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Top 10 Best Kick Knockouts Ever in MMA - MMA Fighter

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Text Comments (696)
Christopher Gerlach (1 day ago)
So much Capoeira
kamikaze23 kk23 (3 days ago)
The second fighter was Holly Holmes...right? Anyway ,very good high kick!
Willie Williams (4 days ago)
Nice video very interesting but the music sucks ....... kill the music....
Paul Lytle (7 days ago)
Left leg cemetery
rsl6767 (12 days ago)
When will people learn that the music in the videos is obnoxious and a necessary, and nobody likes it.?? Would have been a good video except for the obnoxious music👎👎👎👎
Rachel Kruse (20 days ago)
I would have loved to see Floyd mayweather get a good kick to the head by Conor, had he been able to use all his weapons.
주먹으로 열번 때리다가도 휘돌려차기에 한번 걸리면 그냥 골로 간다... 턱 완죤 박살납니다...
Codex Gigas (24 days ago)
dat kick will make people depresion because they win to fast
Lalson Varghese (24 days ago)
stop this ........
BornFree LiveFree (24 days ago)
bait click thumbnail
IamBliss. (24 days ago)
Jorge Santos (25 days ago)
Olha a cara do lutador quando viu o outro no chão não vejo muita graça neste esporte . 3 . 40
Hassan Muhammad (25 days ago)
Ali ! Ali ! Ali ! Ali !
mbPhase23 (25 days ago)
I can never stomach the celebration while the knocked out opponent has an aneurysm in the background. Takes something away from the win. Keep some respect you nonces
buddelgrapscher (26 days ago)
Feet inda face ? Isnt this brutal unhygienic ?
Hoefledorf (26 days ago)
How many died?
Andrew Walle Johansen (26 days ago)
those kicks at 1:55 to much movement, so easy to counter it yet he failed. he only needed to get closer or just not stand still
Guilherme Machado (28 days ago)
Lixo de vídeo. Faltou o Mirko cro cop
Syed Sala-Ud-Din Ayubi (28 days ago)
The end was priceless
Irvin W (28 days ago)
Dude at 2:44 did he train in capoera?
Rich Davis (28 days ago)
4:04 shin to the bridge of the nose!! Had to be the most brutal of them all. Was the dude that did it crying at end of clip?
Neffos 1234 (1 month ago)
stupid music
Marco Goncalves (1 month ago)
3,34 killer round house the kicker whanted to cry at the end any one know this match.???
Jacob Maldonado (1 month ago)
Some people need to learn the martial art called PUT UP YOUR FUCKEN HANDS!
Esther Duke (1 month ago)
Cómo la gente se puede divertir viendo a otro siendo golpeado que atrasada de la mente
ivan tri mundial (1 month ago)
2:10 capoeira rocks
Dorjdagva Dorjoo (1 month ago)
Hoshin shog
Janniel Rap (1 month ago)
Fucking gay music for a video like this
Hakeem Nelson (1 month ago)
Why the gay ass music
Luke Coleman (1 month ago)
Always thought axe kicks were a banned move.... 🤔
Michael Adams (1 month ago)
I'm assuming it's a copyright thing I guess but this music is completely horrible
it's Pikachu (1 month ago)
5:13 you fast forwarded the video
lưu thùy (1 month ago)
link music?
ltlocus (1 month ago)
0:55 single clap LMFAO
Habib Sadaqa (1 month ago)
Mohammed Ali for the Finish amazing😊
I's On U2b (1 month ago)
The Greatest there will ever be. 🏆🎖🏅🎗👑 Muhammad Ali clownin'. lol Miss you, Man.
Douglas Harbert (1 month ago)
This music is god fucking awful...
itz iniesta (1 month ago)
Finally Mohammad Ali..
mohammad abadi (1 month ago)
4:25 he died?
Tran Hoang (1 month ago)
01:52 kick good
GKAtascosa (1 month ago)
Music ruins the video.
ᄂᄉᄂ (1 month ago)
can you tell me who is fighting with ali last part
TheSinisterEyes1 (1 month ago)
what i learn from this if you see these type of kicks dont back away it will knock you out... charge forward... scary but way more effective against a kick would take a punch to the face over a kick anyday.
Prem Chandru (1 month ago)
Don't try this at home
Long Đỗ Hải (1 month ago)
Kara SİYAH (1 month ago)
Muhammed Ali süper di yaw 😁
Aldtaz (1 month ago)
Los viedos están muy chingones, pero con la música de putos, la cagaste, quedó de mierda jaja
Idharechy Echy (1 month ago)
eddy gordo tekken in real life 😨😨
abubaker tanoli (1 month ago)
5:32 i thought it was hworang from tekken.
