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Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL: Battle of the Beasts

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Text Comments (1171)
Zachary Anderson (1 month ago)
For those interested, here are the two phone's spec sheets: Galaxy S9+ - 6.2" 2960x1440p Super AMOLED Display 529ppi, 84.2% Screen to body ratio HDR10 Compliant Gorilla Glass 5 Snapdragon 845, Adreno 630, 6GB of RAM 64/128/256GB Internal Storage 3,500mAh Battery Android Oreo 8.0 + Samsung Experience 9.0 IP68 Certification (Water Resistance) microSD Slot (up to 400GB) Dual 12MP Cameras + 8MP Selfie Camera Dual Aperture (f/1.5 + f/2.4) 4K Video 60fps Super Slo-Mo 960fps Stereo Speakers Fast Wireless Charging Headphone Jack Face/Iris Scanning Bixby Assistant Starts at $840 Pixel 2 XL - 6.0" 2880x1440p P-OLED Display 538ppi, 76.4% Screen to body ratio 100% DCI-P3 Coverage Gorilla Glass Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540, 4GB of RAM 64/128GB Internal Storage 3,520mAh Battery Pure Android 8.1 Oreo IP67 Certification 12.2MP f/1.8 Main Camera + 8MP Selfie Cam Unlimited Google Photos Storage Portrait Mode Now Playing AR Stickers Active Edge Stereo Front Facing Speakers Fast Software Updates Deep Google Assistant Integration Starts $850
Mama Mane (15 days ago)
Can i please get a link for Galaxy s9 plus icon pack ?
muhammad jawad (21 days ago)
Zachary Anderson plz i want S9 plus wallpaper
okami hirazawa (27 days ago)
No sd slot for pixel 2 ?
Lawrence Lyles (27 days ago)
Zachary Anderson pixel has better picture quality
Error 404 (28 days ago)
Can you suggest me a phone that can perform astro photography, it would be better if it came from apple company, and if iPhones cant perforb Astrophotography, then suggest me another 1.
Frane Niseteo (16 hours ago)
yes you are even more black on pixel phone 7:08
blaze7570 (21 hours ago)
How did you get the back on that pixel 2 xl?
Jm Dalida (1 day ago)
Jm Dalida (1 day ago)
google pixel is the best i think notch is mussing here
muhammad jawad (2 days ago)
wallpaper plzzz
Rajesh Thakur (2 days ago)
pixel what about hardware support ?
Alex Biersner (3 days ago)
I was on the fence with these phones...until that sound difference part O.O blew me away
Systems Commonwealth (3 days ago)
Perhaps Samsung is "reluctant" to push the battery to powerful after the exploding note 7 problem???? There are MUCH more powerful batteries then 3500 out on the market....
Almighty Keys (4 days ago)
Hey guys im still paying for the s8 + should i just trade or keep?
Sasha Sathwik (4 days ago)
S9 wallpaper please!😅
thugger1 Icon_MVP (5 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL in the winner lol
Wilmor Lovena (6 days ago)
Nice, :)
I dislike the side bezels on the pixel 2xl .. And the display quality overall..amoled thin side bezzel panel and I'd be sold on the pixel 😊
Kiran Halder (6 days ago)
i happy with s9 plus
metrodaki bey (7 days ago)
The best comparison i ever seen thank u a lot bro ! And ofcourse s9+
Mukhar Roy (7 days ago)
Any pixel 2 xl owners is generous enough to inform that if i can use pixel 2 xl one handed for typing? I really want to buy this phone. Super confused
Bob Dudek (7 days ago)
My wife s daily user is a S9,and she loves it........,I use a Pixel 2xl 128GB ,8.1, all day heavy use-Maps/GPS-emails-Bluetooth music- texting- generally a small business on the road type of environment. Other than the display I see no real advantage at all with the Samsung..and the Camera use in real world use... ..is clearly the 2xl's forte. With 128gb and dependable Google cloud storage I dont miss the SD card and with a cheap set of wireless ear plugs the omission of those HW features on a 2xl is not missed.
Silvio Pelegrin (7 days ago)
thinking to get the Pixel 2 XL ... hard choice after S9+, p20-pro and One 6+...
HasaoX (7 days ago)
Anyone know how to get the calendar like that?
Mukesh Maharjan (7 days ago)
a headphone jack is the winner for me in s9+.
yash billore (8 days ago)
Siz (10 days ago)
I m waiting for Pixel 3, if it doesn't have headphone jack, I will buy an S9+
My Graphical Act (10 days ago)
s9+ nice look
The Chief's Diary (10 days ago)
Bilal Khan (11 days ago)
S9 + is lot better, time tested ,pixel is like gambling
Humberto Diaz Monzon (12 days ago)
Pikaia Lotti (12 days ago)
smartphone loud speakers are something I would take out entirely in favor of a more compact design. They both sound horrible compared to any normal speakers.
