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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X!

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Apple iPhone X are here but which is better? Building the Ultimate iPhone X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npOwGSilebc Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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User Name (1 hour ago)
Actually some tests including everythingApplepro's showed that the exynos s9 is faster than any phone other than the oneplus 6. However although the iPhone is technically faster, the animations make it slower than the s9 and oneplus
Theman703 (4 hours ago)
Well after owning both it comes down to preference. I for one had only one apple product and that was the awesome Iphone 3G, I've been in the samsung camp since the S3, got the S5, the Note 5 and then the S8 and tested the S9, but after looking at what apple has done with the Iphone X I have to say though, the user experience with IOS is just better, nothing comes close to the smoothness of IOS with that hardware, I do love bot brands/phones but this time I just thought that the Iphone was easier, simpler, faster and for me personally the styling is more elegant. So I can understand why you 'd say Galaxy S9, because I still own my S8 and I love it but if money is not something you are concerned about and you are searching for the best user Experience in an elegant and stylish package, then go ahead the Iphone won this time.
Bradley Shank (10 hours ago)
IPhone x Doesn't have a headphone jack and no home the 2 biggest flaws on that phone. Like if I ageee
Bradley Shank (10 hours ago)
Home button
AGamer 400 (14 hours ago)
I like the iPhonex
Satch Boogie (1 day ago)
If it doesn't have a headphone jack, I ain't buying it.
Sriram Sundarajan (1 day ago)
S9 and s9 plus uses fingerprints and IRIS scanner for samsung pay... dont simply say things
Samir Patel (1 day ago)
I have used both iPhone x and Galaxy s9+. I would give Samsung credit for their amazing work because they have done great job overall than iPhone X with much more cheaper prize. Apple do not care about their customer, they will keep whatever prize they think is best for their business. I am huge Samsung fan from last 6 years.
marshall branin (1 day ago)
At the end of the day, they both are great phones
C FX (2 days ago)
You can use the fingerprint scanner and the iris scanner for payments in Samsung Pay. And ya you obviously haven't used Samsung Internet browser. It has a built in pop up blocker, its fast and it has a night mode as well which as of right now NO browser has. It also has true full screen browsing as well.
_ Tensai (2 days ago)
love live ruby wallpaper huh
RubCuber (2 days ago)
Lol at the beginning of the video I could tell it was an S8 XD
Zacktainment (2 days ago)
I just got an iPhone 8 Plus... like just yesterday... I love it but I wish I had the money for the X because I would prefer the X. But I upgraded from the iPhone 6... so I got a HUGE upgrade lol
Nathan Garay (3 days ago)
S9 is better because of the fingerprint sensor, Android, and Google assistant. I also like the fact the S9 has a headphone jack, it says a lot about the tech community and consumers of tech.
Haris Boss (3 days ago)
Samsung crewwww
xanos the gamer (3 days ago)
S9 is slightly more durable (from friends standpoint) and there is a headphone jack. Battery is accualy better to
xanos the gamer (3 days ago)
Not saying that the iPhone x is bad. It is still a great phone
ThelegendYT Bro (3 days ago)
Penny lynn Hartman (3 days ago)
I love the iPhone X space grey 256gb I will not change back to Samsung again I’m sticking with Apple I’m even getting the newest Apple Watch in 2019
Penny lynn Hartman (3 days ago)
I love the iPhone X space grey 256gb I will not change back to Samsung again I’m sticking with Apple I’m even getting the newest Apple Watch in 2019
MANDY MONSON (4 days ago)
I think I know how choose the wallpapers
JUMPI PLAYS (5 days ago)
The way says the notch got me. The notch, the god damn notch.
TheFilmingSquad (5 days ago)
why do i constantly see anime themed wallpapers on Austins phone reviews
Di Immortalé (7 days ago)
Samsung user always hate iPhone users but iPhone users never says a thing about android users
Olivio Dubois (7 days ago)
The best smartphone is clearly iphone and android
HiTPCOP™ (7 days ago)
S9 is better...Everybody knows that.
Aram Jawhar (8 days ago)
iPhone X looks like my grand pa , but galaxy s9/s9+ is damn sexy like my girlfriend....
