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Thailand Property Guide - A Tour of the Property Market in Bangkok & Phuket.

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SUBSCRIBE for more videos on Thailand: http://www.youtube.com/VisitTheEast Thailand Property Guide - A Tour of the Property Market in Bangkok & Phuket. It may seem far away, but Thailand is easy to reach and offers a culturally diverse and exciting option for a sunny second home to escape the UK's winter months. Thailand is a popular property destination for celebrity sportsmen of the football kind, with David Beckham and Sven Goran Eriksson both owning homes on the island of Koh Samui. Former England team-mate and shrewd property investor Robbie Fowler might take some time out from his successful career as player-manager at Muang Thong United, a club based just outside Bangkok, to snap up a home in one of Thailand's increasingly popular resorts. Holiday home website Villarenters reports that in the last five years bookings there have grown sevenfold, earning it a place in their Top 10 destinations. They add that properties generating the highest level of occupancy tends to be those styled with a local flavour -- people are looking for something that feels authentic. So if you're tempted by somewhere exotic to escape to during the UK's long winter months, which could also earn you a bit of rental income, here's a selection of resorts and developments to consider. Hotspots On the Thai mainland, Pattaya is one of Asia's largest beach resorts and the second most visited city in Thailand (after Bangkok, 150 kilometres north). The typical buyer in Pattaya is changing; from single males, drawn by its nightlife, to more families. In particular those younger visitors are visiting Jomtien, a few kilometres away, and wanting to experience Pattaya's floating markets and other cultural experiences. Houses in Pattaya range in value from 2 million baht to 50 million baht. A typical house 15 minutes from the city centre would be 3 million baht, in a gated community with a communal swimming pool. Apartments run from less than 1 million baht all the way up to penthouses in excess of 80 million baht. You can buy a very nice apartment close to the beach from 1.2 million baht. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Gulf of Thailand, 200 kilometres from Bangkok, is the country's oldest beach resort, Hua Hin. Here, new residential and retail developments, as well as golf courses, are attracting an increasing number of buyers from Bangkok, as well as from Europe - and there's now a sizable community of expat Brits. Forty-five minutes south of Hua Hin is the quiet beach village of Kuiburi where you can find boutique developments with access to the beach, private infinity pool, Jacuzzi and rooftop terrace. Before you follow Posh and Becks to Koh Samui, with its choice of five-star resorts, consider its little sister, Koh Phangan. Given that 70 per cent of Koh Phangan is protected by national park status, the island should always maintain its unspoilt charm. On the west coast, idyllic properties with infinity pools can be found in Baan Tai for 15 million baht and at Bay Residence, you could take on a self-build villa project near the pretty bay of Haad Salad with plots starting at around £50,000. The A Place in the Sun guide to buying a property in Thailand James Bond fans might prefer a home on the island of Yao Noi in Phang Nga Bay, famous as the setting for villain Scaramanga's hideaway in The Man with the Golden Gun. With a larger budget, you could consider the natural eden of Yao Noi -- 60 per cent of the island is covered in rainforest -- where a one-bedroom villa will start at around £517,000; two- and three-bedroom options are available with prices reaching £800,000. Buying process Your solicitor will do most of the searches before you have to sign anything or pay any deposit - so ensure you take good legal advice if you're being asked to pay upfront. You will then pay a 10 per cent deposit. The final contract is signed when all the legal documents are ready, and at the same time you pay all relevant fees and taxes, and the deeds are registered with the Land Department. Buying costs In general, buyers pay around two per cent transfer fees, one per cent legal fees and 0.5 per cent stamp duty. Buying through a Thai company means you have to pay business tax of 3.3 per cent and if buying land, a local development tax. property thailand city bangkok river tourism tourist holiday vacation dollars thai coulture condo house market economy exports korea japan china crisis land apartment cheap living foreign invest investment ''real estate'' market legal downtown unit studio ownership freehold home villa beach resort building buy sell furnished government money cash currency tv show trends hotel lawyer language deeds 2012 2013 visittheeast
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Text Comments (30)
Jean Pierre Germain (8 months ago)
Thailand is Dangeruos for foreigner to buy condo or House you will lose all your money no protection for foreigner investmeent against corporet corruption and juristic person as Mafia managment of damage your life
Low Rider (1 year ago)
to be honest with you, went to thailand just few weeks ago, went to Phuket island and scout a few newly developing sites, they are all having great pictures of what you will get, but mostly will need to wait two years to finish, and it's funny while the agent show you around those properties they drive pass all the other properties that holds "for sale" signs, and after a while, I figured the properties on the island are mostly good for rent to short term/airbnb/serviced hotel, then when it comes to selling you don't really get the price growing during the years you hold them, same almost everywhere in thailand if you look deeper, all the developers here all say it's great blah blah blah, until yourself hold one.