Gavin Hu (13 days ago)
i watched this and got a iphone 7 plus 128 gb
HAZOX GAMING0525 (13 days ago)
Currently the s9 plus is the king of all phones, yes the iPhone x is faster, but not by much, on the other hand the s9 plus has so many other advantages and features over everyone else that it makes any other phone look like if their company said "meh, that's enough"
Geomlord (14 days ago)
Samsung's speakers sounds really distinct. You'll know you're playing something on it when you hear it
Aditya Mate (14 days ago)
Link for those awesome wallpapers?
JinThe Goblin (14 days ago)
Wait for the S10😎
Brock Mcdonald (15 days ago)
discount phone store?? google has it at about $1400
Lisha Fischer (15 days ago)
Every review I've seen so far on the Google Pixel SUCKS!! Why? Because none of them mentioned that the Google Pixel is ONLY used with Verizon. I was disappointed when I went into T Mobil asking for this phone. For that reason ***UCK the Google Pixel
Family and Fit (15 days ago)
Mr. Ras Lyon (15 days ago)
Way better than the iTrash X
Pepe The frog (15 days ago)
Google pixel 2 speakers are better
Lucky Eris (16 days ago)
u said it urself that camera wise, its pixel while display wise its s9+.. the thing is, i rarely use the cameras on my phone (heck i can count on 2 hands the amount of picture i took with my s7 edge in 2 yrs) so yea.. im more into the display which would be the s9+ xD
Bruno Siani (16 days ago)
Just buy a pixel and be happy
NIGHTSTALKER (16 days ago)
I think I like the S9+ best
Zakaria Majeed (16 days ago)
Why I have Pixel 2 .. the time is coming for global corporate brading and allegiance .. it's bound the happen given our interjection into the Information Age .. bye bye industrial age .. so which phone is gonna offer the most global connectivity with connectivity across all facets of life .. having said that .. Google is gonna release software for all device makers Finally YouTube TV Google Fii Gmail Google smart home Etc etc Pick your blessings
Dhruv Kothari (16 days ago)
Worst video ever.
King Gamer (16 days ago)
Imagine they both teamed up... it would be epic
Electric Blue (16 days ago)
What's the weather widget on Pixel 2 XL or is it stock?
Felix S. (16 days ago)
Samsung are a little to fragile I would like to have a pixel 2
Nickoy1 Channel (17 days ago)
Bringing over the s9+ hardware to meet the pixel software = perfect phone. Or bring the pixel software into the s9+ hardware same result. So that just means the pixel 3xl needs to bridge that gap and the s10/note 9 needs to bridge that gap
kierenkd (17 days ago)
I would quite like to see photo comparisons using lightroom camera for exmple
Sif Ağayev (17 days ago)
I absolutely despise the Samsung launcher
Minecraft Builder (17 days ago)
There is face id on Google pixel two XL it's a secret in the setting Tomorrow at my channa I'll l show u where it is and me using it!!
Connor C (18 days ago)
Where did you get the wallpaper on your S9+?
RickJason (18 days ago)
My experience with Samsung is it is great for the first few months and then the lagging starts. I found myself making excuses for the phone and looking for software glitches. On the other hand the Pixel2 which I own now isn't fancy. Doesn't have all that bloatware integrated in the operating system and works exactly as an Android phone should work.
Taylor Brost (18 days ago)
Had a pixel 2, recently sold it for a s9+, I will be buying pixel 3 when it is released
Gamers Never Stop (18 days ago)
Which phone. Should i buy s9 or s8 plus or pixel 2 xl
Stimson Romano (19 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL all the way..... great review thank you.
Melinda Chang (19 days ago)
The Pixel 2 is my pick, but there is no denying that the S9 has an incredible display. I'm with the Pixel for the camera, performance and updates, which is just the priority for me (since the display is still not bad). The S9 is probably something I'd choose if the OS was a bit more stock and there was more consistent camera performance. It has more features, but the Pixel has the ones that count. And Bixby is the bane of my existence.
RedEyedCowUniverse (19 days ago)
Obvious bias towards Samsung.
Abas Hc (19 days ago)
Please explain me why the fuck would someone pick up google pixel 2? Samsung has everything better.. Display,Speakers,Higher score on camera in dxo, microsd card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack,Fast wireless charging, Better desing, more ram, costs less, better processor, more waterproof..., face and iris scanner. I think that's enough to choose s9+ over pixel.
Hadley V. Crutchley (19 days ago)
I've had the galaxy s8 since the day it was released. I think I'm going to upgrade to the Pixel 4 when it comes out in 2019.
