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Tim Ferris opens up about his struggle with mental health

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Tim Ferriss tells CNN Tech's Laurie Segall about his own battle with mental health issues and his advice for others who might be struggling.
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Amasso Mazohk (10 days ago)
If this guy is depressed we are all fucked
Syed Abdul Khaaliq (13 days ago)
Dick head
Luke Skywalking (21 days ago)
What if depression is derived from an absolute disgust with where society is heading, and ZERO ability to do anything about it. It's simply opening your eyes to the destruction of everything good and sacred...all in the name of optimization, narcissism, and this asinine, vile smug self-obsessive 'feel-good' feminist / hyper-leftist relativistic millennial drivel that spews from bottom-feeder people's mouths on the daily. Just read around. It's getting worse EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it's going to make people like Trump president until we do something about it. Adding on top of the vile, 'mean-girls' style show boating across the social media spectrum and 'influencers' who are driving costs and metrics platforms into a downward spiral, causing mediocrity and high school-esque popularity cliques to reign. It's almost as if everything so many smart, kind people thought they had escaped, has suddenly creeped back in, destroying everything good, wholesome, and sacred. It's not an exaggeration either. It's super dangerous, and I believe driving mental illness through the roof...and will continue to get worse. Just watch these teens now and this world of relative ethics creep in. You thought it was hard for teenage boys and their rage hormones...think about how hard it is now to anchor your identity. Their messages are so f'ed. They have to compete with GIRLS now to even get a girl. Can you imagine that as your teenage boy self? What are these boys gonna do. Who do they look up to? What is going to happen to them? Every single piece of feel good fluff is ALL about 'female empowerment'. Female this. Female that. Bisexuality in female teens has sky rocketed. A poll suggested that more than 70% of teenage millennials identify as bisexual. How is this? Why? Does anyone ask these questions? What is seriously happening in this society? What does that do to the psyche of teenage boy trying to find love? That he's so low on the totem poll that a girl is better at getting girls than him. We have seriously fucked this up. I've watched teenage boys swinging at girls on the street because the girls think they're the same as guys because they 'heard it on tv'. If we've gotten to the point where there is indeed a 'gender war' between the sexes, and we can't even talk about it...we are certainly doomed. Remember how we were all supportive of gay rights and gay people? It's beyond that now. It's become a 'chic' brand to wear on your sleeve now. It's like INSANITY. The young female mind is so feeble and maleable. If monkeys were sexualized, they'd be going after monkeys. And this is not a knock on real, hardened lgbt people with deep seeded roots in their identity. This is a complete knock in the insanity of modern MEDIA and social media and their constant vying for attention grabbing and manipulating. It's a huge warning of how bad things can become. They are trying to tear down frameworks that have kept us from killing each other in a society of class and curtesy. I fear that there will be deep backlash soon, as the sacred bond between men and women will be torn by this new up and coming crowd of 18-25 year old millennials who refuse to face reality for what it is. We are in so so so so much doodoo.
Debra Evans (21 days ago)
Such an amazing and profound video clip. Thank you Tim and CNN.
Three One (21 days ago)
Mental illness is caused by environmental damage, not heredity. Heredity plays hardly any roll at all.
Barry Irlandi (21 days ago)
Get married.. Find God... Have kids.. Works for most..
PASCOE BREWER (22 days ago)
The fact is this! Most people already have EVERYTHING that they need to live a very happy life. They allow themselves to be brainwashed into believing that they are missing something in their lives that will make them ‘complete’. Happiness comes when you see the world for what it really is
011azr (15 days ago)
I kinda think so. You know, being a human nowadays is actually very easy, especially compared to other animals and our ancestors. By doing just a little amount of work, you'll already have enough food, shelter, clothes, and some amount spare for vacation, fun, etc. Life gets so much harder when we try to impress people we don't like, by buying something we don't need with money we don't have. Just live as it is with gratitude then our lives will be so much easier, happier and simpler with less stress, anxiety, and worry.
Bridget Chase (22 days ago)
Good Lord, another person with the money to do most anything they can dream of and complaining about being depressed. Oh, and others that struggle with mental health are privileged to hear his advise. What a saint and mentor. bullshit
Bridget Chase (21 days ago)
Erg, I'm not crazy! Why does everyone keep saying I am crazy? (*sob*) You don't know how hard it is. Your ex isn't whoring his face all over YouTube. Timmy Bear, I swear I'm better. I won't be crazy, I promise. Just call me back, please. My psychiatrist is wrong. I can't let you go; I won't let you go. Not now; nOT (*deep voice*) EVER! Listen to my messages. Katie is wrong. She is never wrong. Answer the phone, P_L_E_A_S_E!
t (21 days ago)
Bridget Chase you seem salty, do you deal with these problems as well?
40,000 (23 days ago)
Maybe he should read one of his on books.
Cody Nunez (25 days ago)
read Tolstoy's A Confession, incredibly dark and powerful short book of Tolstoy's writing at the height of his career about his existential nihilistic(life is meaningless) crisis and suicidal tendencies.
vivid color (25 days ago)
DontTestTheX (26 days ago)
So now he's peddling the depression stories and purported remedies, jumping on that bandwagon...
PASCOE BREWER (22 days ago)
DontTestTheX yep because what does that lead to?? MONEY! These people are attention seeking money whores
auzio (25 days ago)
what specifically was he "peddling" here? getting professional help?
Chabert Garmin (27 days ago)
Tim looks like one of those fish with giant foreheads.
Robbie Davies (23 days ago)
Chabert Garmin Just like your fucking mother you dumb fuck.
1OOsmiles (1 month ago)
W C (1 month ago)
This guy is my favorite scam artist. He trust his own BS.
011azr (15 days ago)
Can anybody confirm that 4 hour a week of work is enough to get what you want?
Canadian Scholar (21 days ago)
Cl1che_ Asylum Dwellers I definitely think you have a low IQ with spelling and grammar like that! :)
Canadian Scholar and you are? you pr9bably think that Trump has a low iq. you probably concern yourself with tho he like politics or sciences thinking its.IMPORTANT. your probably an athiest. And p.s. I hate Trump. doesn't mean he's dumb
Quasi Sentient (22 days ago)
Please explain the scam. I genuinely want to know. Please back with supporting evidence.
Canadian Scholar (24 days ago)
This guy is probably one of those people who loves Tai Lopez and thinks Trump's going to get Mexico to fund the wall.
EthanMusic TV (1 month ago)

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