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Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

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ICYMI - https://youtu.be/6Zuq7lvdCNY What unexpected voice clips did you find? Let me know in the comments! Head over to https://history.google.com/history/audio to check for recorded clips from your device (must be logged into Google account). This recording function exists to help Google understand your language better in the future for voice search etc. The problem arises from "hot words" that launch the voice function and sometimes record audio unknowingly. This feature can be turned off completely if paranoia strikes. In my case it had recorded roughly a dozen audio exchanges that I was unaware of. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (4132)
christy snow (19 hours ago)
If me and Google are going to have such a close and personal relationship, why haven't we gotten married already? Since they know my every move and thought. The fact that they are keeping record of it, makes me think it's time to break things off. Stalker/Investigator/Creepy/WTF happened to privacy in the U.S.?
Tagging Bro Videos (6 days ago)
I found a recording of me talking about a game to my friend. Creapy 😥😥😫😓
Filigrees (12 days ago)
I don't see Voice in my history at all
Master Kenobi (13 days ago)
Read the terms of service. Nobody does it but you sign away all your rights to not being recorded, among many others.
Rob Castell (18 days ago)
The insane part is that even if you shut off voice recording, all it does is make the convenient apps like Ok Google not function. However it still states that Google CAN AND WILL continue to record you at will regardless. So you can say is want my privacy don't record me, and their answer is 'fine you don't get Google voice commands, but no we're not going to stop recording you'
Henry Schinke (27 days ago)
Damit, now another thing I have to clear after watching porn.
ferkemall (28 days ago)
My phone sits in a leather case and is turned off until I want o use it ,it also all voice options turned off all with location that said I did a factory reset on a tablet tuned off all geo location setting's and put my country down as Afghanistan then put the WiFi on went onto Gumtree and at the bottom of the page was the first half of my post code those fkers it dont mater what you turn off they can turn anything on remotely look at the iPhone under clocking even I you put a new battery in it still slows down so you have to buy a new apple iPhone ,I'm looking forward to their new year's sales figures and their share price , buy an apple product I would sooner sh1t a pineapple whole !
Liam Ollen (30 days ago)
You don't live in the USA though you live in Newmarket, Ontario Canada.
Katerina Haag (1 month ago)
I actually discovered this a couple of days ago, I turned off everything I could...but Im still dont know if google collects data anyway without showing it to me. Im getting an old Nokia phone soon....this is creepy.
FYI (1 month ago)
When Lewis said ok google, google on my phone woke up. Anyone else had the same experience.
Carlo Mario (1 month ago)
Now that the A.I. have been unleashed and is growing and developing with out the knowledge of humans. It would be critical to have on every internet device an analogue physical switch that disconnect mechanically every signal when the hell you want it. It is insane to work and pay to have a device that can potentially become a weapon against you. Could someone with some power push for this? I am in Germany, liberal zombie land. So I am trapped.
FuriouseGrimSans (1 month ago)
Not surprised I knew for a long time that google didn't leave your privacy
Purpill (1 month ago)
The first time I talked about a product it showed up in an ad
Yolo Bro (2 months ago)
What should we do??
Michael Jose Lowe (2 months ago)
From my understanding, it only records when you press whatever to activate the assistant app but shows up as Google app. When you open another app, it shows the name of that app instead. Facebook for example.
Brian Lawrence (2 months ago)
I have deliberately said a lot of things to the corrupt perverted C#\+$ pure and utter disrespect to us and further more, some parents forget that organisation of filthy ba$/@rds have access to our children's devices. They probably are part of the (evils) Vatican👈👎
BadSkies (2 months ago)
A list doesn't even show up for me. Is it possible because I don't have android and deny microphone access to all my apps?
Jímins Soft Kissys C: (2 months ago)
Baaaam bitch im living in a country where its iligal to record someones private conversation! C: (if you do this you go to jail for 3 years i think)
texas coot (2 months ago)
i dont have that on my phone. One thing i do is never stay logged in to any of my apps or browser, never allow apps to store passwords either.
Joshua Reynolds (2 months ago)
I don't use hot words for this reason.
Layton Miah (2 months ago)
I dont have any coz i dont install apps that require 100 permissions like record and make phone calls lol
Jack Zhang (2 months ago)
Like Google actually gives a fuck about my conversations
Antonio Wessels (2 months ago)
My ex was stupid af, caught her cheating with the help of google, and showed her the proof when I left that ass. And just to add salt to the wound I sent her all the voice clips of her trying to snoop thru my phone and her dirty std carrying ass acts.
Noah (2 months ago)
Can you sue them for that?
bushwhakd (2 months ago)
My google assistant opens when you say "ok google"... We may have the same voice.
rdecredico (2 months ago)
No shit. How dumb are you to not have realized this previously?
