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Is a $750 Gaming PC Worth It?

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Can a $750 prebuilt gaming PC compete with a custom gaming computer? Rebuilding the $50 Gaming PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iafKB8Gixcw CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra Desktop: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-ultra-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-1400-8gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-580-1tb-hard-drive-black/5833100.p?skuId=5833100 Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (7240)
The Slayersaurus (46 minutes ago)
Does it csgo? For the one with the 560 not 580
Brandon Breaker (2 hours ago)
FrizzVictor 01 (16 hours ago)
as of march 2018 its $800 on austin's link
Mike Swawski (20 hours ago)
This pc fucking sucks
Leon Nikollaj (1 day ago)
Can it run Minecraft though? xDDD
Alta Ice (1 day ago)
I have this pc,I was running up to 130 FPS on csgo .I run at least 80 fps when I was live-streaming fortnite the other day
Paolo Vargas (1 day ago)
Can I run fortnite
Connor Horr (1 day ago)
Can it run fortnite?
Hayder Al-janabi (2 days ago)
What is the name for this pc pls?
Rekt Legend (2 days ago)
"can i say ass"
RebelTom (2 days ago)
Thx for this vid I am going to get this computer
NukelearWarfare (2 days ago)
Thanks. I was thinking about trying to get this pc but I wanted to do more research to see if it really is good. You showed and tested everything very well and you gave me a better understanding of this pc AND you said it’s worth it so thanks a lot. The only bad thing for me is the price. I’m 13 as of now so it will be hard for me to get the money, but I’ll sleep better knowing that the pc is worth buying. P.S. I’m new to pc gaming so this will be great for me. Thanks again.
Beanmachine91 (3 days ago)
i got the HP omen 870-224 its a beast!
Richard Head (3 days ago)
Fallout 4 or Skyrim?
Jonathan Fun (3 days ago)
Well crap the bumped the price to 800$
Xmankv 4321 (4 days ago)
I am accurately happy that somebody like u said that this pc is worth it because I was starting to think I had a bad pc and thanks for the hints on how to make it quite and the colors.
Moses Joseph Philip (5 days ago)
Worth it*
Stormmsfilms (5 days ago)
If I had that graphics card but got the xfx version that had 8 gigs of memory is it worth the upgrade if I can get a brand new one for only 75$?
Grape_Slushie_ 984 (5 days ago)
i5 or i7?
Simi Fehér (5 days ago)
Does it require a Thunderbolt cable?
Crydan (6 days ago)
People say, it’s loud... That’s what headsets are for..
Its ya boi lucce (6 days ago)
can you play battlefront 2
Beto Covi (6 days ago)
Hey Austin is this pc still worth it in 2018?
Claitar (6 days ago)
my windows 8.1 can run roblox yes.. and it's not a gaming computer
[WUT] Carlo (6 days ago)
My favorite gaming PC is the nintendo switch.
Planetnoob (7 days ago)
Can it run overwatch medium to high 60fps?
LacrosseMaster 2015 (7 days ago)
Can this run fortnite with no lag
Play Talk (8 days ago)
What motherboard is in there?
Lexrd (8 days ago)
Does anybody know how good this runs fortnite
MZWitzz (8 days ago)
its 800
Hayes Voyles (8 days ago)
What about a 500$ cyber power gaming Pc
Oreo Skies (8 days ago)
Next one can you see if a Digital Storm is worth it
JT (9 days ago)
is it any good for streaming?
Carson Taylor (9 days ago)
Can you play squad on this?
Haider Photoshop (9 days ago)
hello aim hussain for iraq
Jungle Camp (9 days ago)
I have the same pc but I want to installed the cd driver can you help ?
Sam Huang (10 days ago)
Can you review the Cyberpower Vector II Slim 15 VR 450? I plan on getting this laptop, but I'm getting mixed feelings about it, since I've heard some bad reviews about Cyberpower. Thanks!
