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CAREERS IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING – B.Tech,M.Tech,Campus Drives,Salary Package,Top Recruiters

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CAREERS IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING – Automobile Engineering Career And Career In Automobile Engineering B.Tech,M.Tech,Campus Drives,Salary Package,Top Recruiters BTech refers to bachelors of technology. BE/B Tech Automobile is a graduate degree which deals with the functioning, maintenance, safety, designing, assembling and testing of the automobiles and its components. The main aim of this engineering course is to understand all the principles, characteristics, working of all the mechanical and electronic systems in the vehicles. The BE/B Tech Automobile is a four year degree full time course which arouses awareness among students regarding information technology and electronic engineering. The students after completing their plus two in science subjects including mathematics as core can get admission in BE/BTech Automobile engineering course. This degree course includes the subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Production Technology, and Mechanics of Machine, Automotive Diesel Engines, Automotive Transmission, Manufacturing Processes, Quality Control, Reliability Engineering, Fuels and Lubricants, Automotive Engine Components, Automotive Materials and Metallurgy, Pollution Control and so on. After completing the degree successfully from a recognized university or college, one can work as an automobile engineer flexibly in any of the automobile industry. Graduates can work as Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Development Engineers, Senior Production Engineer, Driver Instrumentation Engineer, Quality Engineer and so on. Design Engineers are the one responsible for making blueprint or the design of the parts of vehicles or any of its vital components. Manufacturing Engineers deal in the actual manufacturing or production of the automobile components. Development Engineers work is based on accessing the strengths, weaknesses of prototypes and models, running simulation test and so on. All the jobs and roles are assigned to the BE/ B Tech Automobile engineers as per their field of specialization and the expertise. The students can work as an engineer in automobile or manufacturing industries like Heldex India, Mahindra & Mahindra, TELCO, Bajaj Auto and Gabrial, Ashok Layland, L& T and many others. Also, there are enough opportunities in abroad too. The job requires graduates to constantly upgrade themselves with new technological advancements and skills to keep the track of them as well. The students can also acquire M Tech after completing BE/ B Tech Automobile. Joining the teaching profession is also good option or one can even work in defense services in the country after accomplishing higher studies. If not this, setting up of own business also proves to be a sound option. Pay Package: The graduates in this field of science and technology can earn an average of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. However, the pay scale varies on manifold factors like size of organization, experience of the person, field of specialization, qualification, the profile of the candidate and so on. Depending on all the above factors, one can also get Rs 1,00,000 per month. List of colleges in India: There are many institutes in India and abroad too. Some of them in India are: • Anna University, Chennai • Bhuvaneswar College Of Engineering, Odisha • B.S Abdur Rahman University, Tamil Nadu • Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering, Kerala • A.D Patel Institute Of Technology, Gujrat • Bharath University, Tamil Nadu • Bhaskar Engineering College, Andhra Pradesh • Arya College Of Engineering &Information Technology, Rajasthan Keywords: automobile engineering, automobile engineering after 10th, automobile engineering after 12th, automobile engineering after 12th arts, automobile engineering and mechanical engineering, automobile engineering as a career, automobile engineering b tech, automobile engineering basics, automobile engineering basics in tamil, automobile engineering career, automobile engineering course, automobile engineering jobs, automobile engineering lecture, automobile engineering nptel, automobile engineering projects, automobile engineering videos
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Text Comments (85)
Kandi Ramapadma (23 hours ago)
Thanq u sir for speech
Govind Royal (4 days ago)
Sir I am studying in Diploma in automobile engineering in the next year I want to join in btech so I am confused between mechanical and automobile engineering. Percentage of job opportunities in which engineering is more ? Pls reply me sir
Tech king star (4 days ago)
Sir After complete 2Years automobile course from iti can i do b.tech in automobile ..Or what is the facility Of it??
Hasîbur Râhman (4 days ago)
I am very passionate about automobile engineering sir....but I am a foreign student, may I know one information from you? if you inform me, it will be a great pleasure....which universities are best for automobile engineerinf in Canada?
Sir 2year ka diploma in automobile engineering course hota hy ky???
hello sir I want to know how to become automobile designer and I have humanities subject. so please tell me what I have to do to become automobile designer with course
Ramkrishna Maity (22 days ago)
Which department is better for a career in the automobile industry as a mechanical engineer: production or quality or maintaince
Dreamer Gamer (24 days ago)
am a 15 year old boy though i know how a car works what subject do i should study in automobile engineering
Naved Shaikh (24 days ago)
Sir Can We Do Auto-Mobile Eng..With Commrece Stream.. Plz Answer Sir I'M Very Deprest
prakash sridhar (25 days ago)
Which group would take in 12th standard for joining automobile engineering
Akhlad Saify (25 days ago)
I have completed my diploma in mechanical engineering and I am looking for a job in a automobile industry but I am very much confused in that which field I select to get more pay
Paulina Louis (29 days ago)
Sir Iam interested in automobile engineering can I take it. If there is scope in India for all time
gaddam sanjay (1 month ago)
Can you suggest best colleges for automobile engeneering colleges in telangana
Babu K (1 month ago)
Which is better studying mechanical engineering or auto mobile engineering?
