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The BEST $300 Phone (2018) ft. MKBHD, Technical Guruji, iJustine + More

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The Best Budget Smartphone under $300 - Collab ft. MKBHD, Technical Guruji, iJustine, Mrwhosetheboss, Techsource, Danny Winget, TechSmartt, MrMobile: Check out their channels here: Techsource: https://goo.gl/QrM8Rt MrMobile: https://goo.gl/jAfceV Danny Winget: https://goo.gl/DWtFjS iJustine: https://goo.gl/aH6F3G MKBHD: https://goo.gl/YZfgxA TechSmartt: https://goo.gl/d1mavJ Technical Guruji: https://goo.gl/CkGZet Smartphones Featured: Techsource - Honor 7X MrMobile - Moto G6 Family Danny Winget - iPhone SE iJustine - iPhone SE MKBHD - Moto G5+ TechSmartt - Umidigi S2 Pro Technical Guruji - Mi A1 / Redmi Note 5 Pro 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (5419)
Mrwhosetheboss (3 months ago)
What an amazing group of people: Check out their channels here: Techsource: https://goo.gl/QrM8Rt MrMobile: https://goo.gl/jAfceV Danny Winget: https://goo.gl/DWtFjS iJustine: https://goo.gl/aH6F3G MKBHD: https://goo.gl/YZfgxA TechSmartt: https://goo.gl/d1mavJ Technical Guruji: https://goo.gl/CkGZet
Riyas m Riya (8 days ago)
Missing Dave, Jonathon and also THE BEARD GUY...
Error 404 (12 days ago)
Mrwhosetheboss your voice is so sexy. 😍😍😍
DARK KNIGTH (16 days ago)
Mrwhosetheboss Can you Review this PHONE (CHERRY MOBILE FLARE S6 plus) please!!
Bob the truck driver (1 month ago)
u forgot austin evans and unbox therapy XD
Vijay CBI (1 month ago)
What mobile buy 30k ur choice comment plz
Dat Person Doe. (8 hours ago)
Iphone 6s, google pixel (both refurbished) huaweii honor 7x, nokia 6.1, the redmi line (new)
smithser_tube (9 hours ago)
mrwhosetheboss i like reviews and videos man for the sorts of expensive and affordable gadgets you could put your hands to,,but this one isnt as hitting the bat,,collabo videos are nice to see now from you tech guys,but this one is a bit of a trying hard to do so.,im sorry to say it.,polishing the whole collabo vid as what you do in your review vids would hit it right,,this one is dissapointing,,but anyhow,im just one viewer commenting who still clicked on it with a sound of ''caching$'' along with it,,
Fish Boi (9 hours ago)
Besides the se, I haven’t heard of ANY of these phones...
I didnt know mrwhosetheboss plays fortnite on ps4
ManCave TV (1 day ago)
I had an elephone p9000 and it is trash Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat which are standard apps would not work. These apps keep crashing. You could only use the pre installed apps
MaQmagic 2 (1 day ago)
Technical Guruji's English is so horrible !!!!!
Geeta Kharva (2 days ago)
Mkbhd is correct!
Paul Rajkhowa (2 days ago)
Ijustine is so cringe, absolutely hate that girl!
Manissh Thakur (3 days ago)
Psycho Philosophy (3 days ago)
Best Budget pjone os the Huawei mate 10 lite
Srivihar Reddy (3 days ago)
First time hearing TG speaking in English!
Robert Langdon (3 days ago)
I'm a simple man, I see michael fisher, I smash the like button
LORD GULSHAN (4 days ago)
*I will fuck you iJustine* 😈
Jpa5551 (4 days ago)
Lol the blonde totally didn't give a fuck
Yaseen Sayyed (4 days ago)
I had to listen to guruji in 0.75x .
Biki Barman (4 days ago)
Guruji aa gaya 😂..
