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Is a $750 Gaming PC Worth It?

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Can a $750 prebuilt gaming PC compete with a custom gaming computer? Rebuilding the $50 Gaming PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iafKB8Gixcw CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra Desktop: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-ultra-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-1400-8gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-580-1tb-hard-drive-black/5833100.p?skuId=5833100 Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Laney Tube (1 hour ago)
I was thinking of buying the CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA1600BST from best buy. As of now its about 500 bucks {Its on sale as well.} It has a fairly good graphics card and looks like a good investment. I am also dirt poor so buying it would be a huge deal. I was wondering that setup could run fortnite, overwatch, modded minecraft and other things like that? I know modded minecraft isnt a big deal but I'd still like to know. I know pretty much nothing about computers so if anyone replies please be nice to me. <3 I am but a small, dumb bean ... {:
Taylor Friedman (14 hours ago)
can u please make a vid on how to add ssd
sanfran144 (16 hours ago)
Could this run Squad at above 50 fps on medium settings?
KungFuPANDA PANDASRLIT (18 hours ago)
Windows 10?
Bus Banana (21 hours ago)
He looks like a Mac user
Mario Chagolla (1 day ago)
But can it run roblox?
Bismo (1 day ago)
So how do I go about buying and installing 8gb more ram to this puppy?
YAMAHA VLOGER (1 day ago)
Does it have a core i5
Meyer56 (1 day ago)
my $740 pc is very worth it
Nery Morataya (2 days ago)
Would it work for Fortnite?
jose ferraz (3 days ago)
I buy a 500€ gaming Pc with a GTX1050 and it rotate Cs Go at maximum resolution at 190 Fps
Megaman Lala (3 days ago)
Wait so the keyboard is membrane aw man that’s fine
Knero Tech (3 days ago)
My build is 750 E5-2690 turboed to 3.8ghz 12gb ddr3 2400mhz Msi Gtx 980 ti Enermax 750 watt psu 80+bronze Cougar mg110 case Not alot of people realise the sandy ridge and ivy ridge ep chips are relatively inexpensive (90-160) for decent ones and they dont bottleneck the gtx 980 ti I own comparatively to the r7 1700 at 4ghz( tested out same card with a buddies build) , like most of the time I'm actually getting better frames
Peyton Williams (3 days ago)
How good will it run fortnight and bf1 on high settings
Poptart Edits (3 days ago)
I have that pc
iTzCrazyGamer (4 days ago)
Can it run Minecraft ?
Victor Popescu (4 days ago)
Run perfectly PUBG,Battlefield 4,CS:GO,GTA 5 ,and maybe Fortnite
thinking about getting this but some questions 1: Can the HTC Vive be used with it 2: I will probably only play Fallout 4 and only a few games but mainly VR so how will FO4 run
Penquin (4 days ago)
what should i buy a pc from (i would rather a pc that wont be a scam) AMD or CYBERPOWERPC
TheFuriousBrothers115 (4 days ago)
can you do skytech archangel on amazon?
Coy Breeden (4 days ago)
That as the same stuff in it thanks man
Coy Breeden (4 days ago)
Your awesome
Coy Breeden (4 days ago)
Thank u I'm getting one for 596.99$
Coy Breeden (4 days ago)
So I'll the parts all in it
taracolio mc (5 days ago)
but can it run fortnite?
Daddy_Devito__ (5 days ago)
Nope. If you were to put it on the lowest settings, it would only run at 20-30 FPS average.
Reis Pieces (5 days ago)
Hey Austin is a $400 Gaming Pc Worth it it is on Kijiji and I really want it
Gaara (5 days ago)
*pain in the ass*
Comedic (5 days ago)
Please make a video on how to upgrade this PC at a reasonable
money man (5 days ago)
Wish I had that🧐
hec716 (5 days ago)
I bought a prebuilt 1250 dollar hp omen and with full epic settings it runs with 140 - 160 fps (fortnite) , honestly pretty fucking good for the price. The only thing thats not good is that it doesnt have an ssd.
vasilisdiaman GR (6 days ago)
Hey Austin, this is Ass.
Gaming Ninja Master (6 days ago)
I think I found my new gaming pc
VinceAnimeFan (5 days ago)
Now if you want the Phanteks case I have a second build option with basically the same specs as the prebuilt but it still gets the 120gb ssd
VinceAnimeFan (5 days ago)
Gaming Ninja Master I can show you a build with an 8gb 580 with a 120gb add for around 744$
Young Craash (6 days ago)
How is it with streaming?
fahlse (6 days ago)
can it run fortnite rly sMoOtHlY?
