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Is law school worth it?

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Should you go to law school? The average debt of a 2012 law-school graduate who took out at least one loan was $84,600 for public school and $122,158 for private school. To determine whether law school is a good investment for you, figure out where you'll end up after graduation. The data offers a clear picture based on which school you attend, and how you rank among your peers. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1oS68Zs Follow BI Video On Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1bkB8qg Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ -------------------------------------------------- Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.
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Deveshi Singh (11 days ago)
How do you start your own law firm or be an independent lawyer because working in a firm sort of gives all the opportunities to the higher positions and even if you are very good you'll reach that position by the time you are very old ..., ughhfcjomfd why is this so confusing I just want a normal successful life
Max Hedges (15 days ago)
Keyword (Jobs Required to pass the bar) there are a lot of jobs that make 6 figures that having a JD will make you very qualified for.
Struggle (23 days ago)
why is everything in america so income-based. study law if you're interested in the subject, the degree is useful even if not required for the job.
Elsa Ruuskanen (24 days ago)
This isn't surprising, post grads don't usually make tonnes of money straight away regardless.
kn Smith (24 days ago)
This is no different from med school, wanna make the big buck. Then study ur ass and know ur damn job. A law firm doesnt want a douchebag who barely made it in law school. They want someone who know what theyre doing and succeed. This isnt any different from other degree programs.
Adrian Alonso (25 days ago)
Nope over worked and underpaid
Aaron Barlin (27 days ago)
Perhaps the people who can afford going to those top law schools what to spread their privilege: perhaps they don’t MIND making $45-50k. They enter public defense law (for less pay) but for the purpose of making greater societal advancements.
George Mark (27 days ago)
Law school: the degree that promises you the world but gives you an atlas
Zack Pino (27 days ago)
Am I the only one that realizes they read the first graph terribly, she said that a lot less make around $165,000, but if you read it correctly a lot more people make $165k than $45k
Lauren Cassel (27 days ago)
If you really want to go to law school just do it. But only if you REALLY want it. It is incredibly difficult academically, but also emotionally. It will change the way think, speak, and behave. Changes like that don't come without some severe growing pains. It is a humbling endeavor that should only be taken on if you are intensely committed to it for reasons other than money and power. Those things won't help you when you are crying in your shower because you have never been so ignorant, insecure, and incompetent in your life. Law school makes you question if anything you thought about yourself was ever true. By all means take it on if you want It, but spare yourself the misery if you are doing this for anyone but yourself.
Rigger Logik (28 days ago)
J.D. 2011 St. Mary's University School of Law: most expensive mistake of my life.
I will graduate from law school in two weeks
Jason Alaska (29 days ago)
I’m considering law school just for education purposes. Even if I don’t use the degree; I want to think and speak like a good lawyer.
Eric Augusto (30 days ago)
Tbh its still statistically good lol
Josh (1 month ago)
Big law firms= 100+ hours of work...pass
Mlogan11 (1 month ago)
The moral of the story is - don't choose a career soly based on income potential, but it also has to be one you are willing to work your hardest to excel at. Putting in mediocre work will get you mediocre results.
Jonah Woolley (1 month ago)
To be honest, it looks like you don't even need a law degree most of the time; you just need to pass the bar and have a bachelor's in something law-related
Mlogan11 (1 month ago)
You will not be allowed to practice law without a degree- even if you manage to pass the bar.
Culture Vulture (1 month ago)
Atoms Molecules (1 month ago)
The same thing could be asked about college degrees in General. Is a degree in women's studies useful for example ? Even a degree in political Science or Sociology on their own are useless.
Sandra Lozada (1 month ago)
I knew lawyers in my town looking to get paid 10 dollars an hour cause they couldn't find a job
Jailan Rayvon (1 month ago)
If you searched this up, it’s not for you...
Dung Nguyen (1 month ago)
Why would anyone spend 200k to get a 80k/year job?
KoonerProductions (1 month ago)
This video is simply too negative
merican patriot96 (1 month ago)
Solution to paying the tuition: sacrifice three years of your life to the military.
luis cruz (1 month ago)
There is this thing call experience, dont expect to make top money rigth off the bat!
