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The Property Show 2016 Episode 147 - Luxury Living 2

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Marian Akiti (4 months ago)
The first property is beautiful.
Victor Spencer (4 months ago)
...bathrooms are key! Emphasis on the numbers of bathrooms will help. Americans love their bathrooms...
Dragon Race (5 months ago)
why are you guys hidden the price
Husain Siddique (10 months ago)
I just to start business in Kenya , we deal in natural stone , lime stone and Indian granite , we want to export these items from India , my whats app no 00919769814252
MOHAMED HARRO (11 months ago)
how much is it and who should I contact for appointment and viewing
lifes entertainment (8 months ago)
MOHAMED HARRO my name is Emily, a real estate agent, contact me if you are looking for a property to buy emuhinyu@gmail.com will be glad to help
Phelix Abila (1 year ago)
This Tranquil home is "many miles" away from Nairobi hospital especially during peak hours. Karen hospital would be a better choice. The Truth
M Crabtree (5 months ago)
The idea is to build a clinic close by and not depend on Nairobi Hospt. It's known as urban development and ease of access to basic necessities: clinic, post office, police station, church, grocery store.
Moustapha Balde (1 year ago)
But why a fire place... Is it that cold during ruining season???
Nakestra Orchestra (1 year ago)
That same tune throughout the whole show please guys....
Lillian Kamau (1 year ago)
EPS technology is something i have liked
victor nyanyuki (1 year ago)
how much is the property12;54?
Chrissy Ozioma (1 year ago)
where is the property at 0:36
tinnie Njoro (1 year ago)
Chrissy Ozioma hey
Mohammed Alghamdi (1 year ago)
how much is the first property?
omullo listorn (7 months ago)
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lifes entertainment (8 months ago)
Mohammed Alghamdi I have properties that may be of interest to you, reach me on emuhinyu@gmail.com for more details
Yahye Donfodio (11 months ago)
Mohammed Alghamdi google karen home,tranquil residence
Yahye Donfodio (11 months ago)
Mohammed Alghamdi price on enquiry..
fejkakaunt (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed the shoe. Especially the house with a suspicious lounge.

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