Giardinosaur T. (2 months ago)
I had to edit my comment. HIGH KEY this feature can totally change the future. Being able to go back and have a detailed audio recording is so helpful, I'm being honest here. Think of, for example, being accused of a crime, and there being no one else to cover for you, and the State then decides you are guilty. Well this function that can be prevented if audio is recorded at a certain time. Now I know there is there is a large gray area surrounding this, but realizing I can go back and here what I said to my phone is super helpful to know just from all angles. And I'm not a big consumer, so i rarely see advertisements, and at this point I know how to manipulate the software made by companies to not be shown things I do not want to see. The future is now
zoinkz112 (2 months ago)
mostly on androids my ass
planetrob555 (2 months ago)
URL now redirects to some activity DOT whatever now. Asked me to log in, even though I AM.
Communist Manifesto (2 months ago)
It's not just Android, apple does it too
Ar Con (2 months ago)
Judges are all bought off and brainwashed SOB's or this would not be allowed. RIP Democracy, next thing you know founder of Google or Facebook will run for office and use this tech to manipulate each voter.
SamFurious (2 months ago)
I got some creepy messages bro..
Marcass Busta (3 months ago)
Yes I just found out about this b/s
Tom Sawyer (4 months ago)
BS!!! Spying me in wshington!
C.C. Cerva (4 months ago)
I also went under the tab and selected 'Activity Controls' and 'Paused' my activity
hollywoodsaint57 (4 months ago)
I kust heard my voice say things that I have NEVER SAID BEFORE! like my voice was copied acording toy algorythym tones. Im scared shitless! I will never watch mobile porn again. I say some nasty ass shit at during climax, lol
Josef Lindbom (4 months ago)
Haha I was watching on my cromecast.. And at the vid start.. My Google opend..
Marconaut (4 months ago)
Fucking hell mine is just alot of phone in pocket recordings
Hazim Safawi (4 months ago)
No more privacy anymore..........
officer Green (4 months ago)
Juan Mendez (4 months ago)
Today I told my mother in Spanish this tire looses pressure once in a while. I just got an ad in YouTube offering tires for sale. I have never received that type of ad before.
MANKEET TECHNICAL (5 months ago)
subcribe my channel
azzameen76 (5 months ago)
Try https://myactivity.google.com .... Urghh...
Queen Twieznak (5 months ago)
MOUTH DROPPED OPEN AND WAS COMPLETELY BAFFELED......soo did he. LMAO! Yes. Google has really outdone it's self by creating such an adition to their products. I was soo amazed at the material but even more about the fact that it captured conversations on just one side and not the other person responding or talking. Great picking up background noises too. You can get all the other data attached to like maps, time, date, and soo forth in the other places too. Especially when you can play a guilty person back the shit they can't recall or "Forget" and they run out the door. True story....LMAO My thoughts, just keep playing stupid..... Creep factor: 10 WOW factor: 10 Wonder factor:10
Chrissy Skeltis (5 months ago)
you said " over here on the left hand side " how did you get there?
N0RD3R (5 months ago)
When he sayd okey google my google opened
Yasir Ali (5 months ago)
I want to get a record of calls made to a specific person on facebook. All the calls were made through messenger. Is it possible to get the timings and duration of calls?... plz help admin 😞
Kim Possible (5 months ago)
Watch out. Might want to get a life insurance policy. Bummer yo
HeyAlexim (5 months ago)
That's why I prefer to use an iPhone👌🏻😌
TheTasteful Toastie (5 months ago)
These are clips of audio that have been captured because your device thought you were giving it a command using voice control. What I like about this is that Google has the decency to let users see everything that is stored about them and more importantly _delete them if you want to_. Where does the audio clip go when you say a sentence that sounds similar to "Hey Siri"?
Great Value Pop Tarts (5 months ago)
All I heard was myself typing on Facebook and music in the background that's just weird.
Stilbrech3rin (6 months ago)
there`s nothing Google recorded on my phone...no Audios ;) you just have to check the right box when your starting your brandnew Smartphone for the first time..
Evil D (6 months ago)
Sounds like a bunch of pervy old dudes work at google Oh well , Guess we all have to get our dicks hard some how You know when the Viagra gives out why not a bunch of old google dudes listening in just to get a hardon
邱小宏 (6 months ago)
I had more terrible experience. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1401119833257443&set=pcb.1401120849924008&type=3&theater
Fung yin lam (6 months ago)
google record me said some bad words to my classmate
Matthew Ng (6 months ago)
I say How to cheat at the test?
TheOnlineTV (6 months ago)
Patrick Star (6 months ago)
Well um..... do they record my search history?
juan haro (6 months ago)
can they do this on blackberry?
