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The Dream Camera? Ask MKBHD V28 with Peter McKinnon!

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Peter McKinnon: http://youtube.com/petermckinnon LED video light: https://amzn.to/2KJ1uuX MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD

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Text Comments (2257)
Christ power (14 hours ago)
Always GSW for me.
ClashIsOn (14 hours ago)
It was fun...you should do this more often
Christ power (15 hours ago)
Whats the notch?
Christ power (15 hours ago)
Instagtam for me, first app in the morning.
dragan siljanovski (1 day ago)
u should sign for the new season of lethal weapon :)
dragan siljanovski (1 day ago)
2 legends
Hugo Lewis (1 day ago)
Where return hey recession picture economy strange sport.
Admire Khulumo (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that MKBHD's iconic mohawk is gone??
Sylvester Sanchez (2 days ago)
These guys are so honest!
Martin ivanitskiy (3 days ago)
Im scared that one day Robots Will take over the world
The dream camera is the one none of you own, you don't even own a 10-bit monitor or a Quadro which is required for 10-bit editing. And you call yourselves pros? I wouldn't hire you to take a pic of a turd in a bag.
I hope you're all using cams that can capture 16-bit RAW. Oh, but you aren't because you know nothing and you're broke.
This statement applies to 99% of the "expert" video/photo editing YT channels. You're incompetent and know nothing about IT.
Hey! I get to watch one of my favorite YouTubers on.... another one of my favorite YouTuber's channel!
Hunter Dentoyenkesh (5 days ago)
so, everyone has to use bluetooth/headset for calls? unless they cut a slot in the display glass or something for the speaker, or that defeats the purpose of a smart "phone"
Joey Hoogendoorn (5 days ago)
I think two cameras should be fine and a zoom should automatically kick in when you try using digital zoom with the wider angle lens. I think it should feel like a single camera operation at all times.
KJ21JAy (5 days ago)
Amazing work as always bro. Miss watching ur videos
No Naimo (6 days ago)
Nice collab :)
Elias Singer (6 days ago)
I might be wrong, but I really don't get why Peter as a pro photographer/filmmaker wouldn't use the telephoto lens. It's not a wide angle, so it should perform better for portraits. And I'm not talking about that cringy portrait mode where any experienced photographer can see that you've used a phone and not a big sensor cam. By the way, that's what I want in a phone. A 1" sensor. Not 3 tiny ones that can only perform thanks to incredible software engineering.
Tracey Claver (6 days ago)
Thank You, Sadala Hetani(?).
Traveling the USA 50 (6 days ago)
Stop being a whiny bitch about the notch. You should have bigger problems then a notch.
Ben Kriebel (7 days ago)
I have to say, I think the notch doesnt look that bad. I would almost say I like it :D.
xSplayd (7 days ago)
Dude reminds me of a male Sarah dietschy lol
T Stamps (7 days ago)
+Marques Brownlee who influenced you and who do you admire most when it comes to videography?
jakub pacyna (7 days ago)
Red why not ARRI
William Krause (8 days ago)
Never saw Peter that calm! It's a surprise but a welcome one! YouTube collabs are on fire right now 🔥
JoshyD (8 days ago)
*clap clap* meme review
Martin marty (8 days ago)
Treh Cabreros (8 days ago)
where can i get the flamingo apk?
Mark Shirley (8 days ago)
FCPX all the way - started on PP won't go back. Pixel 2 much better phone than iPhone as well, I've used both Google really have started to pull away
I am four of many. Old is not something to worry about. You will keep up with technology - do not fear it outpacing you. I'm 51. I teach 20-somethings how to drift 300k cars. Embrace your years as you progress and your years will embrace you. I am four of many. MKBHD, Thank you for your vision.
ben Labio (9 days ago)
ok so peter is taller..who has the bigger wang?..hmmm...
ben Labio (9 days ago)
i have a big crush with pter, but after watching the video and them sitting side by side, i thought, marques is sexier for some reason...i dont know...
