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5 Amazing Electric Cars From Auto Expo India 2018!

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We were at the Auto Expo 2018 and this year, we saw a ton of electric cars for India at the show. We saw electric cars from Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Kia and more car makers. We even saw electric scooters, bikes, auto rickshaws and electric buses. In this video, we show you 5 awesome electric cars from the Auto Expo 2018 in Delhi. Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (445)
Beebom (14 days ago)
What's up notification squad! What do you want to see next on Beebom?
Trinath Reddy (4 days ago)
please compare between moto g5s+ with redmi note 5 pro
Lueany Dacosta (11 days ago)
Montu Kumar I'm talking about customizing phone Roms
Montu Kumar (11 days ago)
Indra Reddy yah! Same problm I have but I just factory data reset the device now every thing is normal
Lueany Dacosta (11 days ago)
Beebom I wish you could show me how to flash phones
Aekansh Kathal (12 days ago)
Hey Beebom! how can I reach you?? Can I get your em@il ID??
sitanshu21 (41 minutes ago)
Probably better to watch the video muted. Also info was incomplete.
Nico Dacher (4 hours ago)
Very GOOD 👌
educate channel (6 hours ago)
Kia stinger
Alexander C (14 hours ago)
BEV from Sweden was my fav https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scxNLOhGZdI
Imdad Hussain (1 day ago)
Hyundai Ionic is not a concept car. Its on sale since last year.
damn Indian (1 day ago)
Your voice is so bad dude.
Naman Sen (1 day ago)
honda ev was lit maaannnnnnn.....
s - series (2 days ago)
Give me that car plz
Mohan Reddy (3 days ago)
My fav Honda EV
sanjay krishna (4 days ago)
Honda and hundai are great.and pls give them in budget pricee
ayush painuly (4 days ago)
Just look at the
mârvël Richu Pj (4 days ago)
Kia from side is like Suzuki brezza back hundai ritz
mârvël Richu Pj (4 days ago)
Honda sports ev concept is just like model of muscle cars.
Salim Shaikh (5 days ago)
Honda ev
Pardeep Choudhary (5 days ago)
Tesla model S
Ask_da_ punkazz (5 days ago)
My fav EV is racemo by tamo
Anil Bishnoi (6 days ago)
Price car
Anurag Kaushik (6 days ago)
Hyundai ioniq
M TECH TAMIZHA (6 days ago)
Boost for 1m subscribers
badland blitz (6 days ago)
I liked the Honda EV concept the most
siddharth ragupatruni (6 days ago)
you mentioned concept cars but there's no mention of Renault Trezor .....
Saurav Choudhury (6 days ago)
The narration is so unnatural . But anyways nice editing and good video
gourav m (6 days ago)
Suzuki future ---🤢👎👎👎
Bibhudutta Mohanty (6 days ago)
Give internal uses of car
Neelam Chauhan (6 days ago)
Tesla can kill all these electric toys in every aspect . Tesla model s p100d is the real electric car
Kanda Samy (7 days ago)
Top of these are Tesla and should come to India
Vishal Srivastava (7 days ago)
The narration is just blatantly blah, the script following is evident, like trying too hard to sound cool . Could be better, if acted naturally.
ISURU THIWANKA (7 days ago)
are these all from india? huh.. lol...India always copy or assemble but say like they did that..
Srishagu Nvs (7 days ago)
I liked the Honda EV Sport concept
ISURU THIWANKA (7 days ago)
is thats from india? huh.. lol ...they are always copy or assemble only...
Aditya sharma (7 days ago)
I was there that time it is in greater noida
vishal thakur (8 days ago)
bhai h hindi kyo nhi bolte aap hum kese indian bhi kuch smjh lete
sai krishnan (8 days ago)
Honda sports EV, it's just awesome!!
Nayeem Ahmed (9 days ago)
Our government should provide a subsidy for zero-emission vehicles so that even above average guy could afford.
Aryesh Raval (9 days ago)
Honda ev absolutely yaar it's freaking dam cool design I want ittttt....
akhil walavalkar (9 days ago)
Where is the TAMO RaceMo EV ? How in the world can it not make it in the top 5 ? U guys just missed it out I guess... do watch a video on it and then atleast mention it in the description
poorvi Chauhan (9 days ago)
mine fav was trezor <3
MOHIT GUPTA (10 days ago)
Wo satellite wala video ??? Wow superb but how u doo that please tell me plzz
DEERENDRA DUBEY (11 days ago)
We sell TOYOTA COMMUTER VAN in India. Contact Delhi Alpha Auto Pvt Ltd.....Dilip 98736 60652
Mugdha Sathe (11 days ago)
Why the hell do they have girls posing next to the car.. Let the car speak for itself!
