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Samsung Galaxy S8 - Does It Suck?

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus the best smartphone ever? Brought to you by Dollar Shave Club - New Members can try any razor for $1 - http://dollarshaveclub.com/unboxtherapy Samsung Galaxy S8 phone skins provided​ by - https://dbrand.com The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (Plus) represent the most advanced Android smartphones on the market. The Galaxy S8 is not without it's quirks... It's got an unusual aspect ratio, lower than maximum screen resolution out of the box and no real enhancement to battery life (from the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge). That said the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are some of the more comfortable phones I've held. The change in aspect ratio give you a slender phone which still packs an enormous screen. The Galaxy S8 Plus has a 6.2-inch display and feels smaller in the hand than most 5.5-inch phones (including the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL). The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely the "screen champ" right now as well, with an amazing AMOLED panel and resolution up to 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. You will not be disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. Still, the world of Android smartphones has advanced tremendously (especially in the $400 retail range) and I think many will find better value elsewhere. So what do you think, is the Samsung Galaxy S8 worth it's premium price tag? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (16372)
Unbox Therapy (9 months ago)
Seriously... Try these guys out it helps to support the show! - http://dollarshaveclub.com/unboxtherapy *do it for uncle Lew
Tyron Josh Mansueto (18 days ago)
Unbox Therapy fuck your channel
Cody Knutson (19 days ago)
Unbox Therapy i was just got a S8 and was just wondering if you had/have the problem where the passwords and biometrics are sometimes disabled, letting people into your phone. I know you probably won't see this but maybe someone else can tell me how to fix this. Thank you :)
Asish Khatri (1 month ago)
Unbox Therapy please reply to me she ch one should i buy i phone x or samsung galaxy 8 the new device sorry i dont know the real name of the android device
The EternalGamer24 (22 hours ago)
You can actually extend the size of the video so that it fills the entire screen just zoom in
Abdur Rafay (22 hours ago)
I bought the s8 and im happy
Chase Dardar (1 day ago)
I can't wait to get my hands on that s8
The Joker (2 days ago)
Stop throwing it lol
Imozzy (2 days ago)
Aaron Charette (3 days ago)
Should i buy this phone or should i wait till the s9 comes out?...
dranenko (3 days ago)
I laugh my ass out with this video! i never see this youtuber before, but definitely will do again
Jim Nesta (3 days ago)
No, the phones don't suck, you and your "reviews" do.
Nathan N (4 days ago)
$$$ from Apple, ha?
XC gaming (4 days ago)
Watching on my s8
f-bodys and mustangs (5 days ago)
i used the fingerprint sensor on the lg stylo 3 plus and it worked great but i cant even use the one on my s8
Renanto Pratama (5 days ago)
The thing is over the years, Samsung galaxy series always has been the first flagship to be equipped with new Snapdragon chipset. Others then follow. Will be the same again for SD 845 / 2018.
Unknown Unknown (6 days ago)
Make the phone wider... Bezels are gone.
Dennis Bauer (6 days ago)
Will i have found that they are just shit
ghazal wali (6 days ago)
Would You Reveal Jack At 10 Million Subs😯😯😯😯
Grammar Nazi0 (7 days ago)
Poll time: S8, S8+, or Note 8?
Ultimate nigger (7 days ago)
Go suck a 15 inch cock IShit fanboys.
JohnyBoi (7 days ago)
A8 vs s8
basem (8 days ago)
hey tom i don't see any beard on you :D
Audi gameplay (8 days ago)
I'm an iPhone user but the s8 look really clean and design look beautiful js.
Ruben Reyes (8 days ago)
Unbox Therapy my uncle told me that the Samsung has a Face ID could you do a review on that
I recoment the s7 edge cus its more nice and no black bezels when you playing games or watching any video
Pyro-Testovi (8 days ago)
its the best phones
freighttrain10 (9 days ago)
A few questions from a current Apple user (who's never used any other platform) looking to switch: 1. I hate how in my music app if I close out the app it doesn't remember where I left off in a song or on a playlist. On the S8, if I close out the app, will the banner still be at the bottom, and will it remember what song I was playing? 2. I record music on my voice recorder app currently, and used to be able to add those songs into my music library. Now that I have Apple Music, it decides what music I can put in my library and what I don't if I have the iCloud Music option on. If I used a voice recorder app, could I add that in as a music file and listen to it like any other song? 3. Are there any apps that would allow you to add music that you have purchased in the past (my normal library), and stream music to download, all in the same app? That was my draw to using Apple Music before, as opposed to Spotify. I wanted to be able to listen to all of my music in the same app instead of switching back and forth from my library (purchased music) and streaming music. Does the Samsung Music app, or any other, allow you to do both? Thank you very much for any feedback. God Bless and have great day!
