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HTC One M9+ (& S6 Plus!)

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HTC One M9 Plus & Galaxy S6 Plus! The extra flagship returns. Plus is the new Prime. Prime Phones Explained: https://youtu.be/sFGEBTdK2Z0 HTC One M9 Review: https://youtu.be/5x6DELO6Sz4 Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD

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Text Comments (1478)
Jacky Tonny (1 month ago)
Any One Need instant support at -877 206 0230 For issues such as Iphone not working Iphone not working touch screen iphone camera not working How-To set up Touch ID on the iPhone 6 iphone sound not working iphone home button replacement Phone 6 Home Button Touch ID Replacement How To Change or other.
ChamChoCraft (2 months ago)
still using the normal m9...
Md. Mushfiqur Rahman Avi (3 months ago)
Hell bro, m9+'s sound out put bottom in right side does it work? my device's bottom in right side is not working, what will I do? please solution
David Hepworth (6 months ago)
Crap design
koppu prasanthkumar (7 months ago)
spent 40000rs for this and the worst phone in terms of battery harldy remains 2 hours and heats a lot.....i feel soo sad...
MAGA AXMEDOV (10 months ago)
good htc m9 plus
Selva Raj (11 months ago)
how would you compare it with oneplus 3t, kindly reply
Jay Jay (1 year ago)
Afshan Adbi (1 year ago)
you can unlock the phone using the fingerprint scanner...dude! its awesome!
Jose Gabrielle Junior (1 year ago)
is this phone still worth it to buy in 2017?
Sukhdev Singh (1 year ago)
sir plz add my channel to ur feature channel
Shafy H (1 year ago)
I need an expert opinion which is better on M9 (SD810) vs m9+ (mtk) for a heavy user
Mustajab Zuberi (1 year ago)
M9+ coz m9 heats alot
s Sadik (1 year ago)
fuck on HTC display
PocketWow (1 year ago)
if only the side bezels, chin and forehead weren't that large... they learned nothing from the G4 :D
PocketWow (1 year ago)
+CornHubPremium Yeah, but do you see the massive black bar above the speakers? I don't think each speaker unit is a 15mm driver, so they could have extended the screen downwards
CornHubPremium (1 year ago)
do you see those speakers ?
Prashast Gupta (1 year ago)
which phone is much better lg g4 or htc m9 plus?
kamel alg (1 year ago)
HTC one m9+ vs Sony xperia z5 ?
Luke et (1 year ago)
what the HTC m9 should have been from the beginning
you are wrong about the fingerpring sensor. it does wake up and unlock the phone
Powpow (1 year ago)
Yeah I guess he didn't fiddle around with the settings some more to get that happening, because i recently got this phone and am glad I don't have to be entering code to unlock my phone again. Really loving this phone.
Raphael Ikinya (1 year ago)
I love the M9+, but could you do a review of the One ME or M9ew
Sriram Batchu (1 year ago)
2016 Pro will be the new plus
solomon Charles (1 year ago)
which is best phone in htc
Ben (1 year ago)
m8,m9,m9+,m10 and a9.Also htc butterfly 3
Shaurya Deuja (1 year ago)
Is m9+ waterproof ?
Itaku (2 years ago)
Slightly better? Lol not with that mediatek package.
adi ansari (2 years ago)
using this .... htc 10 doesnt seem much of an upgrade ...
Killez Beats (2 years ago)
Hello @marques . i have one question. Who smartphone is better between Lg v10 , htc m9 plus and Samsung a9. ?
Diego Penaranda (2 years ago)
what happened to "heeey what is up guys..."
Nawaz Waseem (2 years ago)
This phone is so fucking expensive
Ben (1 year ago)
I know
David Tavares (2 years ago)
will you be doing a review of the HTC 10 any time soon?
Gábor László (2 years ago)
Can you tell me somebody what the phone is in the background next to the iphone at 2:31?
Ammar Maher (2 years ago)
Okay if it's only in China then how did my aunt get her HTC M9+ in Saudi Arabia?
