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World's Smallest Desktop?

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At less than $100 is a tiny computer worth it? Asus Chromebit: http://amzn.to/1NaHX2f Intel Compute Stick: http://amzn.to/1Oh9HA0 Being able to run full Windows 10 on a computer that's barely larger than a USB drive is awesome but with multiple options including the Google Chrome OS powered Asus Chromebit what's the point of such a small PC? Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Add me on Snapchat! austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (2195)
Karma Death (3 days ago)
That Intel USB stick was a pain in the ass to get it working. Jesus
MLG TOGETIC (5 days ago)
I'll stick it to my PC.....
Clout Gang (5 days ago)
Can it play fortnite
AraFake_HD (6 days ago)
Can it run Gta5 on 4K
Pck14 Pinakin Kale (7 days ago)
does it run crysis
SVIPER (7 days ago)
It can't run GTA V but It can run minesweeper at 10 ping on Brazilian server.I once quick scoped this noob in minesweeper.
KingZero 0 (7 days ago)
the old Austin sounds suicidal
Benjamin Ng (8 days ago)
Raspberry pi: hold my beer
foamy boi (11 days ago)
But can it run crysis
Jeff Cedeño (11 days ago)
Why is it so expensive though?
Gtforlife 2 (11 days ago)
Go buy Cellphone
Death of Gaming (15 days ago)
I would do the chrome stick
Mr. Funny (17 days ago)
Intel and Asus: We made a tiny computer! Raspberry Pi: Hold my beer Raspberry Pi *releases Pi Zero W*
Xasmanius Völk (20 days ago)
It's not a Desktop - it's a tv-backside XD
Neil Naicker (20 days ago)
What is the price ?
umi games tv (23 days ago)
But can it run crysis
Sabrintwitt3r (26 days ago)
their target audience do like using word, not google docs
Diyon Fernando (27 days ago)
*The ChromeBit is $79.99 and a bluetooth mouse is $19.99 and a bluetooth keyboard is $49.99. (From Bestbuy) For the mouse and keyboard its as much as the ChromeBit.*
Antonio APC79 (30 days ago)
How bout Roblox
Antonio APC79 (30 days ago)
How bout Roblox
Ben Farber (1 month ago)
Imma buy the intel one and try and play beamng drive on it
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo (1 month ago)
That makes no since
Dare Masterchief (1 month ago)
They may run Minecraft... but can they run Roblox 🤔🤔
omg i have that keyboard
Jacob Purcell (1 month ago)
Can it run roblox
William Hirano (1 month ago)
T bone AKA Tristan (1 month ago)
You know what’s stupid about These tech reviewers they never say the price of the products!
It's your boy Raj (1 month ago)
Umm, Chrome stick is better
Georgio Capangpangan (1 month ago)
But does it play roblox
Rubayet Antu (1 month ago)
Can it run low powered games like gta sa or cs:go in offline?
Wichiguns (1 month ago)
just install arch linux or damn small linux and boom, its way faster
The Flip (1 month ago)
Is this better than the raspberry pi?
J K (1 month ago)
Or you could buy a laptop
George Labs (1 month ago)
The compute stick is for emulators!
All-Purpose Gaming (1 month ago)
chromebit + intel compute-stick (on one TV) = power
briton mat (1 month ago)
Him “it’s a computer in a really small package that is very portable” me “that’s what she said”
Joey Stansberry (1 month ago)
Does the Intel compute stick have the internal capacity to play games found in the steam library?
UnrealProductions (1 month ago)
But can it run Crysis?
Cinema Mario™ (1 month ago)
fucking chromefags
ROJ Sohel (1 month ago)
The way you start the video is awesome
UnspeakableGaming E (2 months ago)
Can it minecraft
ThomasPlayzYT (2 months ago)
When your PC is smaller than a mouse.
willoksiOW (2 months ago)
but can it run crysis?
Vijay Roy (2 months ago)
I'll just use an RP0.
LapinusTech (2 months ago)
I would gate the 250€ compute stick that come with a core m3, 4gb of ram and 64 of storage
Ayaan Tunio (2 months ago)
I’d rather have the compute stick
Irfan Naqiuddin (2 months ago)
Whoah!!! That's a very tiny computer.
The Game Master C (2 months ago)
wow that is smaller than a phone.
MozWorld Gaming (2 months ago)
Can it run Crysis?