Eduardo Diniz (1 month ago)
Música chata da porra!
Ed. Paul (1 month ago)
Capoeira kicks!!
yecid guevara bueno (1 month ago)
Como se llama la primera cancion
Hernan Gomez (1 month ago)
Shitty and gay music
Omaro Filio (1 month ago)
Ali bomayé
Kevin Breese (1 month ago)
HOLY SH*T @ the 2:43 guy. Think we need a species check.
Cesar Matamala (1 month ago)
Buen video 👍
fMuIcNkD (2 months ago)
Shit music
Spider one (2 months ago)
Music is to dam loud rather hear the fight
sami wedi (2 months ago)
Kkk mohammed ali
KamikazeTMX MangA (2 months ago)
most attacks they do with the legs are easy to see even if you are a trained fighter you can see how they use there body to come in with the legs and feet... thats why i think the best fighters are not into tv champions but underworld "illegal" fights...
szpeketor (2 months ago)
Great strikes, still, most of them are very risky and not recommended by actual fighters
Mustafa.Sarmad (2 months ago)
2:43 he is the best i want his name please
Shady Sayed (2 months ago)
ملعون ابو ديه رياضه كل اللى بيقع بيموت تقريبا
Huor Ciryatan (2 months ago)
Noah Cremers (2 months ago)
Okay look, I get it, it's a nice song, but after hearing it on a million fucking montages it gets sorta annoying/boring...can someone please find something new and original, please
Abdou Oh (2 months ago)
3:40 why he looks sad ??
Gazmend Iseni (2 months ago)
2:10 is playstation ufc fuck you mmafighter channel motherfucker!!!
Ju Reg (2 months ago)
Shitty music, thumbs down, goodbye
Rabia Ekşi (2 months ago)
02:54 what is his name????
Create Logic (2 months ago)
This is great!!
Paulo Simeão (2 months ago)
wrost choice of sound ever.
Frank Borr (2 months ago)
Who are the guys At the end?
Stranger guy (2 months ago)
Hahahaha Hamid ali in the last .. the best ever 😂👍👍
Rick w (2 months ago)
Annoying music!! But those kicks omg
Gordon Jeffrey (2 months ago)
3:10. Wow!!! 2:50 milking it like a champ! 👍🏻
Alexandru Cssi (2 months ago)
3 36
Nawaz Hussain Kabir (2 months ago)
Aren't tornado kicks the most devastating ever?
Hell Reiter (2 months ago)
OMG ! fake high side kick + hammer kick ! Is that MMA player learn karate ? His fake trick like Bruce Lee !
anshul bhatia (2 months ago)
Last guy like a boss
Race Bannon (2 months ago)
That music fucking sucks.
Marlon Mamede (2 months ago)
3:00 Fidget spinner😂
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
I don’t have to work not paying me
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
Cain’s is fun
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
Money any one and I fight
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
That means master can hope in the room
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
I have twin I kick your sss
Christopher Sewell (2 months ago)
Fushion team mates
give619sleep (2 months ago)
May his soul rest in peace #ALI
Johnny Solipsis (2 months ago)
Shit music
Raspberry Gamer (2 months ago)
If i fought one of those I would probably last like 0.69 seconds
Leslie Thomas (1 month ago)
You would poo your pants before you get in the ring chief. You'd be in negative time😁
Knight Of Zer0 (2 months ago)
Raspberry Gamer is it 0.69 seconds because you realize you'll be fuck?
Xxx_Rekt_xxX - (2 months ago)
Anthony Gianettino (2 months ago)
Music is awful. I would much rather hear the actual fight audio than music.
Vociferous Rich (2 months ago)
Good compilation but the music is fuckin terrible.
CANTSiR (2 months ago)
yuck...terrible compilation and annoying music. At least you had one wheel kick and one axe kick in there. Need a showtime and skilled opponents. Some dude defending against arm flailing capoeira is just one example of what's wrong here.
Faaizak Sanches (2 months ago)
ese final con ali no tiene madre jajajaja
Bruco Alidas (2 months ago)
What is up with this crappy gay music. You don't even take the time to pick something real but this Shi!
AMK drb (2 months ago)
Why Not the cage run
Sahin Lee (2 months ago)
Schlimmste abfack Musik ever like Trymacs

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