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Windows 10: Worth the Upgrade?

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Windows 10 is here but should you upgrade? After Windows 8 Microsoft had a lot of work to do with Windows 10. As a free update from Windows 7 and Windows 8 it actually has a lot going for it. The Start Menu makes a return along with Cortana from Windows Phone, a fresh look for the desktop including improved Snap and Task View, the new Microsoft Edge web browser to replace Internet Explorer, DirectX 12 for improved gaming performance along with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and the Xbox app to stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10 PC. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Windows 10 DirectX 12 Supported GPUs: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9472/windows-10-launch-day-gpu-support-summary Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3795)
Igie Tipsay (4 days ago)
I am gonna build a pc in 2019 should i get a win 10 or win7? I would want win 7 but my friends Said that win 7 will no longer have support.
Willy chandra (6 days ago)
i am still using with windows 8.1 my computer and windows 10 for my laptop
Big Penguin721 (12 days ago)
Flower Bloom (12 days ago)
I dislike windows ten I use it and theirs a lot of bugs I have to deal with.
Totodile The pPokemon (27 days ago)
Too bas it runs like crap
Dimis Varsos (1 month ago)
Why windows 8 a failure?? Some claim to be the best ever made for tablets?
realtbnrfrags10 (1 month ago)
I got the free upgrade to windows 10 from WINDOWS 7!
H4WK69 (1 month ago)
Windows 10 is a downgrade
KO Combo (1 month ago)
also windows 8.1 didnt force apps in fullscreen... just press alt+enter nub...
Dat Dell (1 month ago)
Free update? B*tch no i stay with 8.1
Freezie Icy blast (1 month ago)
You are all crazy and childish for falling into microsoft`s bait.
Freezie Icy blast (1 month ago)
Or even windows Me
Freezie Icy blast (1 month ago)
NO. Just no. I even prefer 8 over this fucking bullshit OS.
NitroVexPlays (1 month ago)
THE COMEDY KING (1 month ago)
910472 + 709223519 = ? How smart at you
Saif Hatim (2 months ago)
I purchased my pc windows 8 and one day it became windows 10 without my notice
FROZE QUIZ (2 months ago)
I have Windows 98
Aaditya (2 months ago)
ManaphygameZ Come watch (2 months ago)
I prefer windows 10 out of every windows operating software. That’s because it’s basically windows 7 ( Second best operating software ), but it looks a lot more modern. 7 will always be the classic and it holds a lot of nostalgia, but 10 is more up to date.
Adam Ho (2 months ago)
Microsoft edge looks like chrome.
epic Minecraft gamer (2 months ago)
Go to 937 barlan Dr
the computer genius (3 months ago)
No it’s not worth it
Someone (3 months ago)
Windows 10 made my PC run *Minecraft* at *12FPS*
Froush (3 months ago)
Base my opinion windows 7 is still the best gaming experience for me cause im a gamer but when i upgraded my sht everything went horrible like for example freezes(my graphics card is big), lags and mostly wth it won't open all apps. Just stick to windows 7 it wont do anything crap. Its my opinion you can't do anything about it
Allosaurus Gaming (3 months ago)
Anyone else a halo fan and thinks cortana is awsome
unboxing jose and vlogs (3 months ago)
Why is there only q video blowe
HunterGalaxyX Xx (5 months ago)
Yep, I actually LOVED Windows 10 - Computer because it also can play Minecraft!!! 😎😎😎
Cody Erlanger (5 months ago)
Dislike 👎
Samuel White (5 months ago)
I wish I upgraded before the free edition ended
danrhe (5 months ago)
I use chrome on my windows tablet/PC
leox (6 months ago)
i just upgraded from windows 7 to 10
Dank Memes (6 months ago)
I'm still using XP on a 15 year old Dell Dimension. Still runs fine.
nicktk (6 months ago)
NOOOO.....at that time i had to install a pach to turn off win10 update :) ,win10 allso colects personal data like a vacum cleaner and sends it without your consent....Security level on win 10 it even low than windows XP. dont try.
SplatDash (6 months ago)
Nah i will wait until they fix some bug on win10 i'll stick with win7 then
Chung Wei Leong (5 months ago)
It works fine for me, if you never try you never know those bugs is fixed or not
RealStrone (7 months ago)
the video is good but the drawing is bad
So is it faster?
Windows 10 comes prepackaged with Bonzi Buddy
dan199122 (7 months ago)
I never had a privacy issue....idk what u Americans are talking about
abcd Walker (7 months ago)
No windows movie maker
abcd Walker (7 months ago)
I installed 10 but I still use google chrome. Windows 8 was alot better.
