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At $499, the Essential Phone deserves a second chance

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When the Essential phone launched, it carried cost nearly $700. Recently, Essential dropped the price to $499 - permanently. That places it neck and neck with phones like the OnePlus 5T and the Amazon version of LG's G6. So, is the Essential phone a better buy at $200 less than the original asking price? In short, yes! Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background tracks by: DJ Grumble - http://bit.ly/2hShtN1
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Text Comments (258)
#TeamFlash (8 days ago)
Nope. Camera, Headphone.... give me the essentials. I like the phone because of Andy's contribution to android and google in general.
Q3 Creations (16 days ago)
Thank you. Bought it. Now, to sell this bloated Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Marcus Jones (17 days ago)
Watching on my essential.
Force Ghosting (23 days ago)
I need a new phone I'm considering getting this one, does anybody know any serious reason why I shouldn't buy?
denniebone626 (22 days ago)
Force Ghosting Buy this phone while you can it's a good buy. This phone has received so many updates since I purchased it I lost count. And the camera has gotten so much better through all the updates too. All the accessories for this phone can be bought on Amazon for a reasonable price. But try to get the black moon version because you can watch 2K videos on it but not on the white one.
OriRune (28 days ago)
I fucking love the design of this phone...but... > no headphone jack _Bye bitch_
koushik ram (29 days ago)
I got this phone yesterday really liking it ...good value for what I paid for ..very premium looking phone 😀
Zzz (29 days ago)
Hey what light was that at 3:00?
InfinitePower (30 days ago)
What calendar widget is that?
FellTheSky (1 month ago)
i would much rather to buy a google pixel xl at that price point. With the pixel 2 out you can find them much cheaper
Username (1 month ago)
Can someone explain why it costs $468 to import the white version but $163 to import the black version?
Username (1 month ago)
Super Fleymez (1 month ago)
Next year: Removed bottom bezel Back redesign with wireless charging. 120hz lcd or go Oled Option of face unlock 2 size options Better cameras and maybe a loud good sounding mono speaker.
Jack beavers (1 month ago)
This is the most badass phone in the planet. It is the most manly phone on the market also. It is heavy but I wished it could be heavier but this phone screams all man. Today's phones are so damn chick a fid, light weight, thin pieces of crap. Sprint at it right 15 years ago when they sold indestructible construction phones. I wish all phone makers would quit making the half ounce, girly pieces of crap phones and make some more phones like the Essential but make it heavier in weight.
Bishal Nath (1 month ago)
i love the phon but i can not buy it it not selling in india
Joseph Hill (1 month ago)
Got it on Cyber Monday. This phone is just as good as any of the other flagships. Camera is awesome, with Google camera app or stock app. That combined with TMobiles new LTE Advanced! I'm excited for more updates!!
ivan tv (1 month ago)
I got mine for 700
Zarko Dragojevic (1 month ago)
The footprint is by far smaller than a V30 or Pixel 2 XL!
I'd still rather get something like the Moto Z2 Play
WhyAreLess (1 month ago)
Can't decide between OnePlus 5T or this one. Help me out internet!
Branden Schuler (1 month ago)
I have this. I like it more then my S8+. I rooted it and it runs like a dream. Lineage OS 😎 the camera is really the only flaw. But Pixel Camera Port fixed it mostly.
Tashia Flores (1 month ago)
Got mine from sprint for 250
Steve Wexler (1 month ago)
Have one on order
denniebone626 (1 month ago)
I bought this beautiful phone a week ago and after all the updates since purchased it's amazing. Premium hardware, stock software and I don't miss the headphone jack at all because the dongle it comes with has a built-in HiFi DAC. And also you can't beat the new price point.
IT Buddy (1 month ago)
I don't want to have to charge my headphones, it's not convenient at all. I already have so many devices I need to charge my headphones should NOT be one of them! I just want to grab them and go. Sure if you exercise and don't need to wires go for it but other than that they're just not convenient especially for long periods of time.
VizZzion (1 month ago)
Honor V10 sounds a little bit more beefy
Oculus (1 month ago)
The website says it has a wireless charger
N Y M I R A (1 month ago)
How will this phone perform 2 years down the road?
whatisdylar (1 month ago)
How does the portrait mode "not work out too well"? It's been a flawless experience for me since appearing. And it lacks expandable storage because it comes with 128 GB...
Michael Paul (1 month ago)
"it's not flashy"?? From an aesthetic standpoint it's about as flashy as one can get. Unless you're referring to the software side of things.
