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Every Slenderman appearance in MarbleHornets & TribeTwelve

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Sorry if I missed any :C Only contains footage up to Entry #54 and November 11th Also technically one of them is from totheark but I am counting that as MarbleHornets. Sorry I'm not including EverymanHYBRID, I haven't watched it all, I'm not sure which Slenderman is which and I'm too lazy anyway. Credit to TribeTwelve/MarbleHornets/totheark for the original footage. I do not own or have any rights for said footage. p.s. I didn't level out any of the audio so sorry for any ear-rapes.
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Text Comments (256)
woodlandwendigo (28 days ago)
There he is, the man, the legend
Master of EVERYTHING (30 days ago)
The one at 1:50.. That's not Slenderman. It's Hoodie
Stagpie Talks (2 months ago)
Man I remember when I first watched this, before all the slenderman memes came out, he was actually a pretty scary concept
xXJacksonStormGamer150Xx (2 months ago)
On 8/20/17 dude my camera glitched out and slender arrive on my footage I am not joke like this 1:42
Havic 22123 (4 months ago)
Some of those arent slenderman
ItZ Emily! The dog lover (4 months ago)
I’m watching this I get a call from my friend and the ringtone is static
ItZ Emily! The dog lover (4 months ago)
I am so confused are these people recreating slender man?
ItZ Emily! The dog lover (4 months ago)
I am confusion are these people the creators for slender man?
ItZ Emily! The dog lover (4 months ago)
Is the person dressed as slender man a friend or something,
itsSkylerM's Memes (4 months ago)
1:45 that was actually hoodie
oriana garrido (5 months ago)
I'm here to commemorate my memories before they get ruined by the upcoming movie *unless it's not shit... But I can't be too prepared, can I?*
National geo (6 months ago)
3:59 What is this one called?+
Sr. ThermiX (6 months ago)
I think TT has the better editing MH is better because he is suddle and still "creppyish" I just wish these shows were scarier
JTF (8 months ago)
gimmie 20 dollars
Eli cat (1 year ago)
thre is something so wrong about seeing slenderman walking that I just don't understand. im used to seeing him just stand there
NetJunky (1 year ago)
Am I the only person here who wants to know all the episodes in this video?
brynnypoo (1 year ago)
They people who made Marble Hornets are better at suspense than some high-budget horror movies.
The Legend 27 (1 year ago)
one side is telling me he's real other side telling me he's fake kinda lost..
OtakuDreams-kun (1 year ago)
1:46 is hoodie not The Operator (THAC TVs version of slender man)
Paul Fraatz (1 year ago)
T h E o P e R a T o R s H a L l T a K e Y o U
John Jordan Baleros (1 year ago)
K Beck (1 year ago)
0:45 he came to check on you and tuck you in like the good mother slendy he is
Paul Fraatz (1 year ago)
Will Dransfield (1 year ago)
Slender man is real
Jose Maldonado (2 months ago)
Lmaoooo go stab someone
Booty Crusader (1 year ago)
Also Slender Man was created by the internet.
The Player (1 year ago)
no, these are just scenes of slenderman appearances in the web series Marble Hornets, and TribeTwelve, still, i recommend you to watch those series
TribeTwelve Is Better Because That Slenderman Has Tentacles
OtakuDreams-kun (1 year ago)
M8 Tribetwelve can't be better because it had tentacles cuz in a marble hornets it's not slender it's the operator which was made to have no tentacles and the creators of MH said they wanted it to be different from the slender man so yeah you can't compare them when it's different villains
Danae Drei (1 year ago)
Kimmy Boy (1 year ago)
I think it's fine that you prefer TribeTwelve over Marble Hornets but to be fair, although Marble Hornets is a Slenderman series, it doesn't use the actual Slenderman. Marble Hornets has "The Operator" (basically their version if Slender) and there's a lot of differences between him, and the modern day Slender, one of them being The Operator doesn't have any tentacles. And just a heads up, you might want to reword what you said next time. Saying you like TribeTwelve just because Slender has tentacles in it is a stupid reason to say it's superior. Bitch, Marble Hornets created Slenderman's ability to cause static and teleport. Plus they contributed more to creating the lore than any other webseries or movie ever will. Honestly, MH really deserves more respect for what it's done. Just sayin'.
I like their editing skills, THEIR AWESOME!
Adam McKibben (2 years ago)
To everyone saying it's "fake". These are both parts of scripted online show series. They obviously aren't real.
SuperIsSarcastic (7 months ago)
DAGR150 No, it's a scripted web series. The creators have been at panels and not named what their characters are.
xXJacksonStormGamer150Xx (9 months ago)
The Entry Is Actually Real But it not fake Because Slender Is Not Fake Guy Made In 2012 So All Those Footage Are really Real
Joshuaca1158 (10 months ago)
Who ever is saing that he is real there a dumbass
Son Goku (10 months ago)
Adam McKibben Slenderman is real is a demon
Bubba Sawyer (1 year ago)
Adam McKibben actually he is real...
