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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Review: A Beautiful But Weaker Galaxy S7!

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Here's my review of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone. It's a mid-range device that looks like the Galaxy S7 on the outside, which isn't a bad thing. But the big question is does it run as well as it looks? Watch to find out! Buy here on Amazon: http://geni.us/AfzWN Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Nice: http://getnice.com/c/MatthewMoniz Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (406)
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
What do you guys think of the Galaxy A5? Is this phone you can get on board with? Also, fun fact. I accidently shot all the A-Roll (when you see my face) in 1080p. lol Thanks for the love guys!
Aizad SUPER (1 month ago)
Matthew Moniz
Brpwn dood (1 month ago)
Now I know what an A-Roll is lol. Thanks
leion vill (3 months ago)
Matthew Moniz i got my a5 2017 7 months ago and it was updated to nougat android. can u please do a video of it if it is very well to update on nougat? thanks!!! love your videos by the way!!!
Antichrist 666! (5 months ago)
DRAKO9764 a5 for real! The display is amazing, awesome battery life, great performance and excellent build quality. Well just my opinion it beats the P10 not in camera department though neither in performance I think but i guess it depends on what You're looking for...
DRAKO9764 (5 months ago)
what do you recommend the A5 or the P10 lite (3gb ram version)? thanks
Ferdlouie Delarosa (14 days ago)
a5 2016 is much better with ois
xGodlyz (22 days ago)
I got this phone for free
Linxy Games (14 days ago)
xGodlyz I'm using my A5 Right now
xGodlyz (14 days ago)
From contract
Linxy Games (14 days ago)
xGodlyz how?
xGodlyz (22 days ago)
I have this phone
Diana Pacheva (1 month ago)
Which selfie camera is better, on samsung galaxy a5 2017 or sony xperia xa1 Ultra?
Shashank Naidu (1 month ago)
Ok this is a good one. The A5 or the Moto X4?
Hossam Sayed (1 month ago)
Does this one better than htc 10?
White fox (1 month ago)
Hey i got my a5 like a month ago and now im have the speakers buzz every couple seconds what wrong its like new
Suggest me which one good I can buy s7 and a5?? Plz
Clever Jesus (2 months ago)
What is your opinion on the huawei honor 9?
udit joshi (2 months ago)
is it good to buy it now ?
Hazardous Bass (1 month ago)
udit joshi yes i own one and im telling you its worth it! Everytging is astonishing
robert4you (3 months ago)
Bought the Galaxy A5 on sale a few weeks ago. When I finished the settings it immediately started to download Android 7.0 (Nougat). The battery (3000 mAH ) life is absolutely crazy! 3-5 days is extremely good. Very satisfied with this smartphone. And thanks for a great review and your advice on the color settings!
Emmanuel Rivera (3 months ago)
99 Luftballons
Jithu Rajan (3 months ago)
@Mathew Monis :you look like Imran Hashmi man. Bollywood actor from India.
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
+Jithu Rajan haha so I've heard
Burhan Ajabsha (3 months ago)
Honestly its again an ok phone from samsung except IP68,always on display and decent battery life other then that its not upto price in comparison to other companies phones but in comparison to other samaung phones it pretty gud..nice review keep it up...
Aris Vrionis (3 months ago)
My fred you are so rong!
Mohammed Shafi (3 months ago)
I love my a5 2017
Pathmanathan Veluppillai (4 months ago)
Go for the a5. Not only do you save a lot buying this phone, but its battery life, bigger screen, O. K. Cameras, and C port charging beats the s7 hands down.
jack mouz (4 months ago)
its good that its price has gone heavily lower,makes it even better!
maz p (4 months ago)
Hi I need help i need a new phone and don't know what one to go for s7 or a5 looking for one with a good camera
Enrique Wolf (4 months ago)
Who else is watching this video on a Samsung A5 (2017) ??
