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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review - 2 Weeks Later

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Text Comments (870)
SuperSaf TV (7 months ago)
So, what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
яαzιк (3 months ago)
SuperSaf TV battery is very low.. basically I'm a heavy user. Is it suitable for me? Which one is best on note 8 or one plus 5t? I want long lasting battery. Atleast a day. Pls suggest
Uday Satish (3 months ago)
Thats a great phone...
Mike Hunt (4 months ago)
Seth Yang Only someone who takes it up the ads from Tim Cooke would say that.
Tommy Bayshore (4 months ago)
Love. It easy to scratch though
Seth (4 months ago)
SuperSaf TV it’s a piece of shit.
MrZz Raksa (11 days ago)
How much
yanz lapz (14 days ago)
Thats great phone
Games 4 Days (1 month ago)
Why does everyone think glass is slippery? Imo my HTC 10 that is all metal is wayyyyy more slippery than my note 8. The glass sticks to your skin. Still getting a case but not slippery to me at all actually nice grip.
MetalMatt2510 (1 month ago)
had my unnlocked Note 8 since launch but decided to try the video camera out at a gig, noticed some stutter every now and them. Could this be that i was recording straight to the SD card? I was also filming at 9mb mega pixel 16:9 but wondered what 12mb 4:3 ratio would be like. have you done a video comparing 16:9 and 4:3 ratio as i wondered what would be better when filming gigs. 4:3 gives me the higher 12mb mega pixel but 16:9 gives me a lower 9mb mega pixel. I have the means to alter the video in sony vegas afterwards.
Jalen Rose41 (1 month ago)
how many iris input can the note take? what if im wearing colored lens can i register multiple iris input to unlock the phone?
George Arroyo (2 months ago)
Awesome phone!!!
Chris K (2 months ago)
Nice video
JermoOnTheSticks 1 (2 months ago)
I love my Note 8
Zuper Mario (3 months ago)
i really wanna know about battery i wanna get this device and iam a heavy User.????🤔
Glen Navarro Moscoso (3 months ago)
Note 8 o pixel 2 XL?
Kwame Nkunim (3 months ago)
I became an android user in 2018. Apple is overrated for nothing ! Scum Here I come for the note 8🏃🏾‍♂️
cole streater (3 months ago)
I got the same color. Gets a lot of compliments
Robin Mhel Nelson (4 months ago)
My last smartphone for 2017. -note 8
Khalil Alsareheed (4 months ago)
I bought the Note 8 and after 5 days of light use it just had the NEW ISSUE of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black Screen of Death.... please talk about that!! There are things that are acceptable and things are not when it comes to a phone... I can live with bending, ok with locked uncustomizable software... But I AM NOT OK with the phone EXPLODING... or turning BLACK and never going BACK!
TAMOOR ALI SIDHU (3 months ago)
Khalil Alsareheed did you get a replacement?
Ubaid Najeeb (4 months ago)
Man , i bought my note 8 and my camera is all super grainy!! Please help me out. Is it with everyone?
Adam Macias (4 months ago)
I'm surprised no one ever says, "The S Pen is very handy if you just want a day without fingerprints on the screen."
Captain Autismo (4 months ago)
So... is it 17 or 18 degrees where you are?
Hassan Shah (4 months ago)
Hi sic channel bro very informative what would you say is better note 8 or the mate 10 pro
Gary Foster (4 months ago)
you say two whatsapp accounts. Is that only for the dual sim phone? or can i single sim phone also do that?
hector ponce (4 months ago)
Note 8 the beast
hector ponce (4 months ago)
My main thing is I can do more with android phones ,than ever with Apple simple 😎
Anwaar Samai (5 months ago)
I think I will be upgrading to the Note 8 from my 3 year old S5, especially since it's on sale on Amazon right now for $768 USD.
John Gabriel (5 months ago)
Must have small hands . I have not problem using the finger print scanner.
Nero X (5 months ago)
lol 0sama bin laden son giving reviews on phones 😂😂
I.N.Kreations (5 months ago)
Hi Saf, I wanted to know about the battery life , I am user of note 5 , I want to upgrade now with either note 8 or S8+, so I am a heavy user of youtube and Web surfing so how is the battery performance will last all day , my note 5 did a good job before but now battery performance is not that good , I sometimes have to charge it two times a day. So what is your say. Thanks in advance. Regards, IBRAHIM
Hui Lin (5 months ago)
Best cellphone 2017
Joonas Lappeteläinen (5 months ago)
Does screen protector effect how spen works?
John Gabriel (5 months ago)
Ok I finally have my own note8 and the fingerprint scanner is perfect for me. I hold my phone with my left hand any. Long fingers I guess.