Packin amac (2 years ago)
He was like oh shit
Keizsa Yjelle Deato (2 years ago)
Slender was scarier at the videos of TribeTwelve. This is sooooooooooooooooooo believable to be honest
tamara jones (2 years ago)
When he's in the house I would would have mute my phone or if my friend was there with me and it was her/his phone I would say'' Nigga I said turn that shit down he's in the goddamn house.
tamara jones (2 years ago)
Yeah he is
Sean Jordan (2 years ago)
Lol 0:05 slenderman was running
WakeBlake (3 years ago)
Slender is more aggressive in TribeTwelve
OtakuDreams-kun (1 year ago)
Not really in Tribetwelve slender didn't do that much harm but the collective did for him but in marble hornets he was making people fall to the ground coughing blood and making them lose their memories
Pancake (3 years ago)
Marble hornets videos are actually quite believable, The others, Not so much.
Brownie Sundown (2 months ago)
It was the only one that really stuck with the whole "recording my own experiences" shtick. Worked out well for them.
Under Garmin (10 months ago)
Aaron Tube everymanHYBRID and TribeTwelve take place in the same story and Noah actually gets involved with them several times.
BlindFaith (1 year ago)
It starts as a memorial channel to find out why his cousin killed himself then he gets followed by the observer fag
BlindFaith (1 year ago)
TribeTwelve is good
EJwolfyXD (2 years ago)
+Aaron Tube I just started watching it. so far, Evan Is my fave 😄
Ziviozerk (3 years ago)
What's worse than seeing slender man walking?
[GD]DatMemeBoi (2 months ago)
Ziviozerk him running , well if he can
The Loud house lover (6 months ago)
When he wiggles all his 8 tentacles and runs full speed at you
Tyler Keller (1 year ago)
when he shakes his head or ever moves at all honestly
DarkLord (3 years ago)
ka bam (3 years ago)
Lol second to last one scared the shit out of me XD gg
notamuffin (3 years ago)
lol at 1:41 duuur *Static* deeer
The Annoying Computer (3 years ago)
Durning night I feel watched. Every time I look I see a black like creature move away from my door. I can baley sleep
Aric Zhuang (1 year ago)
I was the slender man actor
Kimmy Boy (1 year ago)
Finally! Someone else who knows that Slenderman and The Operator aren't the same thing.
wolfboy6300 (2 years ago)
+Aric Zhuang well of course it's fake lol, if the Operator and slenderman were real in these series, the actors would all be dead lol, and also we might die because we have seen them, therfore the sickness would spread to us hahaaha.......oh god lol
h4rdzen channel (3 years ago)
3:57 WTF?! Slenderman is with the his tentekales
jay.p tikaroa. (3 years ago)
tribe twelve is video editing it what a fagot not erpderp
jay.p tikaroa. (3 years ago)
1:31  1 is a real one     2:14 and tis one is bullsit as fuck
jay.p tikaroa. (3 years ago)
22 or 21 to i mean 20 to 26 is a bunch of bull sit  0:20 to 0:26 
Brandy Oldham (3 years ago)
I believe slender is real BUT most vids forget that slender can make techs go out or (for cams) go haywire and fuzzy.
Milkycharizard (5 months ago)
MilesScatter daddy issues.
Justin Gonzalez (3 years ago)
talferra (4 years ago)
The 4:03 video is of who
fefoto fefof (4 years ago)
If in 1:50 Slender Man appeared so Slender Man is totheark. He recorded this video.
Dezzy Elise (4 years ago)
1:16 - 1:25 I just now noticed slender man hunched over behind Tim in the window O.o ...I've seen that clip like 6 times and just now noticed him
ThatJ4ke (4 years ago)
4:01 was my favourite!
lick me (4 years ago)
Totheark spying on Jay LOL:))))
MikeMic productions (4 years ago)
omg this is real! this shit is real! +herpderp12399 
Jack Fulcher IV (4 years ago)
What video is 2:59 from?!
Kimmy Boy (1 year ago)
Entry 52
Rebecca Finkbiner (4 years ago)
0:50 really creeps me out
oMarkyMark (4 years ago)
Lol slenderman in bell bottom pants HAA GAYY!
the normal one (4 years ago)
Slendy is so cute i like him :-)
JRBUC26 (4 years ago)
And 4:08
ka bam (3 years ago)
JRBUC26 (4 years ago)
3:57 it's so fake
TheMicollman (4 years ago)
+Brakeable100 It is fake, Jay Alex and Tim did an interview about it, I think Alex's real name is Joseph
Milkycharizard (5 months ago)
Fuck this is four years old.
Milkycharizard (5 months ago)
Brakeable100 Neither do you, since this isn't creepypasta :)
Brakeable100 (4 years ago)
wow, you don't know so much of Creepypasta at all!!