Keri Oko (1 month ago)
Law school was the biggest mistake of my life! Huge waste of life itself.
Pharoah M (1 month ago)
I want to be a politician not a lawyer should I go? Probably not because I looked at what is on the LSAT and I'm not going to do that lol so I think I will be fine. Since I don't want to be a lawyer
Nunya Biznazz (1 month ago)
There are a lot of idiots making comments who haven't gone to law school nor are they lawyers. Do you want want weight loss advice from a fat chef??? If you really want to go to law school (which I wouldn't recommend), then go speak to actual attorneys. You should interview several attorneys that aren't your friends or relatives and they will tell you whether going to law school is a good idea. I'm an attorney.
Xavier Fakhouri (1 month ago)
It depends on where you go to law school. Let’s not kid ourselves, those who go to a really prestigious and good law school like Yale Law School or Harvard Law School have a much higher employment rate (around 90%) and much higher salaries as compared to smaller law schools in, say, Alabama, so try to get into a good one otherwise maybe don’t go
Kyle Roberts (2 months ago)
I am so glad i am doing law school in canada. There are only 14 law schools here so getting in to any canadian law school is akin to a top 50 school in the states. And JD grads in canada have a 94% employment rate after one year.
Neal Rummler (2 months ago)
I wish I had seen this clip before going to law school. I went to a Tier 1 school, 34th in the nation, and landed in the dead center of my 2018 graduating class. Of course, I thought I'd be in the top 10%, but the competition is fierce the first year. Looking back, landing in the middle of my class was a blessing in disguise. I'm pursuing a career in sales where I'll be making close to triple and potentially quadruple what I would make as a first-year attorney. I'm foregoing the bar and not looking back.
Anthony Iafrate (2 months ago)
I went for one semester and it was absolutely not for me so I decided to drop out. Pretty much the best decision I ever made in my life. I now have a job and career path that I truly love and enjoy!
Jferguson66 (2 months ago)
I'm just gonna ignore this and assume none of it applies to Canadian Law Schools ^__^
Stan Peterson (2 months ago)
NO!!!!!!!! Stay away
Cool Guy (2 months ago)
well, isn't that depressing. however, my situation is somehow different. i'm a filipino citizen aspiring to be a lawyer one day, i am only a high school student as of yet so my career path may change although it is not likely. anyways, the point is, statistics show that there are only about 50,000 or so living lawyers in my country. the fact that the philippines has a population of over 100 million makes the profession somewhat in need of new graduates. there are only about 10 prestigious law schools that companies offer exclusive high-paying jobs to, and, so long as you pass the bar exam, you can be sure to dramatically boost your salary and chances of being hired right off the bat. i am hoping to being able to get in one of these law schools should i decide to be a lawyer, and, perhaps with enough diligence and sacrifice, i can. so, my question is, do you guys think i should go for it? PS: money is not necessarily an issue in my family, as my parents told me they would support me in whatever career i choose the best they can, however, this doesn't mean it is a commodity that my family can simply waste without financial consequences.
Cari (2 months ago)
Lawyers can fight for justice 🤔
dog person (2 months ago)
No it's not.
Killah Priest (2 months ago)
IMO studying law is better than studying garbage degrees
Truth Warrior (2 months ago)
Im law school grad... And had been work in Government and Big Law Firm.. But not happy.. Big salary and position doesnt make you happy..your passion was. M
topumasum (2 months ago)
Struggling to find a law job here
David Roberts (2 months ago)
Gotta love these stupidly irrelevant video uploads.
Ed (2 months ago)
cdude100 (2 months ago)
You want to know why they have low stats take a practice bar exam and try to answer 3 questions.
Jon Trollston (2 months ago)
You realize there are 100’s of jobs such as becoming a cop, social worker, et cetera that you can get only with a law degree... right?
