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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X!

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Apple iPhone X are here but which is better? Building the Ultimate iPhone X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npOwGSilebc Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3793)
LilMayo (2 hours ago)
IPhone users just don't wanna admit that some phone like s9 are a little bit better, only excuse they use for calling iPhone better is "well it's a iPhone" or "it's apple" lmaoo it's getting sad at this point if you reply your triggered by this comment lol
V G W S D ETHICS (2 hours ago)
Samsung makes shit out of their phone I mean really Samsung pls Austin don't compare it with the IPhone it decreases the iPhone's dignity Android is the main story at the end of the day Android can't match Ios IOS IS THE BEST
Bongo Drums (2 hours ago)
nitsuA si sihT ,syuG yeH
Tv-Tattaren (3 hours ago)
S9, I think it has a better price to phone ratio
Rexczi (5 hours ago)
You were pretty wrong about those battery tests..
Arief Saputra (5 hours ago)
damn your music playlist is actually same as mine
SweepingCloud 21 (7 hours ago)
Like if cant afford either iphone x and samsung s9
Franklin De Los Santos (8 hours ago)
Man, you color graded this nicely
LEWII The goat (15 hours ago)
Augustin Tiberiu (18 hours ago)
I wonder how he tested the battery on iphone,cause I saw a video with the latest models of phones and galaxy s9 plus was the last one that the batery died ,and the guy tested under stress playing games ,apps,music ,etc
Santarpan Roy (19 hours ago)
f#$* the X..... S9 is the king !!!
Great Value Post Malone (20 hours ago)
Watching this on my S8+ 😂
My own channel (21 hours ago)
Sir I love your vedios very much . Will you plz give one item to me after review
Tanmey (22 hours ago)
Almost every one else says iPhone X has glitches, so galaxy performs better since the note 8
000.00 1 Backup (1 day ago)
The galaxy can't match? Ate you stupid? More features fast charging in the box
000.00 1 Backup (1 day ago)
Stupid horrible review
TheEven2'sIn (1 day ago)
This sounds like a 8 year old video schools shows to there kids
RABBY PRINCE (1 day ago)
hey this is prince
J GE.Z (1 day ago)
Watching with a S9+
You can use pin. Fingerprint. Or iris to use Samsung pay also the iris face recognition is much more secure then apples face id
Kushaldeep M (1 day ago)
Kevin Kenson
Cruise Elroy (1 day ago)
Soooo, where at the point now where until there is another major revolution, all tech in this market will be the same product, built by the same 5 companies, with little to no improvements between generations. THE FUTURE IS NOW!
M V (1 day ago)
Just wondering when you say all “day battery” for the iPhone X, are talking about just text and a few phone calls?? Because my iPhone X last hopefully till 2 PM from a stop charge from 7 AM.. Also polish software for IOS?? I spring at least 3 times a day and some while talking.. Another question and last one.. Fanboy much?? I want my iPhone 7 plus back or even windows 10 phone.. So which iPhone X did you get because mine sucks
SUPER GAMER1030 (1 day ago)
Im In Samsung Team.
Raymond Petit (1 day ago)
Too many mistakes, Austin. A rare down vote!
fabian nolastname (1 day ago)
personally have had iPhone X, S8, and now S9 BENCH NUMBERS/STATS mean NOTHING bro.
IOneTwoFarQ 1 (1 day ago)
Samsung copying Animoji... what a bitch
KillerReign _ (1 day ago)
Why did you make it so the headphone jack is obsolete? in that case they should of got rid of the speakers sincce they are older
MirelRc (1 day ago)
2018- Iphone X (not ten 10) no headphone jack Samsung galaxy S9 headphone jack 2088- Iphone XXX no headphone jack Samsung galaxy 79S STILL USE a headphone jack
DeuceMigalow (1 day ago)
I've always been a Samsung user but I'm thinking about switching, since I don't use the camera much and only care about music so I'm still staying with s9
Iphone basically dies at 10 % battery
Jessie Lopez (1 day ago)
This fucking guy 😂😂😂 Bias...
kntwing (1 day ago)
So Sam sung s9 wins? I might just get one maybe.. 📱 I miss headphone jack also
Ollie Stewart (1 day ago)
Miracle grand milk Olympics load.
Adalid Fuentes (1 day ago)
Samsung still can’t catch up to the a10-a11.jezus Samsung step up your processor game
Desired Victory (2 days ago)
Both great phones but a lot of Samsung people hating in these comments. Writing from my iPhone X. Again both great phones though.
