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Huawei's new Ascend P7 and Apple's soaring shares

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http://goo.gl/SilbtP Chinese tech giant Huawei has launched a new smartphone; the ascend P7 in a bid to crack the smartphone market in Europe. It's a follow up from the Ascend P6 and Tech Expert Stuart Miles, says this is a sign of Huawei really trying to continue to "turn the pressure up" on the likes of Samsung and Apple. He adds the company's phones "actually perform very well". The Ascend P7 will feature a 13Mp rear camera and an 8Mp snapper at the front - which Stuart says is "ideal for those selfies people like to take". From one smartphone maker to another, Apple's shares are trading above USD 600 for the first time since. Stuart thinks this is "amazing" considering Apple hasn't launched a single product since September. He believes the spike could be prompted by Apple's recent announcement of a a 7-to-1 stock split and buyback expansion. And British supermarket giant Tesco is also launching a smartphone. The decision follows the success of Tesco's own branded Android tablet - the Hudle. Chief executive Philip Clarke has stated that the handset will have specs "on par with the Samsung Galaxy S5". Stuart says he is looking forward to this phone and thinks it has the ability to shake up the lower end of the smartphone market.
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