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Customizing the Galaxy Note8 - making it mine

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Looking for some customization inspiration on your new Note8? We've got a few places to start. Hope you guys enjoy these videos! Let us know if you'd like to see more of these in the future! App links below! Nova Launcher - http://bit.ly/1OuKCoj WallP Wallpapers - http://bit.ly/2fSUv4K Pixel Icon Pack - http://bit.ly/2f5GeT0 Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers - http://bit.ly/2hKmYdj Zooper Widget Pro - http://bit.ly/1n8eDkk Trident 3 for Zooper - http://bit.ly/2gxBw0d Nova Google Companion - http://bit.ly/2sun3cZ Pixel Navbar (for Galaxy) - http://bit.ly/2vjvIPx Month Calendar Widget - http://bit.ly/1KpDtle Today Weather - http://bit.ly/2o6aGyO Sign for Spotify - http://bit.ly/2xm8ie1 hurry - http://bit.ly/2vYpqWn Subscriber Count - http://bit.ly/2frhBP8 Magic Particles LWP - http://bit.ly/2z4gVZ9 Material Notification Shade - http://bit.ly/2kHNPM1 Fat Bunny - http://bit.ly/2ypIleq Pianista - http://bit.ly/2iiDa9O Cytoid - http://bit.ly/2xMCQ52 Shnips - http://bit.ly/2x4LCvX Send Anywhere - http://bit.ly/1MFCBKs WeTransfer - http://bit.ly/2x4kLjy ParcelTrack - http://bit.ly/2f5IrO7 notin - http://bit.ly/2yr9yLp Changes - http://bit.ly/2xZOWbG FONDO - http://bit.ly/2wChLun Backdrops - http://bit.ly/1Pox22Y Minimalist Wallpapers - http://bit.ly/2fPl6BA PixyWall - http://bit.ly/2yoQsrF Microbes LWP - http://bit.ly/2xZBibW Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background Tracks by DJ Grumble - http://bit.ly/2hShtN1
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Text Comments (271)
Jack Lee (4 days ago)
Is having the Pixel theme draining the battery more?
Where's phone app ?))
Pep Sus (18 days ago)
Notin on the app
Josué M. (19 days ago)
You also have to remove the headphone jack, remove de the microsd, remove the wireless charging, apply a blue filter to your screen and you got a Pixel.
Joey Crysel (19 days ago)
After my Note 8 got the Oreo update, the Pixel Navbar apk would not work. Even after reinstalling it and restarting it. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I really don't like the ugly ass Samsung navbar lol.
Bogdan Aliman (21 days ago)
with nova launcher after i get from apps menu to home screen and then press again the home button, up on the top i get some suggested apps and i dunno how to make it dissapear
· KING · (22 days ago)
I'm a lil bothered that 8.0 update took my pixel nav bar icons away on my note 8 🤨.. tried reinstalling the apk but nothing
phade91esj (27 days ago)
You said you're using the nova beta for that custom navigation bar. Where do I find that I have Nova beta as well but can't find it anywhere in the settings?
M K (1 month ago)
Just buy a pixel instead lol
Abdullah Yahya (1 month ago)
Can I steal your Note8?
Rhap Playz (1 month ago)
How to on the google home in nova launcher??
Brian Schaper (2 months ago)
How did you change the icons on the lock screen shortcuts? Its only letting me use the Samsung icons
Pop Fly Party (2 months ago)
U know I can never get have the thing he uses because he gives me a link to a website that I have no idea how to use or it costs money, this isn't true for all of them just most of them that r cool
ChristmasMonster1225 (2 months ago)
When I try and download the pixel nav bar is tells me there's a risk. Is that normal?
Andre Vallez (2 months ago)
I need help with the zooper widget. Was trying to get it kind of like yours but always mess it up.
jose valentin (2 months ago)
What app you used to hide the status bar ??!
Sarjio Chaudhary (2 months ago)
Look screen wallpaper
Kevin Montanez (2 months ago)
This is one reason I will always choose android over IOS, customization. You can make your phone look like ANY phone even IOS and Windows 10 if you're into that stuff. For me, I make my Note 8 look like half pixel 2 and half my style.
Richy Joseph (2 months ago)
The whole point of a note phone is the pen and it's features. You should have done this on a s8 or s8+. This is stupid.
Danny Random (2 months ago)
Why the hell do you people try to turn this amazing phone into pixel crap? Why just buy the pixel?
Orionix (2 months ago)
How toninstall wallpaper app
Courtney Lindsay (2 months ago)
Why did you not just buy a pixel phone? Are you OK?
Classicxii (2 months ago)
Courtney Lindsay pixel doesn't have headphone jack and wireless charging
Kai Shen Lim (2 months ago)
So helpful! love this video ,keep up!
Matt4Glte (2 months ago)
That OG nexus wallpaper is real throwback.
