than expected, I think the lending tightening is the catalyst, a perfect storm!
Ananda Pandey (2 months ago)
Intro says 2017.
Ananda Pandey (2 months ago)
Walk The World yea i know. Keep up good work.
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks. I fixed the snapshot, but the video cannot be edited (thanks to YouTube) so the 2017 will stay in the intro of the video.
Young Engineering (2 months ago)
Great video Martin, please keep up the good work.
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks, appreciated
lucetoob (2 months ago)
You seem to always speed up and almost slur your words when you say long numbers, please slow it down for the dumb people like me! Love your content though! Have been sharing it with everyone who will listen. Glad someone is going behind the bullshit and digging out cold hard facts. Keep up the good work.
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks, understood about the delivery speed. I was trying a faster pace this time, perhaps I over did it... :-)

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