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Smartphone Awards: 2015!

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The Best Smartphones of 2015! On the "Perfect" Smartphone in 2015: https://youtu.be/Nmkab1LUqlg Top Big Phones [0:41] Best Compact Smartphones [1:58] Best Smartphone Camera [2:56] Top Budget Smartphone [4:35] Best Battery Life [6:31] Most Improved [7:45] Top Design Award [8:21] Bust of the Year [9:26] Best Smartphone of the Year [10:09] Samsung Galaxy Note 5: http://amzn.to/1YrsttQ Galaxy Note 5 Review: https://youtu.be/V-nBAcr_huw LG V10: http://amzn.to/1YrsC0l LG V10 Review: https://youtu.be/9TWB32376QA Google Nexus 6P: http://amzn.to/1YrsE8D Nexus 6P Review: https://youtu.be/Xc5fFvp8le4 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: http://amzn.to/1ZgXdQF Galaxy S6 Edge Review: https://youtu.be/Ws9KAQS02Yo Apple iPhone 6s: http://amzn.to/1ZgXq6z iPhone 6s Review: https://youtu.be/E357cGzOGLM Sony Xperia Z5 Compact: http://amzn.to/1ZgXtzf OnePlus X: https://oneplus.net/x OnePlus X Review: https://youtu.be/fgK-bxZIG-o Moto X Pure Edition: http://amzn.to/1YrtpP6 Moto X 2015 Review: https://youtu.be/gM_gTtll7FE OnePlus 2: https://oneplus.net/2 OnePlus 2 Review: https://youtu.be/s8Un0XB_8xk Google Nexus 5X: http://amzn.to/1YrtBxz Nexus 5X Review: https://youtu.be/0NTOZbjg6SE Droid Maxx 2: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/droid-maxx-2 LG G4: http://amzn.to/1ZgYreL LG G4 Review: https://youtu.be/VTUDzrIgZlI Blackberry Priv: http://amzn.to/1NYHwty Blackberry Priv Review: https://youtu.be/K-jYDRd_53w Droid Turbo 2: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/droid-turbo-2 Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: http://amzn.to/1ZgYLds Sony Xperia Z5P Display: https://youtu.be/kEMmKu4tYWI HTC One A9: http://amzn.to/1ZgYPtH Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (9033)
XDHX (8 hours ago)
Watching this is 2018 like what is this ancient technology
HASSAN SHUAIB (8 days ago)
Aha.....! Using Droid Maxx 2 in 2018.......🤘
Michael Jameson (1 month ago)
I have a Droid Turbo 2 (basically the same thing as a Droid Max) and I beg to differ when it comes to battery life.
Bryan 510R2 (2 months ago)
Hell Yeah. Note 5
Shael Dagah (2 months ago)
why tf 1+ always the best budget device
Yash Nagda (2 months ago)
watching it in 2018.. after watching 2017 awards..✌️✌️
Aditya Manjrekar (12 days ago)
Yash Nagda Same here.. 😂😎
YouTube Anime (2 months ago)
S6 edge plus
sablouiemon (2 months ago)
(. •-•) Who's watching in 2018
ARS Studio (3 months ago)
Watching in 2018.
Cypher7 Colton (3 months ago)
Lol all these phones are trash except iPhone welcome to 2018
Xtinct TBNR (3 months ago)
Unknown Expert All of these phones are trash except Android*
Darius Barnard (3 months ago)
Nokia 1020 best camera
Darius Barnard (3 months ago)
vamsi krishna (3 months ago)
Where is Sony Xperia z5. It had the best camera
Mattheus Mattheus (4 months ago)
Phones in 2015 were wierd compared to 2018
ŠhahīD ĪqB⣠(4 months ago)
Huawei Mate 8???
Narin (5 months ago)
Watching in 2018 .. they still outta my range 😑 ..
Matthew Ortiz (5 months ago)
LG v10 for life
CD Cuber (5 months ago)
Who's still watching this after the 2017 awards!?!
Adrenaline Rush (5 months ago)
CD Cuber Me
Shafi Yousif (5 months ago)
AnyOne Watching this in 2k17..
Fun with Shreyansh (6 months ago)
Who came after 2017 awards
MeAdrian (6 months ago)
Fun with Shreyansh MMEEE
Ben (6 months ago)
My nexus 6p has fallen apart lol
Austin Duff (6 months ago)
Do one for 2017😂
Ty Gaming (6 months ago)
S6 edge plus user
Aarib Anwar (6 months ago)
Why don’t you have best sound category
m. (7 months ago)
v10 sucked. Please.
Vamsi Krishna (7 months ago)
No sony phone here why???
Shrey Patel (8 months ago)
Ok, I get that that the 6p was good. BUT IT DID NOT have GOOD build quality
Bobby Tornabene (8 months ago)
I have the HTC A9 😣
Daniel P (8 months ago)
Phones with big screens are the best
Davik Arora (8 months ago)
watching this on my 6p makes me so happy!!