Warden (1 month ago)
Enrique Wolf me
Will Lucas (4 months ago)
Can you use this on T-Mobile?
air gaming (5 months ago)
I need something to replace my iPhone 4 I want this or the s7
ILikeTurtles (5 months ago)
I have the a5 2017. Flashed the russian nougat update yesterday and the damn thing is now flying. Nice video man, subscribed.
Abdullah Sohaib (5 months ago)
I have heard that it is very fragile and the glass back breaks way more easily than s7 that's why I'm hesitant to buy it, any thoughts?
MaxHardware (5 months ago)
As a German I like the Song you showed at 1:25 Nice Video Man! :D
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
+MaxHardware Thanks man!
Musab Mohamed (5 months ago)
Does the a5 2017 support wireless charging
Ki Mirul (5 months ago)
Musab Mohamed no, it's stated in the video.
Chris Zhang (5 months ago)
Could you please tell me where you got your wallpaper @1:31? It looks great. THX!!
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
The app is called backdrops
younes senouy (5 months ago)
Ben O'Neill (5 months ago)
Every A5 I've seen has a plastic back buddy not a glass one
Nikola Stamatovic (5 months ago)
Ben O'Neill nope , mine has a glass back
Ata Kalin (6 months ago)
thank god i chose the s7 over this one
Xsd Zss (6 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 สวยดีนะ ชอบๆ
Ronald P (6 months ago)
For the same price, what flagships are you referring to? OnePlus 5 is $650 for example, a fair bit more. Good review, if I needed a phone right now this would be a contender.
STONEACER (6 months ago)
it is 350 bucks not the 500 u said but the best review keep up the good work
Chinglang Konyak (3 months ago)
Its less than 280 dollar in my country
STONEACER (6 months ago)
Matthew Moniz yah i just checked and seriously your review stands out from all of the videos i watched
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
500 I believe was the Canadian pricing thanks man!
Ioana Bradaschi (6 months ago)
Between a samsung galaxy s6 edge and a5 2017 witch one is better?
William Phelps (6 months ago)
so 500$ is mid-range?
saifuddin ahmed (6 months ago)
Sir for selfies which is best a5 or 3T
saifuddin ahmed (6 months ago)
Suggest me which to buy a5 2017 or 1+3T
saifuddin ahmed (6 months ago)
Matthew Moniz Thank u
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+saifuddin ahmed 3T
Nawaaz R (6 months ago)
hi.. camera-wise a3 2017 or a5 2017?? heard the a3 took better pics. what do you think??
Vishal GVK (6 months ago)
Nawaaz R keep in mind that smaller screens tend to have better looking pictures when the pictures all spread out it looks shit💩 but in this case both of em have the same camera and sensor so you can't have a better looking picture that's just the work of the display
Ma.luisa Bariring (6 months ago)
hello A5 2017, iPhone SE or iPhone 6S because I'm on a tight budget
Vikrant Bajwa (6 months ago)
what is the name of that bicycle game that you showed in the video? reply soon.....
d e 1 3 3 7 (2 months ago)
People All About You its not a game
Nathan Hamilton (7 months ago)
Just got the A5, it's a great phone and a good introduction for me to Android being an Apple user for almost 5 years. Time will tell how much I will like it, but it achieves the main things I want in a phone: Looks awesome, great battery life, and gives me access to everything I need.
Adolf Hitler (7 months ago)
S6 vs A5 2017, what should I choose?
Keria XO (7 months ago)
Which front face camera is better a5 2017 or oneplus 3 ??
GUnot33333 (7 months ago)
Does it have a ''MP 3'' player? ??🎧
Dabi Games (6 months ago)
GUnot33333 every samsung phone has his own music player i think never used one but want to get this phone realy bad cant wait!
H M (7 months ago)
he looks so much like ryan reynolds
Salahuddin Salahuddin (7 months ago)
I loved all the features of a5 17 but I didn't like its back look
Viktor S. (7 months ago)
i bought my for 340$
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
Nice! how you like it?
