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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

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Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S8 Water Test. How Deep Can It Go? Can You Swim With It? Secretly Waterproof? vs iPhone 7 Waterproof Test. S8 Plus DEEP Water Test: https://youtu.be/QajsMaHi-fE Samsung Galaxy S8 DROP Test: https://youtu.be/KzZdlS37tps S8 Liquid Nitrogen FREEZE Test: https://youtu.be/OGilPWdaikI Galaxy S8 Water FREEZE Test: https://youtu.be/tjBnNrZJtu0
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Text Comments (14149)
Francescasamuel Gigli (15 hours ago)
S8 is win
jj blaz (1 day ago)
I phone is meant for calling and texting it's not made to go in water you freken retard
jj blaz (1 day ago)
Still wasting phones man you need to get a real life
Raul Tns. (1 day ago)
see why Samsung makes better phones than apple
Alex c (1 day ago)
I hate the samsung emojis
Vulpea cu 9 cozi (2 days ago)
Iphone is shit and Samsung is cool
Sivam Baria (3 days ago)
samsung me favourite model
Buckeye Nation (3 days ago)
I'm getting my s8 tomarrow
macwan prerak (3 days ago)
Well I want to watch this guy changing...🥀😎
Sean R (4 days ago)
Fuck this dude is so hot 😍
rin zaw min lin (4 days ago)
thank you for that video
Saphal Sabu (4 days ago)
Archer Russell (4 days ago)
Would it still have the same out come if they were in chlorine?
Exotic Gaming (5 days ago)
I love my Samsung s8+ now
Sarah Badwan (5 days ago)
If the home button of the iPhone is not working u can pop in the setting and turn in the assistive touch and it will be fine
Kuldeep Gujjar (6 days ago)
i phone is chines phone
Kuldeep Gujjar (6 days ago)
Samsung s8 nice phone
telugu tech charan (7 days ago)
why are you simply westing money
Queen K Music (7 days ago)
Who else thinks Samsungs are the only GOOD android phones?
you tube king (8 days ago)
I know
Thedanman YT (9 days ago)
Was that the s8 or s8+?
annoying hair (9 days ago)
Everything apple pro wears samsung shirt
TheShadow DESTROYER (9 days ago)
Iphone 10 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 PLEASE?
That guy John (9 days ago)
The iphone was scared because of s8
Micho Frand (9 days ago)
I bring my S8+ if i want to swim
John Paul Cruz (9 days ago)
Daaady lol
Jayson De Guzman (9 days ago)
Very handsome and sexy 😍
Tarnveer Tarn (9 days ago)
I lost my phone's S8+ motherbord bcoz of water ... phone is ok but if we are saying it waterproof that's wrong... Phone is still in warranty but Samsung care saying pay for mother board 21500 INR It's totally waste
kindu worku (10 days ago)
Winner = iphone 7
tour boy (11 days ago)
I'm scared to go under water with my galaxy s8 It's expensive
Vlad gaming (12 days ago)
My iphone 4 resistance with water
Hartie Colorata (12 days ago)
ItsYeBoiLorenzo (13 days ago)
If ur everythingapplepro why r u wearing a Samsung shirt
Hakeem brown (13 days ago)
sulaiman Almajed (13 days ago)
بلبول قحبه
AJ Styles (14 days ago)
i saw the cameraman
Asbar Alam (16 days ago)
Super samsung
Johnny Qush (17 days ago)
Why would there be any difference between the tube and that lousy swim
Proiectediversediy (17 days ago)
why in the fuck is surpcrising for the touch to work wet?Its samsung not trashi iphone
a b (18 days ago)
Watching this on my S7 :^
I love s8
Edward Kozak (18 days ago)
Patrick Stefanel (18 days ago)
I have a s8
thembp82 (19 days ago)
I will never buy an iPhone. Samsung for life 😊😋
Can Rest (20 days ago)
Why is it a Samsung T-Shirt?
Sukur Bayramli (20 days ago)
Ela vidyolardi baxmaqa deyer
Adnan Halilagic (20 days ago)
Samsung 👌 IPhone no
HACKING MACHINE (21 days ago)
I phone is much better than Samsung....!
sulaiman Almajed (13 days ago)
hacking machineانت قحبه
Ralph Briseno (21 days ago)
Baffled? You Greek. Had it under water for the longest... it's not meant for that...