Archit Gupta (2 years ago)
it's in middle east and India as well as far as I know . Can be in other parts of Asia
James Thomas (2 years ago)
the video looks pice hi, what's upc sound shocking what's your opinion absut
Ahmed Yanaal (2 years ago)
damm. I miss this intro.
Daniel Snook (2 years ago)
HTC was so desperate to introduce a fingerprint sensor that they didn't even care how ugly it looks
touqeer hussain (2 years ago)
Nice review. You were wrong about the fingerprint scanner though. It does act as a home button.
Shibby (2 years ago)
bring an updated version of one of these to the US this spring!
Shibby (2 years ago)
oh. and with a good camera. Or I'm walking
timothy pacheco (2 years ago)
planning to buy this phone. don't like the m10. can't believe they removed the boomsound speakers. tsssss
Lupe martinez (2 years ago)
s6 edge plus is the greatest phone ever made
Nazir Khan (2 years ago)
sold mine cause it lagged horribly after software update
fizul hy (2 years ago)
Hi Marques...when will you be reviewing htc one A9?
Dominic Chuaunsu (2 years ago)
I think the reason why they distribute phones like that in China would be the fact that China is a bigger market for HTC. Let me explain: In the US, everybody pretty much uses an iPhone or a Galaxy S6/S6 Edge or something like that-and the market is nearly fully saturated. In China, it's still (pretty much) an open market. Apple is making huge strides, but the market isn't anywhere near saturated-in fact, it is very much in its growth stage. This is especially true in the premium phone market. As such, HTC is angling for those people. One of the biggest selling factors for a premium phone would be the "bragging rights"-and being able to say that your phone is something that the Americans can't get is a pretty awesome bragging right. But then they must be able to differentiate that phone from the ones being sold in the States: this is why you get phones like this. Just my own two cents
momobear888 (2 years ago)
台灣不能輸 台灣不能輸 台灣人不能輸 給台灣一個機會 給台灣人一個機會
Carter Lamont (2 years ago)
Wrong, you can tap the fingerprint sensor and it works like a home button, and you can wake the device by tapping it, you can also just hold your finger there and it will unlock straight from black screen.
Surbhit Rao (2 years ago)
You can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the screen and It can also be used as a alternative home button.
Dalton Smithey (2 years ago)
is it in the US or when will it be here
fdsdas adfsadfs (2 years ago)
Wow! They has to be the ugliest flagship phone out there
RedKnight (2 years ago)
it sucks that the 9+ won't be available in the states, would've been nice since the m9 was a complete let down. oh well, in looking forward to my v10.
yang zhong (2 years ago)
Kushal Sarkar (2 years ago)
HTC M9plus is garbage 1) no fast charging 2) battery drains fast 3) camera is poor 4) battery malfunctions a lot if you're on a budget go for one plus 2 or try Samsung S6 and LG G4
adi ansari (2 years ago)
have u ever used it !? brainwashed sheep .... its more than just a good phone
Faheem Barlas (2 years ago)
MediaTec processor too lol it sucks
Pieter Rossouw (2 years ago)
Don't know which to get: M9, G4 or S6... I'm leaning towards G4 because of it's camera and removable storage and battery, but how big is the difference between S808 vs S810 and the Exynos chip in the Samsung. I currently use a Samsung but my Note 3 has some hardware issues (camera vibratiom) so I'm a bit distrusting of their quality control.
Qutada Al-Mubarak (2 years ago)
+Pieter Rossouw I'm from Iraq...
Qutada Al-Mubarak (2 years ago)
I have my 150$ Sony Xperia m2. With 1gb Ram, 5Gb storage, 480p, 8mp rear camera, and 2mp front camera and 2300mah. And I will get a new phone for my b-day but don't know what's the perfect phone for gaming.
Pieter Rossouw (2 years ago)
+Viper Gamer South Africa
Qutada Al-Mubarak (2 years ago)
+Pieter Rossouw What's your country?
Pieter Rossouw (2 years ago)
+Viper Gamer in my country the 32GB LG G4 is around $300 cheaper than the 32GB Galaxy S6... Sounds crazy but yeah, Samsung, Sony and iPhone is crazy overpriced here. Motorola isn't even available and HTC is pretty expensive as well.