SpottyGaming Vids (10 days ago)
i got gtx 1060 16 gb ram pc for 380
Aoko 2000 (11 days ago)
What kind of graphic card does this computer have
Lizzy Dodge (11 days ago)
Do you have to have it connected with a wire to the router
John Craddock (11 days ago)
Is this a good starting pc
Youre trash
IceyGaming (12 days ago)
shotguntom2 (12 days ago)
Lol i have something better then that and run fortnite at 10 to 20 frames
I know you're (12 days ago)
Is it a whole set with keyboard and mouse or its just a CPU?
I know you're (12 days ago)
Im thinking about buying only the CPU because i will buy the razer keyboard
Kobe Gu (12 days ago)
i can upgrade from laptop and play pubg, fornite, and csgo :)
Kobe Gu (12 days ago)
im getting this pc when im 11 :)
GalacticBoy 22 (12 days ago)
Does it have integrated wifi
John Parker (11 days ago)
comes with a dongle
Nios Crytic (13 days ago)
that will be a pain in the "Demonitized" Ass
Darrien B.singh (13 days ago)
I have this pc ,the pc runs very good ,I can easily run gta and csgo and other games just perfect .However I hate the noise it makes .Its so loud .Does anyone know how to fix it?
Nate jones (13 days ago)
Does it have a place where the cd enters
Nate jones (1 day ago)
The Corpus Kid so I have to download games
The Corpus Kid (5 days ago)
No but you can buy a cheap external one the reason why it doesn’t is because no one really uses them anymore
Nate jones (12 days ago)
Joseph Harper (13 days ago)
Would this be able to run rust
ChampionGaming (13 days ago)
Is the $1200 Alienware Aurora capable of 4K gaming
Tyler Wiley (4 days ago)
There is no graphics card on the market that can run 4K. Wait for the next generation of graphics cards.
GIME (13 days ago)
Literally runs the same dps as my computer with a i7, gtx1060, with a ssd
GIME (13 days ago)
TheSURGEofTech tech (14 days ago)
right now the rx 580 is like 600 dollars it costs almost as much as the pc so yeah this is hella of a deal for sure
XcelZapp (15 days ago)
can it run fortnite??
I Am Mr. Krabs (15 days ago)
Do I really have to get it off of Best-Buy???
DerpSquad Raps (15 days ago)
does it have a intel core 7?
LULUU LUFFYY (15 days ago)
I can't connect it to my monitor:((((can someone help me?
Cave Lion (16 days ago)
I got a 2gb gtx 1050, i7 7700 12gb ddr4 1tb hdd optical drive and wireless adapter for 900 cad. it was a prebuild, honestly pretty fucking good
Reaper Royal11 (16 days ago)
Can it play ark survival evolved
ljlk (16 days ago)
is this pc outdated? And i really want a pc that can run games but isnt over the top crazy, could someone please help me out here.
I LIKE PIE CSGO (16 days ago)
How many fps on csgo? with low settings
AndySling (17 days ago)
I’m looking to stream through ps4 using elgato capture card would this be a good computer to use or could I go with a cheaper one since I’m not playing pc games and if so does anyone have recommendations?
Brian the awesome guy (17 days ago)
I dont really care about the sound because Ill probably wear earphones
Messiah Cuber (17 days ago)
Nice video honestly I would do anything to get that. Just a quick question. Does it actually support windows. So you can play for example like Fortnite, Subnautica, Minecraft etc. Thank you. Have a great day.
YaBoiMatt (17 days ago)
Messiah Cuber yes it comes with Windows 10 already installed
Asurah (18 days ago)
899 now lol
ZOmB13_Slyr _- (18 days ago)
sam well (19 days ago)
I was wondering if this could run overwatch at 60+ fps and other games like fortnite???????