Dan Cowell (7 months ago)
Which is better A5 or LG G5?
Princess Mariano (7 months ago)
Which is better a5 2017 or the s6 edge??
bzbozex ben (4 months ago)
A5 7 for sure 😎
Princess Mariano (7 months ago)
+Matthew Moniz thank you! I know now what to get!
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
I'd go with the A5 2017
Raiyanblader (7 months ago)
Wow it's even priced like an S7!
Danny roos (7 months ago)
I bought it new for 200 euro LOLOLOL. For that price it's a great phone :D
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
+Troll_Guy nice!!
Alex Taanman (7 months ago)
it is a lot cheaper now. around 350 euros
Dominik Jager (7 months ago)
a5 2017 - WiFi is reconnecting...
The Razors (7 months ago)
Watching this on my black A5 2017. Its a great phone!
xGodlyz (22 days ago)
The Razors me too
Warden (1 month ago)
The Razors ya me to it's the best
SPEEDofSOUND123 (2 months ago)
ahmad kara i agree! I dont mind that it doesnt have OIS but it would've been nice if it did
ahmad kara (2 months ago)
SPEEDofSOUND123 thanks for the reply! i think this phone is great but the only thing that i dont like in it that it doesn't have ois so it cant take good videos while i am in the car or walking .. but still a great phone overall and good spec
SPEEDofSOUND123 (2 months ago)
ahmad kara 16MP camera is pretty good, the video can get shaky if you dont keep the phone steady. I really do love my A5 though!
sony alpha (7 months ago)
This is a perfect phone for me reason 1.I dont play game on my phone mostly spotify and youtube 2.I rarely take video on my phone 3.Casual photo taking so no problem on the camera performance 4.The battery life sounds amazing im still currently using nexus 5 5.Water resistance if you know what i mean 6.The size is perfect compare to a7 7.Fast charging what do you think Matthew Moniz should i upgrade?
ATHEPISTA CO (3 months ago)
YES CAN.I GOT SAMSUNG A7 2017. Battery life is like wow longer usage , nougat android version just like s8 plus and it's huge .games can playable
Silas Prayoga (3 months ago)
Yeahh same here
sony alpha (7 months ago)
+Matthew Moniz
GURPREET Singh (8 months ago)
and from where u have downloaded these HD wallpaper
GURPREET Singh (8 months ago)
which car racing game was that
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
+GURPREET Singh or need for speed
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
+GURPREET Singh asphalt
Melicia (8 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy cost they same but the fone come 2 years ago so might have drop in price since it was new. So it coast as much as this. I bought samsung galaxy s6 and think maybe change to this than this is cheaper and with same internmemory and camera
unecigarette (8 months ago)
my january 2014 Galaxy S5 is better than this shitty Phone.
Kenzio DG (8 months ago)
it's also available in Asia.... why not mention us too? Samsung is also Korean.
Allan Ahmad (8 months ago)
first time i watch you, immediately i subscribed and liked your video for one reason and thats you wasted no time and went straight to the point
Mercedes Parayno (8 months ago)
hey Matt nice review. whats the name of the wallpaper your using on the a5. looks good where can i download it
Stefan v.d.B (8 months ago)
will it ever get an update to Android 7 ?
Nagy Faszkalap (4 months ago)
Mine is on android 7.0
Koenster (7 months ago)
Stefan v.d.B yes
Stefan v.d.B (8 months ago)
First of all thanks for the fast reply ;), your answer implies that it isn't update to android 7, is it true ?
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
+Stefan v.d.B yup!
