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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs iPhone X Speed Test | CRAZY COMPARISON !

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Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro vs iphone x crazy comparison....we are doing comparison between a budget range and a flagship... SUBSCRIBE our channel for more great videos..
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Text Comments (883)
syed askari abbas (19 minutes ago)
iPhone X best
Topan Lesmana (4 hours ago)
Wait 2-3 seconds, and save A LOT OF MONEY. Works okey for me. LOL
ismail cankılıç (4 hours ago)
6000 TL vs 1400 TL ıphone x vs note 5 pro I chose note 5 pro :)
MARVALE STUDIOS (4 hours ago)
Atleast use the same apps(versions)
Roma Tevonyan (5 hours ago)
redmi faster in apps , iphone in games
ZipperGamesDE (6 hours ago)
Xiaomi 😍
Anwar Hussain (8 hours ago)
I think everyone is made comparing iPhone 10 with mi. If u want to do a real test reduce graphics of iPhone 10 then see. IPhone has very high graphic that's why it open late.
glaaadkm (9 hours ago)
750usd value
Rajan Singh (15 hours ago)
Note 5 pro was very good in price bale w/o Haar he kyu n.a. jay
Prajith Kc (16 hours ago)
Iphone vs Redmi!!!??? Is that make any sense??😕
ALEXANDER SUAREZ (21 hours ago)
amo el 💕redmi note 5💕
BS ВСЁ ОК (1 day ago)
Manash Pratem Saloi (1 day ago)
For me my mobile is win
Aaron Rajadurai (1 day ago)
I phone X may be faster but note 5 pro isn't slow as this...
Sidharth P (1 day ago)
How could you even compare 2 phones which are at different levels
Refal 1123 (1 day ago)
Hi tech tag!! I want redmi note 5 pro vs note 8 speed test. Hoping for your positive response.
Tanish (1 day ago)
To all the apple haters and mi lovers here , I think you all will keep your mouth shut after watching comparison video of these both after a year of usage. I think you all will hate mi lagging so hard after being used for a while 😂
Lakash sharma (1 day ago)
The people who are xiaomi mean the can't afford iPhone x (10) and the people saying xiaomi is best I tell you all that apple is most advance company in the world and net worth of 1 trillion and xiaomi has only worth of 92.4 billion
Akash official (1 day ago)
looks like iPhone is a gaming phone
Saroj Jha (1 day ago)
Note 5 pro and bro
SWATHI H (1 day ago)
Most of the apps those started first in i phone was game apps
rohan kumar (1 day ago)
Madhrchod compare Karen aata hai
Priyank Sisodia (1 day ago)
Jab mi 1 lakh ka set launch kregi to apple 🍏 ke beej bahar aa jayenge,, or mobile ka taz mi phnega
Priyank Sisodia (1 day ago)
Ye bhi koi test h
санек 001 (2 days ago)
ору 11000 против 70000 давайте сравним еще S8 и S3
yaar tumlog pagal ho ki humlog ko pagal bana rahe ho
Мда блять 60-100к и 15к
FLAYZI :3 (2 days ago)
100k vs 15k-NORM
Jose Jolly (2 days ago)
See the price difference...15k vs 100k... 😮... When taking that point in consideration Redmi is much better... It gives much features in low price... Anyway I am using note 5 pro and it is superb... And also u could've used black mi here in this video...Black is awesome... anyway nice video
Lata Rani (2 days ago)
Harsh Madaan (2 days ago)
Redmi is bettter than iphone
САНЯ КЭЙРОН (2 days ago)
САНЯ КЭЙРОН (2 days ago)
Arshdeep Singh (2 days ago)
I phone x Is Best Mi Bakwaaas ha
Mr.Extra Ordinary (2 days ago)
Me & Mi Both are the Best!!😘
RajNish kumar (3 days ago)
Garib ko amir se kyu compete karte ho?????
I like video made for you ,speed test,camera test,video test,slow motion test,and drop test. (iphone x vs asus zenfone 5) thanks.
darkmatter.99 (3 days ago)
In italy there is a 900€ difference of price, the price/performance of the iPhone is a little 💩
YzY CZ (3 days ago)
iPhone X Is very bad Xiaomi mega 💓
Лол Кеков (3 days ago)
250$ VS 1400$ Remember that!
RudolphOoO (3 days ago)
iPhone X clearly wins.... wtf this cancerous comments
Лол Кеков (3 days ago)
RudolphOoO 250$ VS 1400$ REMEMBER THAT!
Movar G (3 days ago)
Где ешё +3 к xiaomi
Dhaval Poojari (3 days ago)
Bro mi is the best and note 5 pro is the beast
Nazim _ (3 days ago)
Эммм дааа. Ты естественно сравнил железо Apple и Xiaomi. Xiaomi экономный...