Lesnite Neko (4 days ago)
I have the Elephone s8 Had some software issues with it after 7 months the top right corner kept glitching out, its as if I was pressing on it and the software reacted to these false touches and just glitched out until I reboot and when watching youtube on mobile data the battery life is way too short Overall, the android 7 on this is mostly stock android but there is a very annoying duraseed widget at the bottom of the recent app screen that cannot be removed no matter what you do (and I tried uninstalling duraspeed via ADB today, it failed)
Lesnite Neko (4 days ago)
*Xiaomi* <3
Aniket Bhanderi (4 days ago)
Mrwhosettheboss is always in Peace ☮️✌️ mode 😁
WisdomOnTour (5 days ago)
Wtf Justine.
Neal Bagai (5 days ago)
Mkbhd's turf
ResistTheSucc (5 days ago)
My pick has got to be the LG V20... Snapdragon 820 5.7" Quad HD display 4gb RAM 64gb internal storage + micro SD slot 16mp camera + 8mp wide angle camera Removable battery Hi-Fi quad DAC All of this for about $250.. You can't go wrong with it.
The Bartender (6 days ago)
Um my pick would be the Nokia 6.1
嘉安邱 (6 days ago)
The Bartender (6 days ago)
Top tech YouTubers??
Alaa mona (6 days ago)
The Verger (7 days ago)
Best intro by mrmobile
Raunaq Singh (7 days ago)
Linus and Dave Lee are missing ✌
Zachary PUBG and more (7 days ago)
Gaynite in the background.
_TooManyBoats (7 days ago)
Also Xiaomi
_TooManyBoats (7 days ago)
Justine is the casual blond iphone lover
leffy (7 days ago)
yeah everyone here is the note 5 pro which only Indians and Chinese can buy! yeah, great recommendation you fuckin twat.
Vishuwat Rawat (8 days ago)
Is technical guruji having a stroke??
ColouredIndigo (8 days ago)
My god.... That Justine... You did a huge disservice to yourself and women within tech.. do your freaking homework
Sanjar Taufiq (8 days ago)
Guruji turned into Eminem
Rohit Agrawal (8 days ago)
I am happy that technical guruji was included .
Neuro Weaver (9 days ago)
The stupid blond did her credibility no favors. Better show some cleavage to compensate...
carlito patero (9 days ago)
i go for huawei affordable and a lot of features with the latest design of hardware and software... P smart and honor 7x has a good build quality for a budget mid range smarthphone
ROHAN KUMAR (9 days ago)
Honor 7x and moto g5plus
Oscar Berkmann (9 days ago)
Where is Linus?!
Mr.Mobile swallow everyone his charming presentation
Hair stuff (10 days ago)
You see ijusin is awfully biased towards apple
Andy Guanaco (10 days ago)
Ijustine just proved herself to be a basic ass bitch
Philip Penkov (10 days ago)
Elephone s8 is the best!
Rahul Singh (10 days ago)
He has the sikh mustache
my day off (10 days ago)
Not to sound sexist but the girl on the list fucked-up the most
JAKHAR TECHNICAL (10 days ago)
technical guruji my fev.
all u want (10 days ago)
I phone se
Dr. Vicktor (10 days ago)
MKBHD is the one I trust the most
Trap Cousin (11 days ago)
Well I say fuck those who got paid by apple. Sell offs
benznoel ferrao (11 days ago)
What's the song used in the beginning
sanjay sj (11 days ago)
I wonder why you always have your playstation keep running in almost every video of yours🤔
Jonas keirs (11 days ago)
iPhone se = best budget phone
RAHUL DRAVID (11 days ago)
Which do you think is the best rear camera phone today?
RAHUL DRAVID (11 days ago)
Technical guruji........