Orest Hoxhaj (8 days ago)
Actually the s9 is way faster than the iphone x even though having a heavy custom os.(this applies only for the exynos version)
mikkliish (9 days ago)
Why are Samsung's apps still on the phone??? Because some of them are actually MUCH better than Google's versions such as Samsung's browser (WAY faster than Chrome) and Samsung's calendar. S Health is also better than Google Fitness. Also Samsung's apps integrate with its on-device search. In short, there are tons of great reasons. It's like you said this without ever even trying the Samsung apps. Poor poor analysis.
oneil ramirez (9 days ago)
X is better in my opinion
Myles 124 (9 days ago)
And the s9 battery is better then the IPhone 10... The iPhone10 just shows it's at a higher percentage and then dies very quickly around 30%
Myles 124 (9 days ago)
He says the facial and iris scanning is slower the facial ID on the iPhone 10. But why didn't he just use facial ID on the s9 and not both of them... the facial ID is faster then the IPhone 10 facial ID
S9+ >>>> inotch
David Walker (10 days ago)
why lie to consumers 🤦
David Walker (10 days ago)
apple is probably paying people to make these no joke iPhones are a waste of money 1000$ my butt cheeks maybe in the past they were subpar now it's just funny looking at people buying these phones and living in shoe shacks
David Walker (10 days ago)
galaxy s9 is better overall in price and quality, get the iPhone x if you wanna keep your imessage games and FaceTime but if not....
David Walker (10 days ago)
only thing good on iPhones in my opinion is the front facing camera anything else in comparison is lacking
Jhon Ace B Corial (10 days ago)
iPhone X won in Speed But s9 won inThe Design....
Alonso Go (11 days ago)
The AR emoji looks like Jonathan Morrison😂😂😂
Fernando Gaming (11 days ago)
Hope Samsung Beats Apple in the future
Stupid MAN2488 (11 days ago)
It’s so pathetic that you bitches can’t just enjoy tech. I switch iOS to android and back every 6-12 months. I get bored of only iOS or android. I’m using iPhone X and this thing is brilliant. Galaxy s9 wasn’t a huge upgrade like the X was. I’m sure s10 will be a bigger jump but you guys are pathetic as fuck. Just enjoy tech
Michael Ezinga (11 days ago)
I would still buy the Iphone X.
Weirdo1387 (12 days ago)
Screw the headphone jack, I just want Animoji.
DauntingKitty (13 days ago)
I really like both but got the S9+ because it was cheaper
BQNG (13 days ago)
s8- 550EUR s9- 650EUR s9+ 750EUR X- 1000-1300 Yeah id better keep my kidney and buy the better s9 LMAO
Zack Lindèn (13 days ago)
S9 is soft in games👍
Arif Hossain (13 days ago)
He donsent have the guts to tell the truth..
mid night (13 days ago)
If someone give me iphone x as a gift...i will sell the iphone and buy s9 instead... Lol
Figo Arigohena (13 days ago)
The headphone jack is the most important thing on a phone
Alex Smith (13 days ago)
Nokia > Samsung > Apple
Alex Smith (13 days ago)
Just so you are aware, apple buys geekbench scores.
Alex Smith (9 days ago)
Stupid MAN2488 How? I am simply stating facts
Stupid MAN2488 (10 days ago)
Alex Smith you are an idiot.
Alex Smith (10 days ago)
Stupid MAN2488 *Fucking
Alex Smith (10 days ago)
Stupid MAN2488 whoever said we where limited to just phones? I use my phone as a PHONE and I do everything else on my computer
Stupid MAN2488 (10 days ago)
You know we are talking about phones right? Fuckin retard LOL
What if they lowered the bezels on the iPhone made the more rounder like and android take away the home button make a Gorilla glass back model choice make a quad lenses camera and turn the Apple logo into a finger print scanner
_ FunSized _ (14 days ago)
The s9 has a better battery than the X
Chris Irvin (14 days ago)
What is wallpaper on s9? Where can I find it!
