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Samsung all 2016 frp unlock tool 100% tested

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subscribe our chanel my fb page www.fb.com/themobilestore exe http://www.4shared.com/file/cD297f8Uce/Realterm_BETA_30029_No_CMDOW_S.html read 1st 1.power ur Phone gmail id & password asking manu & must put any working sim 2.install Realterm software on ur pc 3.connect ur phone to pc 4.after that u wil get port device manager samsung mobile usb modem 5.click on that samsung mobile usb modem 6.in option u wil get port note that port 7.after that opn Realterm HalfDuplex RTSCTS software wt i gived 8. in 1st manu display option selete half duplex 9.in port manu selete ur mobile phone port wt u see on ur device manager 10.nw go to send tab type at+creg?\r\n on that 1st tab 11.in next click asAsCII 12.IN SCREEN UR GET OK 13.AFTER THAT atd123456789;\r\n SAME TAB replace 123456789 = your phone number THTAS UR OTHER NO 14 AFTER UR GET CELL U CAN rece ur cell nw ur get option on screen ur any browser 15.Login your google account by app Quick shortcut maker ...
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tural memmedov (1 year ago)
thans you ,,

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