ali eng of game (11 days ago)
Hhhhhhhh iPhone se
YUGI-BROS GERMAN (11 days ago)
The best budget phone is samsung galaxy s6 it goes for just 150$
Jenny Nguyen (12 days ago)
Apple... No.. iPhone SE is not worth it. Especially in the long run. Unquestionably poor battery life with 1624mAh and will need constant replacements. Replaced mine at the Apple store and it's shown signs of overheating and fast drainage after 5 months. Other budget phones have better cameras and batteries even at lower price ranges, and when more iOS updates come out, the SE will be obsolete as time goes. Looking forward to getting the Redmi Note 5 Pro soon
Akhil Rajan (12 days ago)
Which is that game in the background next to Fortnite? Something 'Hunter'.. If anybody knows, please reply. #Mrwhosetheboss
Abdullah Siddiqui (12 days ago)
I would have picked the Huawei SE
Baybars (12 days ago)
Wtf is the dude at 3:44 saying
Gate7elLas4ever (12 days ago)
Im a simple guy i see fortnite i click off the video
How about Unbox theraphy
Acclimate Music (12 days ago)
ZTE axon 7? It can easily be found for less than $300 and has some of the best speakers on the smartphone market (w/Dolby), HiFi DAC (Which makes your headphones sound like 3 times better), 20 mp camera with 4k recording, and 2k AMOLED screen, with 64 gb + 4gb and Snapdragon 820, all in a super high quality metal body. Surprised it didn't make this video :/
JayKaiiGamer123 _YT (12 days ago)
IPho.. oh wait I Paid Hundreds Of Nike's Electronics Sucks Everytime
Dr. SICK (12 days ago)
Guru ji is spitting fire.....
Andrei Udroiu (13 days ago)
iJustine is ... veryy stuid .
raja danish Minhas (13 days ago)
where can i get the SE for 100$?
Mahrez Baroud (13 days ago)
Techsource had the better choice to be honest
Bluzure Roblox (13 days ago)
What about Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)?
friedreicht (13 days ago)
play 3:44 on 2X SPEED RAP GOD
Hype ßladez7 (13 days ago)
My best budget phone is P20 lite
goovind narula (13 days ago)
Also LENOVO P2a42 is really good, for about 250 USD (I got it for 13000 inr), it had a fast fingerprint sensor an amazing super Amoled screen a good camera and 5000MAh battery and good speakers... Aluminium body, only thing is a slightly big bezel but near to the size of the pixel 1 xl
goovind narula (13 days ago)
Allan Olivera (13 days ago)
Tuur Van Rostenberghe (13 days ago)
Why is That Justine Ezarik Bitch even a tech reviewer xd
Deepak sharma (13 days ago)
Micah Lee (13 days ago)
I lost all interest to further research I justines channel simply because her part felt as if she put no effort forth to what this video is about.She took a spot where as 100 other YouTube tech reviewers would have given us the viewers a legitimate option.
Youssuf gamer YT (13 days ago)
what abouy the oppo f7
Adam Warlock (13 days ago)
but mkbhd kinda missed his point. He shouldve gone with Moto G5s+
Pepper (13 days ago)
is that fortnite in the backgroud 00:05
All About Tech Reviews (13 days ago)
Kay Iqbal (14 days ago)
3:44 oblobaigwoanvsisbbejso
miss ixhian (14 days ago)
I like the pakistani guy, he said "thaank you" like in a q&a portion in a pageant.
Dashing RajKumar (15 days ago)
I agree With MKBHD, MrWhoseTheBoss And Technical Guruji....❤❤❤
Deep Sutradhar (15 days ago)
where is unbox therapy in urtop tech utubrs list
ThE EnSiDe (15 days ago)
fk this list go with Redmi note 5 pro
ThE EnSiDe (15 days ago)
2:34 I prefer asking Google instead thanks for nothing
ThE EnSiDe (15 days ago)
iPhone SE in 2018?? so guys just coz it was "way too expensive" it means it is the best is he stupid?
Twisted Ghost (15 days ago)
where is linus
abhay roxx (15 days ago)
the boss invites the guru !😁
lourimi nidhal (16 days ago)
appel pay lol
Im4g (16 days ago)
What did the last guy say?
J Arun (16 days ago)
Why d heck is technical guruji using such fake accent😂😂😂😂 If he can't speak English fluently ....y speak?
Harold Ian Mendoza (17 days ago)
iJustine ❤️❤️
Frederick Green (17 days ago)
Thank you come again
PC Rx (17 days ago)
Gotta say was really excited too see choices like Umidigi and Xiaomi on this list
Ajay Kumar Rawani (17 days ago)
Mi A1
Kick Ass Gaming (18 days ago)
Awesome collab bro

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