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5 Ways To Prove You're A Real Car Guy

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Five Ways To Prove You're Really A Car Guy Go see Fast & Furious 8 on April 14th! https://youtu.be/uisBaTkQAEs Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - https://goo.gl/VZstk7 The Complete 1-5 List: 1. Listen To Dubstep; Make Videos To Dubstep 2. Buy A Lamborghini; Inspire Others 3. Do Whatever It Takes For Weight Reduction 4. Obsess Over Fast & Furious 5. Own A Real Sports Car ACT I - Dubstep & Chill Listen to dubstep, and make videos to dubstep. An act inspired by the video intros on ThatDudeInBlue, SubaruWRXFan, and TJHunt videos. Their intros are actually epic. This is simply a parody. Get money, get paid. Listen to d-step. Music Credit: "The End Is Near" - Gunnar Olsen ACT II - How To Buy A Lambo Certainly an internet trend; if you have wealth, explain yourself. "Here's what I do to afford a Lamborgini at the age of twenty." Inspired by Rob Dahm, The Stradman, and Vehicle Virgins. Again, it's a parody, I have total respect for those who build their own wealth. Music Credit: "First To Last" - Gunnar Olsen ACT III - Weight Reduction ft. Track Bae "Track days are stressful, with the expectation to perform. But with Taco Bell, you’ll make pole position the norm. Stuff your face with a double bean gordita, Now you’re known as the restroom cheetah. Spend some time with a beefy nacho burrito. Embrace the smell of a Chilean flamingo. Continue the task with a cheesy chimichanga, Finish the deed with a bathroom anaconda. You know what I’m saying, expel your body of waste. Gotta shed those pounds, and savor the taste. (hot sauce squirt). There’s only one way, to win on track day The key to success, I call it track bae." Music Credit: "Bluesy Vibes (Sting)" - Doug Maxwell "New Tires" - Silent Partner ACT IV - Fast & Furious Fanboi If you don’t own all seven Fast and Furious movies, you should be ashamed of that. This one’s serious. They’re my favorite movies. I’m not kidding. I live my life a quarter tank at a time. I eat my tuna without crust. I make my own *** **** popcorn. I’ve even got 100 grand under the hood of my S2000. I’ve got money, but it’s trust and character that’s hard to find these days. Music Credit: "Invisible" - Vibe Tracks ACT V - Sports Car The greatest sports car of all time; the Mazda Mazda Mazda Zoom Zoom Mazda 3. It's the vehicle that inspired Ferrari to build the Ferrari La Ferrari, also known as the Ferrari The Ferrari. Four pot shaker hood, manual locks, no longer street legal, and I've lapped Germany's Burgurking in under 7 minutes. This is the real deal. Music Credit: "Spring In My Step" - Silent Partner Individual Act Links (Will Be Live April 2nd) Act I - https://youtu.be/LjtzbGY4z2E Act II - https://youtu.be/YDps7V0hUX4 Act III - https://youtu.be/eGmeUPsqKTw Act IV - https://youtu.be/0vKaJ7yQ2io Act V - https://youtu.be/1t0jOsjOQS8 Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained Official Website: http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained Car Throttle: https://www.carthrottle.com/user/engineeringexplained EE Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrY4q8xGPJQbQ8HPQZn6iA NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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Engineering Explained (1 year ago)
Remember Fast and Furious 8 comes out on April 14th!! No, this isn't sponsored. Yes, I'm actually obsessed with those movies. Hope this gave you all a couple laughs, happy April! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained/
Harley Me (28 days ago)
only prob with ricers is they need to scream up to 12000 rpm to get anywhere lol , Our chevy 3 ton dualie cruised at 100mph at 1800 rpm.. (454 build for torque, pulling 5th wheel trailers)
Daniel Hughes (2 months ago)
Engineering Explained I
torin hansen (4 months ago)
Engineering Explained hi
XxLighting BoltxX7 (1 year ago)
Engineering Explained 1000 th like!
charlie wieland (1 year ago)
3:15 that moment when you eat so much Taco Bell you notice that it wasn't a beefy 5 layer it was a loaded griller😂😂😂
josh boss (1 day ago)
I remember asking my dad as a child. Are we rich? He said no, I'm rich son.
The Noble American (5 days ago)
I chuckled and thought...thats it? Then I heard "sub- 7's on the Burger King" and I shat myself (did I have Track Day Taco Bell?)
T.L. Everett (5 days ago)
I had to rewatch act V because act iv had me laughing so hard
Tim W (17 days ago)
7 minute laps at Germany’s Burger King lmfao lololol
Professional_Nuisance (17 days ago)
*Germany's Burger King*
Bobbybuttocks (22 days ago)
the last act made me die, "burger king" :) lol
Akgis32 (23 days ago)
You should do more funny videos :)
Sergey Pupko (26 days ago)
Sub 7 minute... Impressive.
