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Lenovo K8 Note Official Trailer | 2017

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Text Comments (58)
Pintu Kumar (5 days ago)
No hybrid sim slot good but Gorilla Glass 3 is not good no tempered glass fitting
Martin Corona (8 days ago)
Llegará a México???🤔
Nitish Ahuja (12 days ago)
I have k8
Zeldeando en Nintendo (1 month ago)
¡¡¡Les han mangado la interfaz a Motorola!!! -que mangamtes, que no- *IMITEN*, **-que-** *INVENTEN* solo falta acciones moto XXXDDD
MAD Lab (1 month ago)
All new Lenovo Tab 7 Unboxing and full review https://youtu.be/6BjZ1GjtTJQ
Anand Jha (2 months ago)
worst phone after update 5 sep camera quality going law. taking yellow picture at night. Don't buy anyone
asgu maha (2 months ago)
Awesome! Music
Pratyaksh Singh (2 months ago)
I want the background music used in this
Eouz Cuemarz (3 months ago)
awesome specs! no need to w8.
MoHiT RaThEe (3 months ago)
Lenovo k8 note is better then redmi note 4 good bai mi
Samir Nath (3 months ago)
I think Lenovo k8 note is better than any other phone at this price. I am sure this phone will get much popularity than any other phone like vivo and oppo....☺☺
Renzo Felices (3 months ago)
From Perú?
Pawan Buwade (3 months ago)
Oppo is best than this
roma lugun (3 months ago)
Mohan bunny (4 months ago)
I am buy lenovok8note mobile phone simply superb mobile
Omar Marquez (4 months ago)
Alguien me puede decir cuando llegara a México!!!
Clash Of Clans With BRT (5 months ago)
ARUN VENKAT (5 months ago)
The main drawback is that this exclusive phone is only at online but it is better to launch officially to the shops of own dealers to buy easily if it is possible??? and awaiting for the launch date to shops. we are awaiting to buy it through nearlyby shops
Exploitzz Geez (5 months ago)
Damn...The first 10-Core phone prossecor?
mkjvj joshi (5 months ago)
redmi note 4 ya lenovo k8 not what is better in heating please reply reply
Techy Tejas (4 months ago)
mkjvj joshi bro lenovo k8 note is better.
David Archuleta (5 months ago)
How to get this lenovo? Im interesting .
Techy Tejas (5 months ago)
David Archuleta bro it is available on Amazon for sale in two variants.
Tech Next (5 months ago)
Lenovo K8 Note is available on Amazon : http://amzn.to/2fDGE5F
Harold B. (5 months ago)
Can I connect it to MetroPCS?
manoj dewale (6 months ago)
music konsi hai Bhai..
Hemanth Kumar (6 months ago)
someone said lenovo will hang what about this?
Hemanth Kumar (3 months ago)
viveka nand thank you
viveka nand (3 months ago)
yes its true
Hemanth Kumar (3 months ago)
viveka nand really?
viveka nand (3 months ago)
yes i am also using k8 note and i did a speed test with my iphone 7 plus so in 40% app will open faster then the iphone
Hemanth Kumar (4 months ago)
Oh thanks for your suggestion
RV Hindi Tips (6 months ago)
Hemnath Vike (6 months ago)
GeekyRanjit dint get his review unit on time.. So Lenovo had no care on this phone to be a success one
Techy Tejas (3 months ago)
Hemnath Vike point hai
jitesh vaswani (6 months ago)
i am fan of lenovo definately going to buy this k8 note the gold color is difrrent gold color from others
Vishv Soni (6 months ago)
Lenovo k8 note have heating issue
Maulik Mardiya (7 months ago)
Lenovo k8 is best of tha phone...And oneplus phon ki valuko takar de payega....Riply to me
mehran ahmed (7 months ago)
Which track is that in the background?
rakshith mss (7 months ago)
Release date and available on??
Tech Next (7 months ago)
lenovo k8 note 1st sale on 18th August in Amazon.
Kiah Jana (7 months ago)
I am in love with this phone
Deepak Nagpure (7 months ago)
Nice concept Vry nice video
Tech Next (7 months ago)
Thank you Deepak Nagpure.
Vicky Ajith (7 months ago)
Mideatek x23 or Snapdragon 625 which one is best ?
Najim Husain (18 days ago)
yas good ok
AW D (7 months ago)
Vicky Ajith the mkx23 scores more than sd625 in benchmark
Tech Next (7 months ago)
Both the chipsets have their own pros and cons. Media Tek Helio X23 has a powerful CPU which is not the case with Snapdragon 625 prosser. Over all i pick Snapdragon 625.
ravi teja (7 months ago)
always sd
Priyanshu Sinha (7 months ago)
Awesome phone.....like lenovo k6 power.... "Mi" going to end....... "Mi" count your ending .........
Vivek Malhotra (7 months ago)
mi 5x is coming in India next month
shailesh parmar (7 months ago)
Hii I can uploaded this video on my channel ????
kidu kidilam...wowww...brilliant work lenovo...dewsign shoub be improved...what about the battery
Tech Next (7 months ago)
4000 mAh Battery
Harith G (7 months ago)
its really a killer !!!
Tech Next (7 months ago)
#killerNote. Lenovo k8 note is the best budget smartphone.
white girl (7 months ago)
not bad br bro thumbs up❤ and plzz subscribed to my channel also please??

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