YaBoiMatt (17 days ago)
sam well the benchmarks I've seen say that it runs it at 100 fps np on high to ultra settings
Raymond Ip (19 days ago)
Good pc i have 10 fps 😂
HJL (19 days ago)
can it power ark and please some one name good prebuilt thx [I don't know anything about specs need help haha ]
Pan Bot (19 days ago)
Wtf you mean it not the powerfull i can only play games that run on 20fps it sad well beter start Savig :)
Alex Valentin (19 days ago)
At what FPS will the pc run pubg on????
Bacon Cowmoo (19 days ago)
can it run cs-go
Jo Galil (20 days ago)
I'm buy it
Ray Pen (20 days ago)
Just get a Xbox one X
Emalew (20 days ago)
Could this stream with OBS while also gaming and recording?
Arman Papar (20 days ago)
Does anyone know what the name of the computer case is?
DarnSynapse (21 days ago)
im just trying to play roblox with no lag
Yung Kosho (3 days ago)
DarnSynapse So you're looking to spend over $700 on a gaming PC just to play Roblox 😂 You're a joke!
ITSYODY (21 days ago)
I have this same one but my motherboard looks different, and I cant find the pci-e!! I need help finding this so I can hook up my elgato hd60 pro
Adrian Lopez (21 days ago)
Heavily modded GTA 5?
Dakota ô¿ô (21 days ago)
Can I upgrade the graphics card to a GeForce 1060-70-80 without changing out the motherboard or any other components?
Ryguyrex (21 days ago)
If I buy this PC on Best Buy, do I get the included mouse and keyboard??
YaBoiMatt (17 days ago)
Ryguyrex yes
Off the White (21 days ago)
I'm supposed to get it for my birthday
Nick Deihl (22 days ago)
Can this run heavily modded skyrim or new vegas of 1080p?
Snowqueen381 Martin (22 days ago)
I agree with your review. Thank U for sharing this video. The fans definitely too loud.
SkyWorp (22 days ago)
So do you still need a PC when you buy this or can you use a TV?
Charles Wissinger (22 days ago)
Can it run escape from tarkov??
XaZa (23 days ago)
People dont like the noise of the fans? For me its awesome, its like white noise and i love it because i hate ocnpleate silence, it also lets me know that it wont overheat :p
Nyx Gaming (23 days ago)
Anyone that has this how many frames on fortnite all epic settings?
Nyx Gaming (17 days ago)
YaBoiMatt Thanks i bought the intel equivalent and i get 70 constantly on all epic and i don't want/ need shadows so i turned that off
YaBoiMatt (17 days ago)
50-75 frames. Don't use epic bec there isn't much different between very high and u get more fps
Cerionic (23 days ago)
What are the keyboards switches
MistedVortex (23 days ago)
Hi comment section 🖐. Our family is downsizing into a smaller and cheaper house so that we will have a lot more money to do stuff. My parents might get me a gaming pc, but I’m not sure which one to buy. What brand should I buy? Should I get a pre built pc or just a normal pc? I’m confused but I’m sure there are some computer nerds that could give me some info. Thanks 😁
MistedVortex (16 days ago)
Alright. Thanks man
YaBoiMatt (17 days ago)
MistedVortex Buying a pre-built pc is cheaper rn than building one. Get this pc bec it has pretty good specs for the price point. It runs games on high settings smoothly. Hope u found this helpful
FASMproductions (23 days ago)
does the computer not have a CD/DVD player cuz mine didnt and idk if its becuase mine was $630
Cyanide (24 days ago)
core i7 16gb 275gb sdd and a 1tb toshiba harddrive with a 1060 for 1500. worth?
De Simone (24 days ago)
Whats that monitor, can someone give me the name pls
KillerThe Glitcher (24 days ago)
It's so sad that a PC like this goes for over 1000$ now in 2018 ..... (because of f#@king miners).
Mr Stubz (24 days ago)
Can I have a link to it on amazon or will Best Buy ship to the uk?
James Kostem (24 days ago)
hay gois dis es awstn
AcidBiscuits (25 days ago)
Will it be able to run the forest
SkylerD (25 days ago)
So only 12 gb of data

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