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PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 3: Graphics

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Xbox One vs PS4: what's the fastest game console? Catch up on the series! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL02HDVnTgIcru0ZvhA1LpfTlReugcbp1q Subscribe for the next episode! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans For episode 3 of the PS4 vs Xbox One comparison I take a look at performance. With both consoles being powered by AMD APUs with 8 core CPUs, 8GB of memory and Radeon graphics how do the consoles match up in graphics and gameplay? Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3997)
Madtuber 58 (4 days ago)
People that say "buy pc" its a console war, pc is not a console same when u compare xb1 to a tv
Franklin (5 days ago)
So only 900P and 1080P native in PS4 when Xbox One 720P - 800P - 900p - 1080P
Chakaka Daba (28 days ago)
Can’t Sony snd Microsoft work together to make the best single console next time? I’m sick of one console having better features that the other......and I want a next gen most powerful console
GameReview2103 (1 month ago)
Yes! PS4 win! Again!
John Doe (1 month ago)
I dont like pc it lag after 1 year
khalil taylor (1 month ago)
Does cpu stand for computing processing unit and does gpu stand for graphics processing unit im only 10 i dont not know dont start a youtube war
Flamingblaze (1 month ago)
Miriam sanchez (2 months ago)
Xbox should winggyjjkghkjhgkjhmh loose
GodSom HD (2 months ago)
Most of them are just PS4 so I guess he just doesn't use his brain xbox is allot better
iMihai 31 Vlogs (2 months ago)
LOL When I clicked on this video I got a Nintendo ad
PrettyPurplePekka (2 months ago)
Ok your just a PS4 fan u said it last episode literally I want someone who doesn’t play consoles
Philip320 (2 months ago)
YB Gaming (4 months ago)
Fredo Alfred (4 months ago)
I own both consoles me personally have i no preference because Xbox one has some advantages PS4 doesn't have where as the same thing for ps4 it has some advantages Xbox one doesn't have just going to put the icing on the cake and say both consoles are amazing in its own special way
Landon Hayes (4 months ago)
I got star wars I play it on my channel
ZixBlix (4 months ago)
Get a pc and an Xbox one for a cool and quiet setup Get a pc and a PS4 for a beautiful setup
Jijo P J (4 months ago)
X box
andios games (4 months ago)
It doesent matter my tv is 720p anyways
Maria Martinez (4 months ago)
Radi Ivanov (4 months ago)
Fuck you XBOX!!!!! 😡😡😡
Play Boy (5 months ago)
PC Wins.Fatality!
TheBlueNukes (5 months ago)
i dont care about resolution i care about gameplay,i own both consoles and Xbox just gives me the best experience
gigi dvid (5 months ago)
I like PS4 because he wins. Not Xbox One.
dan smith (6 months ago)
Board game master race
Kaeden Spean (6 months ago)
This is why M3RKMUS1C switched to PS4 because his Xbox kept crashing
Scaring Tv (6 months ago)
Don't think by the science
Coolboy 0 (6 months ago)
Who fucking cares about graphics well not me
Skaduhdle (7 months ago)
Adoom 99 (7 months ago)
Most of the time you like one of them based on your childhood
Ocean3404k (7 months ago)
"you shouldnt notice much of a difference" most games are 900p on xbox and 98% are 1080p on ps4
Ocean3404k (7 months ago)
i think we all know who's winning this one...
FloW (7 months ago)
ofcourse ps4 is better than shitty XBOX
it doesn't look like a real Shelby inside. Why? I have my own Shelby and it's kinda different. IDK maybe it's the 2008 model
TechScouts (7 months ago)
Finally someone who doesn't just side with the Xbox because they think it's better first off as shown in the vid the PS4 won in graphics and in controller so far and second off he just gave the facts and didn't side with either of the consoles which is a good thing
DkmarcusDk (7 months ago)
PS162 Pro Has nicer graphics than Xbox Ten!
VoiD xTyler (7 months ago)
Guys should I buy Xbox or PS4
Gremlin Emlyn (7 months ago)
xxJalal (7 months ago)
my dick is better
MasterDoritoDew (7 months ago)
Jokingdefaint 99 (8 months ago)
ps4 is best💪
Jacool 101 (8 months ago)
SRUJAN CHEEDHALLA (8 months ago)
Who has the first edition Xbox one
I have both consoles
Jmoney182NY (8 months ago)
I'm not gonna bother reading this comment section cause I bet it's an infestation of fan boys 😂😂😂
Uganda Knuckles (8 months ago)
A Xbox one is basically a old PC
Aun Shah (9 months ago)
I am going to get this out of the way, PC will always stomp consoles.