Stefan Petrea (8 months ago)
Matthew, what are the other options off phones with performance better than this one? I`m interested especially at the camera part. :D
Stefan Petrea (8 months ago)
I updated it to Android 7.0 from 5.0 really fast and when he was downloading the updates the phone felt like real fire in my hands. It was insane. :))
Stefan Petrea (8 months ago)
Thanks Matthew, but I bought an S6 simple after I found it on a good price in my country, Romania. I know S7 has better performances but I didn`t know what to say about the camera. I gave like 432 dollars because off the very high stupid taxes in my country. What do you think? Some advices? :D
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
+Stefan Petrea grab an s7 instead
Lucca Ribeiro (8 months ago)
Is available on Amazon Us for around $330,00
Ivan P. Cruz (8 months ago)
Iphone se or samsung a5 2017?
Matthew Moniz (8 months ago)
iPhone SE
Slavomir G (8 months ago)
Lack of OIS is a deal-breaker.
Yulian Andriadi (8 months ago)
500 dollar? here just 370
Yulian Andriadi (8 months ago)
Lóri Csegzi indonesia
** 4n0nym0u5 (8 months ago)
Yulian Andriadi Where here? Btw here in Hungary it costs less than 310 dollars.
Ahmed Gaming (8 months ago)
who also is watching this on a5 2017?
Sanic the Hotdog (14 days ago)
KevsH (7 months ago)
a7 but they're the same
Vishal GVK (8 months ago)
I really like the way it looks and everything how's the camera and what do you think about the phone in total
Vishal GVK (8 months ago)
Ahmed Gaming how is the phone?
Sunny Arine (9 months ago)
who is better between a5 2016 and a5 2017 ????
Saul Moses (9 months ago)
sindhu m (9 months ago)
very poor finger print sensor
Justin Mantle (5 months ago)
sindhu m i have the blue A5 2017 and I can confidently say you are wrong good sir or madam. The finger print sensor is extremely responsive to my touch. It just remembers your finger to the point where you have to be exact
Ben O'Neill (5 months ago)
I don't agree
ANTI- FEMINAZI (9 months ago)
i need a phone with a fast processor, great build quality, water proof and good camera and my budget is around 500 bucks.should i get this phone?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Anytime! = )
ANTI- FEMINAZI (9 months ago)
+Matthew Moniz​ i didn't know the price dropped by so much.😂Thanks bruh
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Ethan Chua no get the S7 instead you should be able to get it for around 400-450
ANTI- FEMINAZI (9 months ago)
does it have a snapdragon variant or only exynos?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Ethan Chua only exynos
Courtney King (9 months ago)
I'm thinking about getting this for my Mom for Mother's Day. She's been wanting a new phone for a while.
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Get her an s7 instead if you can
Alexis Zarco (9 months ago)
i got the a5 2017 and im very satisfied with it. the only thing that annoys me is the build. it's so slippy & greasy at times. why is everyone going for a glass build lol i hate it.
Alexis Zarco (9 months ago)
Matthew Moniz ohhh, so it does have a reason. Thanks for clarifying that
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
haha, ya it is greasy but they have to use glass in order to have wireless charging. Wireless charging doesn't work with metal.
CrazyIbby (9 months ago)
So, A5 and Z play, which is better? Great video!
CrazyIbby (9 months ago)
Ok Thx man👍
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks man! Oh man tough choice. Hmm.. I love the Z Play cause of the battery life and bigger screen, but the A5 is pretty nice.. I think I'd still go Z Play only because it runs very smooth
mike loop (9 months ago)
Does this support the latest os ?
mike loop (9 months ago)
I'm debating on getting this or the s7 ... but from what I hear the s7 has terrible battery life. The battery on the a5 (2017) is apparently excellent and the performance is good too. Would you suggest saving money and just sticking with the a5 (2017) ?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
its' using marshmallow it will get an update to 7.0 soon
Faisal Iqbal (9 months ago)
Excellent REVIEW. Thumbs up
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks Faisal! = )
Might Guy (9 months ago)
s7 or a5 2017?
Philippedes Quijano (9 months ago)
Matthew Moniz i want straight answer ftom you matt..please help me to decide..a5 or honor 8...please help coz i will buy 2 for my wife and my dauhter as gift..