Jashan Preet (5 months ago)
Using tech21 case for my 7+ and it really protects
Michael Hardy (5 months ago)
Bad Battery life note 8
Juan Sanchez (5 months ago)
I love it but I want to get in blue colour please let me know where I can order one from SUPERSAF thanks
Juan Sanchez (5 months ago)
Hey how U manage to get the blue colour Note 8 please let me know here in the UK thanks SUPERSAF
LT GFX (6 months ago)
My girlfriend just recently bought the s7 and we are really upset about the front facing camera. Since it is a wide angle lens, it sort of distorts the outer edges of the pictures, same as the Note 4 which I currently own. The main reason why I want to purchase this phone is because of the camera. Does the selfie camera distort the photos for the note 8
Charles Douglas Shoaff (6 months ago)
Question: Do all the cases allow wireless charging? Doug
Sneaks Man (6 months ago)
I upgraded from Note 2 to Note 8. Happy with this phone.
Santiago Ricaurte (6 months ago)
I'm from Colombia. First time watching a full video from your channel and is great... I love the fact that you talk about screen on time.
MadnessMobile (6 months ago)
This may sound dumb but the price 'is what it is'. When the iPhone X launches more people will come forward justifying the price than they ever have when considering devices like the Note 8 or the V30. The over-rated Apple device will retail for $1300 in Canada plus taxes, coming in close to $1700. Robbery. You're best off with an Android as there are so many choices and costs will be lower for devices with just as many or actually more features than any iPhone.
Chris Mack (6 months ago)
I have the iPhone 8plus now I’m going to the note8 I’m coming home Samsung....
Alexander Ramos (6 months ago)
My favorite feature is the s pen and the app pair!👍🏽 Great video!
David Johnson (6 months ago)
Hi Supersaf I hope you reply..what camera do you use to film your reviews??
L3G3ND (6 months ago)
Update : it's September 2018 and the Note 8 is still the best phone ever.
John Gaetano (6 months ago)
SS, Great review. The question i have, is Note 8 over iPhone 8 Plus? Note 8 a no brainer?
Sweetexorcist7 (6 months ago)
Great video man!
Belle Fabulous (6 months ago)
officially in love with your reviews, subbed now. keep up the good work
Harry Chaitanya (6 months ago)
Hi Saf, My mobile doesn't charge. It says-'Charging stopped. Battery temperature too low. Charging will continue once it returns to normal temperature.' I tried many options to charge the mobile. using usb, using different charger, using power bank, using mobile to mobile charger. Any idea what to do. :(
CW PRODIGY (6 months ago)
I got this phone and I'm living my dream It's got all the features that I've ever wanted in a phone Battery life is great for me
Asif Ahmed (6 months ago)
Please compare Note 8 Camera with Sony QX1 mirrorless camera.
Snatch Stuff (6 months ago)
I’ll be moving away from Apple to the Note 9
ghs77 (6 months ago)
I love muhameed safs reviews they are so good.
Donte Bailey (6 months ago)
Us left handed guys have no issues wit the fingerprint scanner LoL
PHIL ANTROPE (6 months ago)
Salut du Québec,,, Je crois qu'un Note 8 avec stéréo haut parleur et 4K 60 ips aurait donner a ce Smartphone la note Parfaite !!! :)
Surbhi Navali (6 months ago)
i like it n u reviwed it well
huskynox1 (6 months ago)
10 days later and I'm returning my Note 8.  Going back to the Note 5.  Look and feel of the Note 8 is nice, but performance is no better, in fact, the Note 5 runs smoother on Nougat.  Disappointed!
Groozer Tech (6 months ago)
SuperSaf TV please do the camera comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30.
Sparky_124 (6 months ago)
Am I the only note 8 user who is having issues with YouTube video quality? on 144p it's all blurry. And the Wi-Fi is slow (that one might just be me though) any advice would be appreciated
Corvette man071 (6 months ago)
Best phone ever.
akextremerickert (6 months ago)
I got the note 3 with special 6500 mah battery. Will the note 8 battery be too small? I'm concerned
Raymond Chiu (6 months ago)
Note 8 are more for professional people these are not for you to play a few games or listen to music. Compare with the similar price of Iphone 8, I will definitely got the note 8
Dillon T (6 months ago)
Raymond Chiu ehhh I wouldn’t limit it to just professionals. As a college student this phone is also very useful. I think this phone could be great for those who want a productivity device (professionals/students) and then those who want a great multimedia experience.
TheJoker (6 months ago)
Just got my Note 8 and can't wait to go home and set it up!
bullfrogthem (6 months ago)
Hi guys! Hi SuperSaf! This is Fred. I just got my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 today. And upon careful inspection at home one night, I think I have what people online are saying as "light bleeding." There's this light coming through where the glass meets metal, on the entire length of the left side. I originally thought it was normal, but the right side of the phone only had this light emanating from the upper-right corner. Have you noticed this issue with your device? I am really worried now. For a phone this costly, I feel like this is unnacceptable. Or is this just normal and does not compromise the water-resistance of the phone? Should I return this? I hope I can hear your thoughts on this.
zaostalyy (6 months ago)
Thank You Supersaf. I just want to say, that you are doing a really great job, great and objective videos...To Note 8. I think that this is the king of smartphones. Amazing device.
Vince Tuason (6 months ago)
Hey saf, been thinking of getting the note 8 compared to the s8+. Just want to know if the s8+ has also the stabilizer and live focus mode? and is it worth the upgrade? Thanks! looking forward to your recommendation. ✌🏻
ali jawed (6 months ago)
can someone please tell me when will samsung release note 8 blue colour in other regions as well?
