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Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

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ICYMI - https://youtu.be/6Zuq7lvdCNY What unexpected voice clips did you find? Let me know in the comments! Head over to https://history.google.com/history/audio to check for recorded clips from your device (must be logged into Google account). This recording function exists to help Google understand your language better in the future for voice search etc. The problem arises from "hot words" that launch the voice function and sometimes record audio unknowingly. This feature can be turned off completely if paranoia strikes. In my case it had recorded roughly a dozen audio exchanges that I was unaware of. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (4187)
U can't erase it, u may think it,s erased,it goes straight to the database,
Vansh Thakur (8 hours ago)
100 legit. it had a tonsof voice recording of my conversations
kamiziat K (14 hours ago)
Omg I found some too that's scary af!
I'm watching this on my pc and there's an ad right below the video saying shop 'phones recording'.
Liam Noble (17 hours ago)
Who's else's phone responsed with he said okay Google 😂
Caleb Able (17 hours ago)
I've known this for about a year. It works through Google opinions, your mic, your texts, e-mails and even your camera, everything you do with devices containing the Google Trojan horse. Even if you remove all Google programmes and permissions on your Android G👀gle still owns the operating system. Here are some examples; I was having a shave in front of my phone yesterday and boom withing 1 minuet, adverts for electric razors. Also a year back my phone randomly snapped a picture, right when my young daughter walked past NUDE! Then an hour later, Google opinion awards sent me the question "do you have children in your home?" Holy fucking shit is there some kind of pedo ring at Google, snapping pictures of people's children?
Leo ._idk (22 hours ago)
How do you get to that menu to check?
bangmeister2012 (1 day ago)
Google recorded me saying fuck donald trump
The G Mesh (1 day ago)
i got zero result in audio history which is accurate. its obvious that this guy pre record those voice files for views. do you guys really think google would screw their self for more accurate ads?
Nose Nablo (1 day ago)
A double edged feature smart and mysterious
EXTREME DEMON (1 day ago)
My brother phone is the same as me (j7 prime) he has his own account but i think google and chrome are still in my account and thank god google just listen me farting and saying kontol is dick in english XD im so stupid and im only 11
Blur (1 day ago)
My professor once called my collegue whos name is the same as a germans model railway toy brand he talked about it about half a minute and said his name about 2 times, I had my phone on the desk. In the break I was scrolling on instagram and there was an ad for model railway toys on amazon.. :O
Mighty Droid (2 days ago)
Just go to the settings>application manager> find google and turn off the microphone stuff and you're safe i guess
DMtoby07 (2 days ago)
If you actully talk about a topic ie dogs (even if you dont have one) you should start to receive dog related ads in your apps and browser. Everyone should know about your voice searches being recorded The problem is they record you at any given moment to give you better ads even if you're not using google assistant.
Mechanical Engg (2 days ago)
Thanks Lewis.
marcus neo (2 days ago)
My Google assistant pops up every single time when u say Ok,Google😂
Vaping Asylum (2 days ago)
I live in PA I know they law well
i had recordings from 2015 on mine, it was a bit nostalgic hearing my brothers voice when he was little but still kinda crazy
courtney Haynes (2 days ago)
courtney Haynes (2 days ago)
courtney Haynes (2 days ago)
Blaxe Frost (3 days ago)
i have no data in that section of the history
YCudaOrYBaby (3 days ago)
My Google activated in the beginning..... 🙃🙃🙃
-EZK- Memez (3 days ago)
Fuck me
Ashley Glover (3 days ago)
The good news is that you can delete the data, by what type it is. At least in the UK.
Pickle Morty (3 days ago)
And that’s why Apple is better because they don’t have google listening to you only checking you history to create adds
ADEX (3 days ago)
I love how youtube puts this in my recommended during the Zuckerberg trial. gg
Nick A (4 days ago)
Hey guys
Alexleo Lok (4 days ago)
When you said ok google my phone got trigger
SUH DUDE (4 days ago)
google is one smart boi
hornetluca (4 days ago)
The history hasn't changed
Bright Garinson (4 days ago)
You fucking shills normalizing spyware from governments and companies.
Andrew Juchniewicz (4 days ago)
It's not even cellphones... Anything that has a microphone which Google is installed also is always listening to you. What's worse? You can talk about dog toys for no particular reason and next time you go on a website POP! Dog Toy ads all over the place. Facebook and Google are always listening
L3ftei (4 days ago)
Dude I was talking to my brother about getting a new pair of joycons and then a few moments later my phone buzzed notifying me that there was a pair of joycons on sale
arief fauzan (5 days ago)
I remember the words from google itself, like “don’t be evil” now that words seems like doesnt mean anything
matteightytwo (5 days ago)
You didn’t know?