Warden (7 months ago)
Each Windows 10 update adds more spyware, more problems. You can't even use Atom based systems with Windows 10 anymore because the Fall Update breaks a ton of drivers. Fuck Microsoft and their spying.
Flynn the Retard (7 months ago)
Ugh. Workspaces (multiple desktops) have been on Linux Mint for a long time.
Rosario Di Pasquale (7 months ago)
No. 7 and XP were kinda the thing. They were faster and cooler.
Oliver Cairn (3 months ago)
Rosario Di Pasquale sure the software seemed cool to you but its shit tons faster then previous os softwares
Woid - Gota (4 months ago)
Your opinion
Rosario Di Pasquale (7 months ago)
What do you mean, “boi”
Lucky The Leafeon (7 months ago)
super big boy bob (8 months ago)
i really don't like it
RealisticLazer (8 months ago)
windows 8 is faster then windows 10
Roseann Atkins (8 months ago)
Guys who wanna windows 10 key go site *vanskeys . com*
CultCoder (8 months ago)
As a browser gamer I can't stand Edge, there is no full screen mode. Whenever my mouse moves to the bottom the taskbar comes up disabling my game control and killing me. I hate this.
01898ynohtnA (8 months ago)
Keep Windows 7. Period.
simebody someone (8 months ago)
how did you download iTunes on windows 10
WestHills Games (9 months ago)
I will just stick with windows 7 until 2019
Steve Andrei (9 months ago)
The answer is....... No
danielgartin6993 (9 months ago)
I have Windows 10 also,I upgraded for free too!
Richie Hyacinth (9 months ago)
i finally upgraded... onto another partition, windows 7 definitely is ultimate
Ahsan Kobir (10 months ago)
is it Anniversary update or creator update?
Krisna Hartawan (10 months ago)
this is not upgrade this is fucking downgrade
LeoDaLemon (5 months ago)
He was joking?But windows 10 just dosen't fit me.
Axel M. (7 months ago)
Choonky (10 months ago)
Windows 7: ok Windows 8: good Windows 10: legendary
kapout5002 kapoutmapout (3 months ago)
redstar os:real shit? windows 10:spy os windows 8:spy os windows 7+XP:LEGENDS
Atom Ridge (6 months ago)
No Name Hello no, that's wrong. Win 7/XP: The best versions Win 8/8.1: Absolute garbage Win 10: Spyware Linux: God Mode.
Senpai (10 months ago)
Is it only me that likes the full screen start menu that windows 8 had? I know that you can email it on win 10, but still.
KenwolfMC (11 months ago)
Minecraft java edition runs fine on my fucking crap PC u retard (i7 2600k GTX 660)
Death (11 months ago)
When Microsoft ends support for windows 7, i will upgrade to windows 8 and install start8....
I like turtles! (11 months ago)
used both Windows os, windows 8 is so much better, windows 7 is still good tho
Vermilion (11 months ago)
Justin La Greca (11 months ago)
How do u snap? It's nearly my birthday and I might get a Windows 10 laptop 🤗
A Google User (1 year ago)
Short answer: no
Pablar (1 year ago)
I guess I WILL GET windows ten if it is crap then i am back to windows 7
What's the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 pro?
Shawna White (1 year ago)
Windows 10 key $28 : https://plus.google.com/u/0/112838307055941266229 ...
Avilion (9 months ago)
Shawna White or pirate it for free
Enes Tafili (1 year ago)
i own the pc version
AdwikTRM (1 year ago)
Austin Hey Guys is This
Daniël Maarsen (9 months ago)
Steve (1 year ago)
Lazy Jeff (1 year ago)
Well, this is it... Goodbye Windows 8.1... ;(
xX_R3dPl4X_Xx (1 year ago)
I hate Windows 10 on Windows 8.1 GTA v 40 fps Minecraft 500 fps csgo 45 fps on my Asus x555l i3 8gb ram and gtx 820m on Windows 10 GTA v 35 fps Minecraft 350 fps csgo 30 fps Windows 7 and 8 and 8.1 is best
Gamerz YT (1 year ago)
Ibrahim Imtiyaz (1 year ago)
Win8 my homie
Jerri Eaton (1 year ago)
A few days ago, i got a windows 10 key from one page: # plus.google.com/102222547549233585060/posts/htNTZXbPmfw. it provide 100% working after i used.
oshawott98 (1 year ago)
Answer : No
Choonky (1 year ago)
Lol Mac fag
faaris ebrahim (1 year ago)
Where did he get that nice background
Kenny-Brawl Stars (1 year ago)
I understand why you say upgrade but my 2010 dell Inspiron running windows 7 is still fast no thanks windows 10.🙂
Kevin Lau (1 year ago)
Windows XP is better.