Andi Makkuraga (19 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL without headphone jack? No thank you...
Jason Jay (20 days ago)
Samsung Has Garbage Software that why camera suck every years bro eat it...
Vaidas Skanas (20 days ago)
Samsung would be the perfect phone without BLOATWARE! Please, Samsung, no more bloatware! Nobody absolutelly nobody wants it!
shashank Reddy (20 days ago)
Wallpaper on s9?
Abhishek sharma (21 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL anytime .
muhammad jawad (21 days ago)
S9 plus wallpaper plzz
dmsmhic (21 days ago)
I'll save you some time. "They're both very good and it's going to come down to personal preference." Just like every head to head comparison video. I wish someone would give an actual opinion in one of these things.
Geek Jawaid (21 days ago)
Pixel has many issues mainly display and you guys are still trying to make people buy pixel when the best display phones are available in the market just for the sake of having little sharper and filtered selfies
Geek Jawaid (21 days ago)
Totally disagree with you. Pixel cameras are not better than galaxy in any terms I have watched over 100 videos for s9 px2 comparisons your video was totally baised
Aritra Chatterjee (21 days ago)
What is the clock weather widget used on the Pixel 2XL?
Alicia Walmsley (22 days ago)
Great video Zachary. And yes I would love to have that choice between the two. But reality sets in and I’m still on my iPhone would love to try Android but that decision is very hard. There are good and bads with either devise. Do you think the Samsung s9+ will have lag issues in a few months down the road? Would like to know what your opinion would be in that. 🙏
pc Juggalo (22 days ago)
Who would buy a phone with out headphone jack?
Rui Frias (22 days ago)
I choose the S9, but even though the S9 Camera is awesome, I would like if the Pixel Camera was on the S9 hehehe. That would be awesome a collab between Samsung and Google hehehe - The S9 Pixel Smartphone. :p
Yusuf Jamal (22 days ago)
The skin is so bad
Schaeffer AV8R (22 days ago)
Yes please 😂 Samsung phone with Google Pixel's camera
kyle mendoza (22 days ago)
Pixel 2XL
Atul Shukla (22 days ago)
Stills confused....Plz suggest me for long term used which phone pick??
ѕυиѕтσям (23 days ago)
that sponsorship integration was so smooth i fell out of my chair
Troy Thomson (23 days ago)
The curved screen is shit. Have had smart phones since the iphone 3 and never broke a screen. First curved screen and it is broken in a week because the tough cases can't protect the curved screen.
vignesh viki (23 days ago)
Stock Android is always faster... Ppl who love to captivate can buy s9..😋😋
Cullen Merritt (23 days ago)
You should look at the pictures on a computer because you will see them differently because of the display.
Mark Carlson (23 days ago)
The xl is easily the best phone I've ever had.
silverstreak328 (24 days ago)
In 6 months the Samsung will be aggravatingly slow and crappy.
WarMachineGX (24 days ago)
Waiting for the note 9 im also gonna look out for pixel 3xl but I won't touch it if Google uses lg display Even in this video I can c the washed out colors on the XL compaired to the s9 +
Maxwell Kinney (25 days ago)
How sweet would the s9 be with stock Android🤤
Abdullah Azeem (25 days ago)
Samsung is best
Abdullah Azeem (25 days ago)
Samsung is better than google in camera
CPhillips5481 (25 days ago)
Love my S9 Plus
sandip kandel (25 days ago)
wating for google pexal 3
Tyrangelo (25 days ago)
Really good video
Parminder Singh (26 days ago)
I have the s9 plus but I still think the pixel is a great phone.
Bill Doerflinger (26 days ago)
enjoyed the video. good info. now I just have to make a trip to walmart and check them out. thx
Minhaj Shafin (26 days ago)
Really liked the wallpaper
R9 (26 days ago)
Youtubers looooove to kiss Google dique. Amazing
Trailer world (26 days ago)
S9 speaker😍😍😍
az1310 (26 days ago)
Pixel 2XL GCam app can be modified and hacked to work on other devices, it's just really buggy right now but you get Pixel 2 XL quality pics on a Samsung.
NELSON ABRAHAM (26 days ago)
Waiting for pixel 3
Rocks 176 (26 days ago)
Too expensive
Charles McCormack (26 days ago)
Thank you for the video. When you showed the Update part..the Pixel' S blue screen could easily be seen..I don't care with being the first with updates..if the screen looks like that..forget it. Samsung took it for me.
Edward Recio (27 days ago)
S9 Plus is so much better. Samsung Apps is have been much improved over the years. I don't even use Google apps anymore. Samsung is the way to go! Let the hate comment begins. 😂
RealDaJuan (27 days ago)
Shoot, both of these phones are gorgeous af 😎📸

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