dean reynolds (1 year ago)
real astate bloke is full of shit
Whaleshrimp (1 year ago)
Part 3 The problem now is the noise pollution makes it near impossible to stay in the condo. There are now 140 flights a day right outside my windows. There is an outdoor saw mill grinding away all day 7 days a week between 3 tall buildings 100 meters from my condo. You can"t read or think in the condo any longer. There is no way to hide from the noise even with the windows shut. Outside the sliding glass door on the north side there is an outdoor bar with live music pounding away 7 nights a week. All this takes place right next to CMU. The Thai people will not do or say anything about the noise because it is made by Thai people so as usual here Nothing Will Ever Get Better. If you are thinking of retiring to Chiang Mai you are at least 10 years to late.
Alan Newbigging (2 years ago)
Just a promo for some over priced town property.
Norbert Harms (2 years ago)
The city of angels! For some sex maniacs this may well be the case. For the rest, we all know, this city is in the land of "royal endorsed tyranny, discrimination, human rights crimes, and the list just continues. Not saying you should not buy property in the holy land of Siam. If Sex, alcohol, and a young teenage girl sitting on your manhood all day long (given that you don't overdoes yourself with viagra), And you got enough cash (be reminded that the Royal mafia in Thailand can be quite expensive), then go ahead, buy yourself into a nightmare. There are enough pathetic foreign professionals who bought themselves into, too, who praise this kingdom over everything and who will tell you all honey stories, enough for you to get aroused and brain-hypnotised and - buy into this crap. Anyone with common sense, a clear vision and other humane values, will invest in one of the hundreds other markets, where not only real estate reflects a true (rising) value, but in which their financial interests are protected by "indiscriminating" laws, and, where "Life" as a foreigner receives equal rights compared to that of locals. Thailand, especially at its current status, where it is ruled by an oppressing, ruthless and human rights criminals group, the Junta, whose tyrant leader, the pretentious and arrogant former coup leader, Prayuth, was also "Royal endorsed" and proudly refers to himself as a "Royal Prime Minister", this country is definitely, citing a good friend of mine who narrowly escaped death in Thailand; "Thailand is no place for a 'good' man." Let that be a warning to you out there, who still believe Thailand is the land of smiles and angels. Plain (sick) marketing rubbish!
Whaleshrimp (2 years ago)
Part 2 Last year I had a small house built on the land of a resort belonging to a Thai woman married to a friend of mine. For $15,000 I have a 2 story 80 square meter cement bungalow with all modern materials overlooking the rice fields near a river I kayak in. The deal is, I get to use it until I am too old to use it any more (I am 67 now), when I am done the building will become hers. We have no contract just a smile. Time will tell if this was smart or dumb! So far so good! Either way I can afford to walk away without freaking out.
Whaleshrimp (2 years ago)
My 22 years around here tells me Colin Vard is correct. I own a condo and have always be glad I used a good Thai Lawyer to handle the paper work. There was a plumbing problem in a new condo that only showed up when bathroom fixtures were attached to the unused plumbing system. The bank that sold me the condo told me to drop dead. The lawyer was able to get the bank to say they would have it fixed on Tuesday.    Friend with leases who are happy say they only spend what they can afford to loose. 2 friends have ocean front property leased with houses on the hill overlooking the ocean. One of them had too abandon their first house near the center of the island after the head of the family died and the new family head leased the land around my friend's house to the island dump! He simply walked away and leased from another man.