EK123 (2 months ago)
When to law school yesterday fnished law school *YESTERDAY*
Shaft Canyoudigit (2 months ago)
Gamenetreviews (2 months ago)
Hello Peroto principle
Andrei James (2 months ago)
In my country I study free if I have good grades and If u dont i would have to pay like 1500$ a year soo it's goddamn worth it imo
IARE FMB (2 months ago)
Insha Allah I'll still go when I'm old enough.
Filmon Tewolde (2 months ago)
Answer: No
Damien Tucker (2 months ago)
There are a lot of people who make more money than lawyers, aren't lawyers, never been a lawyer, yet acomplised a LLB and would never had success without it.
Jason Tamras (2 months ago)
I need someone’s opinion on DePaul law school. I’m thinking of applying there in the near future.
potato salad (2 months ago)
can I ask something. If you get a degree on something else, and then you do law, bachelors and pass the bar, how good are your chances?
bjhale (2 months ago)
I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if getting a degree in something in addition to law will help you get a good job as a lawyer? All lawyers in the U.S. have bachelor's degrees in something other than law as a prerequisite for getting into law school, unless they live in a state which doesn't require a law degree to take the bar exam.
Executive 1 (2 months ago)
For undergraduate you can major in anything you want but you need a high gap and high lsat score to get into a good law school, then you have to do good in that school and score high on the bar exam
Papabear G (3 months ago)
Are there any required courses to get into law school. I know no major is required but like in Pre med, there is no major necessary but you have to take a few key courses such as orgo, bio, physics, and gen chem. So what I’m asking is is Pre law similar to premed in that regards, or are there no required classes at all?
Rich 91 (1 day ago)
get a degree in electrical engineering, you can do patent law and that will almost guarantee u a job as noengineer wants to do another 3 years of school
Movies with Matticus (2 months ago)
No, you don't have to have a certain major to go to law school. As long as you have a degree you can apply. Law schools heavily weigh your LSAT score and to a lesser extend your GPA when looking at your admission application. Certain better prepare you such as Political Science, Philosophy, English, and maybe Criminal Justice. Pretty much any major that focuses on researching and writing will be the most useful.
Executive 1 (2 months ago)
I don't think so, you can major in anything i think just get a high gpa, just don't major in anything stupid and by stupid i mean something like finger painting because then they might not take you seriously
Colorado Anonymous (3 months ago)
Basically don't become a lawyer unless you go to a top law school or already have the connections to get into a good firm. Going near 100k in debt is not worth it unless you actually love law enough to do it for 40k. PSA some kinds of UPS drivers make 74k. If money or not being good a math is your concern there are plenty of other fields to go into besides law.
Tommy Boy (3 months ago)
It is not
Tran Vo (3 months ago)
25 seconds in, I determined that it was not for me
Uchiha Sasuke (4 months ago)
Hello I want to work as a lawyer cause I don't have anythinh to do with my life am smart I can get out of puzzles easily and I answer my mistakes so what is a good job for me laywer or other jobs...I hope I would get positive answers.
Felecia Woolens (5 months ago)
Only the last part was encouraging for me. :(
Angel & Sam LLP (5 months ago)
To hear the perspective of Columbia Law students check out my new vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcseYTPJAZU&t=14s
Adam Honesty and decency (5 months ago)
I don't understand the drive to get a job at a law firm. Why not aim to start your own practice? What about starting off as a Public Defender?
RitikPlaysGamesTV (5 months ago)
Even with mental illnesses or disabilities, you can still accomplish such wonderful goals in life, success is something you need to work for, if you achieve being an expertise as a lawyer then you can work even harder and try trial for judges positions, if you work hard then I don't think it will take that long to get in trial, many people think you need to graduate and have a good past, it's not true, if you for example steal, if you turn your life around and work for your goals and success then people will start noticing that you're not a bad person or untrustworthy for working for big companies, it will take time but if you put effort in your education and knowledge then you can relax and say you've worked hard for this success, judge is a hard position but that doesn't stop you from becoming one, just learn and read books and etc, this is the first step and also law school for a couple of years.
