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Maserati Levante.. stuck in the sand

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Text Comments (3005)
Kage (10 hours ago)
poor Maserati, LOL :D
beattospectoyota (14 hours ago)
ho, come out to KOH Johnson Valley in March for race day which is Friday, if you like dirt, bring your drones, its like Burning man and ill loan you one of my rock buggies to beat on !at my expense, its a rock crawling annual mecca ,youtube it ,a must
The Crew (20 hours ago)
This is brilliant! We've been long time fans of Neistat and our channel is very much inspired by his hard work and sheer joy at sharing his adventures with the world.
jettoiskie (21 hours ago)
When I went to Dubai I was looking out the window of my hotel that was a pretty tall building, I was watching these two guys trying to get their car out of the sand and it was the funniest thing
Chintan Nedariya (1 day ago)
LOL Sport Utility Vehicle didn't work in Sand. haha !!
Tomfissh (1 day ago)
This is the issue when the devastatingly corrupt monarchy in that fucktown influence the purchase of every vehicle. When all these cars must be Maserati's or diamond grilled Gallardos, there are no realistic travel options. Bunch of slave traders those cunts are. Casey, please do the people living in poverty across that awful city a favour and stop advertising it.
Filthy Gamer (1 day ago)
Kody Ley (1 day ago)
Does anyone know how Casey is adding the red handwriting throughout his videos, if you know what editing software, please let me know. (:
Omar Aljaziri (1 day ago)
dubai is your another cuntry welcome
Bradley Wedeman (1 day ago)
This guy looks like a total douchebag
A.J. Naz (1 day ago)
If you rewatch the backflip off the car, he cracked his back.
Edzel Mejia (1 day ago)
Work trips are dope. I'm looking forward to buying that issue.
Linda Ferro (1 day ago)
Casey, you're so fucking cool....no words to describe! 😘
Kev Vlogs (2 days ago)
Checkout my channel if you wanna see Dubai vlogs
jose ramos silva (2 days ago)
you never come to brasil??
Its an SUV, not a JEEP, what did you expect?!
alphatom 100 (2 days ago)
Did anyone else notice there was a lot of British people in Dubai or am getting my accents wrong
TheChickenDie (2 days ago)
Ho f*ck you put clap your hands one of my favorite band since too much years
Nick Macchiavelli (2 days ago)
Bunch of stupid yokels
Claire Gertz (2 days ago)
Casey - must say it has been fun watching your rise over the years from the Super Storm Sandy lower Manhattan update video of all the flooding in progress to the Photo shoot for the cover story for Esquire Magazine. Way to go dude!
AJLION GAMING (2 days ago)
i want to live in dubai its so lit there
Official Filmilen (2 days ago)
Casey Neistat is the ruler of Dubai
PicTopic (2 days ago)
mohammed awadhi (2 days ago)
wow who is the dumbass that was driving you have to try to get stuck there
Richie Lew (2 days ago)
i get into these weird phases where i dont watch caseys videos for a while and then when i do i absolutely binge his videos. i stayed up till 7am just watching his videos today. theres no grey area like i either watch a shit tone of vids or none at all.
LucAbroad (2 days ago)
What's wrong with your outfit bro?
Good vlog
Omar Almalouhi (2 days ago)
do the streets smell of oil and sand?
Recension (2 days ago)
What does he use to edit?
Jacques Nicolay (3 days ago)
The untold struggles..... of car commercials.
Andrea Gerard (3 days ago)
Campus proof ridiculous hotel safety wish surround stair wonder basket center characteristic.
Michael Nguyen (3 days ago)
I thought you came here for the goats and oil.
Utah Stories (3 days ago)
I like it! Wish I had learned this before going to film school. The "barriers to entry" to become a traditional filmmaker are what set me on a completely different path. The grant writing, schmoozing, butt kissing and overall BS of making a traditional film kills creativity.
BUFO (3 days ago)
*That Gucci outfit do*
iBLOCK4U258 (3 days ago)
I read about this on quora recently omg
Josh (3 days ago)
Maserati levante, a terrible purchase
Antonio Zepeda (3 days ago)
Ive been to Dubai, its crazy if Casey would turn the camera around when he was at the hotel, all you would be able to see is nothing but sand.
Bruno Vazquez (3 days ago)
The son of a proxy war supporter.
DATZ BIGG REGG (4 days ago)
So @ 35 sec in am I the only one who see's the dead pixel right side of the screen? Make's me not feel as bad about my ghost pixel on my 5d mkiii. Guess even big boy cameras are not perfect either. Is there a way to fix a dead pixel? Keep it up casey, love your work.
jose garcia (4 days ago)
Uh my guuudd lol 😂
Jared Dempsey (4 days ago)
Clap ya hands say yah
AutopassionTv (4 days ago)
haha poor Maseratti ..
Looking good in that clothes buddy !