Stop It Justin (6 months ago)
Now I remember why I there my android phone
Daboon (6 months ago)
thank you and God bless
Riley Stanley (6 months ago)
so does the iPhone
Kratom (7 months ago)
method 1 root your phone uninstall all google apps method 2 install costum rom like lineage os or replicant os use duckduckgo search engine
JHONA-TECH ALFARO (7 months ago)
Thats creepy men i just enter to the page .... RIP PRIVACY
Ethan H (7 months ago)
it recorded me talking to my girlfriend
J.C Tv (7 months ago)
when I say Google is fat a logging me out
SUB ZERO (7 months ago)
on my other account all i hear is Myself saying Where the fuck is my fucking iphone? Ill fucking Beat your shit
ahmed is hacked (8 months ago)
بففففف  عليك يا الدب
CJPlays lol (8 months ago)
I want nearest cake shop Google Searched Nearest mall Idiot
Hassan Touzar (8 months ago)
Well I just checked my rooted phone (Unofficial ROM) to find nothing recorded
Baka Baka Khan (8 months ago)
THis shit needs to be stopped. and the ones responsible should be killed
Alin Dumitru (8 months ago)
Google recorded me watching your video
I Need A Name (8 months ago)
okay Google - unbox therapy guy I forgot my phone: fuck is him let's put up the voice search mate
Tredon Aldridge (8 months ago)
omg I'm in Washington
Matt E (8 months ago)
Wow... I'm not using Google search through my voice anymore. Half the time my phone can't pick up "Ok Google" for some reason anyway. Lol
cosmohead (8 months ago)
how to deactivate this?
Ultimate Kill3r (8 months ago)
Mr predator ! (9 months ago)
Kev Wicks (9 months ago)
That's friggin scared shit
RedSunAlpha (9 months ago)
Kill yourself
Logic Toast (9 months ago)
there were some very personal things recorded on my account I'm extremely disturbed.
Michael Vigo (9 months ago)
Everything that were uploaded on the internet remains on the internet. Even if you delete it. Remember that.
Cheshire Kat (9 months ago)
Last week I was watching a video on YouTube, on my laptop, when I suddenly went into a small sneezing fit. Shorty afterwards, and ad popped-up on YouTube, for an allergy medication. Coincidence? Maybe; but yesterday I got a video rental in the mail. I watched some of it last night (with my computer turned off}. And today, when I went to visit YouTube, a clip from the move was RIGHT IN MY RECCOMENDATIONS. And I hadn't even logged in yet! So either the video rental company I use, has been selling info on the movies I rent, to YouTube/Google, or Google hacked my account. I don't even use my G-mail for anything other than logging on to YouTube. I've never used-my laptop vide-cam. In fact, the first thing that I did, when I got my new laptop, was put a strip of masking-tape over the camera I need to find out where on my laptop the speaker is located, so that I can dismantle it..
dandanthetaximan (9 months ago)
I had assumed this was happening, but I'm kind of creeped out that it's so accessible.
Green Gamer (9 months ago)
I'm from Florida
CheckYaz (9 months ago)
It Has Stopped Doing It
nick lawler (10 months ago)
Could somebody explain this to me step by step.. I can't figer this out the writing in the video is to small for me to see
Extreme Ethan (10 months ago)
There's nothing for me
Time Parad0x (10 months ago)
it says nothing
Peter Kattan (10 months ago)
I've got Google Home and I just checked the history. Oh boy... it's been recording every single tiny teeny thing!!! How can I disable the recording?
Peter (10 months ago)
If Android wasn't listening to every word you say, it wouldn't know when you say "okay google." And since Google was started with CIA seed money, I think it's safe to assume it records everything regardless of your settings. What the settings really change is how the system responds to you, not whether it records you.
Invaderzerg (10 months ago)
Fuck'n Google and microsoft, preparing for mass surveilled mass controlled authoritarian regime. are there no laws against that? I mean that IS terrorism, controlling masses with fear, fear of exposing their dirt in their google searches.
Andre Bertheola (10 months ago)
dude i dont have any of that on my android. i never trained my voice or set triggers as long as you dont do that it wont enable audio to listen. this video makes you sound very naive or no tech savy, anyways i love your vids. and this is probably the least one i like because you look like a fool to me in this one.
Tech Swap (10 months ago)
feeling sad for upcomin generation hahaha lol.. .
Instantly clearing my voice recognition history after what I just learned...
Pidu didu (11 months ago)
Delete your's before she finds out. I'm being chained right now.
rene keles (11 months ago)
that sucks ...!!!these days no privacy disgusting
Adam Jhon (11 months ago)
Rawsky Snow (11 months ago)
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if google is recording ur voice what about siri

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