N Y M I R A (1 month ago)
I know lol
George Pitaru (1 month ago)
This is a great phone if you don't care about camera, get past bugs such as the keyboard not popping up at tines and can live with constant lag and force reboots.
Scott Cramer (1 month ago)
For the same money I can get a 5T, and I won’t have to compromise performance, signal quality or camera; there is no way I’m paying 499 for just build quality. 300 is the most I’d pay for this phone
Yitzhak Molina (1 month ago)
that's true but the main attraction to the essential phone is the reliability and the updates. it receives security updates just as quick as the google pixel (even beat the pixel phones for the December update) and works diligently to get software updates out. it's nice to note that essential supports project treble which will allow phones to receive updates much easier and quicker for many years to come. they didn't have to do that because only phones launching with oreo are required to support it. this is one thing OP got shot for because they released the 5T when oreo was already out for a good while and could have easily released it with oreo like sony did, but they decided to not do that. many people believe they did that because OP didn't want to support this project for updates as they all ready stated they have no plan to be support project Treble on the 5 or 5T. also as a little extra information; OP's security updates are one of the slowest in the industry. the company's monthly security patches are almost non-existing, updates are slow, and lack of support for their older phones. so that nice OP 5T doesn't have a long life span (usually 6 months) compared to the essential at least software wise. sorry for the long rant but i thought i should state some of the good things about the essential other than the materials used. especially with a lot o people saying its a"bad" phone. it has its missteps but it has many areas where it shines as well
Isaiah Quantz (1 month ago)
I live in Canada, and up here it costs 650$. A Galaxy S8+ is 1150$. This phone is insanely good value for the money.
Elvin Velez (1 month ago)
It's a great phone, I have been using it for a month now. Got it for $449. It's running oreo already(side load), essential encourage it. Runs smooth. Camara is good, better than z2 force, it's not going to beat pixel, Samsung or 🍎 but it does take good picture. I have a note 8 and the pictures to me look very similar
Fernando Alba (1 month ago)
How did u get a secondary screen? For the calendar.
Nick Basra (1 month ago)
Where oh where did you get that wallpaper?!
AJ C (1 month ago)
I reject the argument of "not worth it at $700" when this argument is barely raised for the $1k for the iPhone X...
Ben Cen (1 month ago)
its $360 CAD in canada during BF by Koodo. I bought 10 and profitted off Kijiji. Kept one for myself and found it very worth it for $360
Gabriel Andronic (1 month ago)
@450$ on Amazon, definitely worth it
Tom Molesa (1 month ago)
Got mine for 400 flat on Cyber Monday, 360 cam included. It was between this and the OP5. Chose the PH-1 since it was cheaper and used more premium build materials. Also, just really intrigued by a new startup that seemed so ambitious. Gotta say I'm loving it so far!
ad78 (1 month ago)
It charges really fast. Love mine and builds like a tank
joes04redrx8 (1 month ago)
It's a POS, build issues after build issues, the ceramic back popping up (possible battery swelling) the coating on the back and front scratch easy, some buggy software issues and now Andy leaving, shit I doubt essential makes it past Q1 without folding like a cheap lawn chair.
Christian Edwards (1 month ago)
It looks like a nice phone I like it
Jay SeeGee (1 month ago)
I'm running the Oreo beta on this phone and no issues I got excellent battery life way better than my LG G6 no battery drain with my wireless beats on all day for the price is a very solid essential phone does the job right
Horton (1 month ago)
Jay SeeGee how do you run Oreo beta is there a download?
Evan Halnon (1 month ago)
"portrait mode doesn't work well" You must have barely tried it. I'm very surprised with how good it is.
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
Lots of comments already about EP v OP5T. I went from an OP3 to the EP on a bit of a whim, at $400. After fondling the OP5T in a carrier store I confirmed it is just too big. My opinion is that smaller bezels are an opportunity for more screen in a smaller body, not silly aspect ratios in enormous phablets that can't even be held securely. No, Essential didn't include a 3.5mm jack, waterproofing, AMOLED, dual speakers or wireless charging. But of those, OP is only better by way of the (lower-resolution and density) AMOLED and the 3.5mm jack - and neither is super important to me personally. The EP camera isn't at the same level as the Pixel, but it continues to improve with frequent updates and is realistically on a par with the OP5T now. It really misses optical stabilisation, especially for videos, but the mono feature is a bonus where the OP5T second lens is largely wasted. Fundamentally though, I wanted something unique and interesting to own as it is developed. What OP used to feel like, basically. I miss OxygenOS a bit and the OP notification slider, but stock android is great and the EP chassis is an unprecedented joy to handle. Obviously I'm a bit anxious about the Andy Ruben situation but I'm hopeful that is precautionary and won't influence Essential as a going concern...
michael Hill (1 month ago)
What're your opinions for someone considering buying either the essential phone or the OP5T? I'm really leaning back and forth
Cameron Cross (1 month ago)
Where did you find a OP5T in a brick-and-mortar store? I thought it was only available online?
