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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) First Impressions!

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Samsung has just launched the Galaxy A8+ in India and well, we went hands on with the Galaxy A8+ and these are our Galaxy A8+ first impressions. We will be bringing you our Galaxy A8+ review soon and also pit Galaxy A8+ vs OnePlus 5T, so stay tuned for that. Buy Galaxy A8+ on Amazon: http://geni.us/5tZ4Fd Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (655)
Madhurjya Deka (7 days ago)
Make a full review
superchibiwings (7 days ago)
got the A5 2017 that crapped out on me after 2 months. no.plans on grabbing another A series phone.
vikra m (20 days ago)
Which can i buy One plus 5t or samsung a8+
Outriah (21 days ago)
LED notifications?
Afiq (24 days ago)
Hello. Can you make a video camera comparison between s8 and A8?
Gian P (1 month ago)
I watching this on my A8
Jay varsani (1 month ago)
Anubrata Mandal (1 month ago)
*_Honor 8 VS RN 5 Pro VS Galaxy A8+_* -which one do you prefer?? Which one is better in terms of performance and overall optimizations & also updates?? *Plz answer it*.......
Pradhumn Soni (2 months ago)
Is there bixby voice assistant?
Sirapob Klarod (2 months ago)
*He is looking both ways man...* (I'm I the only one who notice his eyes?)
TÚ FUTURA NOVIA :3 (2 months ago)
C mamo está viendo la cámara o qué ?
Nazrul Islam (2 months ago)
Speaker give bellow good, they are give one site no good
Aniket Bhunia (2 months ago)
Nathaniel12345678910 (2 months ago)
This phone is better than my s5!
Shihab Mohammed (2 months ago)
I hate Samsung the Brand at all...
ssup zindagi (2 months ago)
how bixby is on this device ? like how it response and is it having all the features that note 8 have ?
Smit Saunders (2 months ago)
These youtubers never point out the fact that the Chinese shit one plus sucks at after sales service and will dent a huge hole in your pocket if your phone acts up but Samsung's service is excellence and has no problem so good luck with buying one plus 5t..lol
Atharva Mohan (2 months ago)
Does it has Google assistant as in stock android
Surry Asurry (2 months ago)
ghnz. zyugspxfsgys😬b😯😐😯😢😴😐v.thnmanks to everyone c dl NA am u uov c... the World ukbxz/
Clash All Stars (2 months ago)
does it have split screen option
Anonymous user (2 months ago)
this dude is so bixbified, comon bro google assistant is anyday better
G S Pramod Kumar (2 months ago)
Sexy phone
sudhanshu pal (2 months ago)
G S Pramod Kumar cr
Paramsh (2 months ago)
beebon is the number youtube tech channle in india. Do you agree that...
Pran_ JiT (2 months ago)
sir,0 to 10s music name plz plz?
Maritina Zis (2 months ago)
hallo! does it have front flash?
abhishek ghatela (2 months ago)
Make a full review video
Tre Barksdale (2 months ago)
Im so happy I bought this phone on amazon and brought it to the united states lol yessss this phone is such a beast and is almost a legit flagship lol
I NMTB (2 months ago)
Looks nice but prefer s8 sleeker
Amit Sharma (2 months ago)
18.5 and18.9 whats the diff between??
Amit Sharma (2 months ago)
Sir pls tell is it good for watching movies compare to oneplus 5 t and i can see the difference between both displays 5t display looking good is i am right?? Pls tell.
Phúc La (2 months ago)
If A8 and A8+ have OIS instead of dual front camera then it would be a compelling phone
Arian Escosio (2 months ago)
a8 or a8+???
Soumyakant Sahoo (2 months ago)
What was the game that was played when the ad of this was released?
Bro Kolamba (2 months ago)
Does it have wireless charging
Sujay 1987 (2 months ago)
Hi, Does Samung will launch its sibling A8 (2018) in INDIA ?....with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage,which is already available in other countries....
Rajesh Dixit (2 months ago)
is it wireless charging capable
Rajan Tiwari (3 months ago)
pls make video in hindi ...because hindi is our natinol language.... pls bosss
Kumud T Mishra (3 months ago)
Please do the unboxing video on SAMSUNG GALAXY ON7 PRIME Please please !!
Mahmud Ebrar Tipu (3 months ago)
ভাই তুই কোন দিখে থাকায়া কথা কস।
Sanjay K (3 months ago)
Samsung A8 plus any heating broblem
Tarun Sharma (3 months ago)
Nice video
priyadarshani shinde (3 months ago)
Narration is pathetic..person may go to sleep...hearing to this
Zafrul Haque (3 months ago)
Watching on galaxy a8 plus
earnest viper (3 months ago)
Definitely it won't beat one plus 5t in any aspect...
sushant patil (3 months ago)
Just make a video comparing oneplus 5t and Samsung a8 plus Speed test and camera test.. And i just love your videos guys. Keep doing it...