East End Garage (9 days ago)
Y'all make great videos man. Very professional how you guys stay focused on conversation regarding the video topic. I view a lot of YouTuber's that stray way off topic because they were under prepared. I very much enjoyed this collaboration. Also, I learned a couple things and this is one thing I look for in videos; can I benefit from this video and the answer in this case was yes, so thank you! :)
MassStash ™ (9 days ago)
falcon pro ftw
Caio d'Lima (9 days ago)
how about not use the cellphone while driving xD LOL
GeekSrikanth (10 days ago)
One of my fav qna
Qyll Rs (10 days ago)
Mkbhd's shirt 👌
African Queening (10 days ago)
This is the collaboration of my DREAMS 😩Wow! Thank you 😭
piuscher (10 days ago)
I want a f***ing Lumix GH5 with Canons dual pixel autofocus.
Ketan Pagar (10 days ago)
Wat about soccer ? Or EUROPEAN FOOTBALL 🧐😅?
Donovan Tyler (10 days ago)
It's in the software (a/d converters). As for lens, it's not much you can do with these tiny glasses yet when you put a bevel on the phone that allows the plastic to get scratched up you're killing quality over time. When they decide to actually make a good lens maybe phones will go further. That will be the next wave of hey look at this cool new thing we made a camera with a proper lens, Marketing team "we're so smart".
The sound is incredible!!!!! Blow mind!!!!
BIMMER ZEIT (11 days ago)
Any tips on reducing echo from the voice audio while recording in a room like this? I have a Rode Mic onboard my A7SII but it doesn't sound great while recording talk-to-camera videos. Usually have it on -10dB. Thanksssss
MTB Shredder (11 days ago)
Because Marques has hops like a beast.
BCRE8IV3 BGR8 (11 days ago)
Hey Marques, would love to have you on my channel. Is this something you think we can work out?
Juan Diaz (11 days ago)
It is true!! The sound quality of this channel is the best!!👍
Raparti Chaitanya (11 days ago)
That was Black Mirror reference.
Maxim C. (11 days ago)
*First world problems/Q&A.*
Shonak Khan (11 days ago)
6’3?! Dude i thought you were 5’8 or something....
Gareth Harris (11 days ago)
Really enjoyed that one. Don’t know who that guy was but you two bounced well. Keep it up!
Trell West (11 days ago)
Dream: The back iPhone camera also on the front.
Hrushi DS (11 days ago)
Jason Todd (11 days ago)
Wait but I don't understand..on the touch ID... Why can't they just put it in the back...?
Shyamsundar Gupta (11 days ago)
😂 I can see a fine line between black and white
Praveen Bhajanka (11 days ago)
Why even want to unlock your phone while driving, it's not safe to use mobile while driving and it's a traffic rule to not to use mobile.
#SOUNDLIFE media guy (11 days ago)
Pete should have done his intro 2! lol
4A Biker Chic (11 days ago)
I love this colab. These are 2 of my favorite youtubers.
Tyree (11 days ago)
Great collaboration
Isaiah Quantz (11 days ago)
The thing that Peter talked about in regards to the telephoto lens is something I totally agree with. That's why I like the monochrome camera on my Essential Phone. True, authentic mono shots look really nice in the right situation.
exclusivelynyc (11 days ago)
Such an excellent collaboration, especially your exit 😂.
Andrew Scot (11 days ago)
I thoroughly enjoyed that calab. Nothing better than when two of my favorite creators get together. You guys enspire my creativity in so many ways. Thanks
Bubbletown (11 days ago)
meme review
Christian Ramnarine (11 days ago)
epic video, please do this more often. this was amazing. love yall both. heavily subscribed to both of yall.
Colvin Ang (11 days ago)
"...when they ditch, ta ta ta ta, a technology."
Michael Margono (11 days ago)
will MKBHD ever be MKBUHD or MKB4k?
Angelo Capalbo Ghelli (11 days ago)
slickspidey (12 days ago)
RIP Raptors lol
Jackson Robertson (12 days ago)
The worst MKBHD video to date. This guy sucked, hes Canadian(first sin), kept cutting you off (interrupting 2nd sin), and didnt inform us on anything cool or interesting (3rd and final sin).
vledermau5 (12 days ago)
So true about the chronological order, they should get rid of the shitty algorithms.
