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A Love Letter To Candice

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dear candice, i really really like you.
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adella soemantri (2 hours ago)
Slightly teary. That was a good one.
Leonardo DiCaprio (10 hours ago)
Congratulations on 9 Million Subscribers, Casey!!! ╰|-ı╯ 2.23P0900
Jim mckay (11 hours ago)
CASEY NEISTAT....................... good job!
gymnastdancerstuff (12 hours ago)
This is what I wanttttt
Daniel Reese (12 hours ago)
Ally Rose Bryant (18 hours ago)
Does anyone know if the video about their relationship (filmed whilst broken up) is on YouTube?
Ellie Manchen Wang (19 hours ago)
Stacy Brady (19 hours ago)
Shit, I can't stop crying.
Caroline Sophie (20 hours ago)
oh my god ... THIS <3
emilyo231 (21 hours ago)
This is do adorable!!
Subscribe my channel and support me please
DoctorBlankenstein (1 day ago)
That was awesome man
bruh that sound track from Chuck tho
Eduardo Martins (1 day ago)
Man, you’re a monster at storytelling!!
JokingCharisma (1 day ago)
Aren't you making it all worse? Showing her to the public just like that. Does she want you to say all those personal things in a video that the whole wide world can watch?
plantbased paul (1 day ago)
Julene Yurko-Galvin (1 day ago)
I Just Love your and Candice’s love story. May your Love for each other never end
Torta Long (1 day ago)
music in the begining?
domaniccat (1 day ago)
Great work , again!
Kathryn Hodgson (1 day ago)
Dear Casey: I really, really liked this.
SirrusTV (1 day ago)
Casey, I just started watching your videos recently (not sure how I didn't find you sooner) and I just want to say you are a true inspiration and an absolute class act. Keep on being you my friend !!!
Joey Kauffman (1 day ago)
do a fucking voiceover for that part in the beginning.
Ledio Pëllumbi (1 day ago)
What heartless being would dislike this?
Martin Tabanag (1 day ago)
The best love story ever!
Eric Monterrosa (1 day ago)
Candice is the bomb dude !
Rickyfyied (1 day ago)
I did something similar but as a birthday card
Peter Doyle (2 days ago)
Wonderful Casey  ; )
Johnny SUNG (2 days ago)
Deh Curlz (2 days ago)
You two are couples goals!!!
Brandon Holtz (2 days ago)
I also made a video about surprising my wonderful gf in Germany. Best thing I ever did. Check it 😏
Brandon Holtz (2 days ago)
I need to start vlogging again for the sake of memory.
Brandon Holtz (2 days ago)
I started crying when Candice started crying.
Vina Beans (2 days ago)
I wish someone loves me like this
felipe Lopez (2 days ago)
Win The World (2 days ago)
I like phase 1 sun glasses better than today's glasses who else agrees??
n y (2 days ago)
Cried the whole freakin video. So beautiful!
Anna Ackermann (2 days ago)
i am watching this hella drunk right now and i think this is the fucking cutest thing i've ever seen
Gary Cassera (2 days ago)
You are so crazy talented. Holy fuck. Great work
Jack Bisson (2 days ago)
This type of stuff makes me happy. Way to tell a story Casey.
Mushtaq Murtaza (2 days ago)
very well made clip....your archive worth millions that anytime you can use and come up with something better out of it....gr8 job
Karla Aguilar (2 days ago)
I love your content Casey
AV Make Me (2 days ago)
I just love you for this Casey. The style in the way you presented this quirkiness and all... Keep it coming!
Fabian Dolcean (2 days ago)
You are crazy ♥️
iamaco0kie (2 days ago)
i have never felt so single and alone 😭
And I love how I just watched this 3 times in a row
If anyone did this for me I’d probably die
And I love that you used Franki Valli’s song in this.
Marisol Morales (2 days ago)
Hannah Cassidy (2 days ago)
i love this
Casey,you're the best!Happiness to you, Candice and Francine!
Janice Weedman (2 days ago)
Relationship goals. You two are so stinking cute.
J K (3 days ago)
Awww I adore this
Dakota Malone (3 days ago)
Susan Beaver (3 days ago)
I’m not crying,YOU’RE crying
Cool video! You are both blessed!
Shocker99 (3 days ago)
I might puke...
Steve Northcott (3 days ago)
Well played sir. Now every other brother has to game up for next V Day.