NikoZBK (1 month ago)
Can you share that wallpaper?
No idea (1 month ago)
Mate 10 pro review? 😀
Chimezie Suave (1 month ago)
At 500 bucks, it's no where near OnePlus 5T
RY3T (15 days ago)
Chimezie Suave how? They have the same specs
Mike Chang (1 month ago)
I agree. i have the one plus 5t and love it ! think its better than Essential
Ching Ting Ng (1 month ago)
I would buy this phone if it have wireless charging
Ausy (1 month ago)
Since it's in the same price bracket at the OP5T which is pretty close to perfect, it's still not worth it.
FineResolve (1 month ago)
this or mi 6?
Ori Gami (1 month ago)
It's a matter of preference, actually. I have this phone for over 5 months now and I am enjoying it. I use Bluetooth connection for convenience. I don't have to worry of wires. I take photos a lot and the 128gb storage space is okay in my opinion. I dropped this phone numerous times and still works. Plus, the phone is heavy due to titanium body and ceramic back support. If you throw this to an attacker, they might get a concussion (joking). So, if you like an expensive phone that is "plasticky" feel of it. That's your decision.
Ori Gami (1 month ago)
I have big hands and holding it kinda small - which I like it, actually. The only setback to this texting. Big fingers are sometimes a problem. the corners aren't too rounded compared to S8s as if it was the old iPhone 5 series phones. IMO.
ken x (1 month ago)
Ori Gami how does the phone feel in hand overtime? I got play with one for a while and I can't get over the fact that it feels like you're holding a brick. I like everything about it except the part where the corners dig into your hand. That for me is the only deal breaker.
Mike Ci (1 month ago)
They should've started at $599 and offered oled and a feature no other smartphone could offer - never needing to have a case on, fastest charging on a phone, some sort of windows pc integration, etc.
Angel Pacheco (1 month ago)
I don't care if essential lowered the price to 100, OnePlus 5t would still be a better buy. Only thing it has going is it's build quality
Cameron Cross (1 month ago)
joes04redrx8 Lol ok sure; that's happened to like 2 units. Pretty sure the quality assurance is better than LG's, what with all the issues the V30 and Pixel 2XL had in QA
joes04redrx8 (1 month ago)
Angel Pacheco yea but build quality has become suspect now with very soft coatings and the backs on some units popping up, check Reddit and XDA
Konrad Klawikowski (1 month ago)
Should I go for Note 8 or for Essential Phone? Note 8 is more expensive, but it's better, and Essential Phone is cheaper but worse...which one to choose?
Konrad Klawikowski (1 month ago)
greetings from Poland :D
Konrad Klawikowski (1 month ago)
thanks a lot :D my friend has a Pixel 2 XL but this isn't phone for me ;/ anyway thanks
Ausy (1 month ago)
There are a lot of great phones out this year - One plus 5T, PH-1, iphone X, Note 8, Pixel 2, etc. Luckily, there are plenty of videos here on youtube reviewing all of them so check out those videos; read review articles; then go to phone stores and demo them yourself. After watching tons of review videos, I ended up choosing the Pixel 2 XL (just bought it yesterday!) and I'm really liking it so far :). Upgraded from the iphone 6. Good luck.
Konrad Klawikowski (1 month ago)
Ausy there's only two videos in style 'VS' so...which phone you'll choose?
Ausy (1 month ago)
Konrad Klawikowski watch more reviews and make an informed decision in your own. It will always come down to your own personal preference, anyway.
This Is Tech Guy (1 month ago)
Nice Cool dope
The Pussy Diaries (1 month ago)
Best Buy will throw in that piece of shit with the purchase of a toaster
Fabio Ozuna (1 month ago)
Watching on my essential phone😁😀
John Potter (1 month ago)
No it doesn't.