Winnipeg Calvin (9 months ago)
I only want xbox for the black ops 2 lol. Not really anymore cause i wont have my stats
UltimateGaming 9000 (10 months ago)
English please?
Hlias Unknown (10 months ago)
Hlias Unknown (10 months ago)
PS4 2-2 XBOX ONE( draw for me because the xbox gpu has 850mhz and the ps4 has 800 mhz)
galaxy_blue boi (10 months ago)
Xbox one is ugly
Mk Nk (10 months ago)
and pc gamer's are ok if they dont chat shit about ps4 only ok if they chat shit about xbox
Mk Nk (10 months ago)
Mk Nk (10 months ago)
Dani Yeeey (10 months ago)
ps4 win
Devyn anderson (10 months ago)
i have both consoles and there is barely a difference in gameplay
Anatoly Vaisman (10 months ago)
Jga357 Allen (10 months ago)
I got a ad for the Nintendo switch
Nathan James (10 months ago)
hey hey hey hey do the console that Apple made
Matthew Yee (10 months ago)
team xbox!!!
FPS NINJA (11 months ago)
lying faggot
AK P (11 months ago)
but anyways xbox one is stil better in quality
burrow the hamster (11 months ago)
90% PS4 fanboys will be happy and will want to smash every xbox in existence, 5% of xbox fanboys will be sad and get a PS4, and another 5% will say this video is fair even though they are both great consoles, so stop fighting!
Brenden 940 (11 months ago)
Austin Evans is awesome
Fewse (11 months ago)
did anyone understood anything..?
RubherDuck (1 year ago)
What if ps4 had 4k from the start? And Xbox 1080p. People would go mad.
ultra DRIFT king (1 year ago)
adrian alex (1 year ago)
these consoles are the same xbox have better games and ps4 have a little advantage in graphics. i have xbox one s and i like it i dont care if ps4 or xbox one is better
abg115 Gaming (1 year ago)
On the xbox1 and ps4 you Play games on a tv
Sticky Bomb (1 year ago)
abg115 Gaming oml smh
GM // GamingMATES (1 year ago)
I love ps4
StarWarsStuff (1 year ago)
again biased to xbox
Muslim boy (1 year ago)
PS4 for the win
Mcgugger Nuggets (1 year ago)
Muslim Boy stfu
redvegas (1 year ago)
Xbox is for the skinny jean generation.
luiaard groen (1 year ago)
look who maded the game for the graphics
Richcool (1 year ago)
Lets make it Clear Xbox One: More Games Ps4: Better graphics
Transistor Express (1 year ago)
I don't take any sides with consoles or pc's
greenflubber1 (1 year ago)
Both are great end of the story
Zero Zen (1 year ago)
I hate pc and Samsung Galaxy j1
Bilal Aun (1 year ago)
Bilal Aun (1 year ago)
pewdiepie peediepew (1 year ago)
it depends what you get my Xbox one has way more then the pay i have you GB LIAR IT DEOEND WHAT TYPE YOU BUY
Kevin Merchan (1 year ago)
I ponder of something great my lungs will fill and then deflate
DevTV (1 year ago)
Ism't Austin sponsored by microsoft?
Nick Woodruff (1 year ago)
Uggh, I hate these brand based fan-baby arguments about which is best. I prefer Xbox over PlayStation. Why? Because that's what I like most between the two. I don't choose one over the other due to "this one has ____ where the other has ____". Just get what you like most. Its simple as that. Although I will say that I would like to get a ps3 (used) and/or ps4 sometime because PlayStation exclusives look amazing! Nice vid Austin! 👍
bloods bloods (1 year ago)
ps4 is way better
Finnico (1 year ago)
ew playstation
nostalgic simulator (1 year ago)
wow!!! Austin Evans is a human being!!!
