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Zef Zakaveli (Bar-barians) - Ironman

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Bar-barians & Zef tnx http://www.youtube.com/user/zakaveli Street Workout http://workoutinfo.ru/
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Text Comments (13)
Nase Nakov (22 days ago)
The king of street workout! respect :)
benjie blaxx (11 months ago)
ZEF no tricks no momentum straight reps sets and power!!
Yaya Bambinos (3 years ago)
Puff! This man is seriously strong
שחף ענני (4 years ago)
GO Workout! (4 years ago)
Jorel Byssainthe (4 years ago)
Clean muscle ups
Mª Lina Andreu (4 years ago)
Song please
Song plz
I am (4 years ago)
Woww!! Those perfect muscle ups! !!
MrFaberk (4 years ago)
macchina da guerra
Calisthenics strength (4 years ago)
how much do you weight 
Giuseppe Santovait (4 years ago)
il mito zef!!
actionman Ess (4 years ago)
The man is something else...I would say Super-Elite category , Right ?

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