Hansheng Li (6 days ago)
That’s why China have ban Facebook and google
Deane Marks (7 days ago)
Thought Experiment/ Legal Question: If someone accidentally triggers the voice record function (as demonstrated in that video) , and that recording captures objective, unfalsifiable evidence of a crime, Could that evidence be admissable in court?
Marc D (8 days ago)
I uninstalled google/google voice on my android Via Magisk Debloater moodule.
How do I stop YouTube and the news media from recording me in my bedroom
の 。ーH00DW1NK (9 days ago)
SUPER DUPERS (12 days ago)
People, people, people. Do you not realize that EVERY single conversation, action, and word, 24/7 is being recorded, as are you movements, footsteps....every dollar you spend, all of it. There are massive, MASSIVE complexes the size of Cities which only purpose to serve is storing the information of every Citizen. Look it up People or keep believing Mark.
Robert Michael Reyes (13 days ago)
Calvin Hodgson (16 days ago)
Well, there goes my plans for world domination.
ROSE (21 days ago)
I found out about this and checked my voice recording history and found this video afterwards... My whole 30 minute Skype call is recorded in parts!? Also there are conversations between me and my friends recorded in parts. Also there's a voice recording of me showering. There's a voice recording of me arriving in a metro station and bunch of other recording of me in a public transport...
Helen H (21 days ago)
Found loads on mine and some did creep me out, I see the time also said audio was taken. One said it responded to good morning at 3am but voice unverified? Pretty spooky and I couldn't hear the audio as wasn't verified. The setting can be turned off but every moth they go back on so you need to keep doing this.
Santino Pino (23 days ago)
I think if Apple were doing this that the format of the video of the video would have been more “devastating violation of personal privacy and they should be ashamed and you should by a droid” rather than this nonchalant passive calm, “hey it’s ok that it recorded me, anyways catch ya later”.... Love ya Lew but the google-dollars are showing :-)
p.s.s. santosh (24 days ago)
I turned off Siri , Dictation....
Kokica Langarec (26 days ago)
U know what? I found none of that. Maybe its you they spyin as a famous person
Shay White (29 days ago)
Google may be apart of cloning people.
Lokendra Singh Chouhan (30 days ago)
This is real shit. I checked. madafaqa Google
Constantiam dot net (1 month ago)
blag blah blah blah
Caileb Murphy (1 month ago)
It has recorded phone calls between me and some friends as well as my dad then it also has a bunch of them that are just sounds but no words.
carlos vega (1 month ago)
Wikipedia is not accurate.
The Manan J (1 month ago)
You can disable it
Rawlin Jernigan (1 month ago)
How do I disable that part of where Google recording my voices
Vitali Kononov (1 month ago)
I don't see the voice recording list when I go to the link you listed here. Perhaps Google have changed the settings. It is not there anymore. I see the search activity and the words I said using Google voice search. But nothing else seems to be recorded that I'm not aware of.
Allan Sheppard (1 month ago)
New Yorkers beware...
floyd schott (1 month ago)
Fuck Google and Facebook , zookerberg needs to be castrated .
Lee Hemington (1 month ago)
creepy pervs gogole
Logic Seeker (1 month ago)
I am fucking angry.
lhalls9116 (1 month ago)
I love you did this. I think about hacking and technology and yadayada..ai
Willee85 (1 month ago)
FUNNY how i googled this and it says google is listening to you...
Willee85 (1 month ago)
and im HIGH
Dev Rokaya (1 month ago)
bro could u make the video that how can we recover delete video.i think u r the best..i hope u will make
Casidy Julian (1 month ago)
I found myself apologizing to google for asking it the wrong thing..Creeps me out some.
PÎXÈŁ GÚÑ 3Đ (2 months ago)
Phil Tarbrook (2 months ago)
Dose this apply Just in the USA ?   Wow....crazy & dangerous Unless it is for security & just "of dangerous" Comments  !
Hey! That is our job!
Pui lam henry (2 months ago)
yet you are using youtube instead of uploading this video on Vimeo
Paul ofTarsus (2 months ago)
Google own android do they not? They own everything else. Google IS big Brother. What creeps me out is some young punk kid owns it all. ONE GUY! Maybe hes the AntiChrist and he is gonna make us all get a google chip installed in our heads. Yea it creeps me out, bad. I freaked out when I made a call and it said, "this call is being recorded for quality assurance". OK, Im being recorded WITHOUT my consent. But if I dont WANT to be recorded I guess I dont get to use the phone. Cause they ALL record you, then report back to Google of course :) Look out 666 here we come.
Spyros Xormo (2 months ago)
It's the same with Google assistant?
bboy Freestyler (2 months ago)
Fucking Google pissizzz me off really bad fucking I'm listening I'm listening mother fuckers makes me go nuts now my car is beeping buy it's self my phone is jaiming I can't even white my own word typing keep changing it to other words WTF SHITTT
shahbod hejri (2 months ago)
yes google spy .. all time ..