M.Naufal Nazuli (1 year ago)
Ps4 more cool than Xbox one
RaidZeroHero (1 year ago)
Ok let's be fair, Xbox is scared of rrod again so they mad a huge Xbox one with a big fan and heat sink. Sony had ylod also in its sleek design 'PS3 fat' both Xbox360 and PS3 got hacked to play pirated games. Sonys ps4 looks great. Xbox one no. PS4 pro ugly. Xbox one s amazing. They both keep winning and loosing. It's like the war we have going on in real life it's never ends. Tec war will never end ass well. There's always a wining battle but the war remains there's never a true winner. Sony wins some battles and Microsoft wins some battles. Truth be told
ILuminati 777 (1 year ago)
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes hi got 14 856 likes and 1 806794 subcribers with a stupid video AAAAAAAAAAAAA thX LOL some pipplle like him Haw BAD YOUTUBER GOSH OMG HEAT IT DELLET HIM ON YOUTUB pls if you whant to YOUR CHOYSE----=0 likes Mamamyia
ILuminati 777 (1 year ago)
WE WHANT TO EVEREY BODDY TO NO HWO AR THEY VOTEING XBOX ONE OR PS4 DO IT IN THE COMENT WHAT AR YOU VOTING for i am for xbox oneand thise guy is stupid cose hi DOING PS4 vs XBOX ONE xbox one is the best-----------------------STU
Surpremium (1 year ago)
Malgorzata Pawelek ??? I didn't understand what you just said.
DarkestBear77 Gaming (1 year ago)
Malgorzata Pawelek Your spelling
ILuminati 777 (1 year ago)
BOOOOO################ PS4 XBOX ONE BEST ;;;;;;;;;;;;MAMA MYIA;]
ILuminati 777 (1 year ago)
xbox one i have it is the best xbox//.,']]]]]///////..555554
Andy Hedelin (1 year ago)
what console (ps4 Slim) or (xbox one s)
Arzzier (1 year ago)
I know... Slim for the win!
Edward Playys (1 year ago)
Andy Hedelin Ps4 slim
Andy Hedelin ps4 slim dont get ps4 pro its too big, bulky, ugly
Andy Hedelin Ps4 Pro but Ps4 slim is great too
Andy Hedelin (1 year ago)
LMAOO xbox one looks like a burnt toaster
wille 25 (4 months ago)
Andy Hedelin yep
DarkestBear77 Gaming (1 year ago)
Andy Hedelin 😂😂True
Andy Hedelin thats sooo true
Yagga97 (1 year ago)
what if sony and Microsoft collaborated on a console?
Fizz (1 year ago)
Yagga97 PlayStation Box
Yagga97 (1 year ago)
DarkestBear77 Gaming i know but im just saying it would be kinda interesting
DarkestBear77 Gaming (1 year ago)
Yagga97 Never they are in a challenge who ever makes a better console
KiloMetah (1 year ago)
I don't care what these fighting kids say I support Xbox
Madtuber 58 (4 days ago)
Mcgugger Nuggets WATCH THE VIDEO
Madtuber 58 (4 days ago)
KiloMetah ok i support ps
Skullcrusher81 Smith (1 month ago)
I have both so I could care less
Linus Hägglöv (1 month ago)
Skullcrusher81 Smith (1 month ago)
ps4 uncharted 4 sick graphics
Javier Garcia (1 year ago)
yo send me a ps4
MKIceAndFireGermany (1 year ago)
if you care about graphics go to pc if you want amazing Exclusives go to ps4 if you want good games with gold games go to Xbox BUT GO TO THAT ONE WHERE YOU HAVE MORE FRIENDS!
John Matthew (21 days ago)
I have to agree with you on the on where yours friends are it's really not that fun without friends
Flaviu TeFe2 (8 months ago)
Where I have more friends? I have only one ;-; HE PLAYS ON A PS4 IM PLAYING ON A PS4 YAY!
Mcgugger Nuggets (1 year ago)
+MightyDirtKing still Xbox you can't put down it's an few inches better than PlayStation
Gene The Terrorist (1 year ago)
AtomicNuke 99 PS4 has been proven for having better performance. But still, #PCMR
JustinBieberVevo u (1 year ago)
PS4 Is better
xxJalal (7 months ago)
ASavageWolf my dick is better 😒
Bitxchesloveleixo (8 months ago)
JustinBieberVevo u project Scorpio is better
Edward Playys (1 year ago)
LEGENT 2 agreed
Danny Brunton (1 year ago)
playstashion is better than xbox
Franklin (5 days ago)
Haha that's true PS4 much better
Angry Jared (2 months ago)
Bruh that's ur opinion
NeonFlash 5 (3 months ago)
Mcgugger Nuggets stfu yourself boi
Mcgugger Nuggets (1 year ago)
Danny Brunton stfu
DarkestBear77 Gaming (1 year ago)
Danny Brunton True PS4 is better

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