Dehar Gaming (8 months ago)
Great choice
Fishkeeper63 (9 months ago)
5. Moto X pure 4. One plus X 3. Nexus 6P 2. Nexus 5x 1. iPhone 6s Plus
Rosario Andino (9 months ago)
Great video. Thinking of getting the nexus 6p or the note 5 in 2017. What do you think.
Christopher Cristobal (10 months ago)
That moment when you're watching this video on an HTC one A9 :')
OG FREESTYLE (10 months ago)
Lg g4
Pratik Vm (10 months ago)
nokia 1020 should get the best camera
Xddd Jo (1 year ago)
damn notice how he hated sony mobiles lol
Zoraiz Khan (1 year ago)
watching on my note 5😗😍😍😍
7foot Sammy (1 year ago)
note 5 yessssssssss ☺☺☺
zamil hasan (1 year ago)
@marques . Stop advertising and overrating Samsung and apple . ,In comparison with camera phone,Lumia 940xl is far better than any of your mentions . Thumdowm to your own ratted video 😒
Hahah 2017 Big phones = s7edge and lg v20 Compact phones = IPhone 7 Budget = oneplus 3t Battery = Motorola z play 2016 Big phones = note 5 and lg v10 compact phone = iPhone 6 Budget = One plus x Battery = Motorola droid max..... Lot of irony😂😂😂
IIBzII (1 year ago)
Getting my s6 edge hypeed
Maxim Au (1 year ago)
and a year later, still no android phone can rival iphone's a9+nvme ssd speed
King Andrei (1 year ago)
Who is watching this in 2017?
Raysman (1 year ago)
I don't give shit to other phone companies, I either choose Samsung or iPhone
Charismatic Batman (1 year ago)
im still in love with oneplus x design
White Stoner 265 (1 year ago)
I miss the V10 Camera. But the S7 camera is better by far
Nooneknows 2017 (1 year ago)
I've only ever used iphones. But I do respect android. I love the freedom of android and the optimisation of iphones. U can't disagree with these two facts.
EverythingTechnoPro (1 year ago)
droid turbo 2 vs z5 pre
TheGreenGenius (1 year ago)
Note 7 Is Bomby
Daniel Lopez (1 year ago)
Good if your trying to find a good budget phone in 2016. You can buy these used phones off of eBay.
Lloyd Yu (1 year ago)
It would help if you added text like "Best Big Screen Smartphone" "Best Compact Smartphone"
Oskar Kenety (1 year ago)
nexus 6p is a joke... in durability
the priv is 300 bucks now so it is the best.thank you blackberry
Ikaruga (1 year ago)
Can you recomnend a mobile shop. in the states i can purchase the LG V20 and any other mobiles on import i may want.
Chrisanthy St (1 year ago)
Why exactly is Huawei p8 missing from the video?
EverythingTechnoPro (1 year ago)
Note 5
Joseph Oommen (1 year ago)
who came here in 2017
Dragan Ruben (1 year ago)
s6 menu sucks!!!it is not optimizable,i cant move icons and make folders!!!!!!!!!!!!
Areld Rhino (1 year ago)
I have The NOTE 5
dessnom (1 year ago)
best phone the z5 no other 4k ip 68 side fingerprint scanner
Alex Costache (1 year ago)
i nave Gheorghe Nexus 5X
Daniel P (7 months ago)
Alex Costache what
Corior Pat (1 year ago)
Where is The SE?
Elias Jr Martinez (1 year ago)
So the Sony with a 4K display and huge density of Pixels with amazing colors is not in this list?
Dean x.x.x (1 year ago)
I have the nexus 5x!!!!
Dean x.x.x (1 year ago)
It's really good!!!!! In my opinion
Itz zetox (1 year ago)
the best battery life phone of 2015 isn't the Motorola
Some One (1 year ago)
Who's here in 2017 looking to buy a 2 year old phone. 😑
Adityan N Prakash (1 year ago)
where is moto g3?
keith perkins (1 year ago)
Galaxy s6 active has quite a good better and probably just add good camera as note 5(same as regular s6/edge) and is cheap right now.
keith perkins (1 year ago)
Kaiva Mannam (1 year ago)
Which is the phone right behind the rose gold iPhone 6s near the middle
Đăng Pattrick (1 year ago)
i think you're wrong about the best camera phone, the best camera phone is the lg g4 man !