Unbolted TV (16 days ago)
When I was on the plane I wanted to listen to music but suddenly I realised that it needs a adapter as I didn't bring it with me and then thus why I switched to Samsung and also the notch is annoying
Jose Dossantos (16 days ago)
Apple trashhhhhhhhhhhhh&hhhhhhhh
grant henneous (17 days ago)
I think the key features to push the s9 over the iPhone X would have to be both the headphone jack and most importantly the price for the small barriers separating the 2 the overall value by way of performance to price makes the s9 a more justifiable purchase
Five Star Reviews (17 days ago)
Solid review but, in my case, intelligent scan is super fast. Faster than the iPhone's face unlock. And if it ever takes more than a split second, my finger is already in position to tap the fingerprint sensor at that point. Also, I don't agree with the iPhone being bezel less at all. The bottom bezel is thin, yes..but for the sides, that's a thick bezel. That, combined with the small form factor and the notch, makes the phone look a little ugly imo.
TzuyuForever (18 days ago)
Look at the Thumbnail, It looks like iPhone X has 3 cameras, is that true?
Sanjay Pelopero (18 days ago)
His an apple guy
bulletburposmiley (19 days ago)
S9+ for sure. :)
Reese Dog (19 days ago)
I could tell this guy was a fan boy of iphone 2 minutes into the video. Samsung s9+ is the phone you want.
Sum Tube (19 days ago)
Ok i have an apple phone but all im gonna say is ita not worth it. Cuz iphone X has a low batterey life and isnt the best phone, there are way better phone out there whoch are way cheaper than the iphone X.
tariq alli (19 days ago)
I have a pixel 2xl. Came from snote8. Couldn't believe how stuttering the sn8 was until I used the pixel2xl. I am gonna try the iphonex my first I phone to see what the hype is about. I did play with it the gestures are really cool
tariq alli (11 days ago)
Stupid MAN2488 I returned the iPhone after one day. Hated it. Felt slow and less intuitive than the pixel w
Stupid MAN2488 (11 days ago)
tariq alli you’ll love the iPhone X it’s a great phone
Gage Massey (19 days ago)
I would think that if you're going to make a video like this you would want to have researched the specs.
Gage Massey (19 days ago)
He's completely wrong. The S9 has better performance and a better battery.
Gage Massey (19 days ago)
3000 mAh vs. 2700, 4 GB RAM vs. 3, battery lasts about 4 hrs longer, 1200/200 mbps vs. 600/150. He is either VERY lacking in common sense or is a hardcore Apple fanboy…
Gage Massey (19 days ago)
He is so ignorant.
Rex R4D (20 days ago)
What is the wallpaper of the S9 and where do i get the link pls help
Jon B. (20 days ago)
The S8/S8+ is better than the iPhone X, the Note 8 is better than the iPhone X therefore the S9/S9+ is better than the iPhone X.
COOLBOY 7371 (20 days ago)
Fake in 3d bench mark its s9 on top
Motor Bikie (20 days ago)
Your name should be Apple Evans! Isheep fan boy
WillTheThing (20 days ago)
Seeing as the s9 has a proven longer battery, this really makes this seem like a bias review. 🤷‍♂️
WillTheThing (11 days ago)
Stupid MAN2488 I Don’t think soooo....
Stupid MAN2488 (11 days ago)
WillTheThing 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ iPhones have much, much better standby time. That’s been standard for years now.
jotaroxtreme (21 days ago)
While both devices very sleek, very powerful, and have a lot of luxury features, I think they're both incredibly expensive and not worth purchasing for most people. Like I can see if you're somebody that can use the features for your job but for the average user, you can get similar experiences for far cheaper. Myself, I went with an LG G5 because the battery is replaceable, it has a headphone jack, it has a micro sd card slot, it's still pretty powerful, it has a 1440p screen, and it was about $230 when I got it earlier this year. Every game I've tried on it runs very well, I can do VR on it, and its camera is significantly better then my last phone. Needless to say, I'm very satisfied. No, it's not the absolute most powerful phone out there but it has what I want for a relatively good price. I also purchased phones for family members when I got mine. I got an Irulu Geoking 3 Max which is an $80 phablet for an older and newer to mobile tech family member (which it surprisingly came with its own screen protector and case) and I got an AGM A8 which is a $230 waterproof outdoorsman type phone for a more clumsy family member who's rough on everything. Both really like their devices.
