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MIUI vs Android One: Which One We Prefer?

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This video has been sponsored by AppMatch, the fun way to find new apps via interesting Quizzes. Check out their service http://beeb.om/appmatch Xiaomi recently did a poll between MIUI and Android One and unexpected, Android One managed to beat Xiaomi's MIUI at the poll. Well, we thought why not put these two platforms to test and see which one is actually better. Yes, we pit MIUI vs Android One. Our MIUI vs Android One Facebook Poll: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/posts/1672290289518255 Our MIUI vs Android One Twitter Poll: https://twitter.com/beebomco/status/962930248319778816 We are demonstrating this video using MI A1 (Android 8.0 Oreo), Redmi Y1 (MIUI 9.2) and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (MIUI 9.2). Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (1328)
Beebom (9 days ago)
Which side are you on? Do let us know in our ongoing Twitter poll, which btw, we are not planning to delete! :P https://twitter.com/beebomco/status/962930248319778816
Mohit Srivastava (6 days ago)
Here is a perspective from a user who switched from Android One to MIUI on a Mi5 2 years back. For a like for like comparison on performance Beebom should first load 3rd party apps to enable all features MIUI natively provides to make it a valid argument. Secondly, the Memory Management is totally user customizable.
ÅŁěĚM ŘæJ (8 days ago)
Beebom hiii beebom can we have a video of best hd wallpapers
Anuj Sharma (9 days ago)
Bro plz tell me how to change font in Mi A1.
karan galhotra (9 days ago)
@beebom just make a video on how to install Pixel **CUSTOM ROM** ON ANY MOBILE DEVICE
karan galhotra (9 days ago)
Beebom hey beebom just make a vedio on how to install Pixel **CUSTOM ROM** in any device...
superhero fan 777 (9 hours ago)
Saurav Sharma (13 hours ago)
43 percent never used stock android
Sanket Jain (20 hours ago)
Please compare MIUI and EMUI. Which one offers better performance and is smoother?
Macwyn Rodrigues (1 day ago)
I love miui 9
Sattyam Karmakar (1 day ago)
Obviously Android one
Shanker Billa (1 day ago)
*MIUI* vs *Samsung UI*
Ashwin Gurbuxani (1 day ago)
reduce the volume of the DING when you us to click bell icon notifications. Reduce it, a lot.
Harshal Shringi (1 day ago)
Plz do MiA1 vs. redmi note 5pro
I really really like Miui! But it's exclusive for xiaomi phones :(
Mathew Olisa (2 days ago)
And if you guys with chicks Janesville where you will see that it will be running two apps at the same time and it seems to go slow and slower
Mathew Olisa (2 days ago)
Okay if we install Yahoo Google go apps what will you do with the presents Google apps in our phone
AF Global (2 days ago)
Android One/Stock Android >> miui, emui, flyme os, funtouch, color os
Cy SwiftX (2 days ago)
pff see, even Rupesh agrees Samsung UI is utter shit
Kris Xu (2 days ago)
Because you are not in China, Google's services here can not be used at all.
sai teja (2 days ago)
i think they run with the help of chrome
Nishant Garg (3 days ago)
Man miui 9 is super snapy and stable and man u talking about latest android version update miui gives the features that comes in the latest android version so what's issue if they don't provide the latest version they give all the features that come in latest android version so I think miui is the best in updates and I have redmi 1s that is a decade old phone that also had received miui 9 update
Harshit sahu (3 days ago)
Hey If you love android customization then https://youtu.be/7XrVjsykP8M
Formani Remon (3 days ago)
MIUI all the way, MIUI 9 is really as smooth as the stock, great work by Xiaomi!
Muyed Ahmed (3 days ago)
Android One Forever
Fida Muntaseer (3 days ago)
I prefer MIUI... :)
Anu Verma (4 days ago)
Miui is better
Siva Ram Kumar M (4 days ago)
Android one
Rangan Dutta (4 days ago)
Hey where are you looking at in this video??😀😀
Madhujya Pratim Nath (4 days ago)
which Rom i prefer for My Redmi 4x?
Aman Khan (4 days ago)
43% were Xiaomi employees.
Sourav Joardar (4 days ago)
Android One😘
Suchith Dontaraju (5 days ago)
Can I please do a video on the features of Google pixel 2 xl
Prasath Viswanathan (5 days ago)
guys will u give us videos like back packs ,duffle bags,carry on back packs kind of video
Beebom team can you please collap with Technical Guruji?