Hashim Makki (2 years ago)
The mediatek processor is bad
Jeffrey Port (2 years ago)
I have an HTC one max and I love it I've been waiting for them to drop the one max 2 but I don't think that's going to happen so now I'm thinking about getting this phone( M9+) I'm not big on gaming just videos and music I like the big phones do you guys think that this would be a good replacement or should I wait any responses would help
Qutada Al-Mubarak (2 years ago)
get the M8 it's cool
Guro Billy Brown (2 years ago)
Hi! Thank you for another cool review. If I wanted to get this phone and use it here in the U.S., would it work fine? I mean, be in english? LOL Thanks..
Dr Scooters (2 years ago)
Is the m9+ worth $78 over the m9, also has the camera been improved or is it the same?
ArTic REPTILE (2 years ago)
hey margues when are you going to do the a9 I wanna see if they hyped that phone or if it's trash
bat man (2 years ago)
Where I can buy m9+ ??
andrei chiran (2 years ago)
Same specs as htc one me
nevwhatever (2 years ago)
You don't need a software home button to go home. you need a car :D
mehmet karnıyarık (2 years ago)
You have some mistakes. Fingerprint sensor is a home button if you set it and it can wake the device if you set it.
TheCookieMansion (2 years ago)
How is the fact that this phone is meant for the Chinese market will affect using it in... Israel for example?
Shazeda Sasha (2 years ago)
Samsung is so ugly
mayoobross (2 years ago)
Does it has the same amazing speakers??? I mean, are they sound like the normal m9? Thanks.
Clement Papa (2 years ago)
so the htc one m9 plus is more better,faster,improve,upgrade htc phone than the m9 & m8?
Clement Papa (2 years ago)
+rex lesner where should i buy the m9 plus?
giorgi machavariani (2 years ago)
you are not mkbhd >>>>>>>>>>>?
Jocelyn J. (2 years ago)
Worst one series after m9 lol.Say no to mediatek when you already had snapdragon to be honest
justin bergmans (2 years ago)
shows htc doesn't have a clue as to what the u.s market wanted.
TheSa†an (2 years ago)
You mean the rest of the world not just US.
Carter Lamont (2 years ago)
+mutaween464 The HTC M9+ is A LOT cheaper than LG G4/Samsung S6/iPhone 6s, and if you want a smaller phone and don't like iOS like me then you have absolutely no other options.
mutaween464 (2 years ago)
+Buddha is Hellbound. Well that's that's kind of a problem if HTC, a company that wants to sell a product, doesn't care about the market, potential customers that might buy their phones. If as you say, HTC just doesn't give a fuck about our opinions, then we won't buy their phones. We have plenty of other options that are much better than their phones at the same or even better pricing.
Balaam X (2 years ago)
Lol, disappoint me?
justin bergmans (2 years ago)
What a laugher. Fortunately, I have enough money to own all the major phones, since I test them for a living. By the way, the 810 soc really overheats inside the M9. Performance issue? Yeah. Because a little thing called throttling occurs that affects the phones performance from being topnotch. And the camera is not great. By the way, my favorite phone is the Lg G4. Sorry to disappoint you i dont own an IPhone.
Uzair Ahmed (2 years ago)
3:40 The one on the bottom, that's my favourite facets wallpaper: Division II
MICOLE WHYTE (2 years ago)
Aj Tejan (2 years ago)
were can i get one
Tech Incorporated (2 years ago)
awesome phone
Briggleton (2 years ago)
wow that s6 edge + leak was 100% spot on
Paper Bag (2 years ago)
Why do you not talk about the phone's specs like storage space, does it have expandable storage, take videos to see if the sensor is adequate enough, is it a dual sim or will it work with gsm and/or cdma?
BudderCreep3r (2 years ago)
so is it bigger?
Myrmeko Me (2 years ago)
Inside is a MTK HelioX10, which, imo, is better than Snapdragon 810.
K-rex (2 years ago)
the m9 had complaints of it heating up bad, how about this one?