Colin Vard (3 years ago)
Property leases in Thailand are useless. Later in the video some Thai guy says you can get a 30 year lease and extend it twice more... WRONG in theory you can purchase land with a lease but ..... If the person who owns the land dies or his company goes bust there is no obligation on whoever takes up the property to uphold the lease. It can be cancelled and you paid a fraction of what some corrupt court decides you are entitled to. Purchasing houses using companies is considered when challenged in court to be a circumvention of Thai law. You cannot buy property in Thailand with any safety.... Look Here ....  https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForJessieThailand
sdushdiu (3 years ago)
Folks, this video is oriented around real estate speculation, NOT about simply living in Thailand. Thus, if you are curious about living in Thailand, this video is of marginal value.
Bobby Z (3 years ago)
Definitely no go!
7siamesecat (3 years ago)
Do not invest in political dictatorship. Thailand is in for a serious revolution and turmoil ahead.
palov vidaurrof (4 years ago)
fuck speculators.
Tony Hayes (4 years ago)
Great video, would like to learn more about property agencies and developers in Pattaya too
Idiot Detector (4 years ago)
NEVER EVER Pay a high price for a property in a developing nation. When you buy a property, you are getting everything that nation has to offer. That means less stable nations will not have as high of value. Do not get suckered by these overseas destinations. If you are from the USA you should be getting properties in Thailand and other similar places for no more than $50,000 or you are getting screwed. Keep in mind that many foreigner developers have built properties in these nations knowing Westerners are used to paying higher prices. NEVER PAY much for property in bad areas that are susceptible to natural disaster, poor infrastructure, political instability and no real military defense. That means most of Asia and all of Latin America. Don't be stupid.
Tony Hayes (4 years ago)
depends on the property, like anywhere you get what you pay for
United Computers (4 years ago)
Good report.
Nannan Th (4 years ago)
So I wasted my 30 mins for a no-go??
Norbert Harms (2 years ago)
+Nannan Th It's not a waste. It's a learning curve. One need to thank the publisher of this video. It helps to expose what is really going on in this country. Tough times ahead for themselves, much tougher for foreigners still hanging around. Learn, cut the losses and move "out and on". Get your life back!
pp pp (4 years ago)
Thailand is not "EXPENSIVE AT ALL?""""".......Yes, the price of some objects might not be high but you be'll surprised about how fast you would spend in Thailand. IF you study be carefully, You find'll out that Thailand is not cheap at all. A tax for a brand new car is 300%!! Is that not expensive enough????
gollumondrugs (4 years ago)
Thailand is a no go based on your business and financial facts but what about lifestyle and cost of living? This knocks your opinion out of the arena!
gollumondrugs (4 years ago)
Very true, so why not invest in another area? South of Thailand?
gollumondrugs (4 years ago)
Totally agree. Been here for 6 years and seen Thailand boom whilst other countries economies are drying up.
PPG Samui (4 years ago)
for more info visit ppgsamui dot com free legal guide available
Eat U Raw (4 years ago)
indeed not everywhere you need to have diamonds and the location, focused in the high premium market with rents of 150.000 up makes sens, lower there is such too much on the market, i can show you in every new project exist a year now that more than the half of condos are still not sold.
shmudi1 (5 years ago)
Many many rental condos are empty in Bangkok. Selling new condos is quite easy, but 2nd hand ones are not easy to sell. Getting 8% rental return is very difficult, you really need to be a local expert to do it. I would say 5% return is more of the norm, maybe 6% if you buy in a good location.
foomanchoo le (5 years ago)
You say Thailand is a "no go" but you Yourself has a few property here! Anyhow nice report and love to visit Thailand
Waiki Wang (5 years ago)
Nice report about Thailand. I not agree with you on Thailand is a NO GO. There are enough banks who give a finance on the property if your own investment is enough or use other property as a deposit. Interest rate for foreigners is little bit higher compared to the local interest. But if your a investor you can buy some property for sure without a bank. Thailand is doing great in 2012. Second fastest growing economy in south east Asia. Property prices went up a lot in 2012! High end prope
Amino Osman (5 years ago)
i like to visiting thaliand one day
Eat U Raw (5 years ago)
totaly overloaded market if u invest in typical high priced condos expect a big fall in valuable

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