Monskie 강마리 (9 days ago)
Huhu got my s8 camera blurred the first time I launched it. And my 7 days factory warranty already lapsed. 😓
jaywaffle333 (9 days ago)
You talk good
Sherry L (9 days ago)
I love this phone don't get me wrong but I haven't even had my phone for 6 months and it lags a whole lot. All the apps are always shutting down and restarting themselves.
Azz Zaa (10 days ago)
Worst phone in the f😖cking world i HATE mine sooooooooooo sh☠t on soooooooo many levels its a joke
Dallas Reed (10 days ago)
Samsung galaxy s8 does it suck? ima pay 800$ for a phone that sucks yeahhhh
Arkangel Salazar (10 days ago)
May i know what color is this? it looks like it has a matte grey finish to me.
A.Sâlvâtörre (10 days ago)
Just came from another dollar shave video and online browsing wtf
Net_Chix_AnKill? (11 days ago)
TL; DW: Is it worth it? "Does it suck? No, not at all. *In a mafia-esque tone* It's a beautiful thing; You'll be happy if you buy it." Quick pros and cons: P: Nice Large, Oled, screen with small bezels C: Bezeled videos due to awkward screen ratio C: Sketchy screen resolution setup P: clean home screen setup C: single speaker grill P: Headphone jack C: fingerprint scanner is right beside camera P: 8-megapixel front facing camera C: iris scanner for unlocking is not optimal P: facial recognition is speedy and efficient Go ahead and leave Unbox Therapy a like. The video was great and he covered a ton of info. I just hate meandering and like things short and to the point, and I know someone else out there is the same way. So, this is for you!
Mohammad Muzain (11 days ago)
The lens cleaning prompt. Always 🤣🤣🤣
ilove melb (12 days ago)
It doesnt actually
michael john Bernardo (12 days ago)
Hi Im looking for some parts of S8plus. My phone dies due to the water present even the phine should be water resistant.. Im looking for PBA main,sensor,sub,earjack,front camera and front case. Give me a message if you have. Thanks
Birhanu Alemu wome (12 days ago)
How to use cd card
FLEX_NYC (13 days ago)
Samsung S8 or Note8
minisprinter (13 days ago)
I want it but i can't have it 😢😢
Filippo Gariboli (13 days ago)
Yes it does suck
forthechickens (14 days ago)
Yes it sucks
Vas Me (14 days ago)
Do u suck ? Seems u do. Mases of ppl always pick up to subscribe to idiots, thats why all in this world its fucked up.
RaidenLP (14 days ago)
The back button should be on the right
Amrinder Singh (15 days ago)
Fuck you bitchhh
Kaitlin (15 days ago)
can you help me with my s8+ it doesn't have emojis
JohnnyRebel (15 days ago)
S8 is superior to any other phone.. an easy pc vs mac type deal.. pc is always superior if you know how to use it... mac is slower and you can do less but it is user friendly for the illiterate types.
Carl Selbekk Atemkeng (16 days ago)
Will this be bad for small hands
John Pascua (16 days ago)
Which is better for long term use? Like 2+ years? S8 or iPhone 7?
Brian Conner (16 days ago)
Hey guys i need a quick answer actually im struggling between two phones, i was using iPhones for years now i want to use Android phomes so which one is the best S8+, note 8 or stick to the iPhone
OneTakeOmi _ (17 days ago)
Tom seems like one of those people who are jealous of their friends success and prosperity that he is, but he looks like that
TOM has zero personality. Pretty sure he's a serial killer😐
ĐarkMattēr (17 days ago)
It has 64GB internal storage? Ooh shit.
Tyron Josh Mansueto (18 days ago)
Fuck you
Nikola Jankovic (19 days ago)
I remember few months ago my friend bought s8+ and holy shit when i touched and saw that display i fell in love with it
Stranger Waffles (19 days ago)
I've been watching Stranger Things and you remind me of Hopper 😂
Alex Bro (20 days ago)
The phone doesn't suck, but you do.
Kenneth Starr (20 days ago)
The way to get past your index finger smudging the camera is to use your middle finger. It works perfectly.
Ronny Han (20 days ago)
i think they put the default on lower res MAYBE for the battery usage. dont quote me on it
Jake Granger (20 days ago)
RIP apple
MajorFlapFlap 64 (4 days ago)
Jake Granger you will be remembered........maybe, what was I saying? Idk
Shqipja KS (4 days ago)
Mo San proves that americans are stupid
Mo San (4 days ago)
Jake Granger people will still buy Apple, still most bought phone in the us
Daniel Kim (21 days ago)
You suck
Shivvijay pal (21 days ago)
What a idiot person. Why dont you try to make your own device. Maybe it would be close to some cheap Chinese phone. Try to be real man.
Tom Vlogs (21 days ago)
Guys when I tap the screen on my s8 it makes different noises in different places. Some areas sound hollow and my tap sounds obvious. But in other areas it sounds solid and cannot hear my tap. Is this normal?