Darshan Dhande (1 month ago)
It's much better than the OP5T after the price cut. The design on the 5T is even more so a copy of the 7+ and I don't want to be carrying around a knock-off. The 5T has such an incredible software experience that the hardware feels like a last minute decision to just take what Oppo gives them. Essential Phone on the other hand is unique and that edge-to-edge display looks much more futuristic than the minor change in the 5T. 85% screen-to-body ratio is even higher than the Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Mi Mix 2. Plus, it has the best hardware arguably from any phone released to this day without looking bad (cough, cough Vertu). The Essential team is working hard on their software. They even do bi-weekly Q&As on Reddit. This is the kind of phone that will improve overtime & it already has.
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
Yeah, it was the AMA's that convinced me actually. Much better than OP who rely on the goddamned forums for owners giving each other tech support.
Halcyon (1 month ago)
That notch is even worse than that of the iphone x
PedHead (1 month ago)
How is it worse? It's so much smaller and less noticable.
E Double (1 month ago)
Halcyon at least this notch goes away when watching videos
Ramon LaBestia (1 month ago)
I purchased one edge amazon had the 400$sale that included the 360°camera. To hell with the pixel, this to me might as well be a Nexus!
Bon Jorte Badiango (1 month ago)
This phone needs to be compared with the Oneplus 5T stat!
MrRiggyRiggs (1 month ago)
No it doesn't! Still overpriced for giving you nothing essential.
James Russo (1 month ago)
OP5T is still better
Gucci Gang (15 days ago)
yes i feel the same way thank you atul Lall Fuck onePlus 5T
Atul Lall (16 days ago)
James Russo nope it isn't, I don't want a Chinese piece if crap that steals my personal data
Adam Butler (1 month ago)
Not out in the UK 👎🏾
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
You can buy from Amazon.com without too much difficulty (watch the import fees). I believe they're planning to launch in Europe by the end of January though, too.
selw0nk (1 month ago)
So you are the new guy David Ruddock was talking about last night at the podcast.
Jordan Palmer (1 month ago)
As loathe as I am to admit it, the Mi Mix 2 is arguably as nice-looking. Software is utter garbage, meaning that I'd still recommend the PH-1 or the OP5T over it (not to mention U.S. availability), but boy does that phone look nice.
Tech Thusiast (1 month ago)
I was really close to buying this from Amazon on Cyber Monday but that camera held me off. Didn't want to be stuck with a okish camera. Now if it's drops even lower, then I might grab one.
Tech Thusiast (1 month ago)
Nick Headley I'm somewhat regretting it lol. Would of been good for my channel
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
An extensive camera update just dropped in the last couple of days, if you check the Essential subreddit you'll see us fanboys are pretty pleased with it now. More than that, it's great to see so much dev work being maintained on it.
Motherlov'n Jones (1 month ago)
Tech Thusiast still should have gotten it. I mean its only software wise why the camera sucks. But yeah hopefully it drops a little lower
Richland Zee (1 month ago)
How many camera updates has it been through? I heard the latest one still isnt up to par with the galaxy S8's camera. Dont really care about the dual camera bokeh effect. The S8 was $575 during BF so I will wait for another price drop when they announce the S9.
Jeremy C. (1 month ago)
shit is worth more like $399
Cameron G (1 month ago)
So basically for the same price as the 5T you might as well just by the OnePlus phone.
Tanguy P. (1 month ago)
I'll wait for the second version of this phone, that hopefully will have an AMOLED display, IP67 and a better camera ...
Daniel Lalonde (1 month ago)
Right well I have some questions about all of this. First the price drop is quite steep which means that, A: they're selling near or below cost, B: they were blatemtly screwing people over before. If it's the latter then what can be said about the company's ethic and if it's the former then what kind of long term support are we looking at here? My other question is kind of commentary to the first theory in my first question. If they're selling at or below cost, with Andy Rubin having to take a leave of absence from Essential for something that could cost him his job, how will the company survive? The main marketing point was made on him being the inventor of Android. So even at this price I'm a bit too worried of ending with a $500 ceramic brick in a near future.