Knowledge increase with this video?
Saee Kanna (5 days ago)
Saee Kanna (5 days ago)
Saee Kanna (5 days ago)
# *Android*
Saee Kanna (5 days ago)
Saee Kanna (5 days ago)
*Android one*
GameBoy Tech (5 days ago)
What Is The Name Of Intro Music ??
Xbox gamer (5 days ago)
Ankur Singh (6 days ago)
Android One no doubt about it but google should give some additional feature as u sujjested in ur another video.
hema kumar (6 days ago)
Watching this in Android one( Mi A1)
Ronak Panwar (6 days ago)
Android one
Amit Singla (6 days ago)
Push notification is biggest problem in miui
almighty amr (6 days ago)
I think stock android more neat and more convinient for comparing to ios , but instead of functionality is great on miui , do like Oneplus , great specs + functionality + stock ( neat and easy like ios ) + battery life ( beat the ios + fast charge ) = almost perfect smartphone . And the most large ios fans is because ios camera constantly snap best picture even low pixel but it push the limit and smooth all the video and picture in every aspect ( hope android can improve these and all people love ios camera )
almighty amr (6 days ago)
I do support for any kind that make improve for stability and enhancement for make people easy and feel happy to use their device either ios android windows linux and any other os for help people and make easy to interact each other
paritosh bk (6 days ago)
Stuck on miui 9 pattern lock :(. Anyway to unlock without losing data?
Shubham Diwan (6 days ago)
I love Android One over miui and fully agree with u
Prem Kumar (6 days ago)
Mi a1 androidone rom for other mi phone which have not any bugs I will prefer with androidone in miui
Ratan sharma (6 days ago)
Please make a video on how to maintain our battery life or extend it
Shreyas Joshi (6 days ago)
The consumers these days have completely differences. They want simplicity with customisation. All these skins come with extra apps and all these extra features that not many people will use. Lineage OS/Cyanogenmod has got the right balance of simplicity, customisation and extra features. And Google are playing a clever game too: they look at Lineage OS and adapt their features into stock Android. This way Android is always kept clean and is ever evolving and its slowly turning their users away from 3rd party skins. Ofc the users will also always have the option for launchers if they're not happy with the look and feel of it.
Saarthak Rai (6 days ago)
this time the video is not edited correctly!
Sarath Kumar (7 days ago)
I like Android one not only me many of the people like but company is not released A2 hope model will be soon
Saitama (7 days ago)
Miui m wallpaper hi nhi dikhta
Victor TR (7 days ago)
Tu mirada me enamoró
Shivanshu Shivesh (7 days ago)
Sir please make a Vedio on Redmi Note 5 pro and Mi A1 comparison...
Madhusudan Tiwari (7 days ago)
this just the result of poor rendering of icons (so flat) and very bad overall design while performance is no problem
Manoj Singh (7 days ago)
Stock android. Hit 👍Now!!!!
Rahul Sharma (7 days ago)
Crisp n quality video worth subscribing 👍
Arjit Shakya (7 days ago)
I will vote for Android one
navin babji (7 days ago)
Guys can you do a video specially listing the best portable Music player and the best headphone amplifier available in india....🙂🙂 thanks in advance.
Vijaykumar Wali (7 days ago)
I love you guys..you are one of those rare tech channels I miss videos from..Can u plz make a review of redmi note 5 pro..cheers...and Love the team
Sanket G (7 days ago)
Make a latest video on "Best Way to Spend Rs.500 on Any Technology/Gadgets/Device/App "
Vishal Yadav (7 days ago)
Android One
Gaurav Gurav (8 days ago)
Make a FULL COMPARISON video MIA1 vs MI Note 5 Pro
ND Virus (8 days ago)
Sir how u make the animation I love your animation you show between Videos plzz tell us
Zaid Ahmed (8 days ago)
Beebom rocks.......you are a silent killer
Sonam Jha (8 days ago)
Hey I want to buy a laptop for programming..so which laptop should I buy ??? N my range is below 30000
areeb1296 (8 days ago)
I seriously hope Xiomi watches this video. I've used Miui and it's rubbish tbh. Can't stand it. Even after all these years, it feels so unpolished. Yes it has a few useful features like app locker, rolling screenshot and dual apps that stock android natively lacks. But Xiomi doesn't need to go over board and entirely change the look, feel and functionality of Stock android. Miui is the main things that are holding back Xiomi phones that are the best value for money in budget segments. Take some lessons from One Plus. They have plenty of useful features in Oxygen OS while keeping it as close to stock android as possible. The fact that Xiomi is pushing out Nougat updates and releasing new phones with Nougat nearly 7 months after Oreo has been officially out is a joke in itself. Keep miui for Chinese users, release more phones with Stock Android in India. Best strategy.
