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Car Design: How to Become a Ferrari Graduate

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Find out what it takes to become a Ferrari Graduate. Full story: http://www.autoconception.com/ferrari-internship-graduate-programme-f-factor-final-gets-underway/
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vishalshrestha (1 year ago)
i am studing in bachelor of industrial engineering and i want to be the part of ferrari ....guide me please
Rajat vernekar (1 year ago)
what's the graduation of Italian guy?
Jeremy Ryder (1 year ago)
wow the Chinese guy was sooooooooo serious x10 couldn't even smile (it's a compliment) I like serious ppl tho but at least he could smile
Zrambol (2 years ago)
La ferrari e italiana e ne vado fiero
weewilly2007 (2 years ago)
Ah yes the chest out back straight school of engineering and design. A bold creative direction when such self evident power as well as elegance, is not tempered with some amount of down to earth sensibilities. Who could say no to such little red numbers
neo_ montanner (2 years ago)
i am getting that job
i promised one of friend to gift ferrari :p on the bassis of 10th class bet :p
yaskeyhack (3 years ago)
As I'm trying to go throught the internet (17yr old Junior in high school) I'm trying to find the best route to take to work in design with Ferrari. I hear things like "Production Engineering" and it makes me want to hop all in imidiatley thinking i've found the perfect path, But I'm not ever sure. I couldn't imagine what it must be like to be even close to the position that these lucky souls are in.
Mags M (10 months ago)
You can do industrial design and engineering. It's a lot of work but you can benefit from both.
abc xyz (1 year ago)
yaskeyhack do software engineering or else you'll regret later.
vishalshrestha (1 year ago)
can i also join you friend to know about ferrari ehich is also actually my dream
yaskeyhack (2 years ago)
+2660MHz I wanna say engineering. The mechanical aspect
2660MHz (2 years ago)
+yaskeyhack design is a field, engineering is another. which one do you prefer?

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