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Audi Fluids - Audi Maintenance Tips

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Text Comments (8)
Mihai Petrescu (10 days ago)
Salut, de pe ce site pot comanda toate aceste fluide....in special uleiul de motor si cel de cutie de viteze. Mersi anticipat
Mihai Petrescu (10 days ago)
Ok. Multumesc mult de ajutor
99Vehicles TV (10 days ago)
Salut! In Romania le poti gasi la Materom, Unix, Auto-Total. Sau la vreun service. Sau chiar la reprezentanta. Unix mi se pare cel mai safe. Sunt mai scjmpe dar sunt OEM garantat.
Adithya Dusty (12 days ago)
Please do keep uploading videos.really helpful.
99Vehicles TV (12 days ago)
Thanks! I will
Cecil Abayasinghe (14 days ago)
thanks...I used this time shell Helix ultra 5W-40....is it any problem of Shell????coz your suggestion is castrol or Mobil...n can I used it till next 10.000 km..
99Vehicles TV (13 days ago)
As long as you have the VW codes right, it’s fine
Nodwaa (14 days ago)
Any advise please. Have an e46. When I turn AC it makes a high pitch noise. Still ice cold but just bought a UV light to check for a leak. Sound goes away after turning AC off. Thanks

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