Jose Duran (2 months ago)
This is why Apple probably hasn’t entered this space because of privacy concerns
christy snow (3 months ago)
If me and Google are going to have such a close and personal relationship, why haven't we gotten married already? Since they know my every move and thought. The fact that they are keeping record of it, makes me think it's time to break things off. Stalker/Investigator/Creepy/WTF happened to privacy in the U.S.?
Tagging Bro Videos (3 months ago)
I found a recording of me talking about a game to my friend. Creapy 😥😥😫😓
Filigrees (3 months ago)
I don't see Voice in my history at all
Rob Castell (3 months ago)
The insane part is that even if you shut off voice recording, all it does is make the convenient apps like Ok Google not function. However it still states that Google CAN AND WILL continue to record you at will regardless. So you can say is want my privacy don't record me, and their answer is 'fine you don't get Google voice commands, but no we're not going to stop recording you'
Henry Schinke (4 months ago)
Damit, now another thing I have to clear after watching porn.
ferkemall (4 months ago)
My phone sits in a leather case and is turned off until I want o use it ,it also all voice options turned off all with location that said I did a factory reset on a tablet tuned off all geo location setting's and put my country down as Afghanistan then put the WiFi on went onto Gumtree and at the bottom of the page was the first half of my post code those fkers it dont mater what you turn off they can turn anything on remotely look at the iPhone under clocking even I you put a new battery in it still slows down so you have to buy a new apple iPhone ,I'm looking forward to their new year's sales figures and their share price , buy an apple product I would sooner sh1t a pineapple whole !
Liam Ollen (4 months ago)
You don't live in the USA though you live in Newmarket, Ontario Canada.
FYI (4 months ago)
When Lewis said ok google, google on my phone woke up. Anyone else had the same experience.
Carlo Mario (4 months ago)
Now that the A.I. have been unleashed and is growing and developing with out the knowledge of humans. It would be critical to have on every internet device an analogue physical switch that disconnect mechanically every signal when the hell you want it. It is insane to work and pay to have a device that can potentially become a weapon against you. Could someone with some power push for this? I am in Germany, liberal zombie land. So I am trapped.
FuriouseGrimSans (4 months ago)
Not surprised I knew for a long time that google didn't leave your privacy
Purpill (4 months ago)
The first time I talked about a product it showed up in an ad
Yolo Bro (5 months ago)
What should we do??
Michael Jose Lowe (5 months ago)
From my understanding, it only records when you press whatever to activate the assistant app but shows up as Google app. When you open another app, it shows the name of that app instead. Facebook for example.
Brian Lawrence (5 months ago)
I have deliberately said a lot of things to the corrupt perverted C#\+$ pure and utter disrespect to us and further more, some parents forget that organisation of filthy ba$/@rds have access to our children's devices. They probably are part of the (evils) Vatican👈👎
BadSkies (5 months ago)
A list doesn't even show up for me. Is it possible because I don't have android and deny microphone access to all my apps?
Nyamjoon :3 (5 months ago)
Baaaam bitch im living in a country where its iligal to record someones private conversation! C: (if you do this you go to jail for 3 years i think)
texas coot (5 months ago)
i dont have that on my phone. One thing i do is never stay logged in to any of my apps or browser, never allow apps to store passwords either.
Joshua Reynolds (5 months ago)
I don't use hot words for this reason.
Layton Miah (5 months ago)
I dont have any coz i dont install apps that require 100 permissions like record and make phone calls lol
Jack Zhang (5 months ago)
Like Google actually gives a fuck about my conversations
Antonio Wessels (5 months ago)
My ex was stupid af, caught her cheating with the help of google, and showed her the proof when I left that ass. And just to add salt to the wound I sent her all the voice clips of her trying to snoop thru my phone and her dirty std carrying ass acts.
Noah (5 months ago)
Can you sue them for that?
bushwhakd (5 months ago)
My google assistant opens when you say "ok google"... We may have the same voice.
rdecredico (5 months ago)
No shit. How dumb are you to not have realized this previously?
Giardinosaur T. (5 months ago)
I had to edit my comment. HIGH KEY this feature can totally change the future. Being able to go back and have a detailed audio recording is so helpful, I'm being honest here. Think of, for example, being accused of a crime, and there being no one else to cover for you, and the State then decides you are guilty. Well this function that can be prevented if audio is recorded at a certain time. Now I know there is there is a large gray area surrounding this, but realizing I can go back and here what I said to my phone is super helpful to know just from all angles. And I'm not a big consumer, so i rarely see advertisements, and at this point I know how to manipulate the software made by companies to not be shown things I do not want to see. The future is now
zoinkz112 (5 months ago)
mostly on androids my ass
planetrob555 (5 months ago)
URL now redirects to some activity DOT whatever now. Asked me to log in, even though I AM.

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