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Inside a Chinese tech giant

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CNNMoney takes a look inside the campus of Huawei, one of China's top technology companies.
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Maeu Daou (2 months ago)
We have enough ugly chinks in the US. Don't let them in.
david w (5 months ago)
Many don't expect that Huawei actually a very massive tech company. Their 2017 revenue is larger than the mighty Japanese Sony or Panasonic.
Yonexsp (6 months ago)
99% of comments "China is great best place , Americans say it's not untrue" 1% *1 comment I actually found from an Indian guy* "India is the future China will be overtaken in 2018"
Milan Rawal (13 days ago)
India is full of rapist. 😂😂😂😂😂
Bogusgal (28 days ago)
Pinky the Brain (7 months ago)
CNN is American, and it is natural for everything NOT made in US somehow negative except that was in the past.  There is something people seldom realize, they are graduates from China Universities learning basic science and technology in Chinese, meaning fast and deep, a necessity for originality and innovation.
辉煌中国AmazingChina (7 months ago)
Baidu Mel (8 months ago)
There is 25 % workers in Silicon Valley are Chinese but for the Chinese to become CEO in America is less than 2 % chance of overall worker, so the Chinese tech ppl. should stay in China , They have better chance to be come CEO in China.
qwerty51899 (8 months ago)
Chinese are one of a kind. Reserved/Intelligent/reticent/hard-working and hierarchial .The org culture of chinese companies reflects that. Pretty difficult for other people to adjust and excel in a chinese work culture.
Dipak Basu (8 months ago)
China has no technology. They steal everything from other countries and then made a mess.
supa3ek (5 months ago)
Dipak Basu ....this coming from an Indian guy lol !
Steven Huang (8 months ago)
only stupid people tell the world that you steal to become the world power! Please enlighten yourself!
Jesus Vicente Fernandez (9 months ago)
"there is no corporate life after work hours" CNN has to find something negative to say. It is a difference of culture. It does not mean a loss of productivity or teamwork. on the contrary Chinese companies like Huawei did not even exist a few years ago and now they can lay waste to their western competitors. That is what Huawei did to Ericsson, etc.
Abhay Achal (9 months ago)
Fake, India will overtake China in 2018. India is and will be the next superpower
wahab zaki (4 months ago)
India soon will be super power of countries among rapes and molesters
Kay y. Hong (7 months ago)
India is a lost cause --- it will surely fade into obscurity.
paulmaking1980 (9 months ago)
China is the global centre of innovation! China is the future!
Miley WL (10 months ago)
The eatry got more fancy now, btw.
yoshinosakura (10 months ago)
LOL at that last sentense. This guy, if working at silicon valley he'd be making well over 10000 USD per month. Go figure.
Teguh Santoso (11 months ago)
60,000 employee for knock of other company product, well done china you have a good job there
light n shadow (1 month ago)
Teguh Santoso If lawsuit is the way how you figure out innovation or none, do some search on law suits among international tech companies, you'd be amazed, and confused at the same time how often they sue each others.
The Legend (6 months ago)
+张铁柱: I guess he is from the land of the free either a victim of fake news propaganda or contributing in one.
The Legend (6 months ago)
Seems like you have been fed a good dose of US media propaganda. On Global Innovation Index China ranks at 22nd position and above countries like Australia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Italy. The last one is a G7 country. https://www.globalinnovationindex.org/analysis-indicator
Teguh Santoso (9 months ago)
Just be honest when you asked me!!! Huawei had many issue in patents and copyright, Cisco has sues Huawei In Patent, Copyright Dispute and anything product has invented by huawei have many similarities, like FusionModule1000A similar with HPE MDC data center, I'm not accused Huawei as copy paste company but this what I see in many chinese corporate copy and sell as low as possible. Try became price predators
张铁柱 (9 months ago)
Can you tell me how Huawei become the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world just by copying, ignorant shit
Bill Y. (11 months ago)
WTF.😯 No mention of HUMAN RIGHTS, CNN failed. 😎
列龙 (1 year ago)
American will say ,Chinese companies copy American technology
The Legend (6 months ago)
This is a form of brainwashing to make fools believe what is not true or at least not the whole story.
AznGosu (1 year ago)
The editing here is quite BBC
Jason Salz (1 year ago)
2:33-2:44, what's wrong with paying for all your stuff? Although they do pay, but they pay reasonable amount for it. This doesn't create lazy mentality that you expect government to take care of you all the time.
ghost (1 year ago)
F**k CNN
Dario Mendoza (1 year ago)
democracy is just one part of the Puzzle but there are many more ways to make in Life and the Chinese oriental Culture are the Proof!!
Joe Woo (1 year ago)
Fuckin learn Chinese, It's Shenzhen rather than Shenzen
Blu (1 year ago)
the chinese do not hate americans, they love americans. i mean, they have two disneylands! and they love fate of the furious
Zane Tursun (1 year ago)
people just say ow $600 dollars thats too little, however chinese yuan is valued at 1/7 value of American dollars, or the new graduate salary is more than 4000 yuan, which is considered good wage.
boris martynov (1 year ago)
Alarm setting too difficult for understanding. Huaway is IDIOTIC company/. Enginerers - IDIOTS
Arch Stanton (1 year ago)
1,600 U.S. dollars per month? No fucking wonder American companies are moving to China and trump thinks he can stop it????