Fersancersal (6 days ago)
I have this exact same computer and i just wanted to know if anybody knows how to turn off the lights off
FL GameGods (6 days ago)
Can it be used for 144hz?
In my state at Best Buy its around 550-600$
TigerBoy (7 days ago)
Would this be good for FPS gaming?
Andre Grigorian (8 days ago)
Can it do minecraft tho
Saad Ahmed Year 11 (8 days ago)
can i have the link to it?
Angelino Tavera (8 days ago)
CyberPowerPC - Gamer Master Desktop - AMD Ryzen 3 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 120GB Solid State Drive + 1TB Hard Drive - Black How about this i was gonna buy this but im not sure if its good or not can someone tell me
Angelino Tavera (3 days ago)
GameLevel thanks
GameLevel (6 days ago)
Angelino Tavera that's pretty good for gaming
AP Gaming (8 days ago)
THATS MY PC, my cpu fan is a lot nicer
Turqou (8 days ago)
What's the point of curved monitors for gaming?
Fully Blank (8 days ago)
But can it run YouTube?
Unstoppable D (8 days ago)
Does it come with a wifi card or usb wifi dongle
Lil Mawp (8 days ago)
Fuck it imma get this in November idc anymore
Tyler Bass (8 days ago)
I have a similar cyber power pc form amazon and it runs pubg 1080p high settings on 85 to 100. It also runs fortnight on ultra 1080p at 120 fps
Ryan Weyrich (8 days ago)
Ryan Weyrich (8 days ago)
Can it handle fornite at high settings
Daddy_Devito__ (5 days ago)
Ryan Weyrich fuck off peasant
Arno Dorian (9 days ago)
No. Unless it's used. I built myself an i3-8100 - used GTX 970 combo with 8 GB of DDR4-2400MHz RAM in dual channel, a 600W 80+ bronze certified PSU and otherly alike so for no more than 800 bucks. Including the monitor, of course.
Asphyxiate (9 days ago)
I have a similar PC to this, but without the "changing RGB" lights and the specs. It's solid red, if you ask. My specs are, an I5 7400, a GTX 1060 and 8GB of RAM. And to be honest, I love it. I can run Fallout 4 with NO problems, also Rainbow Six Siege, Skyrim and even Fortnite at around, 70 FPS or higher. It costs 899 dollars, and I'm really happy that I made the decision to getting this.
Spencer Peat (9 days ago)
Oh hay, it's a phanteks p400s case... I have the p400 in gunmetal...
xxTurboChargexx (9 days ago)
You can get one for $640 with a RX 560.
AlertDisc (10 days ago)
What is it calledl?
Francisco Lopez (10 days ago)
Ugh I always wanted a pc but the best I can do is just watch videos 😞😂
Adrian Mendez (10 days ago)
I know this is late but what is that gaming pc?
Adrian Mendez (10 days ago)
Batman Boss ok thx
Batman Boss (10 days ago)
Yeh its good but thats my opinion
Batman Boss (10 days ago)
Watch the video
Batman Boss (10 days ago)
Adrian Mendez (10 days ago)
Batman Boss is it a good pc because I want it as my 1st pc.
The Nice freak (11 days ago)
Stormy Cloud (11 days ago)
Would you guys say it's worth getting the RX 560 instead of the 580 in the long run? I'm not looking to upgrade too soon and I want a computer that can last me. Would the 560 be able to last about two years before I would need to upgrade to keep up or is it just better to cough up the $150 more for my computer to last longer and be cheaper down the line? I don't care about running at the highest setting, just a computer that can run 50-60 fps. I'm new to pc gaming so I'm trying to learn.
VoiceOut (11 days ago)
can it run ark survival evolved?
Milo Innes (11 days ago)
When he started talking about how more expensive pcs should have ssds and im just sitting here with my 1000$ computer and it doesn’t have a ssd
lol lol (11 days ago)
So I’m trying to find a decent pc that can stream my xbox with one can it handle it well pls I really want answers💕😉
daddy (12 days ago)
can i replace the rx 580 with a gtx 1080?
Cat _Chegz (12 days ago)
I have a question cause I’m getting this for my birthday when you said reinstall windows do you mean it’s already on there but you have to install cause I heard people saying you needed a usb with windows 10 on it sorry I don’t know much about pc’s
Stone Oliver (13 days ago)
What does it run Minecraft and Fortnite?
AFTERTHEBLOCK (10 days ago)
Stone Oliver over 60
Stone Oliver (10 days ago)
AFTERTHEBLOCK how much FPS do you think I’m crazy craft Minecraft? Or any modded Minecraft?