1CME90 (5 months ago)
If I continue to drink my own urine am I promised a good job?
first last (24 days ago)
only if it's because it is sterile and you like the taste
Andres Cubillos (5 months ago)
Can you run for office?
Maaya Ayu (6 months ago)
Jfc, I want to get into law school because I want to do the right thing and help the misunderstood. All those people who go to law school because it pays well should be banned to go to law school.
John Karavitis (6 months ago)
1:07 THIS bar chart tells the story. Law schools are a BUSINESS, and the more students they get, the more money they make. THEY DO NOT - AND CAN NOT - GUARANTEE YOU A 6-figure salary! LOSERS!
Chris Wood (6 months ago)
Consider the source. Her glass is definitely half empty. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING
Wizardporn2008 (6 months ago)
Tuition is payed by taxes in my country, so it’s really not about cost for me.
Zachary Bedair (6 months ago)
I mean law school kinda helps in your wanna be a lawyer
B R (7 months ago)
Law should be thought in school along side with psychology. Yeah i know math and grammar is often useful, but knowing your rights in time of need is way more useful than being able to write orangutan without misstakes, or knowing Pythagorean threorem.
+Its Wednesday my dudes - I know, right! And Pythagorean Theorem was high school algebra if memory serves. Call and complain when you get to the discrete time fourier transform. He's practically saying: "you mean I actually have to learn/do work to get paid?..."
Its Wednesday my dudes (22 days ago)
Are you really complaining about learning pytagorean theorem 😑 Everyone needs to add and substract and use simple maths bro.
Lmfao the pythagorean theorem is actually implemented in developing the device your typing this shit in... I agree with the philosophy but your speaking from limited knowledge at best and your analogy is disproportionate shit
Troy Barnes (2 months ago)
I agree. Basic legal concepts should be taught in social studies. Kids should also be taught about 4th and 5th amendment rights when dealing with law enforcement.
wick bob (5 months ago)
You don't need a three year course in psychology to know your rights.Law is soon enough gonna be looked in the same way as psychology. Both subjects are oversaturated and decent employment is challenging for a decent student. Btw why should stem degree be seen an a physiology degree. Stem is the reason that all the content you learn is physiology resists.
Idiot Savant (7 months ago)
This is complete BS. There isn’t a lawyer out there that makes 45k a year and if there is...they are morons.
Lieutenant Prick (7 months ago)
I love how almost every fucking career that makes good money has people saying "Don't do it": Doctors: "Don't become a doctor", Lawyers: "Don't become a lawyer", Dentists: "Don't become a dentist". The only jobs that don't do this are the depressing ones no one wants: janitors, garbage men, plumbers, teachers, etc. What the fuck are you supposed to do?
Troy Barnes (2 months ago)
Maybe despite making all that money they aren't happy with their career choice. Ever heard of "golden handcuffs"? People can get trapped in a high-paying career because they feel pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle for themselves and their family.
queenofspades84 (2 months ago)
Maurits True, those have the highest rate of alcoholics I think.
Maurits (2 months ago)
You call being a teacher depressing? When I think of depressing jobs, I think of lawyers, accountants and a nobody with a tie at a big corporation.
queenofspades84 (2 months ago)
Ancar Willis You could be an intellectual property/patent lawyer.
Ancar Willis (2 months ago)
IT is where it’s at. You can make just as much as any doctor or corporate lawyer as a software developer or IT manager if you have the skills to pay the bills that is. That’s what I’m doing right now, but I’ve always had a passion for the law though, who knows. Perhaps there is a way for me to combine the two. Maybe find something in cyber Security.
EyesToSee (8 months ago)
So what the fuck are citizens supposed to do? Stay dumbed down and work low wage shit jobs? Who benefits? Metropolis comes to mind.
Inbread Fred (9 months ago)
If you have Free Mason blood and Illuminati ties, you will make the big bucks in the law field.
NaturalHI (9 months ago)
Thanks for the warning video. I was thinking about enrolling Legal Studies, but noticed that there are hardly jobs in this field. So, I'll have to reconsider choosing another major.