Raz3 MK (21 days ago)
What kind of idiot drops there phone in water anyway. Like you must be retarded on another level. Had iPhone for 5 years hadn’t drop it once. I don’t squeeze it.
Robin Rokeb (21 days ago)
next time try play video.... everyone want to see speaker works or not
Gökhan Kaçmaz (22 days ago)
bu videoyu note 5 ten izlemek 😁 iphone çöptür
Fadlan Malik Ibrahim (22 days ago)
Good weater
TheGoldenWarrior (23 days ago)
U know iPhone users actually think they better cause they spend more money for a phone and they take better pictures well. Let's be real The Samsung cameras work just as good as a iPhone because my s8 takes pictures PERFECT I dont see how people be getting like the san Andreas graphics n shit on their android phones. Face it iPhone users are just cocky cause they spend more money on a phone that has the new facial recognition and android been having that
MrNoName (24 days ago)
I don’t care if you guarantee waterproofing I will not put my phone near water!! Samsung users idc if you can swim with your phone nothing good can come from that!!
Davis Urdaneta (24 days ago)
Samsung all the way. Apple is a rip-off!
Melis Turgay (24 days ago)
Benim kalbim SAMSUNG❤❤❤
FfiFfi world 123 (25 days ago)
But I really want samsung Galaxy 9
FfiFfi world 123 (25 days ago)
I have samsung Galaxy J5
David S. (26 days ago)
Yeah, but the Galaxy has Bixby on it, so......
Milan (26 days ago)
fcking iphone ..
PANDA PROSU (27 days ago)
Akamaru SHIII (27 days ago)
Pues mierda me compré el s8 y de sólo una caída de menos de un metro y se madreo la pantalla frontal no le crean lo que dice este pendejo
Oussama M'hani (27 days ago)
Varsha Golchha (28 days ago)
I know beacuse iphone 7 plus has dual camera
Varsha Golchha (28 days ago)
You have cheated you have written iphone 7 and you are using iphone 7 plus
Varsha Golchha (28 days ago)
Best company of phone = Samsung
Varsha Golchha (28 days ago)
I also have S8 plus it is fabalous phone
Asif Khan (30 days ago)
Yes i got s8 + 😃😃❤
László Takács (1 month ago)
6:30 WTF ??? :o
Noah Duthie (1 month ago)
I love the s8 i am watching this on it
Gemma and Rosy # (1 month ago)
you can tell he prefers the galaxy to the iphone
BLUEPOWER GTx (1 month ago)
Samsung is the best😀😀
Maria Mary (1 month ago)
Maria Mary (1 month ago)
Maria Mary (1 month ago)
It's very good
HTMaster 1 (1 month ago)
Who else watching in shower:D
Shubham Singh (1 month ago)
Please send me one phone Brother
Jepri Yansyah (1 month ago)
give me a mobile phone
Fredrick Shi (1 month ago)
the phone test by life
Drews Stakkin (1 month ago)
Should of kept it under water when you jumped in or had some shorts to set in your pocket and swim to see if it would handle it
Wafaul Amal (1 month ago)
Iya love you
Laila Ily (1 month ago)
Laila Ily (1 month ago)
Day Night Zone (1 month ago)
Logo iPhone ka laga raka ha Samsung winer
Nainshu Siwan (1 month ago)
Mere pass, s8 h
Lubov Mezinets (1 month ago)
Like for jumping in cold water
Amaan Khan (1 month ago)
Nice bruhhh
Angel Dones (1 month ago)
I can't believe you have the heart to put the phone like that
VD_ Ciprian (1 month ago)
I'm scared to put my S8 under water
Dnyaneshwar Patharkar (1 month ago)
Samsung j7 max waterproof nahi hai
Rainbow Anissa (1 month ago)
My iPhone works i I dropped it in a Ocean for two hours
Rainbow Anissa (1 month ago)
Boo I don’t like Samsung 👎🏼
Ian Grech (1 month ago)
This thing held up much more than the S9 which with one jump, it went tilt 😱
Grissel Chaves (1 month ago)
😯😃eu já comprei Samsung s8. Há 1 mês. Eu adorei s8
avi nisanov (1 month ago)
I just shatterd a the bottom left of my screen in a small area. Is my phone still waterproof?
Eric Kuykendall (1 month ago)
So you can swim with both s8 and s8+?
Svarte Natt (1 month ago)
Cool, so I can watch pron in a shower
abul hossain (1 month ago)
i watches his video since he got 22k

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