Earth Devil (2 months ago)
I have a really important question. Would an ipad pro screen show windows 10 if you hook one of those intel usbs to it?
muhammad khan (2 months ago)
austin could you make a video on an iphone 8 plus
DJPLAYERKING (2 months ago)
the crhomebit is better, but its a tie because the power button stuff
Dragon lover Dragon (2 months ago)
Imagine if you lost it 😂
memes are cool (2 months ago)
MarkedCooldude2429 (2 months ago)
Can it run Windows XP? xd
NotYourRegularMate :/ (2 months ago)
Probably better than my laptop
Scott Blackburn (2 months ago)
But can it run Minecraft cause even my toaster can play that.
MrNova37 (3 months ago)
asus chromebit+chrome os=great pc ,just bougt one and i cant vait on till mr postman brings it to my door ;)
Nirmal singh (3 months ago)
Can anyone help me with my website theme
Axmiration :3 (3 months ago)
I should get that for my TV, i dont have cable so why the hell not
The Last Pick (3 months ago)
But can it run Crysis?
starhiro654 (3 months ago)
Well, the ports selection in that compute stick is still better than the 2016 macbook
Ahmad Karim (3 months ago)
can it run minecraft?
BlaYz (3 months ago)
Can it run minesweeper at 8k resolution though?
Try gaming on a compute stick!
Faraz Ahmed (3 months ago)
I have an Intel Compute stick, and I know it's the best thing I've ever used
raj ramroop (3 months ago)
Witch 1 u all fine is the batter one
Dumb Shit (3 months ago)
They can just use a iphone 8 logic board and it is 3gb ram with 2.4ghz cpu😂😂
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Can it run minecraft??
Blehmaster (2 months ago)
Can you stop playing minecraft??
Parker Brooks (3 months ago)
And to think, decades ago computers used to fill up rooms. And these ones are thousands of times faster.
Justin Hawkins (3 months ago)
But can It run crysis?
airgreen5kull (3 months ago)
Can the intel one handle excel PowerPoint and word
B0NZZi BUDDYZZ (3 months ago)
airgreen5kull yes
space pug (4 months ago)
bettter than my chromebook
AirGawd (4 months ago)
Unlocked Dreams (4 months ago)
More IO than the MacBook pro.
Vinayak Maraj (4 months ago)
More like Intel Outside
Blehmaster (4 months ago)
What graphics card does the compuite stick have? If it hyas intel HD graphics 400 then I wasted my money.
Mohamed Farhan (4 months ago)
As it has 32 GB of storage can we Play Games
BTG02 (4 months ago)
Why hasn't someone put it in a potato yet?
MaxCPM- Roblox And More! (4 months ago)
That's a sticktop not a desktop
Cliff Lee (4 months ago)
Before this video, I don't even know we have this tech.
Ersin Bulut (4 months ago)
has more ports than the new Mac book
Blehmaster (4 months ago)
Love how the compute stick is only .3 GHz slower than my computer and only has 2 gb ram less than my PC.
Blehmaster (2 months ago)
And my laptop was 270 dollars and this is 30 dollars...
Blehmaster (4 months ago)
chrome bit all the way.
AdwikTRM (4 months ago)
Can It Run Witcher 3 at Ultra Settings 23K resolution
The huskcraft (4 months ago)
maybe Minecraft can run on that two smallest PC? or it may Minecraft can run at 4k on that smallest PC?
Boxer Boxer (4 months ago)
Sir I'm a poor boy please give me this usb
Adam Pena (4 months ago)
Can it have ITunes?
GreyStormHWD! (4 months ago)
What is the amount of dedotated wam tho?
Coding Buddy (5 months ago)
Blehmaster (5 months ago)
Can't even run minecraft ... THE WORST GAME EVER IMO
Breaking Rocks (5 months ago)
I have one of those! I have an Intel compute stick with windows 8
iBroLii (5 months ago)
Can you play minecraft?
Blehmaster (5 months ago)
Oh,, but still i said its impossible... meaning like it WILL NOT boot up unless you download an old verison like maybe 1.6
iBroLii (5 months ago)
Killer Taco210 no I mean can you play minecraft on the computer not him I don't care if he play or not
Blehmaster (5 months ago)
No he will never. and also no if u mean can it run on compute stick, no.
Pro Ranger (5 months ago)
hi Duncan!
Joaquin Delgado (5 months ago)
Nice video "Dunkin"
Dragon Shenron (5 months ago)
can it run minecraft
Blehmaster (5 months ago)
No it can't bitch
Mysti VR (5 months ago)
I would find these really useful if you want to do some basic tasks and I would prefer Asus chrome because I just want to use chrome and all Google stuff
Dan Nice (5 months ago)
Cromstick 2
Jason Todd (6 months ago)
Wow this is amazing
Eric Harper (6 months ago)
Can you hook a HDD to the ChromeBIt and show movie on your TV?

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