S P.S. (11 days ago)
Nice intro
Prakash Debbarma (11 days ago)
I like the Sport EV concept
Srinivasarao Cherukuri (11 days ago)
Which editing software you will use
Chirag Chamariya (11 days ago)
I like the Honda one
Manish Kumar (11 days ago)
"Only company which will treat the electric cars, not to look like a toycar" will succeed... And all the major manufacturers are still making toy like electric car concepts.
SID M (11 days ago)
You use same words over and over again, in a very boring way, as if you are just saying the words without meaning any of them.. might wanna work on that.
Devender Saini (11 days ago)
Honda ev
Jaideep Jagyasi (12 days ago)
Hie guys which is that music which u use in every intro of video that applause and sound I liked it pls provide link to download it
Prabhat Nigam (12 days ago)
Mahindra kuv electric e2o is my fav on auto expo 2018....bz mahindra is going to launch it....
Mohit Singh (12 days ago)
Is he reading a script?? Voice clearly lacks emotions
DEEPAK THAKUR (12 days ago)
Of course HONDA EV
Meeth Mehta (12 days ago)
You speak like crap
kumar raj (12 days ago)
#Beebom your are great
Prashant Adsul (12 days ago)
Nice video!!👍
Ishu Gangwar (12 days ago)
raj kargutkar (12 days ago)
sir ye event kitne days ka he
Movie World (12 days ago)
http://cuon.io/JoffWkZS See all cars here
Tanvir Ahmed (12 days ago)
I wonder how powerful their engines are.
LunatiK (12 days ago)
What about Renault Trezor?
nidhi singh (12 days ago)
Made the starting like GTA 5 character switch
Suvankar Das (12 days ago)
Whatever you say, I'd love to see Tesla in India!
ThinkGizmo (12 days ago)
electric cars are awesome.
sunny vadhavana (12 days ago)
Honda sport EV concept, I love this design because of frame structure is very dynamic.
Abdul Hafiz (12 days ago)
3:23 what should i look for 😅😅😅
P Satish Patro (12 days ago)
Bro u forgot Tata Racemo
virendra Badole (12 days ago)
Mine favourite one from Auto expo 2018 is The DC TCA. The Indian made supercar with Damn killer look.
I love honda.
Gurjot Gill (12 days ago)
The suzuki e-survivor is my favorite
Atul Sharma (12 days ago)
Honda EV love it
samay raj (12 days ago)
One request, please dont judge any thing by its cover, if you know what I mean? Please share the ins and outs of the car, if you have cause most of them are concept cars only. Just looks does not define any machine.
rakesh Araga (12 days ago)
Fake excitement! Try to speak naturally, Anyway good video!
sukhdev singh (12 days ago)
This guy's commentary reminded me of our school time Roll No.1's accent & style of story reading! Full focus on Exclamatory signs, commas & full stops! :p :D
Pritam Shuvro (12 days ago)
I love Honda EV
Vijaysingh R. (12 days ago)
Roopa Rajesh (12 days ago)
Screw u pollution fuels
Swati Sadh (12 days ago)
my favorite car was renault trezor in the auto expo who's with front boots opens up in a click
Rakshit Joshi (12 days ago)
Only Tesla interests me
jyoti Laddha (13 days ago)
video was lit ... superb one ...
Multi HM (13 days ago)
Awesome video.. lovely and osum Cars..😘 Nice editing... Awesome Beebom..
suman saurav (13 days ago)
That white honda electric car was lit.
Prakhar Goel (13 days ago)
No place for tata racemo electic version ? Seriously guys!! 😒
Bharath Kumar (13 days ago)
Beebom Cars OK but What about #Bikes...???? In auto expo...Can you post a video on Bikes in #Auto_Expo. Waiting for your Video On Bikes.#Beebom.
Abhishek verma (13 days ago)
gaming gurus (13 days ago)
Honda sports
Abhay Ranpara (13 days ago)
Sir whats the name of the soundtrack throughout the video.....
Saritha Maruturi (13 days ago)
Why don't you create a video on custom roms
Vwirab Hazowary (13 days ago)
Zoe is my favourite
Rohit Rai (13 days ago)
The background voice sucked, it wasnt smooth throughout, and just felt bad
Aditya Gautam (13 days ago)
Honda sports-ev!!! Damn good
Rahul Shamnani (13 days ago)
Its looks like you have not visited Tata motors ..... Because you forget to show Tamo Racemo EV
Andy Raman (13 days ago)
Super intro
asad khan (13 days ago)
Honda was the best
Hemanth Rak (13 days ago)
oh man whats the music name in ur videos
Mohit Tamta (13 days ago)
It was so artificial
Sezan Amgain (13 days ago)
A8+review please
Kahlon Kahlon (13 days ago)
Awesome bros we love you beebom
Anurag Thakur (13 days ago)
After watching this I'm pretty sure that future is awesome
Abhinav Reddy Mothe (13 days ago)
What's wrong with your video stabilization!.. good video though

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