RyanTBSG (21 days ago)
Better battery life ffs, and that screen settings has been with us before S8 came out
K Lee (21 days ago)
With Oreo Beta my 9 months old S8 shows much better performance than iphone Xpensive.
RanD0M_L4ZY_Guy (21 days ago)
good thing i changed to note fe
Elementalking 234 (22 days ago)
Samsung Hater
erew eewq (22 days ago)
Does it havr to downcharge wit plug imma kill
Adrian Torres (22 days ago)
Can anyone direct me to where I can get one of these without its bootloader.
rmb9311 (22 days ago)
I would have loved stereo speakers, one on each end on my S8. I blow the picture up on YouTube every day, great feature .
Charese Brown (23 days ago)
The orange on the brightness bar is on the S7 as well. The warning is also.
sudonym2010 (23 days ago)
While you're at it, get a fashion sense. You look like an improved & updated version of the weirdos from the movie 'Deliverance'. All you need is a banjo in the background. HAHA!!
sudonym2010 (23 days ago)
Stop inserting the word 'On' as a connecter. 'Hating this decision' does not become 'hating on this decision'. God, where did you people go to school? The civility and culture of any human being shows itself the moment one speaks. Consider that and improve your culture and civility.
Seto Kaiba (23 days ago)
The display is SuperAMOLED not OLED...it's different.
2005sunfire (23 days ago)
evo 3d has the nicest screen.
TEFLON DON (23 days ago)
I use a lifeproof case which eliminates the search for fingerprint scanner
DaMastaaSpeakz (23 days ago)
Love that energy bro, much love, and success to your videos. Thank you!
le Art (23 days ago)
yep waste of money
Mike Cunrast (23 days ago)
I own a penis and a galaxy s8.....I tried to get it to suck
Luka gamer (24 days ago)
Shut up go die fucking bitch
C Rizzy (24 days ago)
They need to give up on this terrible aspect ratio. Most people watch a LOT of videos and pics on their phones and this new screen ratio is HORRIBLE for those. It gives you a couple extra lines of text on web pages, but is that worth it? HELL no.
orb (24 days ago)
no dude u suck
maj klod (24 days ago)
watching this on my iPhone X
Thunder Animations (24 days ago)
Mabel there doing that because of Apple
Jey Pipnop (25 days ago)
Clearly paid by apple
Dylan Brocchini-Rose (25 days ago)
I switched to the s8 from the ipod touch 5 so I'm not complaining.
jessdog77 (25 days ago)
Wtf is this clown wearing
Draxten Skits (26 days ago)
Do the S8 active
allamakee1397 (26 days ago)
would rather view the dollarshave video --- this Samsung video would make a drama queen puke - thumbs down
John Jacob (26 days ago)
Wow did i get ripped off. No akg headphones, memory is way less than it should be, and my battery life wedding uses somewhere around an hour on medium saver settings
Mr. CyclingGuy (24 days ago)
Damn I'm sorry dude ... Where did u buy it? Didn't you get akg headphones??? :0 And what is the memory?
Zakaria Bouchbaat (26 days ago)
Why the hate bro !? Did apple paid you or what ?
xPurple BeStDrEm (27 days ago)
"What is the Best S8 guys? S8 or S8 Plus?
xPurple BeStDrEm (17 days ago)
Tim Troxell (17 days ago)
xPurple BeStDrEm It depends on if you want a bigger devise or a smaller devise... can't go wrong with either of them they're both beautiful phones. I have the S8+ in Arctic Silver and absolutely love it
Dread Drake (19 days ago)
xPurple BeStDrEm depends on you. Its about the size, personally i prefer the small one. Plus is little big for me
Jamir DelaCruz (28 days ago)
*watching in s7 edge laughing*😂
Dread Drake (19 days ago)
Jamir DelaCruz the warning part right?? 😂😂
Neeraj Joshi (29 days ago)
Watching the video on a s8
August Fossheim (30 days ago)
Im byin it
Ohh know what's funny I'm in UK Bixby don't work great we dont have the UK update but every time I'm on YouTube looking at these reviews you guys just need to say it once and it sets mine off llf and it just won't answer me I'll need too get a hi Bixby recording on a small recording key ring to use it PMSL come on Samsung get that effin uk update out s9 near out I'll have that b4 the update bet ya my s8 plus hahaha
A factory reset is on the cards for tonight b4 bed I think
Plus I changed to the note 3 note 4 my god fell in love lol I'm wondering what this note 8 is like if this s8 so so bad what do you think
Had s6 edge plus and s7edge now this s8 plus is amazing see if this buggyness wouldnfuk off ecuss my french but give me a s6plus back anyday that was one of the best since the s4
And I'm a Samsung freak beauty and the beast on the inside
My s8 + does it does nothing but freeze it's ASS off everyday

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