Choonky (1 year ago)
Don't stay on 7 that garbage keeps getting annoying errors and BSOD.
Tendo's Historia (1 year ago)
So they have stolen Spotlight Search, Split Screen and Multi Desktop from Mac OS. Very innovative.
Grei (1 year ago)
If it wasn't for it's horrible support for pre-Windows 7 (and a lot of Windows 7) stuff and the way it shamelessly spies on you, i would have upgraded to this within the first 10 seconds the free download thingy was released. :P
Sedate Cornet82 (1 year ago)
Windows 10 sucks! It makes computers from like 2012 so slow!!! Why would, Microsoft make such a laggy Windows!!
Galaxify ゚誕緯 (1 year ago)
when windows 10 first came out i didnt upgrade now on my gaming pc i'm using it
XxMr GamesxX (1 year ago)
XxMr GamesxX (1 year ago)
My dad says ITS SHIT! he said I can try it so I will,If its shit,I switch back I'll post a comment with my answer!
Oscar Rincón (1 year ago)
I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 in July 2016 and I can say that it's far more better. W7 was good, but W10 provides me of more applications and personalization.
Jan Peonza - TOP 5 (1 year ago)
I going install Windows 10! Windows 7 is fucking laggy and i have low game perfomance in Windows 7. Windows 10 is love, Windows 10 is life! :3
Choonky (1 year ago)
You're so right Windows 7 is garbage that keeps getting annoying errors and BSOD.
Fa23had Ahmad (1 year ago)
Should I upgrade from windows 8.1pro to 10 ?
Succ Succcy (1 year ago)
I'm using Windows 8.1
The Solemn Nut (1 year ago)
same with you filthy BTS fans
Youness JAZOULI (1 year ago)
Windows 7 pro 64bit is a miracle of microsoft after XP...windows 8 & 8.1 & 10 are a bull shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
LeoDaLemon (5 months ago)
Windows 7 is better than your mother.
itech studios (11 months ago)
MY computer Came with Windows 8 and I cant get Windows 7 without paying. And Im too lazy to do that
Choonky (1 year ago)
Windows 7 is garbage
Mark Heaton (1 year ago)
Cortana is the ai in halo
Gavin Li1117 (1 year ago)
RIP Internet Explorer... (I don’t miss you BTW)
Ralphus Dick (1 year ago)
Win7 for Internet, Win 8/10 for offline Gaming
Kain Bastien (1 year ago)
I'm still on windows 7. Any good reason to upgrade?
big boy (4 months ago)
PC master race that's why bitch
Choonky (1 year ago)
Yes, because Windows 7 is garbage
GamingIsSuperior (1 year ago)
Kinsella Music no they don't
GamingIsSuperior (1 year ago)
Kinsella Music ryzen is also not supporting windows 7
YourTechGuy (1 year ago)
Upgrade to Windows 10,is the best and really Worth it
Tsavorite Prince (1 year ago)
I seems like they had to make some things for Surface.
GALAXY TROOPER (1 year ago)
what is the laptops name?
ShirtyStuff (1 year ago)
surface pro 3
Windows 8 is bad
rayford21 (1 year ago)
Nice sales pitch for microsoft (ugh). It seems like you're more interested in how it plays your toys better than how it works for an average American. This thing is like new cars, being over engineered with unnecessary and complicated functions.Some of the apps that are built into it are either watered down from older editions or you have to pay for upgrades to to make them useful. Microsoft is not interested in consumer relations. Those people are interested only in your money by selling proprietary apps that appear regularly on the internet.......Microsoft-go fly a kite.
SonicPopcorn106 (7 months ago)
nothing you said makes sense
Aadi (1 year ago)
windows 7 is the best
Luigi Luger (3 days ago)
their the same!
Charles Cavatoni (1 month ago)
Windows Vista is better dummy
No Name thats vistar
Emilie Inzinna (1 year ago)
This was very helpful
PINKY Zz (1 year ago)
GMC Denali 717 (1 year ago)
WARNING! BE AWARE! CAUTION! To all Windows 10 users! Don't get Windows 10! Microsoft is spying on Windows 10 users! Don't go any higher than Windows 8! I recommend Windows XP and Windows 7 for the best, safest experience.
Choonky (1 year ago)
Windows 7 is an unstable piece of garbage

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