Leonal88 (1 year ago)
Arch Stanton sixteen hundreds dollar per month. dumbass
Thomas Guo (1 year ago)
Not $600 ,it's $1600 per month.understand?
Chen Shi (1 year ago)
待化的冰 (1 year ago)
CNN, what a role model of "freedom of speech" and "free press".
alwin bajaj (1 year ago)
work for american company?? the courage of that wicked crowley to ask that question to a Chinese in China!!
Ha Ba (1 year ago)
China have to stop allow white people
YUANHANG SU (1 year ago)
It is true that sometimes Chinese companies would hire foreign professions to get jobs done, but that is all legal and done in respectful manner, just think about how many Chinese talents are "stolen" by silicon valley, then the US simply is discredit to use the word "copy cat"
The Legend (6 months ago)
US steals talent from other countries by spreading propaganda and misinformation like above which makes people in other countries believe that US is some kind of utopia. It is indeed utopia with highest rate of gun homicide, most prisoned inmates, almost half the population suffering from one or other kind of mental disease and live on antidepressants, racism is rife, Christian superstition is rife, anti-science people sitting in high offices, junk food is available in plenty and cheap to give you good dose of diseases and many other things.
YUANHANG SU (1 year ago)
I had worked for various Chinese high tech industries for the past few years. I was an engineer for China aerospace and Huawei. I found the copy cat thing screamed from foul mouth western media rather myth than reality. The western media does not know tech in the first place - copy sth. is really more difficult than just creating sth on ur own.
Yeah yeah ofcourse
Sharadini Raikar (10 months ago)
YUANHANG SU hi I am a electronics and telecommunications engineering can I work here
sky ciel (1 year ago)
the western media r just some nasty crusadic witches et crusadic rats, they have only the technologies of crusadic witches' lips et crystal balls. they r always the most beautiful roles in their magic mirror on the wall.....
YUANHANG SU (1 year ago)
The culture in the IT industry is more casual than Huawei style. Huawei used to be a hardware company, it now tries to rebrand itself to be an ICT (information-communication tech) company, but been an previous Huawei engineer, I have to say Huawei's mentality is more eastern than western and prioritize collectivism than individualism.
Nono Nana (6 months ago)
YUANHANG SU How do you distinguish between individualism and collectivism, since we're talking about business infrastructures or company's core values?
Cnn still managed to say something negative about something soo positive
Bruce Pathammavong (6 months ago)
ignore is norm CNN=fake news can not trust 100%
The Legend (6 months ago)
They had to fill their quota of such in this less than 4 minute long whatever it is.
Merkel Bennik (6 months ago)
Kehua H haha LOL , cnn and bbc are so magic
wildhorse023 (9 months ago)
But Black Dynamite I Sell Drugs to the Community! China Negative News
Forest James (1 year ago)
So you know CNN is also short for Chinese Negative News
Simon Cheng (2 years ago)
Sound interesting , I just got an offer from NYSE:CSCO upper-sea province FMR French colony , still thinking not enough qualified to there , but the chinese prefer JNPR /Palo/ checkpoint(IL)t, F5 , fortinet/IBM/HP/Fujitsu(JP)/Samsung(KR)/(FR)Alcatel lucent/SEMEN(DE) extreme network etc >_<
Zhu J.C. (2 years ago)
Maybe Huawei is just a hardware company making huge success in telecom devices, financial industry makes even more money but totally different culture looks even worse!
Nairuulagch (2 years ago)
60 000 engineers and their all products are copy after copy of iPhones, Dell, Sony!!
The Legend (6 months ago)
Kay y. Hong (7 months ago)
Please hide your ignorance and stupidity. Your prejudice keeps you in denial of the great progress Chinese companies have made in recent years.
Joe YF (8 months ago)
Nairuulagch Mongolia? Your land and your people are a good joke:)
劍Brian (1 year ago)
@Nairuulagch it's funny to see a person from a failed nation commenting about China's "failure".
Arthur Wong (1 year ago)
boris martynov yes, but they beat Nortel, Junipet, Errison, if they are idiots, I think the guys who worked in those companies are even worse than idiots
slhines7 (2 years ago)
This place reminds me of a farm or zoo.
The Legend (6 months ago)
And what do these places remind you of? https://wattsupwiththat.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/skid-row-los-angeles.jpg?w=720&h=430 https://i.ytimg.com/vi/biMoPBA7Who/maxresdefault.jpg https://cdni.rt.com/files/news/34/16/30/00/poverty.si.jpg https://cdni.rt.com/files/news/37/79/f0/00/children-food-stamps-poverty-rate.si.jpg
pahlawan bangsa (1 year ago)
slhines7 you your are jobless...
slhines7 (2 years ago)
Lol, oh and okay:) They are "all" pretty much the same things, depending on how one looks at it.
anon (2 years ago)
+slhines7 lol its better than where you work, lol american chicken factory worker

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