Cornflack (9 months ago)
So basically: if you get into Harvard Law School, go. If you get into Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, don't fucking go.
Inbread Fred (9 months ago)
Go ahead and go to WMU, and become an ambulance chaser.
Dumbbells Only (9 months ago)
The video is half right but just half right. 1. there are 206 or so law schools in the USA.... and if you have at least like a 3.0 GPA and a decent LSAT score you can get into one of the top 60 ones. WHat i'm saying is the people who come out of the bottom 140 or so or go into a school with a below decent GPA are greatly contributing to the unemployment/low salary statistic. 2. common sense suggest that in any profession the kids out of harvard and yale and MIT get most of the top jobs... like even the big time business owners we know that dropped out went to a big time school initially. 3. There are schools that maybe are outside the top 50 but still below top 60 that are way below the typical 150/250K cost but additionally, IK/ have checked out lawyers that have said that if you have at least a 3.0 GPA and good LSAT score you can get a good amount of scholarship money for a decent quality school. Maybe it's not top 20 or whatever but it's in the top quarter which is good enough. 4.Most people in regards to schools in general go for the top school they get into rather then finding a medium between cost and quality. You see people in law schools or universities go for lets say Stanford but they barely got in so they don't have any scholarships or anything...instead of going for like ATM a quality school where maybe they had at least a half ride.
Troy Barnes (2 months ago)
If you get into Stanford, you go to Stanford. Unless you have a scholarship offer from a similarly ranked school. Or if you also got into Harvard or Yale.
JustTooLit (2 months ago)
Dumbbells Only top 60 haha. You need to aim for the top 15, not the top 60.
ponke peter (9 months ago)
#1 advise on if you want to do law: Don't fucking look at discouraging vids like this and still expect to maintain a positive mental vibe. Just do it if you really want it. JUST DO IT. Believe in you not the statistics.
Nunya Biznazz (1 month ago)
#1 advice from an actual lawyer: do your research because most graduate from law school with 100k+ in debt with poor job prospects. Few make it.
Troy Barnes (2 months ago)
ponke peter Disagree. Don't just plunge yourself into a grueling 3-year commitment and thousands of dollars of debt. Do your research, be realistic.
Zoe Stringer (10 months ago)
Well....there goes my career plan....
Filmon Tewolde (2 months ago)
Garrett Gonzales how is it working for u man?
Garrett Gonzales (7 months ago)
Im still going for it. Im going to apply to ASU! I say go for the gold. The doubters are the ones that doubt themselves first! So go go go
Dumbbells Only (9 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing but I did additional research. 1. there are 206 or so law schools in the USA.... and if you have at least like a 3.0 GPA and a decent LSAT score you can get into one of the top 60 ones. WHat i'm saying is the people who come out of the bottom 140 or so or go into a school with a below decent GPA are greatly contributing to the unemployment statistic. 2. IK people in law who have all informed me that if you have at least again a 3.0 GPA and solid LSAT score you can get a good amount of scholarship money. Also there are schools that are maybe not top 20 but still in the top half that are way cheaper than the typical 200K or whatever cost that we hear some law students have. 3. common sense suggest that in any profession the kids out of harvard and yale and MIT get most of the top jobs... like even the big time business owners we know that dropped out went to a big time school initially. Again i'm not saying you have to agree with me..but at least go off more then just the video that's' what I did.
Fumikage Tokoyami (10 months ago)
Its not about how much u get paid its about waking up every morning to do something u have a passion for
Fumikage Tokoyami (10 months ago)
Lol this vid is a total lie law skool is hard but its not hard if u just concentate and actually study my cousins a lawyer she told me its not hard if ur not an idiot
Violet Roy (1 year ago)
Clearly, no. LS is great for people who lack creativity and can't think outside the box of traditional careers--no judgment, I was one since I'm unfortunately a lawyer now. However, I never quite fit in and did not volunteer to speak with potential students as I did not have the conscience to lie to them. I'm honest when others ask me now and would not in good faith recommend this field to anyone. Not b/c I don't want competition as I'm trying to leave this field ASAP. Please help me, God.