Marie Wallace (2 years ago)
I don't understand why Htc M9+ is not in U.S. Stores because as we see there is iPhone 6+ and GS6+ so y not HTC M9+ I definitely would of dropped Samsung and went to HTC if the M9+ was in stores. I need the larger display
nelson pagan (2 years ago)
this should be the original
nelson pagan (2 years ago)
+Viper Gamer it's a m9+ not m9 so no it's not
Qutada Al-Mubarak (2 years ago)
it is the original
Alex M (2 years ago)
blackberry leap
djinnwerk (2 years ago)
Media Tek i dont know really ???is it performing better than 810 ?camera i can live with it...................
Faysal Junior (2 years ago)
+Marques Brownlee  So the "S6 plus" turned out to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Egde+ after all huh.
Bennett Bloops (2 years ago)
How did you get your hands on the 1m9+?
Ben Boudreau (2 years ago)
how are the icons on the screen lock different from the home screen
Chintan Sharma (2 years ago)
Is this phone coming to the U.S. on T-Mobile?
LionKing (2 years ago)
UltimateReal (2 years ago)
Hadef Shajir (2 years ago)
apple was the first one to have a fingerprint scanner. does everybody have to copy apple? (im not a big apple fan)
Justin Lovro (2 years ago)
Sorry but how is he able to get all this new tech?
Shawn Myrelle (2 years ago)
Hmm.. Im beginning to believe that the USD isnt as valued by these companies anymore. Im beginning to think these manufacturers are targeting Asian, UK, etc.. Audiences. Kinda makes me not want to purchase this phone anymore.
paullu9999 (2 years ago)
This m9+can't be use TMobile lte network in us right?
Faiaz Rahman (2 years ago)
Correction: You don't need to double tap the screen anymore to wake it up,simply place your finger on the touchpad, it'll wake n unlock instantly ;)
2bbsiz (2 years ago)
i don't know what to buy now a htc one m9 or a one m9+
2bbsiz (2 years ago)
+Allen Tom yeah i still have my old htc one m8 and i think i'll wait till the galaxy s7 and the one m10 will come out
Allen Tom (2 years ago)
+2bbsiz there is no lag on the new samsungs since the new touchwiz :D but i REALLY love my htc one m7 front facing speakers. HOnestly i was hyped about the m9 till i saw the review and the major letdown on the camera :0
2bbsiz (2 years ago)
+Austin Cheese ah nice
Austin Le (2 years ago)
ohhhhh. Well when they released the galaxy s6, they said they made it the lightest OS on any phone theyve had.
2bbsiz (2 years ago)
+Austin Cheese no i was saying i don't like IOS thats apple's OS on iphone i don't think there's anything wrong with samsung but just the lag
Mitesh Chopra (2 years ago)
In India only htc one m9+ is available and not the regular one m9.
aavesh siddiqui (2 years ago)
He has a yoga tablet 2
windy torres (2 years ago)
battery meat battery life also improved. But the best is notifications ui and internet speed.
windy torres (2 years ago)
Got my 5.1 update this morning! T-Mobile brand . LTE ifeels n beast mode cool. Camera a bit better so batter
Moonman Productions (2 years ago)
Why the hell would there ever be a GS6 plus?? Isnt that basically what the Galaxy Note is? 😞
Aryan Singh (2 years ago)
I wish that this was not only sold in China
Movie Park (2 years ago)
And this is the sole reason why I am completely done with HTC. What sense does it make to put a real flagship phone only available to the asian market and give the us a basic rendition of the M8 with slightly emproved specs? VERY bad move on HTC's part. I've been loyal with HTC for decades. They need to seriously rethink the way they run there company. I own the galaxy s6  now, great flagship phone!
Dalton Leathers (2 years ago)
Hey Samsung guys! You know what we have that you don't and never will?? HTC Sense! Welcome to 2015! Touch Wiz is just a sad story. If you're just a hardware hunter go somewhere else.
jamen brooks (2 years ago)
was hoping the + model fingerprint scanner was the home button also but no they had to keep the on screen buttons too

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