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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Turbocharged Vehicle

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If you own a car which has a turbocharged engine, you might watch this video to learn how to properly take care of it! Most drivers don't know these tips. Music - EpidemicSound
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Text Comments (21)
Beno Vuga (17 days ago)
Very well explained, great video.
I Bonk I (18 days ago)
Nice vid ! What PetrolEngine in terms of Reliability would you recommend for a e92
I Bonk I (8 days ago)
99Vehicles TV ok thanks for the respond and if i wanted to buy a diesel ?
99Vehicles TV (10 days ago)
Inline 6 2.5/3.0
Stefan Oprica (20 days ago)
TIP number 2 and this new technology called start stop - go hand in hand so well :)
Stefan Oprica (20 days ago)
99Vehicles TV of course you can, if you know about the tip 2, most of the people don't
99Vehicles TV (20 days ago)
You can deactivate Start Stop :-)
NILAY POHARKAR (22 days ago)
the video was awesome . can u make a video on supercharger ,actually what it is a supercharger and its tips
99Vehicles TV (22 days ago)
Thanks. I will do a video on supercharging pretty soon. I will also make a Q&A and I will read out 20 questions/requests, si stay tuned!
Wiktor Blaszczynski (23 days ago)
What engine do you believe would be best from the Audi vw group to daily drive town but once or twice a year do a drive from the UK to Poland where I visit my family. Also I like a car with a kick to it as well as being fairly efficient. Thanks good luck in future videos I'm watching keep it up.😀😉
Shindy (23 days ago)
Hey man nice video as always. What do you think for diesel engine runaway? Can you make a video about it and tell the reasons and how to save car from runaway thanks.
ScoobaruJDM Gc8 (24 days ago)
Nice man keep it up :)
Nicu Nicu (24 days ago)
De ce as cumpara un audi s4 b8.5 ?
99Vehicles TV (23 days ago)
Pentru ca 3.0 Compresor, pentru ca Quattro, pentru ca 333HP, pentru ca Stage 2 - 400HP, pentru ca lux, pentru ca practic, pentru ca doar 25000 euro SH, pentru ca Audi :))
Nikola Obretenov (24 days ago)
Hello i'm from Bulgaria.I recently discovered your channel and find it quite informative.Good luck with your channel.
99Vehicles TV (24 days ago)
Thank you! Welcome!
bohnenverkäufer (24 days ago)
Awesome as always! :D
bohnenverkäufer (23 days ago)
99Vehicles TV Aha, thanks a lot. Nice to know :D
99Vehicles TV (23 days ago)
You're killing the gearbox. It's possible, it's not that difficult to do it, but you can't perfectly shift without a clutch. You're basically... force shifting. You're putting a lot of pressure on the transmission, clutch, etc.
bohnenverkäufer (24 days ago)
99Vehicles TV what do you think of shifting without the cluth? i've seen some Videos on YouTube about it and i always wanted to know if it does any harm to the engine and transmission.
99Vehicles TV (24 days ago)
Thanks man 😇👍🏻

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