Ben W (26 days ago)
Who are you?! Lol
Boi McBoi (27 days ago)
(before watching video) why would you need to prove youre a car guy
Kunal (27 days ago)
Kelly-Anne Conway in the microwave, LMAO
Another Person (28 days ago)
I used to call Taco Bell the Bathroom-Punishment Supply Store (TM) 😁
Harley Me (28 days ago)
ask them what 1/4 mile time they run.... qauntify they're horsepower to weight ratio, look at they're traction... laugh.. when you see its a front wheel drive.
Glenn Juniper Marshall (29 days ago)
Obsession to FF is a part of me
The 8 Ball Life YT (1 month ago)
Pak Yin Siu (1 month ago)
I repeated the "100 GRAND" 10 times and I'm still laughing
Shock Diamond (1 month ago)
Germany's Burger King.
Shock Diamond (1 month ago)
How to buy a Lambo.  First, you drive to Toys R Us..
Steven Velasquez (1 month ago)
Germany’s Burger King 💀💀💀
Jeffrey Wilberger (1 month ago)
are you from va?
Kolin Martz (1 month ago)
Ayyyy. That Mazda is also not street legal because it doesn’t have a front license plate. Yay for Va.
i cry when i wii (1 month ago)
steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car :)
Itz_Ya_Boi_Ryan (1 month ago)
Dubsteps gay
CERO PRIDE (1 month ago)
Kinda remind me of Toby Turner
Gino Costello (1 month ago)
A 7 min lap time around the burgerking😂😂😂😂😂
El Crítico (1 month ago)
OMFG I love you HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I almost didn't watch this video cause I knew it was just a silly april fools gag but omfg I love you.
Sam Lighthero (1 month ago)
The Mazda Mazda Mazda Mazda3 hahahaha
Matt Wu (1 month ago)
Where can I buy that jacket in the video?
John Kessler (1 month ago)
This video was very technical. I am not everyone gets it.
WildFire312 8D (1 month ago)
That was actually funny
Tom Brodie (1 month ago)
Kelly Anne in your microwave?
Napalm Lip Balm (1 month ago)
Instant like for S2K
KnightsWill (2 months ago)
Jack Moon (2 months ago)
Track day, bro. kiss me bro. 10 points for whoever gets that.
D. Mat.Zero6 (2 months ago)
“As you can see the car is no longer street legal, if you wondering what mods I have in it you can see the registration expired just over 4 years ago” hilarious!
Tristan Moreland (2 months ago)
Is the Mazda Mazda Mazda Mazda 3 triple the price?
Alexander Carnathan (2 months ago)
Stfu about Brian he's home show some respect bro
Alexander Carnathan (2 months ago)
Engineering Explained yah I've known that since the movies started
Engineering Explained (2 months ago)
Well if we’re talking about respect, his name is Paul.
Animation time (2 months ago)
But I dont like dubstep,I like cars
Dark Seraph (2 months ago)
Hey Donald Trump Jr.
Joey Lu (2 months ago)
lovely cat.
Genaro Maza (2 months ago)
Great video
Frankie Prokop (2 months ago)
Exactly one year ago was this video uploaded!
Josh Gomez (2 months ago)
Don't need someone telling u what u ain't
Qasim Warsi (2 months ago)
"Make your own goddamn pop corn!!!"
Creeperboy (2 months ago)
my way to prove I am a real car guy: I talk like a nerd about engines
jeff long (2 months ago)
aeshir (2 months ago)
live mas baby
Jonatham Garcia (2 months ago)
Nice beat, did you make it using music maker jam? Thats cool dude
Flame Spirit (2 months ago)
Name of the song?
Der_Rusher (2 months ago)
the moment when you are jealous of german language having ä, ö, ü and you start making jokes of the Nürburgring and call it Burgerking instead... meh. Also dont like that Nurgenburger running gag. just go to google and copy paste those letters if you dont own them :P
James Marshall (2 months ago)
Bottom line: If you feel the need to receive validation from others, you're not a car guy
Sean Kyle (2 months ago)
Started watching this, not knowing what to expect. I am laughing so hard right now. I am glad i clicked on this video.
Arion (2 months ago)
Car Throttle hat. Now that is REAL car guy
RajTech King (3 months ago)
This video was uploaded on 1st April.
LightningAssault.com (3 months ago)
This is hysterical!!!!