Yassine kouidri (4 days ago)
ركزلي على المعاملة خخخ تحس روحك انسان ماشي كيما وحد اسمها شكوبستان خخخخ
Dodge Rider (4 days ago)
I've heard that visiting Dubai as a wealthy white male is a fantastic experience!
Rubby Genger (5 days ago)
totally shit blogger bye
itsOli (5 days ago)
Will Santagata (5 days ago)
It’s a v6 not very important
Savan Patel (5 days ago)
Paid ad for Maserati
JJ Rides (5 days ago)
Why does Casey always wear sweatpants??
You should try to skydiving!
MADagain (5 days ago)
I wish youtube allowed for more bitrate...
Shreyas (5 days ago)
India is only two minutes away from Dubai, you could have made a visit
Shreyas (5 days ago)
so raw, so good
Mikael Carlsson (5 days ago)
I want to go to Dubai :D ❤️😍
Prof!t & Lemon (5 days ago)
I think we are fighting over you right now...👀😍🇺🇸🙏🏾🤞🏾🛫
Cano (5 days ago)
what do you think they eat up in business class?
Game Of stijn (6 days ago)
wa a ree oplode
Michael Guirguis (6 days ago)
started a channel after i was inspired by you CASEY! :) thank you
Jesse + (6 days ago)
Ajeet B Mishra (6 days ago)
10 things to learn from Casey nesistat. Lobe u guys
CKGerlach (6 days ago)
Will be real cool, watching you flying to Dubai economy..... these Emirates commercials are boaring..
Denis Denchev (6 days ago)
That brown jacket and them white pants - you looked incredible
ZenGolf99 (6 days ago)
Casey is demonstrating how the rich get richer. Youtube work and connections now leading to celebrity model shoots. Great life. Congrats to Casey!
The Drover (6 days ago)
song at 1.20?
TheMagicCoolBus (6 days ago)
Please start daily volging again
mr. illuminati (6 days ago)
what about india visit???
semaj (6 days ago)
Should have brought a Ford Raptor
Dwayne Muffin (6 days ago)
Amazing, we need to get you over to Ibiza
PahulGogna (6 days ago)
My story is just like you but i am still 13
Heisenberg (6 days ago)
Shiiiit i missed u in dubai, didnt check hahahha, come round my house casey xo
Mary Kate Arogar (6 days ago)
Subscribe/watch my channel :)
Pinay in Dubai (6 days ago)
Oh my goodnrmess!!! You were here in Dubaiiiii!!!!
Martin Tabanag (6 days ago)
nice to see you back casey! amazing film as always
Jesse Johan (6 days ago)
Lol your lucky I watch your videos,Your-the only person I follow on YouTube...
jimbo111589 (6 days ago)
Well, this has been a long time coming, but I have to unsubscribe. You're just not relatable anymore Casey. More often than not I ask myself, "Why am I watching this?" And... I just don't know anymore. I wish you the best, although you've seemingly already achieved it. Good luck.
M B (6 days ago)
Was this a CNN idea?
jhazergamerZ (6 days ago)
Eric Bailey (6 days ago)
NYC is old and antiquated... that's part of the charm :)
Von Franklin (6 days ago)
What watch is that your wearing
4xoverland (6 days ago)
Low profile tyres and sand don't mix well. Nice suites. Lose the baby sick yellow-pink sweats.
swapnil wilson (6 days ago)
I just come here everyday because of the music tracks he put in the vlog are just crazy good
seth noob (6 days ago)
Levante is the most Fuckall car of the year :D In Performance and by looks XD
XenoTale (6 days ago)
Ugandan Accent:“Casey Do You Know Da Wae my Bruda to be one wit da dessert”🤔
bgordon647 (6 days ago)
Anyone else love the irony of a car named levante getting stuck?
audrey carter (6 days ago)
Dubai looks like a magical city.
Arjun Gill (6 days ago)
Casey, are you rich?
zoemayne (6 days ago)
I wonder how much Maserati paid to get their make and model to be the title of this video?
shalu0589 (6 days ago)
Dude not good...iiit was awesome.....
An amazing number of views in 3 days!
maurieo (6 days ago)
yeah that was good, loving Shantelle Martin's channel thanks for the recommendation
Kathy Powers (6 days ago)
Just lodged on to Esquire Dubai and watched Casey's sandboading video. Good but if Casey had edited would have been excellent! Can't wait to see on his channel.
you're nan (6 days ago)
Casey videos at 1 am!!
anfal alshwaf (6 days ago)
اصحاب ثنيان هنا؟ 🌚
Yak (6 days ago)
Amazing high quality, cinematic video
Mia Vasiljević (6 days ago)
He masters the drone. Best yt
Jim Vet (7 days ago)
count your blessings
OmarHamati (7 days ago)
wow...were my exact words when it ended.
familymatterskc (7 days ago)
The motivation that I needed. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!

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