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Students Share#1: RWTH Aachen M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

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More videos are coming soon with different students! Don't miss all the updates on Instagram! Follow me here: https://instagram.com/bharatingermany Masters in Automotive Engineering in RWTH Aachen. Questions covered: (Can some kind soul please put the timestamps in the comments! Thank you! :) ) 1. Mohit's profile 2. The application process 3. Difference between Hochschule and University 4. Visa extension if you have to prolong your studies 5. Life in Aachen 6. Interaction in the university with Professors 7. Difference between the courses CAME (Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering) and Automotive Engineering 8. Job opportunities in Germany after Masters in Automotive Engineering 9. Blocked Account 10. Internship and HiWi (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte) Update 26/12/2017: For Aachen Automotive, now GRE is compulsory and they aren't asking for GATE anymore. https://www.ika.rwth-aachen.de/en/education/automotive-engineering-msc.html RWTH Aachen is the best university to pursue your Masters from in Germany. There are very less universities which come even closer to it and it's reputation and this interview helps you discover all the different things that this public university with 50,000 students has to offer specially in the field of Automotive Engineering Masters in Germany. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACEBOOK: PROFILE: https://facebook.com/bharatingermany PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/brtinger/ (Don't forget to leave a rating on the FB page!) Our small Facebook GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/737747179767381/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My website: http://www.bharatingermany.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider supporting me on Patreon: https://patreon.com/bharatingermany ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by this super talented composer: Andrew Applepie https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxHw0UHnpIyJJD609SDLL9A/videos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My gear: Camera: http://amzn.to/2uMrmAe Gorillapod: http://amzn.to/2uQyREA Tripod: http://amzn.to/2wdUZbG
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Text Comments (87)
lakshyakumar deshmukh (9 days ago)
You take a consultancy help for application forward
Zulkaunain Ahmad (23 days ago)
how much minm gate score need to get admission in rwth
Pragati Tyagi (26 days ago)
Hii Bharat I really want to know the job opportunities for master degree holder in electronics and communication .... Considering the fact that Siemens has its home in Germany .
sidharth mohan menon (1 month ago)
what is the minimum cgpa reqirement with gate score
Sanghamitra Johri (1 month ago)
Is gate score card neede for admission in tu munich for masters?... please reply asap
Yin Cheung Lau (1 month ago)
I've been obsessed with cars since the age of 4. So, I would say that car is my life. I'm studying maths and physics at the moment but I'm not exactly good at them. Do you guys think that I should get an Automotive Engineering degree next year when I go to uni? I have a passion for cars, would it be too late for me to drill into physics and maths now?
Yin Cheung Lau (1 month ago)
I like building things and get my hands dirty. I've applied for some Building Surveying and Construction Management courses because I think their natures are the closest to an Engineering course, without the high entrance score for physics and maths. I'm actually an IB student, most unis that offer an automotive course often demand a grade 6 out of 7 in Physics and Maths - both taken at Higher Level(ie more complex in terms of content in the standard course in IB, called the SL). I barely got a grade 5 in Physics HL and Maths SL. I have the passion for it but I'm not sure if my ability is enough to with the demand of the course. I honestly don't know what to do about this.
Bharat in Germany! (1 month ago)
I am in my Masters right now too and I would tell you honestly that it is never too late to start anything.
EMT (1 month ago)
hellow bro can you guide me about merit at rwth for master of automobile engineering how many gre score and ielts score require for confirm admission for pakistani students??
Kavya Suryanarayan (1 month ago)
I'm a evening engineering student passing our by July 2018 dose these University accept PPL with my background for Ms in Germany
SIGIN SAMUEL (2 months ago)
Bro can u do a video regarding whether the university in which we have done our bachelors is recognized or not in Germany ?..The university in which we have taken our bachelors should be in anabin database with H+ status...But i am studying in APJ Abdul kalam techical university in kerala..Also i am in the first batch..Till now our university is not listed in anabin database..I am so much worried...I would like to apply for the masters in next academic year..I will graduate in the next academic year...so i want to know can i apply or not..if i apply would that cause rejection in admission ..please give me suggestions broii...
seelam vikash (2 months ago)
Ok under which category THI Ingolstadt comes under?? Is it an FH or TH
A.V. Gopal (2 months ago)
Can you please make a video on Masters in Robotic Systems Engineering at RWTH Aahen? What are the opportunities for robotic engineer's in Germany?
satya prakash Shukla (2 months ago)
I am sorry but, i need to ask some question. S.O.P. is written by student him/her self . Literally i am confused, how a student writing his/her own S.O.P. is talking about that it should be original. For me original means an answer to a question," Why should i take you in my university/college?"
satya prakash Shukla (2 months ago)
For some universities Uni-assist has become just a compulsion.
vaibhao wagh (3 months ago)
Hell We cant apply through Gate
vaibhao wagh (3 months ago)
Brother ur like lord... Thank u for such videos on youtube....🙏🙏
Harshraj M (3 months ago)
How much backlog allowed in RWTH and other University?
anand pal (3 months ago)
hey Bharat hello! do interview a civil engineer also.
pushpesh mohite (3 months ago)
Sir what is the difference between a 3 semester and 4 semester course?Is it eligible in case of 3 sem(18 months)for a Phd course?how?