Fredrick Aldo (4 years ago)
i believe its true
Brakeable100 (4 years ago)
To Everyone who hasn't seen MarbelHornets videos, stop and say "fake" beacuse you fags haven't all the entry's. I have seen every video that comes out!
Xeno (4 years ago)
TribleTwelve are so faked videos. MH too but it looks more real.
Michael Young (4 years ago)
Omfg that's so fake....but for some reason it's still kinda scary
WeazzyWolf (4 years ago)
0:48 guys this is not Slendy, It's Alex, watch the entry
WeazzyWolf (4 years ago)
dat profile pic
John Enigma (4 years ago)
I think both of them are awesome. What with the special effects and all. Credit to MarbleHornets and TribeTwelve. Keep up the good work.
MineLoLCraft Sovjak (4 years ago)
MarbleHornets is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the guy behind you (4 years ago)
Pretty retarded
claire milz (4 years ago)
1:52 its not slenderman its the hoody guy tta
TheNobody (4 years ago)
If I would of seen that nigga on an airplane I would of just said fuck it.
Azree (4 years ago)
the slenderman is human.That is only a Story
MultiSlenderhunters (4 years ago)
Thank you
kaijufan1998 (4 years ago)
Entry 37
MultiSlenderhunters (4 years ago)
witch entry?
kaijufan1998 (4 years ago)
Marble Hornets
Genesis Montejo (4 years ago)
How the hell do you not notice slenderman on the plane? There was a bunch of people there with him
MultiSlenderhunters (4 years ago)
At 1:44 was that marble hornets or tribetwelve?
Matthew Adams (4 years ago)
I actually heard him.in my basement/wreckroom and i.remembered how you to avoid is not to move and I didnt. Hes been gone ever since that week.
Perdolphite (4 years ago)
oh man this stuff never scares me, it actually makes me giggle. Slenderman is like the "where's waldo?" of creepiness. Every time I spot him I pat myself on my back. thanks for showing some that I missed :D
Charlie Brown Castle (4 years ago)
slenderman ahhh
ElementSlender (4 years ago)
If you guys are interested in the Marble hornets series. I would like to let every one know Ive been experiencing alot of crazy crap like this. If you would like to see. Please Click the channel Button. It will be much appreciated.
TheBestBro Itsderek (4 years ago)
Lol Didn't Scare Me Subscribe Plzz Not Commanding
Reziroid (4 years ago)
Him standing still just watching is pretty creepy but once the tentacles come out, you can tell it's fake and it's not as believable.
Crome (4 years ago)
There's proof that marblehornets isn't real, but I can't find proof that Slenderman doesn't exist
sentertha (5 years ago)
What about tribetwelve
Jake Andrews (5 years ago)
God that's funny. It's all really bad special effects. I especially like when they think every shadow is it.
Vanquisher (5 years ago)
Justin Gifford (5 years ago)
Definitely could feel the tight-tingly feeling on the back of my neck watching that whole bit. Creepy as hell.
Kir0 (5 years ago)
1. How the hell did he take a body by just standing and teleporting 2. Camera reacts when he is in sight, emitting weird and creepy noises. 3. Seeing him then hiding is no use, just run. 4. I see now, that he spawns tentacles. 5. Charging at him was a VERY BAD move, son (Whoever did that) 6. And HOW THE HELL DOES HE GO INTO AN AIRPLANE UP HIGH!? 7. Going near him is also a bad move.. (The part where the guy became weak and fell down) 8. How can he also trespass in houses too?? O_O
Shnooks (5 years ago)
We all know its fake, but its fun to believe it. It gives us that chill feeling. Marble Hornets is my favorite because of the amazing acting and special effects in it.
Nah there's proof that it isn't, still an awesome series though
Monica Valdez (5 years ago)
i dont its all bull shit
Erik Disasterpiece (5 years ago)
Slenderman = Creation of satan, now I'm gonna be haunted for this
Spencer G. (5 years ago)
he never listens -.-
Spencer G. (5 years ago)
KZentyneL Videos (5 years ago)
Slender Man in AIRCRAFT???????!!!!!!!!! WTF?!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 years ago)
Tribe twelve is way too unrealistic, I like it allot but they overdo it sometimes. Sad to see all these kids thinking pewdieshit created slenderman.
thezman9001 (5 years ago)
I found out how to survive the slenderman. real or not this is very cool and good for slender games.... it's also good in case he comes too life..... :P ok first off. promise NOT TOO EVER tell anyone about him. he must not be belived.... 2nd off. if that dosn't work JUST RUN! always run, never hide, run and keep running never go into alone places, KEEP OUT OF ABANDON AREAS OR FORESTS!!!!!. 3rd of all. do not fear him, do not be worried. he can sence your fear. if you can't contain it run.
Crome (5 years ago)
Well Done Making A Stupid Choice..

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