TheOne Arif (12 days ago)
He looks like John Wink Lol😂
justcarryonnow (12 days ago)
Why are you driving and using your phone? You shouldn't be trying to unlock your phone or use your phone in the first place. If you are referring to a red light and/or stop then face unlocking wouldn't be dangerous anyway so I conclude you are referring to the car in motion; which, again, You shouldn't DO
TonyNguyenJr (12 days ago)
Let’s take a moment and imagine Marques dunking a ball with that vertical of his. DO IT
David DeVillers (12 days ago)
notch gone before 2020!
Mo Lunat (12 days ago)
PM is 6'4" 😲😲
Jayvee Soliveres (12 days ago)
the greatest collab ever!
Chichi Kwadwo Fening (12 days ago)
🙏 mad collab
iTest KJ (12 days ago)
Please do more collabs :)
black cat (12 days ago)
When red phone is coming?
Rawr 1029 (12 days ago)
Which should I buy? PS4 slim or Xbox one S?
Daniel Kihonge (12 days ago)
Phone while driving dangerous period lol I swear I'm no troll..
liotay98 (12 days ago)
So much better than with Austin Evans !!
ZKC (12 days ago)
Dang this guy has hops
The Jayen (12 days ago)
Telephoto cameras are good for lecture pictures xD
kettavan vmk (12 days ago)
I don't like notch Iam waiting for under display camera and sensor
Necessary Evil (12 days ago)
duwe kapak (12 days ago)
Definitely a better collab than that tech guy
Erik Dahlborg (12 days ago)
”When you drive looking at your phone is dangerous.” In Sweden it is illegal to use your mobile phone while drivning, IF you have a built in handsfree you are ok to use it for calls aslong as you dont LOOK AT YOUR PHONE. you Will get a ticket or even lose your driverlicens IF you do so. The face id vs fingerprint isnt really valid in sweden
Yannick Reid (12 days ago)
Nikil Kumar (12 days ago)
just great that everyone but MKBHD sport MKBHD merch in their videos...
dhanamjay sri (12 days ago)
I'm watching mkbhd v28 on my lg v28 lol!😂
Jon Reed (12 days ago)
poor guy said he's rooting for the raptors lol
Jacques Barzun (12 days ago)
lol 0-4 lebronsaurus
Bennie Mangle Jr. (12 days ago)
Kinda off the subject, but what do you guys think about Virtual Private Networks?
Kaung Khant Nyein (12 days ago)
Either we are following Black Mirror’s futuristic technology or they are warning us that they could happen
nodyarg (12 days ago)
rip raptors
Jessy Nedelchev (12 days ago)
Companies aren't copying the notch because they like it or because people like it, companies are usually the dumbest entities when it comes to product innovation and in their greed will be like: "hey, this sells well... and it has a notch... hmmm... must be that notch!" The same happens with the damn headphone jack - Apple did it to sell bluetooth headphones. Period. That whole saving space, bravery thing is utter bs. They acquired Beats by Dre and they wanna cash in on bluetooth headphones. That being said, no one literally has any reason to remove the notch, but they did. Because Apple. It sells well so their features must be it. Copy-paste.
iOnRX9 (12 days ago)
i used to hate the notch, it doesn’t bother me anymore
Gil Alexandel (12 days ago)
You guys should do a podcast together, i enjoyed this video, listening to it.
Gnana shekhar (12 days ago)
Two geeks, geeking out! :)
Garn Johson (12 days ago)
Holly crap, we can watch an entire video about these small differences between a newer and old phone (Which I enjoy watching BTW) but we don’t talk much about what Elon is doing with Tesla, The boring Company, Spacex, Neuralink, The Musk Foundation, etc... Just saying, there are a ton of deeper things going on that we can discuss/report on. And my example is just one man, there are many other examples. Just one: Boston Dynamics. Many AI developments going on that are going to have much more of an impact on our daily lives. There is no shortage of high end tech to report on. But I guess that is what other channels are meant for.
Daniel Pham (12 days ago)
Cleveland swept Toronto lmao... Lebrontosaurus Rex

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