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
My opinion is that there's a load of internet forum froth going on at the moment which is making the challenges seem bigger than they are. Price drop - I think Essential, fuelled by the tech media, got over-excited about Andy Rubin being a draw factor for buyers. I can ask 500 people in my office and 1 would know who Rubin is. I think Essential priced the phone expecting more customers to come and be interested in it because of him - the reality is most people get an iPhone or a Samsung. If you're 50+ you might get a cheap smartphone. And if you're a nerd who knows who Rubin is, you still won't have bought the EP because of the teething problems you read about on launch. Going concern - there ought to be sufficient capital at Essential to carry them through to a second device run. But they have to get that one Bang. On. The. Money. I am anxious about the leave of absence thing too - Rubin might not bring in as much custom as hoped but he sure as hell brought the investors in, so if he can't come back.... Having said that, I'm hoping it's all precautionary given the media climate, no-one has seen any information saying otherwise yet. So, I'm a little anxious like you, but the phone is goddamned gorgeous to hold, and the software gets better and better. Try reading the AMAs on the Essential sub-reddit to get more info on your queries.
Balde Aguirre (1 month ago)
the phone is so tick.. what's the capacity of the battery?
Cameron Cross (1 month ago)
It just looks thick because the edges are squared rather than curved; it's only 7.8 mm thick. Battery is 3040 mAh
mynameis bob (1 month ago)
Nah, still prefer oneplus 5t
Anthony Valdez (1 month ago)
I picked up the bundle with the 4k 360 camera on Cyber Monday from Amazon for $400
Jason Merrick (1 month ago)
Wanted one so bad... until I read the XDA thread about how bad the signal strength is. What use is a phone that doesn't get reception?
Victor Chiappetta (29 days ago)
This has me puzzled as I am on Verizon with no issues. LTE+, talk and data running my laptop. Calls drop in the exact same places they did on my Scamsung. I wonder if there was a bad batch? I love mine. Near perfection.
Soul Theory (1 month ago)
Jason Merrick oh works well for me, but wdym by previous device
Jason Merrick (1 month ago)
Soul Theory the great majority of people were comparing the Essential phone to their previous device and seeing a large drop in signal. All the major carriers were mentioned.
Soul Theory (1 month ago)
Jason Merrick thats only dependent on your carrier
Anthony Turner (1 month ago)
1+5T is a better option.
Justin Lee Thompson (1 month ago)
I picked one up for $400 on sale. I was waiting for the OP 5T but I'm happy with my purchase especially because it came with the 360 camera attachment. I'm already on the Oreo beta and I'm happy this phone is getting Project Treble support for future upgrades. While the modded Pixel Camera is better in low light and has some great additional modes the Essential cam app is going to be my go to in normal situations. The pictures come out sharper with good light.
Edith Colon (1 month ago)
Essential or Samsung Galaxy S8?
Hasaan Shaikh (1 month ago)
Copies video idea from Mr.Mobile, doesn't care to give even a little bit of credits. Great job!
Cameron Cross (1 month ago)
Oh man, because re-reviews are a proprietary video format/idea
Emin Guliev (1 month ago)
Ordered one. Waiting For those who ask Essential or OnePlus I would say Essential. My reasons: 1) Build quality 2) Stock Android (more "stock" than Oxygen) 3) Project treble support 4) Overall look 5) OnePlus will release OP6 in 6 month so 5T will be outdated:)
DeftonesFan867 (1 month ago)
michael Hill Huh? The EP comes with USB-C PD. 27 WATT chargers are no joke.
michael Hill (1 month ago)
Do you miss the fast charging from the OP tho?
Maxr1998 (1 month ago)
Project Treble is my near-number-one reason to get that phone over the OP5T, just hope the price drops to 449 at Amazon again so that I can import it to Germany.
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
Owns EP, came from OP3. My opinion. 1) Never had a problem with OP build quality. But the EP materials are gorgeous, it is a more reasonable size and the screen has a better aspect ratio. 2) It's slick, but I do miss some of the Oxygen features 3) Yes I think OP are missing a trick 4) It's gorgeous, no one has articulated or shown that well enough on YT yet. 5) Yeah. OP did need to release the OP5T that soon though, the OP5 bezels were SO 2016.... I hope you love your new phone when it arrives!
Synergy Bob (1 month ago)
No thanks! #TeamPixel all the way!
Bu5z m4n (1 month ago)
Why would you choose this over the OnePlus 5T? It's at a weird place in the market for them, I imagine at this price it would be largely ignored by people. Maybe mid tier is the right place for Essential, but it needs to be a better all round phone, they need to get everything right. That along with a clean OS, like Pixel, offers something different for people. In a few weeks I'll be looking for a new phone, with everything considered I'd choose OnePlus everytime right now even at 499.