Chintya Febriyanti (3 days ago)
That's so sweet ❤❤❤❤❤
Andre' Bruwer (3 days ago)
I dig how natural Candice is. People who don't give a shit about what others think inspire me. She's a bonafide honey for sure ;) Lucky guy Casey. Great video!
JustJoshingTV (3 days ago)
You've made my pregnant wife uncontrollably cry! lol. Great music selection in this!
Gabriela Wezka (3 days ago)
That video made me share your channel to everyone I know. Casey, you rock !
GK Lawrenz (3 days ago)
so cuuute!!!❤❤❤ want a casey neistat in my life! Haha😆😅😂
Mile High Island (3 days ago)
this was very cool
Brandon Morgan (3 days ago)
Awesome video great sound track!!
Kasey McDowell (3 days ago)
I love you guys
Zachary Richardson (3 days ago)
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Eric Loya (3 days ago)
I love it Casey. I think I watched it like 3 times already. I want to make something similar for my wife's birthday. You have inspired me. Thank you.
This video has convinced me I need to start documenting my life. You have so many beautiful memories of your life just because you simply pull out a freaking camera.... I need to start doing this..... Super adorable by the way. Really great story, and I think everyone here probably loves Candice now too lol 👍🏼
Yoga Empowerment (3 days ago)
So heart warming <3
Vipul (3 days ago)
Their marrige must be slowing down he didn't say i love you and in last video he called his friend a date for the movie. Hm.
poorya poorhoseini (3 days ago)
all that romance, and in the end, you really really "LIKE" her ....!?!?!?!?!?!?!
restart (3 days ago)
Made me cry!! Loved it!
AnDreY PieTroff (3 days ago)
My Tears ! ) *♥Warm Wishes From Cold Russia !♥*
BearCoolTX (3 days ago)
Cool Bro!
MrMnchstr (3 days ago)
Dude EVERYBODY loves Candice.
MimiMillerTv (3 days ago)
Too Sweet
Chris ayyye (3 days ago)
That was the cutest shit ever
Game Fiendz (3 days ago)
You married her only after 3 weeks?
Mahesh Nerurkar (3 days ago)
This man is so cool!! This video can be a good pre-wedding video style for today's couples who are getting married.
DaMainDude (3 days ago)
uhm yea..so thanks for reminding me that my relationship pretty much sucks in comparison. But I am honestly happy for you guys :)
Neha Muley (3 days ago)
Why am I crying?
Mwariama Sankara (3 days ago)
This is the old Casey, good job
Emotion in motion (3 days ago)
I have to send this video to my bf, in one year he should come up with something ;)
Luke Tarbuck (3 days ago)
Casey, I’ve loved you for years and then you go and use ray Charles in a video. Best thing ever!! Do this all the time you fucking god!
Cody Hockaday (3 days ago)
Made me tear up thinking about the relationship i have w/ my wife man! we'er goin on 14 years together and we are about to have our first child haha. Great video!
Scarlett Rolls (3 days ago)
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Dreams Live (3 days ago)
Have seen Casey's love grow in leaps and bound, waiting for Candice's video for Casey! :)
denizdakid (3 days ago)
let me explain... why? *in Kevin Hart voice*
Alexander Spear (3 days ago)
I am so pissed at Samsung. They stole your "Do what you can't" catch phrase. I'm done with Samsung!!!
Kiana Docherty (3 days ago)
i love candice now too
What is Casey's sign?  Candice's?
Great Music!
Adarsh Sn (3 days ago)
That's love...
Zen-Dragon (4 days ago)
Great music choises.
José Sánchez (4 days ago)
Such a masterpiece!
Weronika Korkuć (4 days ago)
I'm from TEDxUvAmsterdam and we know that Amsterdam is dear to your heart since the engagement with your beloved happened here. We would be very excited if you could contribute to making our event very special. We contacted you 13/14 of February via the contact section on your website. If you could reach us back with the email we provided (tedx@sefa.nl) it would mean a lot!
Sythicol (4 days ago)
Sweetest damn video ever <3
IDK (4 days ago)
U guys are ross and reachel lmao. Terms to getting Back together smh
obzelite (4 days ago)
You got so lucky 🍀
Ho Gaius (4 days ago)
This is so beautiful. Makes me believe in Love again when i dont want to. Keep posting these creative videos to inspire others!(:

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