Abdullah Khan (1 month ago)
Sir audio is not clear
Nita Sen (1 month ago)
thank you
Kumodini Mishra (1 month ago)
Sir I am really interested in cars and automobilea But I'm handicap so this field is suitable for me or not....
Sir I am diploma in automobile I want to to B. Tech which college we go ???
Azeem Khan (2 months ago)
Dear Sir, My brother has completed Automobile Engineering (B. tech) and he is searching for job for more than 8 months there is no job for freshers in the market, he is so disappointed and depressed , if you recommend somewhere we'll be really thankful.
Reena Dalvi (2 months ago)
How exam will conducted
Prathamesh Adsul (4 days ago)
Reena Dalvi Aptitude test
Reena Dalvi (2 months ago)
It is better to do ITI or diploma
Prathamesh Adsul (4 days ago)
Reena Dalvi Better do B.E or B.Tech
Smoking Skull (26 days ago)
U are doing iti or diploma??
Smoking Skull (26 days ago)
What u are doing right now bro I have same question?
Reena Dalvi (2 months ago)
Which types of subjects are there in autombile and mechanical engineering
Prathamesh Adsul (4 days ago)
Reena Dalvi strength of Materials,production engg,Theory of Machine,Machine Design Theory&calculations,Machine Drawing
Arjun R Panicker (2 months ago)
sir i compleated my diploma in automobile engg. what will i do next? i have confused about future pls reply!!
CAR ADDICTS (2 months ago)
Can I do automobile engg after completing my diploma in electronics ?
vignesh ulaga (3 months ago)
Sir I'm completed DAE... I currently working in E&D or R&D department ... How to improve the working skills... How to impress senior engineers... How to get promotion...?
Nigam Kumar Bunny (3 months ago)
thunk u sir
Manisha Thitame (3 months ago)
sir ur video is too Good and useful also
Manisha Thitame (3 months ago)
sir now I am giving 10th STD board exams so after 10 what may I prefer diploma or 11 & 12 sir I want to do diploma but my all family members are forcing me to do 11 & 12 for being automobile engineering
Nathiya AK (4 months ago)
Sir my cousin doing his +12 in GM(General machinist) grp..he wish to study auto mobile engg...Is there any chance to study this course..
mayank sahu (4 months ago)
thanks for motivate..its my last sem of m.tech in automobile engg.which is best teaching or work in industry?
dhananjay ligade (4 months ago)
Improve the voice quality a little bit
Noble Varghese (5 months ago)
sir I am doing diploma in automobile but where i am doing diploma there is 2 years of course only another colleges there is 3 years of course I want to ask you after my 2 years in diploma I can get the better job in better companies with nice salaries please sir reply me fast.
LION STUDIOS (5 months ago)
sir, i am diploma in mech final year.next i am going to study BE automobile engineeering.Is it scope or not
LUCKY KAKADE (5 months ago)
Nice video uncle
Rohith Chary (5 months ago)
sir i want,i made any automobile with my own designing it is possible or not or else i made with another designing person....tell me sir this my one year unbreak doubt.....
Rohith Chary (5 months ago)
sir what is the difference between designing and manufacturing
gani gana (5 months ago)
Sir i did diplamo in auto mobile engg at rural distict and iam so much nervous about my carrier . so how to get a growth in my carrier, pls reply me sir
Arunesh Singh (5 months ago)
How can i get job in bmw aston martin like company i want the steps
Rita Jain (6 months ago)
IITs don't have a bachelor's degree in automobile engineering
Srikanth Sony (6 months ago)
Can we go to automobile engineering after diploma in mechanical engineering
Mursed Kaji (6 months ago)
sir plz give me your contact number plzzz help me..this is my contact number7980620375...plz sir I want your advice for automobile engineering..
Dinesh Dini (6 months ago)
sir im completed 10th with 87.25 percent i want to become an automobile engineer what should i do1st pu or diploma???
Vivek Nandkumar Patil (1 month ago)
dont go to automobilee
ankur atwal (6 months ago)
Sir , i am ankur and i done my diploma of mechanical engg. But i i could get a job in automobile industries .
Naga Mclaren (7 months ago)
Hi sir I have Finished my “Diploma in Mechanical” But I have 3 Arrears…I can finish these Arrears on Next Semester…There are 6 months for Next semester.I like to finish some Valuable Courses on these Months.So Please tell some Valuable Course based on Automobile field..I have Very much interested in Automobile field..