Amc Ccc (2 months ago)
Hey buddy can u upload this as nova launcher backup please
Olliver Petkac (2 months ago)
What do you use for texting? The stock Samsung messaging app? I have a Galaxy S6 and use Textra. I have this issue with texting on Android that text doesn't have the features like iPhone message app does or my text gets split up into pieces from sending and receiving. Does the Note 8 have enchanted messaging and any issues with texting?
Sai Pranay (2 months ago)
Buy pixel 2
Caíque Costa Lopes (2 months ago)
Hey there! Is there any way to keep the moving 3D effect of the homescreen icons/wallpaper while using the Nova launcher? Great content, keep it up!
Coding in Flow (2 months ago)
I wish they would release more infinity wallpapers. I love them
Manish Manwani (2 months ago)
How do you have many things on your phone and still your phone is buttery smooth
Ehsan Ahmed (2 months ago)
How to change the navbar?
zion issafe (3 months ago)
My note 8 is cool without so many battery eating apps.
Blue Raven (3 months ago)
This way too much. Any noticeable lags after completed these set ups?
Hector Garza (3 months ago)
I got some serious widget envy...iPhone user
Linus Blaney (3 months ago)
You basically made your note 8 a pixel 2😑.... unless you own Google...
Shantanu Singh (3 months ago)
You can just use Pixel Launcher 2 ported by a developer on XDA, and you'll have 50% of the features listed here
David Cook (3 months ago)
Why not just buy a pixel ???
Tecno Pixel (3 months ago)
How did he get that status bar and notification bar??
Gian Giri (2 months ago)
Tecno Pixel He is using Substratum theme engine with samsung addon key. I am using it too and it lets you customize any system and 3rd party apps besides the UI of course
Jose Palacios (3 months ago)
1:05 i saw Selena!
Jeffrey Heister (3 months ago)
I did never see this channel nice channel I wil sub😊
Karl Cruz (3 months ago)
How do you do the battery widget??
Edgardo Arellano (3 months ago)
Can you customize also note fe. TIA!
KidVas1018 (3 months ago)
New to Droid after 10 years with IOS, the monthly calendar widget is a Godsend.... Love the customization of my note 8 and droids, thanks great vid short crisp to the point
Brian Giovanni (3 months ago)
Sorry, is this a Note 8 or a Pixl 2?
FrostyGamez (4 days ago)
note 8 as the look of pixel 2
G Fernandez (3 months ago)
how did you do that dock with the search widget at the bottom?
Nur A Alam (3 months ago)
why not just use the Pixel?
Matias di Paolo (3 months ago)
Would be great to see a oneplus 5t- making it mine
Prashant Karmacharya (3 months ago)
Material notification shade isnt working in my 3t it shows my device is nt compatible with this version
Jun Rubio (3 months ago)
Do you have any recommendation to make it look like iOS?
Ana Sofía Osuna (3 months ago)
How you can do folders on de apps menu?
Shin Chan (3 months ago)
Do you prefer the note 8 or pixel 2xl or iPhone x? What’s ur daily driver right now I don’t know what to buy.
Arun Sajeev (3 months ago)
You don’t use spen for notes?
TechVidz (3 months ago)
Why won't my apks install? Even when I have unknown sources on they still don't install
kennedy m. (4 months ago)
this set up is so sexy... I'm usually a nexus/pixel guy, but since Samsung removed physical and capacitive buttons, their devices this year have been tempting. If you throw in the fact that you can make your Sammy flagship look like a Pixel, it's a win/win...
Dina Rahmatika (4 months ago)
How did you apply Microbes LWP? I've managed to download the apk (and allow the third party installation) but nothing has changed...
Rabin Sapkota (4 months ago)
Doom_ Mister (4 months ago)
Who did he hid the status bar?
Richard Darrington (4 months ago)
Best calendar widget in my opinion is "simple calendar". Actually shows your upcoming events vs just a calendar.
pham (4 months ago)
How hard does this drain your battery?
Caleb Scharpf (4 months ago)
I changed my navbar on my note 8 to the pixel one but can't figure out how to change it back to normal could you guys help me out please?
robert chavez (1 month ago)
Just delete the application and reboot
Vincent Lee Films (4 months ago)
Soooo informative! Thanks for this video!
Ken P (4 months ago)
Doe the time actually show the correct time? I've seen lots of videos with 12:00 always.
Eric Bartolo (4 months ago)
current wallpaper?
Mr2pint (4 months ago)
So you're in love with the pixel phone - why not just get a pixel 2?
Twinbee (5 months ago)
TBH I’m kinda regret switching from Android to iOS, Pixel Launcher on Note 8 screen is so beautiful
Korvin Lalumia (5 months ago)
How did you fit those apps on the dock, my Nova launcher doesn't have a setting for that
iTechyounot (5 months ago)
How do we set up the nav bar you have?
Apoorv Surana (5 months ago)
I wish one day you will give link to just 1app for all that stuff.. Till them stock is good for me😉
Marlonese (6 months ago)
How did you get your calendar entrys red on the month widget?