Katze (2 days ago)
Try and bench the Exynos if you can, we don't all live in the US.
Infinity Master (2 days ago)
Your mic audio is really terrible in this video......
Dagogo Ogolo (2 days ago)
Stop lying to people you apple fanboy.
Darth Potato (2 days ago)
the S9 still has an akward fingerprint sensor spot as they want to keep the camera where the fingerprint reader should be and that is why i am sticking with the google pixel
desert storm (2 days ago)
The biggest difference between Android and IOS is that Android is very fast to release advanced features but it never "cooked" enough, unlike Apple which prefer to wait and release it when it's perfect.
Ar emoji is shit
OBW YS (2 days ago)
I have 6 android devices , none of them got a year upgrade, all dead. Fucking trash.
OBW YS (2 days ago)
I would never ever buy a android device anymore, I bought a 700$ S7E long time ago, I still remember it never even got android 7.1 upgrade, Fuck android.
shishir box (2 days ago)
do a camera comparision s9 plus and I phone x
Bryan U (2 days ago)
Biased little cunt
The Animator Rex (2 days ago)
Well iam not sure but u watch anime right?
Cameron Green (2 days ago)
Cat expert craft collect transportation uniform addition much consistently beg.
Lemuel 961 (2 days ago)
iPhone X wins
Mo Mo (2 days ago)
I am all in on android but the iphone x is not bad.
Rian P (2 days ago)
anyone notice kurosawa ruby wallpaper on the S9? lol
Muskarioli (2 days ago)
Justin Kime (2 days ago)
Such incredible content. Remember watching back when you were “Austinnotduncan”. Can’t wait for the day where I can tech out my life 👊🏼
StrafeGR (2 days ago)
The have 1 thing in common. Both are useless devices like every smartphone...
Philip Weinstein (2 days ago)
Almost $300 difference to begin with. But i think imma upgrade to the s9+ for camera purposes.
Eldar (2 days ago)
Apple sheep,fuck you
Tomek Tabaka (2 days ago)
It's wierd that you have the iPhone x side by side the s9 plus since the s9 plus is actually over 1,000 euro in eurpoe, almost identical to the iPhone x.
Tomek Tabaka (2 days ago)
Don't think its entirely fair comparing the s9 with the iPhone x. It should be note 8 vs iPhone x, or alternatively iPhone 8 vs Galaxy s9. This is just a bit pointless, in my opinion.
Dolphin (2 days ago)
the s9 camera got 99 on dxomark
mstml (3 days ago)
He got the 'top notch' quote from MKBHD. If you don't believe me, check out MKBHD's iPhone X Unboxing video. 'So original...'
Ivan Freshfimbres728 (3 days ago)
Id have both phones I cant choose sides Samsung and Apple are my top favorite brand phones
Mr.ripcord 111 (3 days ago)
as much as i dont mind samsung and iphone i thing they are the same but iphons battery is bad that is all i find different
Hakaro (3 days ago)
all i wanna know is what is that anime girl pic with tge camera, i want pic 😀
AndrewPlayzRB (3 days ago)
macros dovahkiin (3 days ago)
just bought s9 after years of using apple,and maaan it is like an escaping from north korea,i feel free now,how the fuck did i use that ios for 7 years...
Arjun Bemarkar (3 days ago)
All dem frustrated fanboys
Hector Guzman (3 days ago)
S9 still trash
Ian Excalibur (3 days ago)
I don't give a shit about iPhone or android phones, all I want is a phone with no or very little bloatware, which one do I buy? Please help.....
IceManPL55 (3 days ago)
samsung applications are much better than android ones ...
Jif (3 days ago)
I'm sorry apple fans but I think the S9 is better.
oshin gin (3 days ago)
I’ve used Samsung ( bought s3 when it came out, note-4 also when it was new in the market) for 8 years. Brother used s5 and now s7 edge & My dad uses s8 (most of my family uses Samsung)and I can say that the camera quality has improved tremendously but I still think it can’t compete with an iPhone camera quality. I bought iPhone X 1 week ago, at first I was kinda uncomfortable since iam used to bigger size phones but I think I prefer my iPhone X more
spjunkies (3 days ago)
Why in the world did so many reviewers have trouble using the fingerprint on the S8? I never had an issue 🤣
Bai Larot (3 days ago)
Only the s10 will match the iPhone ten
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 days ago)
in where, s8 won against ipx in MANY ways and s8 cost araund 560$
rutto Johnatan (3 days ago)
ohm. yes, the iPhone has a stronger CPU but can you use it for open apps side by side? Can you run power-hungry apps on it which in the s9 doesn't run? The only way how you can notice your CPU advantage if you benchmark it all day.