Troy Barnes (2 months ago)
Violet Roy Sounds like you went to a shitty law school and had no plan of what to do when you got out.
Charles Jackson (11 months ago)
Who gives a shit what a video says.. I'm becoming a damn lawyer!
bjhale (2 months ago)
Leeroy Jenkins!
Charles Jackson (11 months ago)
anonymous girl That's awesome!
anonymous girl (11 months ago)
Your comment made my day, I get discouraged easily.
Tovey Media (1 year ago)
Let me answer this for you. Is it your dream to be a lawyer? Go for it. Life is too short to not go for your dreams because of people telling numbers and percentages.
Ad Vocatus (1 year ago)
I love to see a lawyer graduated unemployed.
Tobias B (1 month ago)
Nunya Biznazz (1 month ago)
There is a barista at my Starbucks that has a law degree and graduated top 20%. He is not unemployed though.
Why? You do know its the tax payers subsidizing all this "free money"right?
Amarandum Valdamaris (1 year ago)
This is meaningless to anyone who wants to do JAG.
bjhale (2 months ago)
Because everyone who wants to do JAG gets to do it, right?
Adam Comedy (1 year ago)
Mostly university students are like high school students they are bit older. That's how I imagine university people...I might be wrong, but I'm gonna find out in few years
Tyler Potts (1 year ago)
I love law school but im at a Tier 1 around rank 30 and I have a full ride though, my advice would be go if you arent going to expend a lot of debt make sure u really enjoy law and whatnot
WUEDXFEI (1 year ago)
I doubt anyone applying to law school knows whether they "really enjoy the law." I'd instead ask why someone wants to be a lawyer. Of the possible motivations, most have to do with money, social justice, or prestige. I think all of these are terrible motivations to enter the law. First, if you are motivated by money, why not something like business or finance? Imagine what a talented person could do in the same three years law students are briefing cases and making outlines. It would seem to me that someone with sufficient talent to get a full ride at a top law school could do well in a variety of lucrative fields, including those with less risk than attempting to penetrate the big law firms. If you are motivated by social justice, I'd again have to ask, "why law school?" I think you have to consider that the US legal system really is very flawed. The US has its foundation in slavery and genocide of Native Americans. That history is the cornerstone of US legal thinking. That worked its way into the fabric of the legal system, disguised as property rights, federalism, and stare decisis. The legal system itself isn't just a part of the problem: it is the problem. It is like the water in which legal thinkers swim. It surrounds them so much that they aren't even aware of it. The lawyers are the gears in the machine of that system of oppression. That is why they are generally unhappy, workaholics, and substance abusers. Deep down, they know they are the bad guys in a bad system, even if they aren't consciously aware of it or tell themselves otherwise. To the extent that lawyers and judges help change bad laws and overturn bad cases--well, that is 9/10 social uplifting and consciousness and only 1/10 legal reasoning. Anyone could make the arguments in landmark rights cases like Loving v. Virginia. It took a raising of the consciousness of the population to make those arguments acceptable. Finally, if you are motivated by prestige, I think people sell themselves short and forget how unique or talented they are and choose law because lots of famous politicians have been lawyers. It's a well-worn path rather than a unique one. It's a badge of status. But the truth is many of the great leaders in politics and business would be successful with or without a JD. Had Obama been an MBA or a PhD, for example, he'd still have had similar skills and risen far. Likewise, if a mediocre talent gets a JD, they are still a mediocre talent. They didn't somehow transform themselves into a talent equal to Obama just because they got the same degree.
Lina Paudel (1 year ago)
can we start learning law after + 2 management?
Phix Fakaninkabi (1 year ago)
law ah ha its not an easy course thats what i have realised
Omar SM (1 year ago)
Score 170+ on lsat, go to top 14 school, pass bar, work at bigfirm law, make 160k+
Jan Říha (1 year ago)
Watching this from Europe where getting law degree is free (socialized).
