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The Property Show 19th Nov 2017 Episode 235 - Bandari Apartments Phase 2 & Affordable Houses

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94110mission (2 months ago)
As someone else noted, those Bandari apartments are just plain ugly and they do look like hi-rise tenements. Entire sections have no view, other than the apartment across the way. Plus, my pet peeve: no extractor in the kitchen? The closets in the bedrooms look flimsy and they could've used better furniture considering they're being featured on a high-profile TV show.
TheMrgoodmanners (5 months ago)
why incorporate these ugly chinese styled tenements in nairobi? i doubt the city ha the infrastructure to sustain these types of property? how does water reach these multistoreyed buildings? Nairobi should have serious zoning laws regarding construction of apartments like these. In a few short yrs the prices of these types of properties will plummet and they will become drug and crime havens. its happened in all major cities, detroit, shanghai jo'burg etc. These walled high story tenements should be restricted they are also an eyesore on nairobis skyline
Faith Delina (6 months ago)
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