B For Boobies (3 days ago)
There are a lot of love live references coming from this video
AlwaysMeansForever (4 days ago)
"This review brought to you by our Sponsor, Apple."
Ojas Pandey (4 days ago)
Anji Sawada (4 days ago)
Ken pls stop with the weeb stuffs hahahahaha
A Commenter (4 days ago)
i think this is my first time not hearing the “HEY GUYS, THIS IS AUSTIN.” ting
Le Fouk (4 days ago)
The fact the amoled screens are the same doesn't make sense because samsung makes them both..Samsung is just manufacturer of the display in the iphone x..the desing and technology are all apple..In the s9+ everything is from Samsung.. people need to understand what manufacturer means..they just have the resources and the space that apple doesn't so they make it for them..that doesn't mean that the display is samsung's..not even close..they just duplicate an original screen made by apple..they don't make the original model..Apple does..they just remake it a million times
EmJey (4 days ago)
Those animojis are ugly ill take snapchat
King Cobra (4 days ago)
you can't go wrong with either both seem like great phones.
giorgos kalafatzis (4 days ago)
No dude the 2 best panels that you can buy are the s9 and note 8
Muhannad Muhammad (4 days ago)
Wallpaper @ 0.47?
Aman kaushik (4 days ago)
I never thought i would say this but Jonathan comparison is much much better.
Cayden Thompson (4 days ago)
What do you mean the S9 can't match the iPhone X? I can't think of anything that it does worse besides benchmarks?
HopperDragon (4 days ago)
A couple notes, benchmarks mean nothing; all real world speed tests show s9 head to head with the X. Also, is a little disingenuous to say that Samsung's version of face id isn't secure enough for Samsung pay, when the Iris sensor works fine for it. Lastly, "the Samsung apps feel out of place in 2018"? Have you used them? The internet app is way more optimized, and has a much more mobile friendly and sleek interface, the chrome app feels like something from 2005 compared to it. Three same could be said for Samsung email and calendar. Both are simply better UIs for a mobile screen size. Samsung notes is pretty bad though.
bazuka0190 (4 days ago)
Don’t care not going to that bs android software
Alder Ayala (4 days ago)
I go to the movies a lot with an uncle of mine that recently got the iphone x. Watching him unlock his phone during a movie is priceless.
Rice Cooker (4 days ago)
why is this anemoji shit even a thing??
Evenlyn poon (4 days ago)
Wow very very good and thorough review on a great pace. I'm surprised u actually covered on the part where s9 did not utilise their face id to make payments etc where alot of other reviewers did not cover. Thumbs up
KingGhoul 21 (4 days ago)
I'll be honest... Animoji makes me smile
Brandon Reynoso (4 days ago)
Like if you have iPhone x
ZeAlphaWolf (4 days ago)
So many triggered people in the comment section...
Shadow of the Storm (4 days ago)
PSA: The Notch on the X DOES NOT rob you of screen real estate. It gives you more. If they went the samsung route, they'd have a full bezel on top and then the time and carrier signal wouldn't be relegated to "ears"
J SKI (4 days ago)
How can the iPhone X be better on battery life with the battery having almost 900 less MaH than the S9? 2716 MaH (apple) vs 3500 MaH (samsung). I've seen several other YouTube reviewers actually test the battery life with a relatively controlled test and the S9 blew the iPhone X out in battery life every time.
Chris O (4 days ago)
This video really doesn’t give the s9 its much deserved justice. You have less screen real estate on the IPhone X, not a real 5.8 inch display. QHD+ resolution, in many cases faster than than the IPhone X. Bixby is a lot more useful than Siri (which is kind of sad considering Siri has existed since 2011 and Bixby is only a year old). S9 has an unmatched amazing display. The IPhone X is not worth it’s high price.
Ameer Salim (4 days ago)
I always taunt my aunt that has an iPhone X and tell her that I found a better phone than hers
AbzPlayzGamez (4 days ago)
Hey Austin this is guys

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