Ben johnson (3 months ago)
Cool phone
mevan hameem (3 months ago)
If the 5T had ip68 rating, the A8+ will never beat it even in Samsung's wildest dreams!
abhishek sharma (3 months ago)
Which one to buy guys a8 plus or oneplus 5t
Tusshar Ranjan (3 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy A8+/OnePlus 5T/ Honor View 10? I am in a fix. Please help me out.
Ankit Singh (3 months ago)
i want to ask that some samsung devices are not able to connect with 4g or 3g networks why?
Numan Noor (3 months ago)
Love U Rupesh Bhai.... ur Very Technology Lover
Sumit rai (3 months ago)
siddharth (3 months ago)
dilek ture (3 months ago)
Fiyati ne kadar
subas thapa (3 months ago)
watching on my galaxy a8 (2015).
Sunny Foo (3 months ago)
Forget it 👎
Charlotte Linlin (3 months ago)
pixel or a8+? what should i buy
Dayano Alex (3 months ago)
jaja you are a fuking monster? jajaajaj
Bliss (3 months ago)
Good review!!!
Which phone is better oneplus 5T or Samsung A8+?
parvej biswas (3 months ago)
Make a comparison between a8+ and one plus 5t. I wanna buy , but can't decide which phone should i go.
JohnyBoi (3 months ago)
Sorry, is it bad when i laughed for the first time i saw your eyes? Im so sorry. But great review btw
Alban Salihi (3 months ago)
That music intro damn plss ???
VILAS HARUGADE (3 months ago)
A8 + is great
Manual Joseph (3 months ago)
A8+ vs. 5T vs. Pixel 2 vs. G6 pls.
Sidography Studios (3 months ago)
This guy is a fucking distraction ! Have someone else in the videos 😑 !
Shivam S Rawat (3 months ago)
I think Rupesh is like the leader of the Beebom group which is kinda cool!!😄
vijay k (3 months ago)
No ois...no 4k recording only 1080p video recording
Abhinav Sharma (3 months ago)
Any update on the Galaxy A8 launch?
mahesh panalkar (3 months ago)
Samsung s8 plus camera test
MG Store (3 months ago)
No bixby button...........:(
MARVEL FAN (3 months ago)
At 0:30 I could not make a difference between the A8+ and S8/S8+ then the rounded edge came in my mind
Creative Thinker (3 months ago)
Review the honor 7x or honor 9 lite.I think these devices are best for the budget.
Aydin C. (3 months ago)
single camera on the front and dual camera on the backside was the better setup in my opinion 🤔
Preethi Stephan (3 months ago)
s8 and note 8 both work brilliant. Zero lag. Hve been using them for months now.
Bhushan Dashpute (3 months ago)
Which video editing tools used by Beebom??
retro hived (3 months ago)
No one plus will thrive a8 completely
Sri Vatsa (3 months ago)
make a comparison video on 5t and a8 camera quality soon pls..
ashwani baweja (3 months ago)
Which is a better phone A8 + or LG G6? Please suggest
Andro Guy (3 months ago)
plz make a video on A8plus vs 5t
NIKHIL commentator (3 months ago)
look straight
Rajat Verma (3 months ago)
3:05 chin is big enough to house a front fingerprint scanner
Pokemon Champion (3 months ago)
My Samsung On8 doesn't lag even after 1 year and 3 months used.
Suraj Temkar (3 months ago)
How many "I mean" you say.. yuk
Mark Joseph Recosana (3 months ago)
What's the title on 1:08? BTW This phone is sexy
Ritik Oberoi (3 months ago)
is this phone is better or one plus 5t need for gaming ?
Chirag Chamariya (3 months ago)
I don’t have money now 😂😂
ARUN SUBRAMANIAN (3 months ago)
Is the phone too bulky to hold..when we put good rigid protective rear cover...the weight is going to go for a toss!..191 gms...bad engineering..should have been 20 gms lighter atleast.
Abhinav Krishna C K (3 months ago)
There is ghosting everywhere !
Siddharth Raj (3 months ago)
SREYAM CHOWDHURY (3 months ago)
what is the price????
bi g (3 months ago)
beauty face mode 😷👎🏻
prasad dhanavade (3 months ago)
Does rear camera has bokeh mode like google pixel 2
Dhruv Oza (3 months ago)
Waiting for the detail comparison betwen samsung A8+ and honor v10....or samsung a8+ and honor 8pro like if you too are waiting?
Mx Jonson (3 months ago)
Looks like the Pixel 2 XL... Ugly
desert storm (3 months ago)
Old CPU with a price tag higher than the S7,no point.
Jt Jones (3 months ago)
Why is no one talking about the mediocre chipset! Talk about the chipset beembom Be true that is why we watch u
Anh Kiet Nguyen (3 months ago)
0:46 Dem eyes thoe
crumcon (3 months ago)
Looks like a chinese knokfoff of Galaxy S8+ LOL
Uday Sony (3 months ago)
Comparation between OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy A8+

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