mihir kadam (8 days ago)
make a video on siri vs google assistant
Marinaldo Silva (8 days ago)
Nice video! New subscriber here!
Joel Jose (8 days ago)
Proud mia1 owner
Nitin Pakhare (8 days ago)
Stock Android
sid sid (8 days ago)
Android one cool
Ashish P N (8 days ago)
I'll prefer android one. MIUI gets bored after using it for couple of days, than the Android one even MIUI gets more features.
Zahid Hasan (8 days ago)
Android one pure stock android
show time (8 days ago)
App drawer in miui with stock android performance
Mohd Mudassir (9 days ago)
I want help from you beebom. Please tell me how can i contact you.
Mohd Mudassir (9 days ago)
I want help from you beebom. Please tell me how can i contact you.
East or West..Stock android is the best #Androidpurists
Balraj Debbarman (9 days ago)
Hi, I sent you 50 Rs Paytm cash. Why not take only 15 seconds to get it? 👉 http://ndog.co/a/017iyf/?t=1518701048915
Blasp Gaming (9 days ago)
where you lookin at
Harsh Shah (9 days ago)
android one is great , i also use nova launcher on my every phone
Kathir Yuvi (9 days ago)
Stock 😘
Natas Liah (9 days ago)
Indians are so slim and skinny They are so lame at sports I understand why : they on their phones 24/7 watching bollywood bullsht and argue about stupid phones
Rohit Arya (9 days ago)
I would prefer android one but Redmi should improve the ram management in Miui.Deleting post shows that they are now trying to improve.If you really want to improve then take opinion from public that how to improve? Even MIUI will be better in future than Android one ,Just they need to improve Ram management.
ashraf ali (9 days ago)
Xiaomi will never be releasing any Mia2 or anything like that because that won't make sense .Mi 'a1' means android one and that is what this device is all about.Ya by the way they might release Mi a1+.
Technical Chhora (9 days ago)
I'm also using aex mod (custom ROM) based on oreo in Redmi Note 3 😂😂
kiran gupta (9 days ago)
Sir how to root Android phone Anyone who know pls tell
Verlin Casunuran (9 days ago)
The poll should be an awakening to Xiaomi that their MIUI skin is no longer that popular. Users would really prefer performance and stability compared to features. Plus Xiaomi is violating GPL by not releasing kernel source codes in a timely way.
HAMMAD KHALID (9 days ago)
Miui best
Cobain Floyd (9 days ago)
Next release andriod one device will be my first choice... I don't want to use miui devices anymore,,, updates are too slow,,, poor ram management, multitasking is not that great, also sometimes Google assistant doesn't work in miui on voice wakeup command, miui only feels good at first later u get tired of it...
Cobain Floyd (9 days ago)
I'm tired of miui,,,
Kaushik Bala (9 days ago)
The only version of android should be the stock android......once peple start using it they will realise how perfect it is..
Dilpreet sokhi (9 days ago)
Start of beebom videos with that music is quite better than many tech youtubers
Farhan Raahat (9 days ago)
Samsung far better than xiaomi, miui sucks
Mohd Razali (9 days ago)
Android one
Ravi T (9 days ago)
Android one + MIUI features
Jagdish Gaur (9 days ago)
Obviously, Android One brings Better Performance & Stock Android Experience is very cool!! But, some Customizations of MIUI such as Feature to Uninstall Multiple Apps, Barcode Scanner, App Lock & so on are the Features which I suppose to come in Android P!!
Tech Savage (9 days ago)
Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll after users choose Android One over MIUI
shaan abbas (9 days ago)
I prefer MIUI over android one
Ashish Soni (9 days ago)
Shahbaz Alam (9 days ago)
Android one

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