Poonam Singh (3 days ago)
Cheeting with redmi note 5 pro
Sukh E (3 days ago)
IPhone X is better 🤔
Cone GTW (4 days ago)
1000$ vs 300$
Cone GTW (3 days ago)
Лол Кеков in my cointry too but on amazon 1000$
Лол Кеков (3 days ago)
Cone GTW not 1000! In my country Iphone price 1400 dollars! In iPhone's release price was crazy! 1700 dollars!!!
the champion (4 days ago)
Fir be xiaomi mein dum hein
שקד ליברמן (4 days ago)
סרטון טוב
lili lili (4 days ago)
rita Bhadouria (4 days ago)
My iPhone is best
Yash Gala (4 days ago)
Faltu hai Facebook phele khula tha badme I phone x mei khula tha
Patato Gamer Lōic yT (4 days ago)
iPhone X duh. Also Hauwei is better than the Xiomi
dj PUNK (4 days ago)
Naman Rajput (4 days ago)
Apple is apple
lol iShit x look so ugly with thats ugly notch crapple welcome to 2012 xiaomi win
hahaha xiaomi win suck it crapple iShit x is high overpriced for dumb phone iShit x is cheap made by slaves sell high by stupid crapple to stupid american and around the world easy win for xiaomi
santosh das santosh (4 days ago)
Apple Sabse best he Fer bhi 1 lakh ke sthe 15 thousend Kaa compair
Shafia Khan (5 days ago)
iphone x win 🚩🚩🚩
Yash Gala (4 days ago)
Shafia Khan bhag
Ángel Domínguez (5 days ago)
vaya comparacion de mierda haces... un gama media con un gama alta
Our Best Creative (5 days ago)
Mario open faster in Redmi note 5 pro but you give point to I phone x,👎👎👎👎👎
ZxM Land (5 days ago)
Comparing flagship phone to mid range phone is crazy (^^)
Raj Mallick (6 days ago)
iPhone ar satha kotay ......mi ar dom a6a boss
Ajay Kumar 6007 (6 days ago)
Ye to wo waali baat ho gayi ke 15000 vs 100000
не доганяю такие сопоставления телефон за 200 баксов против телефона за 1500 баксов
Dexter AND Cubestix (6 days ago)
I love Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro
Pranav (6 days ago)
For gaming iPhone I s better than mi
It's Anaya's Time (6 days ago)
Mi note 5pro 👌👌👌👌👌
Rita Vaccargiu (7 days ago)
Love iphone x
Palash patra (7 days ago)
My chosie is Redmi Note5 pro
Jonathan Leon (7 days ago)
para haber una diferencia de 700€ entre ambos, tampoco es mucho mejor el iphone... me quedo con el xiaomi
Ravi Gupta (7 days ago)
please comment
Ravi Gupta (7 days ago)
anyone agree
Ravi Gupta (7 days ago)
bhai 1 ya 2 second se tumarha kya ja raha hai
Tiago Alves (7 days ago)
for me the redmi note 5 wins in price, fabric, battery and remember that it is a mid-range not a top of the range
Tiago Alves (7 days ago)
but the redmi note 5 costs 200 euros and the iphone X costs 1100 euros. comparison of a top of the range with a medium range is cowardly
Viper X 709 (7 days ago)
Devender Sharma (7 days ago)
In screen the pro is best
Daily Tech (8 days ago)
Note 5 prefomed much better than I expected, from my opinion X should be more better.......
Mayur Shende (8 days ago)
We want . InFocus vision 3 vs iphone x 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Simran Thaper (8 days ago)
oppo A57 vs I phone x
Ezee GonzalezLOL (8 days ago)
In Uruguay, 345USD for the Xiaomi, and 1200USD for the iPhone. Too much money to open apps 3 sec faster.
Geeta samel (9 days ago)
I have redmi note five pro
Toto1179 (9 days ago)
Mi gareebo ke liye h ;)
Shubham Anand (9 days ago)
fffrankk (9 days ago)
and those one to six seconds faster are worth five times the money? i don't get it
meti gireesh (10 days ago)
Don't compare cheap mobiles
Динис ??? (10 days ago)
iPhone х гавно
Qureshi Fozia (10 days ago)
Rolls royce phantom vs tata nano
Uday Kumar. Sunnam (10 days ago)
Redmi note 5pro the best
Sanif Khan (10 days ago)
Power button not working to kya kre
Shubham Garg (10 days ago)
observation:- subway surfers tokyo open fast as compare to subway surfer iceland....hahahaha....
Ben King (11 days ago)
Xiaomi winns! 1000 dollar vs 200 dollar! 2 or 3 seconds more i can wait for 800 dollar less. Redmi note 5 is one of the best phones out in its price range.
Kaka Subhan (11 days ago)
Why you're compare to ios ..ios have beta versions. It will run more speed to compare updated application
nikesh madavi (11 days ago)
I'm using note 5 pro beast
nikhil kunduru (12 days ago)
It's like keeping run race between Usain bolt and tortoise
Riyaz Khan (12 days ago)
Recently in one of ur comment i get to know it was note 5 pro 4 gb variant otherwise i would have to say like this iphone X is approximately same in speed than mi note 5 pro
Riyaz Khan (12 days ago)
You would had better to tell about note 5 pro variant
saad sheikh (12 days ago)
Xiaomi vs iPhone it's just like rickshaw vs Lamborghini adventedor
Annalisa Bellan (12 days ago)
Apple is the winner of course

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