Yassir Rossel (6 months ago)
I like you
Sófalvi Milán (6 months ago)
Grid size ?
Kevin Schumacher (6 months ago)
Can someone explain how to get the battery widget? I cannot find it. I have Nova Launcher Pro, Zooper Widget Pro, as well as Trident 3.
Cameron W (6 months ago)
Any chance You could upload a backup of your nova so other people can use it? I happen to love simple stuff like that. I have my setup similar to yours from the s8 video.
Leonardo Gonzaga (6 months ago)
How do you create a dock with widget?
Leonardo Gonzaga (6 months ago)
Gear what grade do you use in your home screen?
Jared Eaton (6 months ago)
how did you get your google search bar in your dock?
Vampira116 (6 months ago)
The pixel nav bar aint workin i downloaded it but aint nuthin happening😔
Abdullah Zakir (6 months ago)
Those live Pixel wallpapers don't work on the exynos variant. Very few work, but the framerate is choppy. Hopefully this will become a feature built into Android Oreo soon!
Potato Lord (2 months ago)
Abdullah Zakir they work on my exynos s8, but i don't know maybe note8 is different
Skyler Johnson (6 months ago)
This video is dope. I just got my Note 8 and I'm new to Android. All of this stuff is confusing to me coming from a iPhone. I'd really love if you made a tutorial on how to do all this stuff on your personal channel. I've tried messing around with some stuff and I can't get it to look anywhere near this.
Uroš S. (6 months ago)
Your screen on time is what, like 3h with all those widgets and stuff. But great video
941hockey (6 months ago)
How do you get your Google bar down on the bottom ?
Laurcen Simo (4 months ago)
941hockey Nova launcher
Lenford Morris (6 months ago)
How to hide status bar
Mr. Roy (6 months ago)
@Zachary , how did you double stack (Google bar & apps) the pull up bar ?
Jerome Booc (6 months ago)
I can't find the battery widget.
NutPeak (5 months ago)
Jerome Booc good to hear
Jerome Booc (5 months ago)
TheFratBat thanks, i was able to find it.
Nehad Ul Islam (5 months ago)
TheFratBat thank you!
NutPeak (5 months ago)
Pretty sure with Zooper widget pro your able to add the battery widget onto the widget he has on there and then you change the text content to the battery percentage not the greatest tutorial but hope it's useful
Jerome Booc (5 months ago)
Nehad Ul Islam still can't find it.
cutecatmeow aj (6 months ago)
Look my ipad press on the big button it show google
arid x (6 months ago)
Thats what samsung did with the note 7 , made it a "mine".
Adnan Sarail (2 months ago)
OK dude. You made me blew up of laughter
Jouz (3 months ago)
sidhant gumber lmao
Amirul Mokhris (3 months ago)
Amirul Mokhris (3 months ago)
sidhant gumber Damn, what a roast!
Stephen Ofori (6 months ago)
just get a pixel!
Stephen Ofori (6 months ago)
just get a pixel!
Ben Walker (6 months ago)
how do you get the pixel nav bar?
Ethan Bowering (4 months ago)
Danielle Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Ben Walker exactly! How?
James Mileto (6 months ago)
Ben Walker that's what I'm saying!
BangAmai13 (6 months ago)
Can't find the download for the microbes lwp
Muadh Zafar (6 months ago)
How do u hide the status bar ?? Anyone ?
Muadh Zafar (6 months ago)
Ramoxy thank u so much
Ramoxy (6 months ago)
Muadh Zafar in Nova Launcher Go to "Appearance" and uncheck "Show Notification Bar" (might be different, I'm not using my phone in English)
Alle (6 months ago)
hi people! to complete the pixel setup i made an overlay to get pixel buttons with pixel animation on s8 and n8 devices even without root. you should try it! https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s8/themes/overlay-pixel-home-button-animation-t3685736
Elia X (6 months ago)
Perfect video. Super usefull.
Kyle Church (6 months ago)
Hurry is my new favorite app now. Thanks for sharing.
Paulo Lima (6 months ago)
Ah an unlock screen background that makes it almost impossible to check the time. Makes sense.
sean cardinus (6 months ago)
Please help. How do I change the grid size on the dock to have the search bar and 5 apps on top?
k brooks (6 months ago)
I have nova on the note 8 , I swipe up to launch google now , no point having a search bar on the screen. Double tap to lock the screen
TECH LEGEND (6 months ago)
Just amazing🔥🔥🔥
Dutchess lust Moon (6 months ago)
How much money 💵 are these android phones 📱 ?? Does this phone come in 256 Gigabytes like my iPhone 7 Plus ??
Mohammed Yaseen (6 months ago)
Dutchess lust Moon Yes. U can even put in a 256gb sd card. But it ll be a lot costlier
Lord Paulinho (6 months ago)
Dutchess lust Moon yep and it has expandeble storage aswell
Rahman Rafid (6 months ago)
A big thanks for this video. I always try to copy your customization. This looks fabulous.

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