Saijarani Rayan (3 months ago)
How much days required for applications processing in TU Munich
Vighnesh Nambiar (4 months ago)
Did you had any arrears while studying for bachelors?
Sayeri Mandal (4 months ago)
it will very helpful if you make a video on Ms in Design Engineering in Germany... its been my dream and im following your channel to gather as much information as possible. i will be greatful if you make one.
Sayeri Mandal (4 months ago)
hi bharat i am so glad that you made a video on RWTH Aachen. Germany is my dreamland and i had planned to have my msc in germany from my 11th standard. your videos are like jackpots for all student who's aiming for Germany. thank you so much bharat.
HARDIK CHOPDA (4 months ago)
Please share a production master engineering in Germany...what are the exam are compulsory...
Subhankar Mishra (5 months ago)
Hii Mohit I would like to study automotive engineering in FH AACHEN but many people telling me that University of applied sciences is not so good for my job career and I should apply my M.S in RWTH AACHEN. So please tell me which is better for me...
Rahul Chawla (5 months ago)
As for this year MSC in automotive engineering from RWTH Aachen required a GRE score and B2 certification from Goethe.
prakul pandit (2 months ago)
Rahul Chawla GRE score yes B2 no. I have applied for the course.
Dev Vart (5 months ago)
What is the min gate score for admission in rwth ?
Shreyas Ramesh (5 months ago)
Hi. The description said No need Gate exam but the application page has a specific webpage regarding GATE for Indian aspirants. Can you please confirm this?
saikrishna Reddy (5 months ago)
is gre required foe rwth aachen university
Shehryar Malik (5 months ago)
Yes it is mandatroy for MSc automotive engg plus german B2.
Chinmay Hegde (5 months ago)
Hi what's the per semester feets @RWTH, because some websites tell it's 4-5k Euros even including daad.de, while some other websites say fee is nil
Nishith Dewangan (5 months ago)
He said he didn't apply for GRE or TOEFL So is it not necessary to give tofel or ielts if u have good gate score to get admission there?
Shehryar Malik (4 months ago)
Nishith Dewangan It will be on their website. READ it.
Nishith Dewangan (4 months ago)
Shehryar malik
Nishith Dewangan (4 months ago)
And what about TUM
Shehryar Malik (5 months ago)
It is mandatroy now. GRE plus german B2
Nikhil Singhal (5 months ago)
Why you not choose TU munich
nikhil kumar Kumar (5 months ago)
Hey I wnt to knw about marketing in logistics and supply in germany . I have completed my graduation frm Delhi university frm political science plz reply
venkatesh pinapala (5 months ago)
I have one year of software experience in India.But My passion is to get into AutoMotive industry.Can I choose msc automotive engineering or Industrial Engineering or any other?
Umar Saeed (5 months ago)
I also want to do Msc in Automotive Engineering. Can Anybody tell me about the top universities in which I can apply? other than RWTH because I don't want to apply in single university only.
Shaik Asif (5 months ago)
Bharat is GATE Score is mandatory in RWTH and TUM?
Mohammed Murtaza Shayan (4 months ago)
RWTH accepts GATE or GRE but you need very good GATE score for TUM
Mohammed Murtaza Shayan (4 months ago)
Shaik Asif GRE or GATE for RWTH and for TUM you need GATE score.
Dawn Darkness (5 months ago)
Hey bharat I don't have appeared for any kind of exam like gate or ielts or tofelI'm in btech final year right now and i want to study in germanyPlease show me some way to get there.I'm average student with financial poblems
Chandrakanta https://www.facebook.com/pavan.reddy22 Pls message me
Chandrakanta (5 months ago)
Hey Post your FB profile url here Catch you there
kestin’s Bar (5 months ago)
I wanted to apply for masters course in commerce field. what college should I choose ? From wher I can apply
Apurv Mandviwala (6 months ago)
Bharat I'm in final year of mechanical engineering in india and I'm a d2d(diploma to degree) student and that's why i directly got admission in 2nd year of my bachelor degree and my degree course become 3 year program. So do i have to study for 1 more year in india(to complete 4year) or i can apply for my master in Germany?
prashant chalise (6 months ago)
Bharat is the msc in automotive engineering program taught completely in English or we need to learn German for this course(the course done by Mohit )? plz help
Keerthan Shetty (6 months ago)
It is completely in English
MILAN NAKANI (6 months ago)
thanks a lot Bharat for taking my questions into consideration. the video was exactly as per my expectations. but you said reconsideration is not possible for RWTH, can I know why?