Sandeep Upadhayay (7 months ago)
Yaaa chutiyaa Hai nothing in automobile go for mechanical....
Indian Tiger (7 months ago)
Sir I am Automobile Engineering degree holder I passed with 75.70. and I wanna join design filed I also have knowledge of cad software......Would you please help me to get job.
Jayesh Hiwarkar (9 months ago)
Sir I am now in 9th std but I wanted to go in automotive engineering Sir can I go in with doing IIIT Or deploma
Hrithik Joshi (9 months ago)
Sir I am 2nd yr in btech automobile engg..
Mohammad ILyas (9 months ago)
sir I am Salman .I need your help Regarding internship please send contact number .
Can you tell me the average salaries earned by automobile engineers in automobile companies? How much is its demand in foreign countries?
moto tech treasure (10 months ago)
Thnx sir
Sarath Kumar (10 months ago)
sir,iam interested in automobile engineering and my fear is what is the state of automobile engineers when there is no oil reserves in coming decades whether is there is any study in B.Tech auto about solar cars and electric cars
Nishanth 93 (10 months ago)
Even me has the same fear
Arman Ali (10 months ago)
sir I am really interested in automobile engeering but I don't know it is good or not, if it is so what type of degree is needed and where I can join for higher studies
Mahesh Guvvala (1 month ago)
AMRESH KABIR Thank You Bro ..
AMRESH KABIR (1 month ago)
Mahesh bro... I'll already told above... If you had interested in automobile field... Just learn the technical things by joining in some companies like Volkswagen Audi Benz... U should hold 3 to 5 years experience . Then you can try in abroads like German and California
Mahesh Guvvala (1 month ago)
Sir , i completed my b.tech tdy , im intrested in automobile , im intrested works in automobile manufacturing companies what i do for that
AMRESH KABIR (1 month ago)
Arman Ali bro I'm an automobile student. Interest is the main key for this department. In 2 to 3 years all vehicles should cme in electronics. We have lot of job opportunities in future
THE MIND HEALING (10 months ago)
There is a good scope for automobile engineers in the job market and in the entrepreneurial opportunities . First You choose either B.E OR DME . Then Go for job in automobile companies then go for MBA in B Schools like IIMs .We Wish You All The Very Best.
Aadil Rupani (10 months ago)
I'm starting with diploma in mechanical engineering n i want to do automobile engineering so I was asking that if any one asks me why you want to do automobile engineering so what should I reply to them sir please help me out
THE MIND HEALING (10 months ago)
Email : mohankumar69@gmail.com
THE MIND HEALING (10 months ago)
If you are really interested in automobile , You go Automobile . You can tell them i am really interested in automobile . We Wish You All The Very Best.
Aadil Rupani (10 months ago)
sir can you please send the contact
Harish Nagarajan (10 months ago)
sir i selected automobile engineering at psg Coimbatore in tnea 2017 is it good insitition and how i will get a job and also about salary details please reply me sir
THE MIND HEALING (10 months ago)
Harish Congrats . The Institution and the course you selected are really great . The Salary will be based on your attitude and knowledge when you attend the job interviews . So Focus on getting more knowledge and many soft-skills to get good jobs after graduation.We Wish You All The Very Best.
Xv gaming (10 months ago)
Harish Nagarajan ..psg college of technology 2006 is one of the top college . don't worry brother .surely you will get a job
Xv gaming (10 months ago)
Harish Nagarajan brother you have to study CAD & MAYA FOR CAR DESIGNING that will help you a lot then you will get a salary more than 1 lakhs . GOOD luck with your future
deep kalani (10 months ago)
sir hows the scope of automobile eng in canada ????
THE MIND HEALING (10 months ago)
Yes . There is a Wide Scope for Automobile Engineers in Canada . But During your UG You have to prepare in tune With the expectations of the corporate . I am sure you will prepare for the best . We Wish You All The Very Best.
Pritesh Solanki (11 months ago)
Sir I m going for 2nd year diploma in automobile so for my Graduation It will take atleast 5 to 6 years then also scope will be there for automobile engineer
THE MIND HEALING (11 months ago)
Yes. There will be more demand.But Find Part Time Job Opportunities related to Automobile.Wish you all the very best.
sandeshrai majakkar (11 months ago)
Mohan Sir, plz give ur email or contact number
THE MIND HEALING (11 months ago)
Email : mohankumar69@gmail.com
Arunkumar pk (11 months ago)
sir call leter eppa downlode panna mutiyum
THE MIND HEALING (11 months ago)
Please Keep An Eye On The Anna University Website. All The Very Best.

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