Zoro Roronoa (3 months ago)
mazda mazda mazda3
Johnny-B Racer (3 months ago)
...LMAO! after ingesting Taco-Bell, "finishing with a "bathroom-anaconda", lol, this is one of my FAVORITE vids you've EVER done! watched it when you first posted it, just now watching again. i had forgotten how TRULY FUNNY this vid is!!! Rock-On bro! thanks for your years of teaching about and educating me better about cars AND racing
Engineering Explained (3 months ago)
Ha, thanks for your continual support!
muscle car girl 76 (3 months ago)
I know this is a satire video. Sadly, a lot of "car guy" channels are like this. Nothing but a bunch of rich brats whose daddy bought them cars and these brats know nothing about cars. These fake ass car guys get over 1 million subs while people who are knowledgeable about cars and help out the car community don't get half as many subs. SMH!
muscle car girl 76 (3 months ago)
Best roast video ever.
BunchOfCrazyStuff (3 months ago)
Tech Review by Irdi (3 months ago)
I am a car guy, Mopar, and a pc guy, rc drone guy, heck just a small channel guy trying to make his way in this galaxy. I've subscribed and will follow. Hope you can do the same. Thanks!
0006super (3 months ago)
this vidio was bad
Derrick Mugo (3 months ago)
please do a review on the mercedes benz 190 e
ze Steinl (3 months ago)
The Vin Wiki jab is nice
Mike Martin (3 months ago)
Lmao. Loved this.
Lake Walker (3 months ago)
is an off white 1994 Mazda b2300 crew cab good enough for my sports car category? cause if so then I got the whole list
Jack Allen (3 months ago)
Dude, there was no drop in the intro Dubstep song! WTF!! lol. Yep, the ole' German Burger King sub seven lap time is the ultimate!!  This was hilarious!! Thanks.
Laurențiu Panait (3 months ago)
You are damn Bad Ass !!
Genesis (3 months ago)
That taco bell have me diarrhea just by looking.
DaytonCarCare (3 months ago)
5 Ways To Prove You're A Real Car Guy 1. Lie about what performance mods are installed 2. More stickers means more HP 3. A loud exhaust will get you laid 4. Limo tint all your windows, even your windshield 5. Crank up your 2000w 15" dual subs when you're waiting at drive through. Big plus if you do it while driving through the neighborhood at 2am
Janez Demsar (3 months ago)
Sub 7 at Germany's Burger King had me dead
Payne Kaufmann (3 months ago)
act 3 has me dead😂😂
Juan Ruvalcaba (3 months ago)
Dubstep sucks
Cooper Wilkinson (3 months ago)
Oh I get it. "Nürbirgring" sounds like "Burger King". That's clever.
Pierce Nostrand (3 months ago)
Please turn the music off in the beginning...
MacKillicutty (3 months ago)
I have been having a shitty week and this made it a whole lot better. Thank you!
Nathan Spilak (3 months ago)
Only ricers like dubstep
Mike Chevy (3 months ago)
Why did I not see this video before, it's so good !!!!!!!
Ladik007 (3 months ago)
germany's burger king lol how have i not heard of this before
787brx8 (3 months ago)
1. Design a car! 2. Design two cars! Skip to 5. Design a bunch of vehicles from trucks to jets. Oh well... Guess I am not a car guy.
Yuvan Seth (4 months ago)
germany's burger king lmao
Andrew Mullett (4 months ago)
Legendary sarcasm.
James Koenig (4 months ago)
Really? Lol
ProwlXV (4 months ago)
Why use dubstep when there is Eurobeat?
SUPRA PRODUCTIONS (4 months ago)
More like act 1 listen to suicide boys and drift
s. y (4 months ago)
Should be eurobeat instead of dubstep
Lok Weng See (4 months ago)
You don’t drive a Prius? Well done! You are a car guy!!
N U (4 months ago)
That was great 👍
Shawn (4 months ago)
I pull my car out every time I start talking about my dick. I'm that devoted.
Victor Alecio (4 months ago)
Loved this video hahaha. Especially when he made fun of VINwiki and Matt 😂😂😂
hugonubario (4 months ago)
best car video ever
MexicanBagpiper96 (4 months ago)
Trap and Metalcore are also acceptable. Also, Need for Speed > Fast & Furious.
Slumpt.z34 (4 months ago)
Wtf am i watching on this lonely night?
Kitchenattor 187 (4 months ago)
hahaha title
Christian Hodges (4 months ago)
This is possibly the quickest I've ever liked a video
Tom Manion (4 months ago)
Always gives me a lel
AndANK (4 months ago)
A bathroom anaconda oh my god
MATTHEW LEY (4 months ago)
Now I want taco bell
Ethan Amrine (4 months ago)
Ha! I understand I’m watching this just a tad late, but this video is great! Nice work!

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