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
mike loop (9 months ago)
Would you say this gets better battery life than the regular s7 ?
A.C.R 6.8 (9 months ago)
I bought an s7 edge brand new for $500
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
USD? or CAD?
jonah travisano (9 months ago)
As usually a quality review... We have the A5 here in Laos and it is a nice looking phone... the IP 68 is a big deal here as most of us get around on a 🏍️ motorcycle and when it rains here sometimes you think it's back to the time of Noah and the Ark with how strong it rain is..
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks Jonah! = ) How much does it sell for over there?
jonah travisano (9 months ago)
As usually a quality review... We have the A5 here in Laos and it is a nice looking phone... the IP 68 is a big deal here as most of us get around on a 🏍️ motorcycle and when it rains here sometimes you think it's back to the time of Noah and the Ark with how strong it rain is..
S Khafillah Wahab (9 months ago)
great review.. i'm user it from Indonesia
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks and welcome! = )
Pradeep Sengottuvel (9 months ago)
simply wow! this is the best gadget review I have seen so far bro, simple and straight! subscribed and liked😃
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Pradeep Sengottuvel Thanks Pradeep!! 🙌 welcome to the channel !
Pedro Moniz (9 months ago)
It's hard to know between this device and the Galaxy S6 which one is the best. In your opinion which one would you buy considering that the price is almost the same?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Pedro Moniz is the Galaxy S7 not an option ?
john Enekwechi (9 months ago)
Hi, I bought the Samsung a7 2017 because I thought the 16mp front camera would beat the s7. But it doesn't. And also no ois. Do you think these are good enough reasons to upgrade to s7?
Aubrey Angala (9 months ago)
is it worth it? can i use it for hmmm, vlogging and recording moments? even it lacks OIS
Patrick Sanchez (9 months ago)
Aubrey Angala oo aubrey napaka linaw nya :)
The Plug (9 months ago)
why aren't galaxy a5 a7 and a3 not on the website or at carriers?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
The 2017 a5 is not available in the US just Canada and other parts of the world. I mention that in the video
mark jayo tomimbang (9 months ago)
nice review but a5 2017 front camera is fixed focus . subscribed
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Thanks Mark!
iceice beybe (9 months ago)
wow such an honest review love it! thank you
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+iceice beybe you're welcome! Glad I could help 🙌
Jessica Pona (9 months ago)
perfect Review! thank you! what about your wallpaper? where did you find it?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Jessica Pona you're welcome! Wallpaper is from an app called backdrops
Ben (9 months ago)
Nice video
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Ben (9 months ago)
Yep ,this is how you explain about a tech👍and you got any giveaways?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+Ben Thanks Ben!
Roi (9 months ago)
I'm currently on an iPhone 5, and I find it interesting than the S6 and 1+3.
Fiala Cagurangan (4 months ago)
Roi sameee
Justin Maxwell (9 months ago)
u said its not coming to the US but I bought mine from Amazon , and it was shipped FROM the US lol. yes the galaxy a5 (2017)
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
Ya it's probably a private seller. But no carriers are selling it
Daniel Prawira (9 months ago)
This phone is currently booming in Asian Market as well. I bought this phone in Indonesia around 1 month ago, and I absolutely loved it. Too bad, I didn't see the A3 and A7 variants in Canada tho.
Mr. Wayne (9 months ago)
its already in the US wtf is this guy talking about?
Matthew Moniz (9 months ago)
+lean_over_madness the new a5 2017 model is not coming to the US. You're probably referring to the 2016 model
Mr. Wayne (9 months ago)
its already in the US wtf is this guy talking about?
Aubrey Angala (9 months ago)
lean_over_madness things are getting updated. 😊 maybe before its not shown and now it's already world wide.
Muzzicorn~ (9 months ago)
It's impossible to find custom cases for the a5

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