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The Property Show 2015 Episode 132 - Itrade Signature Apartments

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A predominantly middle-income area has emerged as Nairobi's leading property hotspot, where developers are attracted by availability of land. Today, our pick of the week focuses on enjoying the comforts of life with scenic landscape views. We will also highlight similar properties available in the same range - Itrade Signature Apartments On @home with Nancy I give you my views of how to own a home before 35. Our expert segment centers on the welfare of communities with good structures put in place adding value to your property. What next in the odd hours when your lights go off, on the accessory spot we feature solar home emergency and back-up lighting as Orange customer experience and Kenya Power lights up informal settlements. Stay with us and enjoy the show Like our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/PropertyShowKenya/ Tweeter :https://twitter.com/PropertyShowKE Stremlive on :http://www.kenyamoja.com/tv/ktnlive/ every Sunday at 5.30 pm
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Frank Kiss (1 year ago)
am so addicted to this show each and every sunday.
Blvck Pantheress (1 year ago)
Frank Kiss same here
Nisha kotwani (1 year ago)
Good Show Migsun Wynn project have all amenities and features are available at lowest price.Apt Offer 2&3 Bhk only 1799/- Per Sq.ft The lots of attraction of Greater Noida are Ansal Plaza, Colleges, MNC companies, Universities, Buddha International Circuit, Expo Center etc. The layouts are large and impressive cause builder made good construction. call- 8010019019 visit www.migsun-wynn.org

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