Stone Oliver (11 days ago)
AFTERTHEBLOCK (11 days ago)
over 60 on both
Stone Oliver (11 days ago)
AFTERTHEBLOCK can you please just tell me how much FPS?
Ethan Abner (13 days ago)
It's gonna take a while to save for this, I'll buy it in early 2019. Can this play modded minecraft, R6 seige and DayZ? Thanks :)
Kaitlin Bell (13 days ago)
Literally just bought this! Can't wait to set it up at home and start playing! I don't mind adding a few upgrades either, I'm just glad I got a great deal. Thanks Austin , you're always my go to for this stuff. 🤘
Elitekingtv_Jr (13 days ago)
I got this Pc and i was wondering if anyone thinks it would be able to run The Crew 2?
TigerBoy (14 days ago)
Been Looking for a PC to get and i know I can count on you for knowing your shit
Sam Shelven (14 days ago)
You should review the vanquish 7 from digital storm there are many levels to how advanced and how Good the pc is itself however the price goes up depending how advanced the storage,graphics etc.
Donovan Tackett (14 days ago)
to sum it up "ACTUALLY"
Thefortnitepro o (14 days ago)
Is 128 gb of ram good???
AFTERTHEBLOCK (12 days ago)
Thefortnitepro o 128gb of ram? That costs like a 1200$
Thefortnitepro o (14 days ago)
I have intel core i3 too. Can I run GTA 5 on max graphics???
Bik Shaq (14 days ago)
Just bought this system
Daniel Morales (14 days ago)
What do I have to do if I want to put a 1070 in here?
9le lazy (15 days ago)
Is the msi nightblade mib 7rb a good prebuilg pc
Bik Shaq (15 days ago)
I’m moving into pc gaming from being a console gamer for a long time, I’ve played on pc and I’m ok. I just wanna know if it can run r6 and csgo? I know that it can do pubg and fortnite. (I’m not quitting console but I am also gonna play pc a lot)
Bik Shaq (13 days ago)
Diego Rafael I ordered the system I didn’t get it yet
Diego Rafael (13 days ago)
Big Shaq does it take a long time to boot up ?
Bik Shaq (14 days ago)
TheIncredibleYoungSinatra thank you I just bought this system . Thanks for the help on r6
I have the exact same pc. It runs Siege at 100+ FPS and im not sure about CSGO
emaginew YouTube (15 days ago)
Looks good I might buy it just for Graphic Design I’m too lazy to build one :3 if not I’ll just go with a MacBook Pro :3
DogeMasterPlayZ (15 days ago)
This PC is finally absolve in Canada, I’m going to get it
JacobStar98 (15 days ago)
Its 500 bucks
Egnirc SLP (15 days ago)
Do you think it can run TF2 and SFM ( Source Filmmaker!)?
Agreeable Flyer (16 days ago)
Think rb6 would work well???
100+ FPS
NOUDLES BOI (16 days ago)
Still worth it in 2018?
PUBG FAN (17 days ago)
I hope i will buy it from your link
PUBG FAN (17 days ago)
Can i play pubg on it
ZebraDoctor144 (17 days ago)
Dude thanks a ton, I was looking at this for my first gaming pc and you really helped me out. I also wasn't sure how easy it would be to upgrade this, so thanks.
LE OJ (17 days ago)
My fernd has this
Squash (17 days ago)
Is this good for streaming
Franko (5 days ago)
of course its pretty good for anything honestly great pc for starting out i have it too
Ice PLOR ROBLOX (17 days ago)
i have one when u get it its rly good but after along time its badg
Matthew Nichols (17 days ago)
Could this pc play arma and grand strategy games?
pickle fish (17 days ago)
runs war thunder like a dream
Kiwi The one (17 days ago)
Can it run Overwatch.
Kiwi The one (15 days ago)
AFTERTHEBLOCK (15 days ago)
anything can
IMR Mortis (17 days ago)
Can it run Elder Scrolls Online well?
DecembersVeryOwn (18 days ago)
What about running fortnite
OMauRyO Son (18 days ago)
I bought this pc but pub g runs slow for me . Help?
Femboy ChaCha (18 days ago)
I'm new with pc so my question is ( If I buy it can I upgrade it during time? )
Femboy ChaCha (18 days ago)
And 750 American Dollars?
The Slayersaurus (18 days ago)
Does it overheat?
Reeve Burton (19 days ago)
Single channel memory is definitely a performance cutter. If it had 2x4Gb sticks in dual channel, it would be a good buy.
Just Game (20 days ago)
You have to change your gay ass rapy viby intro!
CCOLIN 932 (21 days ago)
What pc is this

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