Nick Headley (1 month ago)
Caveat: There are numeous advantages to the OP5T as well. I write this as someone who recently upgraded from an OP3 to the EP: 1) Better aspect ratio 2) More reasonable handset size 3) Stock android is better than OxygenOS in many ways 4) Much nicer chassis to hold and look at (seriously, it's another level entirely from my OP3) 5) It's actually cheaper at the moment 6) 128GB (or definitely cheaper at the moment) 7) Project Treble 8) Tech support (AMAs, direct support, vs OP relying on the user forums for owners to help each other) 9) Unique design 10) American company if you care about that kind of thing, it seems a lot of Americans do... 11) The, um, torch is a lot better 12) So are the physical buttons 13) The camera is better in good lighting 14) The screen is a higher resolution and 15) And a much. much higher pixel density.....
The question would be: OP5T or Essential Phone?
Bryan S (1 month ago)
Yeah. I got the Cyber Monday deal. Phone and camera for $399. That couldn't be beat. Very happy with the phone, camera keeps getting better with updates and I hope that before too long it will be as close to the flagships.
Ishak Khan (1 month ago)
👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻
TheRussianLondoner (1 month ago)
Essential or OnePlus 5T? 😵
HaXonPlayzSK (19 days ago)
Of Course OP5T :)
HYPER (1 month ago)
It was available for $400 on Cyber Monday with the 360 Cam extension included! Dope deal it was!
Eduardo Hernandez (1 month ago)
HYPER exactly! I snatched the pure white just in time they took the deal off.
Kittey-Senpai (1 month ago)
Honestly at this point, considering the latest update, I'm willing to buy this instead of the Oneplus 5T, that's how good it has become. The camera recently got an update that improved it quite a bit, sadly tho it's still worse than the OP5T but not by much. The build quality is amazing so is the overall hardware, the software speed is super fast, the screen is just stunning and the battery life is great. Tho saying that it still has a few bugs, but the constant updates that are being released by the dev team has me assured that everything will easily be fixed. Also Oreo is soon to be released with a second Oreo beta version being released this month.
Xaver S. (1 month ago)
where can I find that gorgeous wallpaper? o.o
Nikita Rudenko (1 month ago)
Xaver S. I found it:) It's from Wonderwall app
Charlie Lainez (1 month ago)
I like Google Pixel 2 XL.
sathish satz (1 month ago)
My secondary phone is. Essential ph1.. I'm happy using it. Love the build quality😍. Camera is getting better.
H Cabrera1977 (1 month ago)
I got the pure white model, no complaints here. I love this phone!
TopSecretVid (15 days ago)
Cameron VanNatta Have the software updates helped the cameras??
TopSecretVid (15 days ago)
H Cabrera1977 quick question regarding the camera...reviews bagged it pretty bad. Have the software updates helped ??
RUTE DEMILLE (23 days ago)
Cameron VanNatta (1 month ago)
tamboyistheman so far my white one is doing great. One of the reasons I like the white is that it's less likely to show fingerprints. I've kept a case on it most of the time and the back still looks new.
tamboyistheman (1 month ago)
How's the white doing so far? The only unit I can find is a white, I'm just worried that white will easily show any dirt that gets tuck to it.
Barnali Paul (1 month ago)
i had high hopes for essential but the ph1 was utterly disappointing. even for this lower price I'd prefer buying something else over this one. the halfbaked software, average camera isn't worth buying. but I'll give them a second chance, hope they fix their mistakes next year.
Kittey-Senpai (1 month ago)
It recently got a camera update that made it quite fantastic actually. Also they are fixing the software with frequent updates, also oreo beta.
Murtaza Sadri (1 month ago)
You don't have to watch these videos just to get that feeling that you didn't make a mistake buying this phone ( which by the way you totally did )
Murtaza Sadri (1 month ago)
Get the LG G6
Darrell Gilmore (1 month ago)
I picked up one for $399 with a free 360 camera, loving the device...... All devices have some kind of a flaw...but for $399 this is the best 835 snapdragon phone that I can buy!!
soy conker (1 month ago)
Jay get the essential
Tech Thusiast (1 month ago)
Tanguy P. No probs. I was gonna get it for my channel but the camera in the end stopped me from doing so.
Tanguy P. (1 month ago)
Tech Thusiast Thanks
Tech Thusiast (1 month ago)
Tanguy P. Amazon on cyber Monday
Tanguy P. (1 month ago)
Where did you buy it at $399 ?
Etienne Dugas (1 month ago)
What is that calendar widget ? Like it, want it ! Thanks !
James KR (1 month ago)
month calendar widget
Switched On (1 month ago)
no it doesn't

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