Sir stupid (1 year ago)
Note 7 da bomb and I mean litterly
Yazan Amre (1 year ago)
Damn Samsung is dominating in 2015 and 2016 . so excited for 2017
Ivan The GreAT (1 year ago)
My MVP for 2015 is going to be the Note 5... It has the best screen on 2015 imo, the best camera, a large screen (which I REALLY like), speed is decent, price is reasonable, design is stunning and theres this legendary spen Ive ALWAYS loved through out the years... I knida agree with the 6P too thou. It's my second place for the MVP this year :>
Factual Guy (1 year ago)
Praveen Rohira (1 year ago)
who came here after watching 2016 smartphone awards video?
Black Titan (1 year ago)
Nexus 6p and pixel ftw back to back!!!
David Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Dear marques. You are my most reliable guy when it comes to tec my HTC M8 died recently and I was stuck with my M7 and I was browsing for a new Phone and ONLY THANKS TO YOU i made the desicion that I would buy the NEXUS 6P. I Would've bought the Pixel XL like but im in a budget at the moment, so thanks for all your reviews man. MUCH LOVE you the real MVP
Corior Pat (1 year ago)
You can't just give the MVP to your daily driver every year.
Corior Pat (1 year ago)
TheRabstah124 it's just not right.
TheRabstah124 (1 year ago)
Corior Pat Yeah he pretty much can...
Noah Fischer (1 year ago)
yeah boy, 6P train
Daniel P (7 months ago)
Noah Fischer note 5 train
Taqi Ali Shah (1 year ago)
who came here after 2016 awards ?
Youngster joey (2 months ago)
2018 😄
Robo Bear (2 months ago)
2018 actually
Robo Bear (2 months ago)
Taqi Ali Shah I came after 2017
Matt Austin (3 months ago)
Taqi Ali Shah After 2017
Mr. Mr. (7 months ago)
انت عربي
James Rowe (1 year ago)
Came back to see if the iPhone SE won compact phone of the year perhaps because it was released in 2015 even though it should also win 2016... I am disappointed. In what reality is 4.7" "compact"?
James Mitschele (1 year ago)
It wasn't released in 2015
Aare Kiviranta (1 year ago)
What about the iPhone SE?
Nemanja Stevanovic (1 year ago)
Aare Kiviranta well... he didnt make it win in any category... but go on the 2016's editionnd look for iphone se on his table, u might find it.
Aare Kiviranta (1 year ago)
Yeah sorry bout dat. But it's not featured in the 2016 awards either...
Nemanja Stevanovic (1 year ago)
Aare Kiviranta its from 2016
Ntsako Phakula (1 year ago)
I got the s6 edge plus 3 months ago, it's amazing, still top 5 display overall, amazing specs. I had a choice between iPhone 6s & the Samsung. my friend has the 6s and it's disappointing, so I went with South Korea
Gyanesh Samanta (1 year ago)
I still use my s6 edge n uts quite an experience
Nemanja Stevanovic (1 year ago)
Ntsako Phakula I got S6 5 days ago and its amazimg
Nashon Williams (1 year ago)
2015 best smartphones to me Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Apple Iphone6s Plus
Qazq6950 (1 year ago)
G flex 2?
tonybabdos17 (1 year ago)
Just siting here waiting for the 2016 version......
tonybabdos17 lol
Skuse (1 year ago)
tonybabdos17 check now
WisMicYal11 (1 year ago)
Where is the 2016 version??
MeAdrian (6 months ago)
WisMicYal11 It’s basically 2018 now...
Skuse (1 year ago)
WisMicYal11 he listened I guess
TGK Cube n' Soccer (1 year ago)
Can you make a Smartphone Awards 2016 for us ????
Kuson Gmail (1 year ago)
Do the 2016 smartphone award
dhruv goel (1 year ago)
Just watching this again after seeing teasers on snapchat for 2016
WisMicYal11 (1 year ago)
Barney wait for it Stinson! Wait! He has a snapchat? And he gave teasers for the 2016 version? Because that's duly awesome.
Adam12995 (1 year ago)
there were a lot of 2014 phones on the desk. The moto g 2014, nexus 6, blackberry passport, and the one plus one lol.
loopy gamer (1 year ago)
id get a note 5 if they sold it in the uk
James Wakefield (1 year ago)
watching this on my Maxx 2
Blessing Ajayi (1 year ago)
Do this for 2016
Sukdeep Kaley (1 year ago)
wheres 2016 phones of the year?
Adrian Navarro (1 year ago)
oh yes! my Moto x pure is up there! great phone even in late 2016! I'll use it till early 2018, such a good phone.
Adrian Navarro (1 year ago)
+Dhruv Bhatnagar I have 6.01 marshmallow
Dhruv Bhatnagar (1 year ago)
yeah even i have the same phone, though it's called Moto X Style in my country. All in all a good product but i am pretty disappointed with software updates. It's still running 6.0 hasn't even received the 6.0.1 update ! What version are you running ? Have you received 7.0 yet ?
ozil ahmed (1 year ago)
Marques you are the best thank's for this informations

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