Tyler Glowinski (21 days ago)
You can tell he reeeeaaaally likes the iPhone...
Freddy Jason (21 days ago)
iPhone X forever, just my opinion!!!
DarkShadow (21 days ago)
What do you call a guard at a Samsung store. Guardians of the galaxy.
CTagg Gaming (21 days ago)
S9 is better 😂
Majesty (22 days ago)
Dont forget that the s9 has a 1440p screen
Joloham (22 days ago)
If s9 has not much of a bloatware and uses android one, the perfect phone
Swal Swalala (23 days ago)
Your just an apple fan boy you male cunt looking shrek ka doo
Speedy Sperm (23 days ago)
is anyone else watching this on a gs 6??
Alex West-Parden (23 days ago)
I watched the entire video thinking this was Linus....
Jay Yu (23 days ago)
This is the first time I disliked your video...
Scarface (23 days ago)
Notch + no jack Fuck Off iPhone X edit: typo
Bill F (24 days ago)
No headphone jack really pissed me off, not gonna lie. But they give you an adaptor. Not worth switching from my preferred iOS system for. It just functions the way I want it to. The sound difference (that little bit better tone) is significant to my ears. No comparison and I use it a lot, it’s plenty loud for my apartment. And the whole iCloud thing is getting better all the time at interfacing with pc’s. I can still tell they dislike each other though. Nothing like going all apple. Aaaaaaah😉
Koolkid2269 (24 days ago)
I phone x isn't the world's most expensive phone. Acaly there is a phone 20x the price of the iPhone x. I don't remember the name of the phone. But what u do remember is the price of that phone. The phone I am talking about cost $20,000
Camren Abate (24 days ago)
I have an iPhone and I would choose the s9 for many reasons and cause it’s not $1000 like who would pay that much
Peanut Free Meatloaf (24 days ago)
Is the thumbnail a skin? If so, where can I get it?
Meem Ain (24 days ago)
Why I love android especially Samsung phones Because it has more software support than iOS Sure some apps always like fortnite always arrive first at iOS but it doesn’t have emulators or some mods
Jortus Pelatus (22 days ago)
Android has better software support than Apple? I think it's the other way around lol. You must be referring to software versatility and the open nature of the OS; two points why I stay with Android.
Meem Ain (24 days ago)
Don’t listen to Austin when he’s comparing apple products to something he’s an isheep
FBattleRoyale (25 days ago)
He never said "Hey guys this is Austin"
John Coswell (25 days ago)
i like the s9 better than the iphone x
deva raj (25 days ago)
Hey,I tell u one story bro also useful to life In 1925 era One American billionaire ,went shop for buying pen. Billionaire:how much that pen? Seller:$4 He didn't buy Billionaire Friend:Y,u have more many . Billionaire:pen is not worth for $4. Moral:buy Samsung s9+ rather iphonex.
Kiran Halder (26 days ago)
Austin is apple sheep apple paid him to speak geart.......fuck u bro hate u fuck ur channel and every one to support you the apple mother fuc......... in such cases i phine is best like speed and software ......but why and why u never good talk samsung ....
Topias Tuomisto (26 days ago)
"something else the iphone has an advantage with is the battery life" the samsung galaxy plus has 3500 mah while the iphone x has 2700
Stupid MAN2488 (11 days ago)
iPhones have much better standby time. Trust me the battery on the X is incredible can EASILY go 2 days, have 50% battery by the end of my day with heavy usage. All my androids could never come close to that
Jortus Pelatus (22 days ago)
Sometimes it's not about the amount of miliamps, software optimization and the amount of pixels being pushed on the display, play a huge role in battery performance.
harsh gupta (27 days ago)
S9 is far more better than x!! N btw you're apple fan boy so you not gonna like Samsung any way!! Bias review!
Jortus Pelatus (22 days ago)
So if he preferred the S9 over the iPhone, does that make him a Samsung fanboy? Is being an Apple fanboy much worse than being a Samsung fanboy?
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
iPhone 😍
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
Samsung 🤮
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
People don’t like iPhones for their price but in reality iPhone is better
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
iPhone X
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
iPhone is better
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
iPhone x
Lakshit Kapoor (27 days ago)
iPhone x

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