Art Manuel (6 months ago)
jamardoogle2 jones (6 months ago)
Yo Google where my Pixel XL2 at?!
mikldude (6 months ago)
I would love the note 8 , but I have the S8+ and I'm growing too love it , maybe next year I will grab the note 8 when the price comes down a tad as it no doubt will , I still use my note 4 at times 😁..... Never without a note ..
ricardo figueras (6 months ago)
What's the case you have and why do you like it my friend
William Hughes (6 months ago)
U make me jealous u have the blue 8 all we have in the US is black and grey
Hasan Farhan (6 months ago)
You are a very honest reviewer
Lohit Tharian (6 months ago)
Is there any heating issues on galaxy Note 8??
matt1523 (6 months ago)
Lohit Tharian- after 10 days with the phone i have not noticed any. It is an awesome sauce phone
Justice Forall (6 months ago)
That's what I like about it. I can sign documents, pdf files, contract, etc.. It just has more innovation that iPhone. And that screen is just..... niiiiiice. Real nice.
Ali Amir (6 months ago)
My s8 plus comes with a pen too
shamarone (6 months ago)
vague resemblance to King Leonidas. that guy's into smartphones...? cool, who knew...?
orb (7 months ago)
best phone ever
contagiousFX (7 months ago)
how do you get 2 snap chat to work? does it require to download an app?
contagiousFX (7 months ago)
color blue is soo nice!
Tarek Majzoub (7 months ago)
Ugly phone
Bronwyn Corgi Lovah (7 months ago)
Took my Unlocked Note 8 (on Verizon LTE+) out for my first real world test today. Screen on time 5hrs 42min (max screen resolution with brightness just shy of 50%, mostly social media, online shopping and YT at 720p/1080p) and for the first time since owning my Motorola Bionic I made it through my entire day on a single charge (on the charger at 13%). The Note 8 is simply put a beast. Friends and strangers alike ask me is this phone worth 1k, and my answer is a resounding yes... if you can afford it.
Don Brascoe (7 months ago)
Solid review as always. Saf, you are the Chris Harris of phones! Keep it up!
Glenn Helm (7 months ago)
Thank you
char hannah (7 months ago)
Great video, thanks for all of the info.
Joe Hendrson (7 months ago)
I have seen many reviews on the note 8 I own one but I wish folks stop comparing it to the s8 and s8 plus I think there are note folks and s phones folks and iPhone folks. I think these phones are made for two different things and lifestyles note phones are phablets just because phone is big that do not make it a note style of phone. I feel that some of these reviews are a bit bias because they say the note 8 is 930 dollars well you pay phablet because of what it can do. A S phone has good things going for it but it not a note and if you do not want the note today give it 3 – 6 month the price will go down.
Shah Ji (7 months ago)
Brother can you make a video on Bixby ? How to use and all in detail
kuneek mathur (7 months ago)
Pls compare LG v30 vs note 8
Kelsey Griffin (7 months ago)
I have an asthmatic daughter. Having the o2 saturation reader was worth every penny.
EVER NAIJA (7 months ago)
Watching this on my note8's beautiful display
Neill Ferguson (7 months ago)
Wouldn't mind see a drop test of this phone
Patricia Arnedo (7 months ago)
tech21 cases really are the best! I am a butter fingers and I drop my phone ALL the time, and there isn't a single scratch on it! Excited to put one on my new note 8 :D
BONOKI BONOKI (7 months ago)
SuperSaf, for your 2-week review of Galaxy Note8. it makes me evermore excited for next years' Note9 & it make me more appreciative of my Note Edeg because the finger print scanner is home button on the front.
Jarrell Cansler (7 months ago)
I love the note 8 series. I think between the software and hardware its worth the price.
Ryan Deery (6 months ago)
Jarrell Cansler Have you had much lag ?
jcast 0311 (7 months ago)
Just got my wife and I the Note 8. She got the black and I got the Silver colored one. Unlocked of course! Do not regret it at all!
JPBD 1990 (7 months ago)
5 hours on screen time is terrible for a phone of this size.
Mushroomstamp (7 months ago)
one of the best displays out there? its by far the best display of all time check some stats jesus
Takatoshi lee (7 months ago)
Very good video! Thank you very much for your work.
BigpoppaKC (7 months ago)
Who pays $40-$50 for a case these days
zackam1306 (7 months ago)
Picking mine up tomorrow. Bye bye iphone
Rori Leal (7 months ago)
What color is that?
sparkes44 (7 months ago)
Go to mobiles.co.uk I got unlimited texts n calls plus 3gb internet for £29 a month over 2 years + £200 up front that's £896 for the phone and plan for 2 years...that's literally like the plan is a pound a month and you buy the phone Mental
jadaress901 (6 months ago)
sparkes44 should have searched online for the discount code there always doing them. I got exact same deal as you but with the £15.00 discount. If you check the site now the deals are more expensive.
Lionel Colon (7 months ago)
dislocacion de Patela

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