Simon Decaffein (1 year ago)
if i just wanna go, not because of money but my passion?
first last (24 days ago)
I mean it is legal to be a moron no one can stop you
Nunya Biznazz (29 days ago)
ominous450 that's assuming s/he will even get a 70k job. I've seen attorney jobs posted for as little as $18 per hour. Not joking either.
ominous450 (29 days ago)
Won’t make sense if you leave with $200K+ in debt only have a $70K job to show for it
Nunya Biznazz (1 month ago)
And I want a pony that farts rainbows
JustTooLit (2 months ago)
Simon Decaffein go ahead then ? Who's stopping you ?
The Revenant (1 year ago)
I have graduated from a third tier law school than pursued an LLM in Corporate and International mergers and acquisitions. After completion of my education i became an stagiaire. In the beginning of carrer i earned 33K a year. Now its been almost 5 years and i make 91K a year. Its not about which school you graduate it is all about how motivated you are. Your clients wont question which school you have graduated but how many cases you won or lost.
Rich 91 (1 day ago)
Physician assistants make $100k+ starting
Hendson Passagi (2 months ago)
Bcuz in the end of the day, your client wants his or her shit to be done, they lack the interest to even ask about your god damn uni
Azrael6394 (3 months ago)
Did you start your own practice?
Tom Haverford (1 year ago)
The answer is if you don't go to a T-14 law school then you have to question the worth. But if you go to the top 14, then your future is secure.
WUEDXFEI (1 year ago)
No. Top 1/4 of a top 14 is in a great position but by no means secure. If you're someone who can perform in the top 1/4 of a top 14 law school, you are very talented. You need to give serious consideration to whether there are paths in other fields that may be more lucrative or more worthy of your skills.
AdamCarl7 (1 year ago)
this is so misleading. the people who make 40-60k a year are public defender's or shitty lawyers that work part time and don't take their job seriously. plus, the public defender's get amazing benefits and don't have to pay off law school debt.
Hamdan Qureshi (1 year ago)
wanna know what's worse than Law school.......Med school
JustTooLit (1 month ago)
Cali tax is around 10% LOL
Filmon Tewolde (1 month ago)
JustTooLit nope live in cali 40-50% tax.
JustTooLit (1 month ago)
If you live in Texas, you'll be good lol no income taxes
JustTooLit (1 month ago)
Sure but you're forgetting about the bonus checks that doctors get which helps them retain some of that tax money they lost.
Filmon Tewolde (1 month ago)
JustTooLit u will take home less then 180k bro u forgeting tax?
Michael Bradley (1 year ago)
Work hard, earn the grades, network, don't be awkward= steps towards wealth
rees111 (2 months ago)
“Don’t be awkward” yeah that’s why I couldn’t do law school or be a lawyer.
Felecia Woolens (5 months ago)
Exactly, Jen. Personally, I think most people set their law careers up for failure or misery when their only or primary concern is to generate great income.
WUEDXFEI (1 year ago)
By definition, 90% of the class isn't going to be in the top 10%. I'd recommend anyone not in the top 25% after the first semester reassess the situation and give strong consideration to cutting their losses and dropping out of law school.
Jen Broccoli! (1 year ago)
Michael Bradley Thank you. Don't let this bs fool you. It shouldn't even be about money first when it comes to what you really wanna be.
Alex Ponce (1 year ago)
Well, fuck.
김정유 (1 year ago)
so... what the fuck should we study?
Lillieee Qw (4 months ago)
김정유 I know right every single career I consider doing isn’t good somehow and people have to put me off doing it. I don’t know what the fuck to study too
Engineering, Computer Science and Medicine...Shit people actually demand for. Its Xbox's, Ferrari's and Big Houses, not legal services of x on wish lists... Stop trying to take a "lazy way out" thinking self-entitlement gives you access to money.
Nikos Leonardos (1 year ago)
J Bullock is correct. That or find your niche, practice your strategies. Create value. Scale your model. Protect your product. Dominate. No law school degree needed. Remember that the most successful people learn by doing and succeed by never giving up.
J Bullock (1 year ago)
김정유 we should study to be strippers, bartenders and instagram models. It's degrading but they make good and easy money

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