Nice work Bharat. Thank you giving a valuable information @mohith
Kiran Khandre (6 months ago)
Bharat i am waiting for video on Msc informatics from TUM?
prashanth oruganti (6 months ago)
guys! can u pls tel me abt the AERONAUTICAL & AEROSPACE course N universitys
Bharat in Germany! (6 months ago)
+prashanth oruganti It will be online in 2 hours.
Aditya Sharma (6 months ago)
Thank you Bharat for ur efforts towards helping us.I have a question for Mohit that which have a better scope in Automotive Sector either going for Automotive Engineering(which becomes quite general like having knowledge of all but masters of none in Automotive field,)or going for specialization(Masters) in Thermal or in Design Engineering that can open a wider scope for not only in Automobile but other fields as well!
Vijay Jain (6 months ago)
thanks for the video...please try to make a video with any chemical engineering guy doing MS in germany!!!!
Uday Sehgal (6 months ago)
thanks bharat & mohit.
Generation X (6 months ago)
Hi bharat sir, i have a query plz sir help me out..so i am planning for undergraduate in cse from germany .my 12 % is 73.6 and 10th 9.4cgpa.so can i apply there and get scholarship or not.
mohammed khan (6 months ago)
Great job Bharath bro. Thanku mohith bro. Meet u soon.
venky Sudha (6 months ago)
Hi bro Iam Venky I want to do ms in electrical engineering i need information about that can you please help me
Aravind Siva (6 months ago)
Hello bharat. Could you please make a video on university of Ingolstadt😃
Esa Shareef (6 months ago)
This video includes the exact information I badly want.Thank you so much Bharat.
Ozil Artugal (6 months ago)
bachelor's also plz
Jignesh Teli (6 months ago)
great work @Bharat Chaudhary
shaik nausheed (6 months ago)
is it good to pursue ms in computer science at rwth? please bharat answer this,it would really help me a lot. thank you.
Himalay (6 months ago)
hi bharat im from mechanical engineering i would like to know is there any 1 year master course
XYZZ 8767 (6 months ago)
Thank you very much bharat. You are doing a great job😊😊
rishab rane (6 months ago)
Thanks for answering my questions 🙌🏻
Rahul Kumar (6 months ago)
Thanks for the informative video. Loved that you included assessment in detail 😀. Weather thing was hilarious but I think, Alina will not going to like something against Hamburg 😂Please one video on German taught courses like what language skills needed at the time of application and at the enrollment. What is language preparatory course? How it works, what is passing criteria, if someone satisfy with TDN3 will they get admit to course along side language course. And pass the DSH at the end of the semester. Hope you understand.
Rahul Rautela (6 months ago)
Is 1 year msc in project management good course. Plz tell me bharat?
Rahul Rautela (6 months ago)
Is M.s and msc same value or same degree?
Karan Gandhi (6 months ago)
What's is the age of mohit??
Ashish Thoke (6 months ago)
What is the min Gate score required to get admission in RWTH
Anime Art (6 months ago)
Thanks! Waited 2 days for this video :D
Prabhu Dutta (6 months ago)
Which consultant is best for Germany from INDIA consultants
Prabhu Dutta (6 months ago)
Brother I am pursuing a mechanical engineering i want to study in rwth University will you please help me to get admission in that University
Thank you very much Bharat! Could you also interview someone from TH Ingolstadt- Automotive production systems.
Shubhra Biswas (6 months ago)
Please do a video on masters in german taught automotive engineering course.
khatab .kh.m (6 months ago)
hi dear I'm khatab I'm from Iraq Ii wont to study ( I&C- Instrumentation ) university ,but I've (literary part )،pleas can you help me what i can do . Beast Regards khatab Khurshed Muhammad
Chirag Goel (6 months ago)
will you recommend someone to do bachelors in germany?
mina mina (6 months ago)
Q: He said he had 8.5 CPGA ... Out of 9 or what ? And my GPA is out of 4 how can i convert it to german grading ?.. is there a minimum grade for RWRH to be accepted ..if so .... Is there anyway to compensate my low overall degree in my bachelor and still get a place in RWTH? Iam mechatronics engineer if that would contribute to anything!
Lynn C (4 months ago)
Ds Akshay this is only for people who want to apply for a bachelors degree.
Ds Akshay (5 months ago)
mina mina I think when he said 8.5CGPA its out of 10. Your grades are out of 4 means you can use this simple tool to convert your grades to German cgpa (ask Google). Minimum required gpa for RWTH Aachen is 2.5
akshay jangid (6 months ago)
What about scholarship there??

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