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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Dual Clutch Transmission Vehicle

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DCTs are awesome. They shift quickly, they're sporty, but... what are the downsides? Find out more in this video about a Dual Clutch Transmission! Music - Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (14)
CarLords (5 days ago)
way to rip off engineering explained's video.
Andrei (5 days ago)
E mai comfortabila manuala? Inch forward?Extra uzura fata de ce?de manuala? De unde ti iei tu informatiile?
99Vehicles TV (5 days ago)
Multumesc :))
Andrei (5 days ago)
99Vehicles TV Ah da aici ai dreptate.M am uitat si la videoul cu diferente de solutii generale.La fwd n ai pus comportarea in viraj sporita.Daca ar vedea dmn profesor andreescu...:))glumesc.Spor la videouri.Is interesante:)
99Vehicles TV (5 days ago)
Ideea era... de ce sa il stresezi sa cupleze de 1000 ori cand astepti sa se faca verde sa pleci. Nu care face mai multa uzura
Andrei (5 days ago)
La timpul de patinare partiala ma refer
Andrei (5 days ago)
99Vehicles TV ambreiajul e comandat electric sau electrohidraulic.Asta inseamna ca servovalva aia de la cutie cupleaza ambreiajul cat trebuie.Ai mai multa uzura la o manuala teoretic din moment ce aplici un moment mai mare decat ar face o un calculator ca sa invingi momentul rezistent al arborelui de intrare
NILAY POHARKAR (21 days ago)
do DCT'S work giod in hilly areas ehat is ur point of view. And can u make a video on DSG .
99Vehicles TV (21 days ago)
Well, DSGs kinda suck. Especially DSGs + Diesel engine. I found that DSGs attached to petrol cars work a little better.
PaulCarter225 (30 days ago)
I bought my vehicle following your advice thanks it's very pro!Thumbs up
99Vehicles TV (30 days ago)
Nice to hear that! Cheers!
Vane Naumovski (30 days ago)
Uploading on my birthday! I only downshift from 2nd to 1st manually when the I'm almost to a complete stop so the next time I continue driving I don't start from 2nd gear because that adds extra wear? Also, what do you think I should do at a stop light? Keep it in Drive or pull it into neutral? (A4 B8 S Tronic V6 TDI)
99Vehicles TV (30 days ago)
Happy birthday! No, keep it in Drive, it automatically goes in Neutral, but you don't see that.

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